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Bernie Sanders in the #DemDebate: "Occasionally it might be a good idea to be honest about American foreign policy, and that includes the fact that America has overthrown governments all over the world, in Chile, in Guatemala, in Iran"

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Não lembro de nenhum candidato democrata (ou republicano) falar tão abertamente contra o imperialismo dos EUA.


Ao longo da história mesmo.

Bernie is beautiful.
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Bernie has historically been weak on foreign policy and soft on US imperialism. In this campaign he is doing better than 2016, although his grassroots movement can still pressure him to be more firmly anti-war and anti-intervention. But his response in the #DemDebate was decent
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It's such a mind-blowing thing to see a U.S. presidential candidate mention that on a national debate stage.
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I’m so happy he said that. Jumped out of my couch and yelled “YES TELL THEM, KING”
"Bernie Sanders en el #DemDebate : "De vez en cuando puede ser una buena idea ser honesto sobre la política exterior estadounidense, y eso incluye el hecho de que Estados Unidos ha derrocado gobiernos de todo el mundo, en Chile, en Guatemala, en Irán".
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Bernie Sanders literally predicting every problem that would arise with PNTR with China in 2000. Talk about giving authoritarian regimes a "free hand". I wish there was a way to get this message out to more people and smack down this "praising dictators" youtube.com/watch?v=MHCruM…
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I was shocked he finally laid it down. Long way to go, but good start Bernie
It might be honest to admit that America was expected to overthrow governments, protect Europe, Japan, the Gulf. In short to be the world's policeman. There hasn't been a world war in 70 years. That is either due to luck or something that happened to prevent it.
I think we are underscoring just how significant this comment coming from the frontrunner of the Democratic Party is. It’s pretty remarkable
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“Cuba is a dictatorship but...” Me: 😔 “America has overthrown governments all over the world..” Me: 🤯🗣wait WAIT...YES YESSSSS!!
Bravo Bernie. Truth to power. I would vote for you
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Greece, Italy, Syria, Iran, Laos, Guyana, Guatemala, Lebanon, Cuba, the Congo, Indonesia, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bolivia, Chile, Bangladesh, East Timor, Chad, Afghanistan, Angola, Mozambique, the Philippines, Turkey, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama,
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One of the best combacks of the night! Thank you #BernieSanders for speaking up about what the United States has been doing for decades! #Bernie2020 #ITrustBernie #DemDebates #DemocraticDebate #BernieSanders2020 pic.twitter.com/RCzATI6mVD
This slaps and for Bernie to go here in a debate where he's constantly under assault is courageous
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Tulsi has been saying this all along, which is why she's not on the debate stage.
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the best ive seen him
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
Bernie is the only candidate on stage who won’t pander and lie
Et pendant c’temps là,chez les Ricains..

#Sanders dns le #DemDebate:

"Parfois, ce pourrait être une bonne idée d'être honnête au sujet d’la Politq Étrangère US,
et ça inclut le fait q
l'Amérique a renversé des Gouvernmnts partout dns l’monde, au #Chili,
au #Guatemala, en #Iran"
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
I thought this was one of the few highlights of that awful debate.
imagine not loving this man can’t relate
pretty sure this is the first time I've seen a presidential candidate acknowledge this
What I like about him is that I’m sure he’s been told not to say this but he believes it and said it and he’s right.
Again, I only trust Bernie Sanders to run foreign policy.
Yes, we blunted Communist expansion in an imperfect and clumsy way, but none became commie, so we’ll call it a good thing.
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Bernie Sanders is far more brave and honest than any other candidate.
This point will go over a million people's heads because Americans largely don't have to suffer the consequences of our foreign policy
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I’m Argentinian-Brazilian-American and I approve this message.
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wow I honestly can’t believe he is this insightful and prescient I mean when I say Im fanboying
Sure Bernie. We can be honest about that. We overthrew several pro-Soviet governments during the mid to late 20th century. That was completely justified.
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
First time I've heard this kind of honesty about foreign affairs, and I'm old. #Bernie2020
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
Look at Israel a foreign power that has direct influence over the U.S and Bernie has the guts to call them out. They have way more sway over elections than Russia
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
Best line of the night. These centrist ghouls are out of Touch.
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
They want to burn Bernie to the ground because he says the silent part out loud. His haters aren't arguing that he is lying, they are mad he told the truth.
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
I, as a mexican, appreciate that he is honest and that he comprehends, and by the first time in a long time, makes clear that the elite that has been making decisions for a long time is different than the american people. I am really thankful and I'm really sorry too.
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
Can you imagine what it's going to be like to hear the truth, for a change, from an American President? pic.twitter.com/c8Pnz1lYl4
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
Keep pushing the democratic socialist on truth telling about dictatorships and neocons won’t like the truth bombs that #Bernie2020 will keep dropping.
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
Reminded me of the 16 debate where he namechecked Mossadegh. Bernie is the foreign policy candidate, pass it on.
Would be good if Sanders were honest & courageous enough to recognize that #Venezuela is more justified in calling itself a democracy than the USA - but he ain’t. US has no opposition party on foreign policy
I'm no fan of Bernie's economic views, but he's got this going for him:
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
"Occasionally it might be a good idea to be honest about American foreign policy, and that includes the fact that America has overthrown governments all over the world, in Chile, in Guatemala, in Iran" - well put @BernieSanders #DemDebate
Never thought I’d see a front runner telling basic truths.
this is mind-boggling to admit on the national stage. he speaks truth to power and that's why establishment dems and ruling class elites fear him. he's a threat to the murderous, profitable status quo.
It’s so striking that stating such a simple and (among historians at least) entirely uncontroversial fact is a radical and transgressive thing in US politics.
I'm not sure I've ever heard a candidate openly admit this simple fact. He is just fearless. #Sanders2020
Watch all the bad faith arguments against this empirically correct information tomorrow.
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Its quite alright to disagree with some of what America has done and still be patriotic as a matter of fact it's r responsibility 2 help the nation live up 2 its potential & promise imagine a nation where no questions but blindly accepts that's a monarchy like we currently have
In Iran 1953 Mossadegh Coup.

