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We are building a movement based on a new kind of politics—one defined not by who we reject but who we bring along, and one shaped not by looking to yesterday but to our common future. This is our story, our shared vision for the country we love.

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This ad needs to be everywhere before Super Tuesday. Help us make it happen: p4a.us/our-message
In reply to @PeteButtigieg
@PeteButtigieg’s campaign continues to speak to me and SO many others on every level. If his vision of inclusion and momentum forward inspires you, you know what to do— donate!! We need you on #teampete. secure.actblue.com/donate/pete-bu…
Check out our new digital ad narrated by Kevin Costner! It. Will. Give. You. Chills.
This is a most beautiful two minute summary of a most beautiful and unexpected endeavor that began in a small city in Indiana and now has brought so many of us to say that the answer to whether we can still have a future that is so different than our present is Yes We Can. Watch:
2 days until South Carolina.
5 days until Super Tuesday.
@PeteButtigieg #hope
Donate here: p4a.us/s-donate
This brought me to tears more times than I care to admit. Don’t know if the rest of the country will ever understand what this journey means to the ppl of #SouthBend. I’m humbled, in awe & thankful everyday for playing a small part in how @PeteButtigieg will change the world.
Pete's story is about service & helping people in their everyday lives.

But this is bigger than that. It's about turning the page & delivering the change we need. And it's going to take all of us

Take 2 mins to watch and support our movement: p4a.us/s-donate #TeamPete
Last week a couple coworkers and I went to a bar in SB to get drink after work. A young woman came up to us and asked us if we were with the campaign.
This is my hometown. This is my Mayor. But this is OUR story.
I cry every time I watch this ad. This--THIS--is the leader I've known in South Bend and beyond. The leader who can unite the country. The leader who must be our next president.
If you want this to be the video played before announcing our nominee in Milwaukee please step up and make it happen here: secure.actblue.com/donate/pete-fo…
In reply to @PeteButtigieg
It’s time to walk away from the politics of the past, & toward something totally different. The forces of change in our country today are tectonic. Forces that help to explain the bridges we must rebuild. Are you ready to turn the page & write a new chapter in the American story?
I'll watch any video narrated by Kevin Costner, but especially this one about @PeteButtigieg. If you agree, chip in: p4a.us/rachel
2 days until the #SouthCarolina Primary, 5 days until #SuperTuesday, @PeteButtigieg is the candidate and this is the time. Watch this 2 min video of “Our Story,” & chip in here if you agree: p4a.us/s-donate. @PeteForAmerica
Please tell me we can run a 2 minute commercial in every screen in this nation.
Anger is not the only expression of passion. Passion is most powerful when manifested in kindness & service to others. Pete Buttigieg is a passionate public servant who gives me hope for our country & future. I will be voting for Pete. Join me, lets step into a kinder era w Pete.
My home. My heart.

#SouthBend is more than a hashtag. Thank you, @PeteButtigieg for making us believe again.

#VoicesofSouthBend #PeteIsHope
"In Northern Indiana, where the St. Joe River turns towards Lake Michigan, there is an American city..."

Sometimes, a political ad is more than a political ad. Sometimes, it's hope.
Love this new ad from @PeteButtigieg. More than any other candidate, Pete is appealing to our better angels and providing the positive, uplifting vision our nation desperately needs. Please pitch in: p4a.us/s-donate.
we have the candidate and the message to unify our nation—help us make sure we can reach everyone➡️p4a.us/donate

(it's also helpful, when making ads, to have Kevin Costner)
In reply to @PeteButtigieg
I look forward to this being played on the jumbotron in Milwaukee at the Democratic Convention right before you walk onstage to accept your nomination for president with everyone in the room standing, applauding & cheering you on. And I do mean EVERYONE!
Does Pete still have a path to the nomination? Clearly yes -- check out our memo: p4a.us/PathToVictory

But unfortunately, a lot of it comes down to resources. If you're someone who believes in Pete's message, we need your help before Super Tuesday: p4a.us/gft?refcode=Sh…
I showed up in NH without a car, a job or a permanent place to stay. People said, “You must love politics”. Not at all. I showed up in response to the venom of politics

Now we have an opportunity to choose a different path. Please chip in today to support Pete
why am I crying in the club rn
I was hooked 1.5 min in to his Announcement. I’ve never donated or volunteered for a campaign before. But at the ripe old age of 56 I felt a pull to get involved and change the course of the nation.

