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These teens on TikTok are out here doing the lord’s work.

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I love how the single rice grain that represents $100,000 would change my entire life
this is a really great visualization
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(I do not know if this guy is a teen. I just assume everyone on TikTok is a teen. Only teens could be that much cooler than me)
i swear before the decade is over gen z is actually going to eat the rich forreal like they were eating tide pods in 2018 like they're the only generation crazy and chaotic enough to start the revolution lmao
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Too many people out there simply don't understand how bad wealth inequality has gotten:
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To put it in perspective too. With 100 billion dollars and the average life expectancy. You and your family could live with 100,000$ ‘salaries’ from birth t’ill death for ~13,774 generations. Assuming everyones popping out one baby at 20. That’s 275,482 years covered.
Cynthia and Manny Villar's aggregate net worth is more than P320 BILLION

top 17 billionaires add up to P2.48 TRILLION.

yet, 1 in 5 Filipinos earn P27,560 ANNUALLY

ISAING NA YANG MGA YAN pic.twitter.com/uX0zJjEsWU
i can’t sleep bc i know that one grain of rice would literally change my life
In reply to @cait_duffy
I love how he casually puts a keyboard in it as if that’s a typical thing people do
1 Milliarde ist ja auch nur so ein bisi mehr als eine Million - falsch. Kein Mensch auf der Welt braucht so viel Geld. Vor allem nicht während Andere sterben, weil sie sich Insulin nicht leisten können oder weil sie verhungern.
"Mamat ni curi sejuta, mamat tu curi sebillion: lebih kurang je"

L'absurdité des ultra-fortunes (dont celle de Jeff Bezos) expliqué avec des grains de riz.
In reply to @cait_duffy
Further proof that Americans will measure in anything except the metric system
In reply to @cait_duffy
In reply to @cait_duffy
That's why having billionaires is WRONG. One grain of rice is sufficient for a complete family to live 1-2 years from it. One grain! Look how many families have to stay poor because of one man.
What’s the obsession with this mans money
아마존 제프베이조스가 la에 2000억대 집을 샀다고 화제가 되었는데. 그가 얼마나 부자인지 쌀알을 이용해 시각화. 쌀 1알이 $100,000 (대충 1.2억)라고 하면 몇알을 가지고 있을까? #정보시각화
we must eat this rice and then eat Jeff Bezos
In reply to @cait_duffy
I live for new visualisations that give me ammo to hate this man
In reply to @cait_duffy
Me stealing one grain of rice from Jeff bezos pic.twitter.com/H6cTF9kxcY
Never, ever, ever tell me we can’t afford to slightly tax billionaires to cancel student loan debt.
In reply to @cait_duffy
"Rice is great when you're hungry and want to eat 2,000 of something." -Mitch Hedburg
For those who believe Sanders and Bloomberg have so much in common financially, behold:
No one deserves to have this while people starve and die bc they don’t have health care
This should be required viewing for anyone still opposed to a wealth tax:
I'm a fucking Capricorn so I don't play when it comes to hard work and reward... but idc WHY would anyone want to selfishly keep all of that money. Idc how hard you worked. This actually made me sick.
once again; FUCK billionaires and FUCK Jeff Bezos
In reply to @cait_duffy
Also that keyboard is ruined!
Worst part is niggas are convinced this gon be them one day too lmaoooo
In reply to @cait_duffy
I might as well include this video in the replies to his follow-up :) twitter.com/leila__007/sta…
i don't get it. why is the rice so expensive
This is an amazing visual.
Pra quem não entende inglês: cada grão de arroz nesse vídeo representa 100 mil dólares. A montanha de arroz no final representa a fortuna do Jeff Bezos, CEO da Amazon usando essa escala.
I think it really sinks in once you realize how much taking a single grain of rice could change your life
In reply to @cait_duffy
I'm sitting at -$3.00... can I get the rice visual on that? 😂
In reply to @cait_duffy
That’s a lot of untaxed rice
Tell me again why having billionaires in our society is a good idea?
In reply to @cait_duffy
If only there were a tool that could tell you how tall something is
This literally made me nauseous. I.... THAT IS SO MUCH MONEY!! What do you even do with it BESIDES help everyone else??? Literally you don’t even have taste what are u even paying for !!! This is !!! I cant!!! Wow!!!
In reply to @cait_duffy
wtf? did he just bury the Cooler Master SK630 White Limited Edition Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Switches in Brushed Aluminum Design
📣📣📣 the existence of billionaires is unethical!!!!!!!!
In reply to @cait_duffy
Guy needs to do one for campaign spending since Bloomberg’s pile of rice is half that monster pile.
Genuinely genuinely if you had more money than you could ever spend, you’d just give it all away wouldn’t you?
People gotta defending billionaires. They don't need it, and you don't matter to them.
In reply to @cait_duffy
What’s the point of this? That worth is his shares of the company he founded. It’s not liquid assets. And it’s based purely on stock value. Bezos could stack up that much in cash if he wanted to. Probably couldn’t even get a quarter of it in cash.
Do you know how much some people’s lives would change with a single grain of rice?
Showed this to my son to explain that while having this much money doesn’t necessarily mean you’re actively evil, having it, and not using it to help others when you easily can, IS evil, even if it’s a passive evil.
Who’s brain just stalled? I swear I just heard the Microsoft restart sound.
In reply to @cait_duffy
"don't worry guys it's not going to waste" 😂😂😂 kids are alright
So he shouldn’t mind giving me one grain
I literally want to fucking vomit. There is no fucking reason anyone needs this much money!!!!! NONE!!!! ZERO!!
wealth inequality as grains of rice is revelatory.
1 grain of rice = $100,000.
(I will never tire of visual aids that display the deep immorality of hoarding wealth like you’re Smaug the goddamn dragon)
Y’all: EAT! THE! RICH !!!

