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The way Yoongi said Jimin and Tae fight the most IMMEDIATELY as if he’s personally been in the crossfire 😭

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that’s cause he was the dumpling they were fighting over
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Yoongi is like... okay why don't we stop yelling and hold hands for a minute instead. pic.twitter.com/pPqXOIEFEM
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In reply to @glosshypegirl
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Yoongi has been chomping at the bit to tell someone about his woes!
In reply to @glosshypegirl
zero hesitation like boy was tired of it !! why is this me and my sisters 😭😭
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Because HE IS THE DUMPLINGS they are fighting about 😂
In reply to @glosshypegirl
The whole episode he's been the funny guy I can't with him and his straightforwardness
In reply to @glosshypegirl
"Say Yoongi-hyung is here" - Tae whenever the other boys are rowdy. Yep hes definitely involved.
he's the dumpling they've been fighting about
I stan millionaires that will fight over dumpings and I love that about them. @BTS_twt
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In reply to @glosshypegirl
joon learned to snitch from him
In reply to @glosshypegirl
You know that calm, quiet Yoongi is the one always trying to get those two to settle their conflicts and dial it back 200% so he can either sleep or think
In reply to @glosshypegirl
fr yoongi has for sure been in the middle tryna stop stop them 😭😭
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Best friends can fight the hardest because the love the deepest.
In reply to @glosshypegirl
He answered that so fast and it had me laughing so hard!
Tae uses Yoongi as a threat whenever the other boys are rowdy? Yep he is definitely mostly involved.
In reply to @glosshypegirl
i feel like jimin ended up getting the dumpling and tae is still pressed about it ☠️☠️☠️
In reply to @glosshypegirl
he totally said that with big brother ratting them out to mom energy LMFSO

I love him so much
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Well Yoongi is the dumpling, they fighting over him is relatable
well he’s the dumpling so
That dumpling fight must have been massive. So massive that Namjoon wrote a song called FRIENDS & made VMin sing it together 😂😂😂
this is how me and ben are when we’re mad at each other
In reply to @glosshypegirl
The closest people always get in the most fights🥺🥺🥺💔💔
the way Yoongi said, “Jimin and V” that fast, with no hesitation 🤣🤣🤣

@BTS_twt @latelateshow #BTSCarpoolTONIGHT
This reminds of when vmin started fighting over a pack of chips while hobi and jungkook did nothing but edge it on 😂😂
he's like lET ME TELL you........
He has. He was the DUMPLING. hahahahahahaha
Yoongi ily hun. Hahahahaha vmin soulmates. @BTS_twt
thinking...someone write an au where yoongi has vmin fighting over him i want it NOW 😖😖
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Tae was like 나랑... (me and.....) though haha
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Lmao also vmin's faces... it must've been a bad fight 😂😂😂
In reply to @glosshypegirl
I see Namjoon is starting to rub off on Yoongi 😂😂😂
In reply to @glosshypegirl
JUST as their song friends drops😂😂
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Jimin and V~ lol He said it so matter of fact lmao
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Vmin literally had war flashbacks for a moment there 😂
In reply to @glosshypegirl
I can see him playing the calm mediator in a heated situation OR the guy that both parties go to repeatedly to air their grievances who then has to sit them down and be like "just talk it out bitches"
In reply to @glosshypegirl
🤣 Yoongi's face! " Boutta expose these soulmates " hahaha
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Did not miss a BEAT for that answer. 😂💖😂💖😂💖
He’s the dumpling they’re fighting about
vmin called out on national television
Lol ok I’m sort of surprised bc soulmates but also actually I realised the people you bicker with most are often the closest bc you don’t have to pretend and there are no barriers
i wanna know what the soulmates fought abt
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Jhope is that annoying kid who sits right next to u like he is the only one who sitting on the couch! I LOVE HIM😂😂❤️❤️❤️
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Yoongi sounds like my mom telling people the sh*t I did when I was a kid.
In reply to @glosshypegirl
he has been: Traumatised BbHahahahaha
NO hesitation whatsoever
The way they just looked at the camera as though he wasn’t talking about them 😂
vmin said : 😐

idk why i find this so funny
why he push them under the bus like dat 🗿
Right 😂😂😂
They DID say they fought over a dumpling 👀
using this as canon fodder for my canon compliant taegi, past yoonmin, inclusion: the Vmin Incident
Their fights makes their soulmate bond stronger 😭😭😭
Ofc ... he’s the dumpling they fought over 😂😂😂
Waiting for when GP and locals discover they are the ones with BFF necklaces and a friendship song calling each other their soulmates. Hilarious. 😭
They were fighting over him. Of course he knew. 😌
mere⁷ (@glosshypegirl) Tweeted:
The way Yoongi said Jimin and Tae fight the most IMMEDIATELY as if he’s personally been in the crossfire 😭

@BTS_twt #BTSCarpool pic.twitter.com/1WQ77ODcxQ twitter.com/glosshypegirl/…
HAHAHA freaking suga always ready for drama @sacavazos2242
they did say the altercations were regarding dumplings of some sort..........
yoongi’s voice is so cute lol
I cant stop watching this help!
jimin and v
e os dois assim 😐😐😐😐😐
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Where can i watch the carpool karaoke??
In reply to @glosshypegirl
كوبونات خصم فعالة مصر, السعودية, الامارات Wow1/HWPD/MUIZ يالا اشتري كل الي نفسك فيه من نون الأن بخصم اضافي كود خصم Centerpoint CPC119 كود خصمSplash SPSP42 كود خصم Styli 15% ST18 كود خصمH&M 15% HM83 كود خصمH&M EGY 20% HM83
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Isnt yoongi. The dumpling. 😂
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Yoongi dumpling confirmed
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Jimin looks like he's saying...Ima get this bitch when we get home. In his head.....lol. #BTSCarpoolTONIGHT #BTSxCorden
In reply to @glosshypegirl
But what’s wrong with their face expressions ? Seems like they didn’t want to talk about this 😅
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Well yoongi’s the dumpling they’re fighting about
In reply to @glosshypegirl
Tae :Jimin and I
seguro le hinchan las pelotas para q les de la razón a alguno
This is me with my 2 nephews. Someone has to step in the crossfire to sort it out...
Boy had enough of them fighting 😫 imagine the amount of HAJIMA he had to shout on a daily basis 💆🏻
Cz He is the dumpling!! 😭

Vmin berantem karna rebutan yoongi 😆 @gantokim_ oooooooahhdjfjsnx
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