I’ve traveled for Pete, donated to Pete and volunteered on many occasions.
In reply to @PeteButtigieg
We have a chance America. Don’t miss it. #PeteButtigieg
Another Text From Mom™

"Just read the email [the email I forwarded her from Kevin Coster announcing this beautiful ad he narrated for @PeteButtigieg]. That is so awesome! How did Kevin know to send it to you?"

Chip in a few bucks for Moms everywhere -> p4a.us/donate
This work has been the hardest of my entire life.

This video is why it's always been worth it.

Help bring our message to every American: p4a.us/our-message
In reply to @PeteButtigieg
If you want to watch something hopeful and beautiful, it's this video. If you want to see the hate and division that has taken hold in this country, read the replies.
Hopeful tonight for a new kind of politics: “one defined not by who we reject but who we bring along.” Don’t miss this new ad from @PeteForAmerica. 🇺🇸
This is legitimately the best political ad of all time. I cried so hard I couldn't see so I had to watch it again, & then I cried again. I cried watching my bf watch it across the room.

This is beautiful.

As a proud South Bender, thank you to those who made this. ❤❤❤
WATCH this and chip in to our campaign to help @PeteButtigieg become the next president: p4a.us/s-donate
I found Pete in March while listening to Pod Save America. I thought "who IS this man?!", did my research and joined a small group of happy warriors.

Now there are 1 million and I still cannot be prouder.

I'm dutch. I'm a teacher. I'm a catmom.

America? PLEASE do not let this once in a lifetime candidate slip through your fingers:
Biden can not excite.
Bernie can not unite.
Buttigieg can do BOTH!
@PeteButtigieg #TeamPete #SCPrimary
Thank you, Pete. I proudly voted for you today in CA. Thank you for hope & leadership. Thank you for character, intelligence & morals. Thank you for sharing Chasten with us & showing love openly. Thank you for being a veteran. Thank you for living your faith. Thank you, Pete.
On July 1st, 2019 we took part in something magical.

There were 400k of us then, there are 1 million of us now.

I am a Christian, a doctor, a scientist


Pete gives me hope, he is the healer, the uniter, the moral compass we need.

Together, let’s make magic again. pic.twitter.com/U1qHfAxfi7
I found him in April. I've never seen anything so worth fighting for. I joined 400k others to help @PeteButtigieg #WinTheEra.

Now there are 1 million.

I am a Midwestern minister's daughter, author, game designer, hiker, #resistance. Now political volunteer.

I am #TeamPete.
This ad is incredible and encapsulates what we are fighting for. #TeamPete
This is why I am and will always be #TeamPete ❤️
This new video from @PeteButtigieg voiced by Academy Award winner Kevin Costner. Amazing. Emotional. Chip in: p4a.us/pfaic?attr=100…
In reply to @PeteButtigieg
I feel better just watching this even though I already voted for you.
This campaign isn’t about one place or one person. It’s about all of us. Together, we will turn the page.

If you're with me, and with Pete, please chip in: p4a.us/s-donate

I’m starting the #GreatPrimaryRoadtrip tomorrow because I’m ready to turn the page.

Holy. Crap. #TeamPete spread this far and wide. It's incredible. Truly. Moving and straight to the heart. How could anyone NOT want @PeteButtigieg as President???
In reply to @PeteButtigieg
This is why I joined this campaign in a nutshell. This. It has always been about what we can achieve together, welcoming everyone in to this movement. Thank you, Pete, and thank you most of all, #TeamPete. 💙🧡
In reply to @PeteButtigieg
I love your vision for us all. I proudly voted for you today in our Massachusetts primary.
THIS ad reminded me why I decided to work for @PeteButtigieg in the first place - chip in today to help us build a new kind of politics that will bring our country back to life ⬇️


In reply to @PeteButtigieg
This is the video they're going to play at the Democratic convention in Milwaukee right before @PeteButtigieg accepts the nomination. 💙
What a journey and what a candidate. This new ad narrated by @kevincostner reflects the America that we can be: bold, open, big-hearted.