Instilling the dictator The Shah

Lead to discontent..,

Which lead to the Islamic revolution 1979
For everyone not voting, answer this. When have u ever heard a candidate this honest about american imperialism?

Who have u ever heard running to lead this blood stained empire be so forward about its mistakes / responsibilities?
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
You simply love to see it, and see how mad it makes establishment dicks
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
The CIA is the biggest exporter of terrorism worldwide.
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
That was the highlight of the evening.
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
It's almost like there's a reason he's winning 70-99% with people from those regions
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
I wish #bernie had brought up the Iran Contra scandal and how Gary Web who broke the story got shot in the head twice with his death ruled a suicide. #bernie2020 #bernieorbust #BernieIsMyPresident pic.twitter.com/0jjT2fHpTI
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
And this is why this man is my President. Holy shit, has anyone else even come close to this level of honesty about American hegemony on a stage like this?
Greatest single moment of any US presidential debate.
I can’t believe someone publicly stating these views has a genuine chance of becoming president. It’s incredible.
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
#BernieWon is right about Palestinian compassion
This alone made Bernie the winner of the #DemDebate
Right?! This made me so happy to hear on National TV! Add Brazil to the list and the other 30+ countries will successfull CIA overthrows.
Wow he actually said that, he deserves my respect. It's getting harder and harder for the ppl who insist there are no conspiracies, now we have presidential hopefuls on TV disclosing #Truth
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
It sounds bloody imperialist on the part of anyone to refer to the USA as "America" as if they own the whole continent; even though half what it's the USA, was stolen anyway. Besides, Sanders has voted in favour of all US foreign interventions; can't trust him.
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
I can confirm! I 🇨🇱 grew up with my two best friend from 🇬🇹 and 🇮🇷, common denominator, all of our fam came to Sweden as refugees due to regime changes! common denominator 🇺🇸!
Comments like these are the reason why the entire establishment are trying to block his path. Very telling. We are witnessing something special here.
Quem vinha falando que o Sanders não denunciava a atuação dos EUA na América Latina, tá aí.
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
Bernie es el político norteamericano de alto nivel más honesto que me ha tocado ver. Por la misma razón, no creo que obtenga la nominación demócrata.
I'd love to have anyone else, let alone an entire party, admit this fact. Of course not even Bernie goes as far as promising to make amends of any kind, but oh well.
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
No other candidate speaks truth to power like Bernie does!
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
I'm sorry Bernie, I'm sorry to tell you, the CIA is overseas building bakeries, making bread and feeding the poor. Ok ?
Bernie #Sanders en el #DemDebate : "De vez en cuando puede ser una buena idea ser honesto sobre la política exterior estadounidense, y eso incluye el hecho de que Estados Unidos ha derrocado gobiernos de todo el mundo, en Chile, en Guatemala, en Irán".
Ocasionalmente, dice Bernie, habría que reconocer que hemos derrocado gobiernos por todo el mundo. Las cartas contra este candidato serán su postura "socialista". Tiene un duro camino por delante, y hablar bien de #Cuba parece que no ayuda.
Ok levando ele 10% mais a serio
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
OK, it was...nice. But it was a way of handling fallout from the Cuba remarks, not a real acknowledgement of America’s role as global toxic waste.
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
Typical socialist. Taking all my hard earned money by compelling me to donate to him.
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
Who is more authentic than this guy? Moderates can’t handle the truth.
In reply to @BenjaminNorton
I'm Guatemalan and loved it when he said American has been overthrown Government like Guatemala. I was raised here in the US and was thought a bunch white wash history and never mentioned the Banana Republic that overthrew many Latin countries for the fruit industry.
Finally #Bernie is a little more forceful about American foreign policy, but still no mention of current regime change efforts.
If he teams up with #TulsiGabbard, they will win.
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