To bring that day about: p4a.us/Team?refcode=g…
With you all the way, @PeteButtigieg how can we help in Chicago and in Orlando, Florida?
On July 1st, 2019 we took part in something magical.

There were 400k of us then, there are 1 million of us now.

I am a mom, engineer, & 1st gen college graduate.


Pete has the mind, heart, and soul to move us forward, together.

Together, let’s make magic again.
This is the vision that makes my patriotism swell.
I give what I can every month. It’s not much, but it feels good. And it makes a difference. Supporting this campaign is an act of hope *and* an act of resistance. Let’s win this thing. peteforamerica.com/donate-today/
On July 1st, 2019 we took part in something magical.

Then, 400k of us had engaged in an act of hope and invested in @PeteButtigieg. Now there are over a million of us.

I am a husband, a brother, a GenXer, and a dog dad.


Pete can unite us

Let's make magic again.
In reply to @PeteButtigieg
This is so well done! I love the beautiful imagery of my hometown and never imagined it could look so beautiful. Sentimental tears rolling down my cheeks right now.
Check out our new ad for @PeteButtigieg, narrated by Kevin Coster, about bringing Americans together for a common purpose and moving forward together in this critical moment.

Then please, chip in what you can here -> p4a.us/donate
In reply to @PeteButtigieg
I 💙💛💙 how you have made SB the heart of your story @PeteButtigieg . Thank you for your hard work making a difference in the lives of so many people.
If you agree, contribute to our movement here: p4a.us/donate
In reply to @PeteButtigieg
Wow I love this so much. You make me proud to be part of this incredible campaign. #MyPresident ⬆️
Hop on everyone, you don’t want to miss this movement.
In reply to @PeteButtigieg
I’m so proud to support you! ❤️
Kevin Costner + Pete Buttigieg?! **Goosebumps**
Feelings of hope w/ #TeamPete


1️⃣Studebaker factory watching @PeteButtigieg announce his candidacy

2️⃣Wells Fargo Arena surrounded by thousands of Iowans on #TeamPete

3️⃣MA office watching the new ad

Same feeling of hope while watching?

In reply to @PeteButtigieg
The most beautiful political ad of the year ... hands down.
Oh my 🥺😭

The images of Pete's mom and several South Benders we all know and love, plus Kevin Costner's voice, plus my favorite Pete speech ever (in the Houston airport) plus Pete there at the end, looking like a damn president.

My. Heart. ❤️
What a lot of frogshit
In reply to @PeteButtigieg
Essence of Why Pete. I want to bottle it and sell as a perfume. I’ll call it “Belonging”
Always a campaign of belonging. It has to be Pete. p4a.us/donate.
I'm not crying. You are!! 😭😭
This video is quintessentially the story of American Intersectionality. @PeteButtigieg is leading us all towards a new politics to win the era of American belonging. This is the only campaign where your stories and my stories are stronger together.
#TeamPete #PeteForPresident
In reply to @PeteButtigieg
This warms the heart and the soul. 💙💛
Pete’s team just released a strategy memo that shows a definite path for Pete to secure the nomination if he can raise $13 million. I’m helping the campaign reach this goal because we need a leader who can unite our country. plz donate to my personal link? p4a.us/gft?refcode=Ch…
This story is far from over. Help us write the next chapter. p4a.us/lfg
In reply to @PeteButtigieg
This video makes me very emotional. Simply the best. 💙💛💙
This ad is the best I have ever seen! So soothing & comforting It made me me cry for the hopeful possibilities that will come for us a people & a nation #WeLoveYouPete #WeLoveYouKevinCostner @PeteButtigieg will be our next President!
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