Also y’all: I can’t wait to buy my entire amazon wish list with my tax return 🥰
In reply to @cait_duffy
Bezos could give every single one of his employees $100,000 annual salaries and it would barely make a dent on his fortune. But he wont. He said the best thing he could do with his money is spend it on going to space.#boycottamazon
I wanna see Jeff bezos come on here talking about “we all got the same 24” and “chase a bag don’t worry about me”
Esto es brillante: así se ve la fortuna de Jeff Bezos en granos de arroz. #EatTheRich #TaxThatAss
In reply to @cait_duffy
I would like 1/2 of one grain please...
In reply to @cait_duffy
Billionaires should not exist and will not exist if they try to steal the nomination away from the candidate with the most votes. #EatTheRich
This actually might be enough for me to go on TikTok👇
Ok. But which one is a heap?
In reply to @cait_duffy
now show us what he paid in taxes
Some of us could live for years on that one grain of rice

Some of us would love to have the actual rice itself, just to have something to eat

And there's someone out there with that much wealth while the rest of us struggle

Were you expecting us NOT to burn the system down?
the kids fill me with so much hope
In reply to @cait_duffy
Why do conservatives cry foul every time we suggest raising the taxes on the rich so they pay a fair share?

We are talking a drop in the bucket for them, but these idiot MAGAts act like we’re asking them to go hungry.

They don’t understand the wealth disparity in America.
Si Marx hagués nascut al 2002 estaria publicant el Capital en videos de tik tok

Deze knul maakt de vermogens kloof tussen mensen inzichtelijk. Kijk wat billionaires hebben...
En weet dat de meeste mensen geen eens de 100.000$ hebben waarmee de vergelijking gestart wordt.
#Armoede #poverty #inequality
TAX. *and I cannot stress the following word enough* AMAZON.
In reply to @cait_duffy
but you know god forbid the super-rich like bezo's pay more in taxes
Bezos should be terrified, everyday.
It takes most people (myself included) multiple years to make one grain of rice. Geez. #incomeinequality
Million vs a billion or...122 Billion.
Holy fuck. Keep this in mind while you have friends who are starving, can’t afford medical treatment, have no home, or don’t have drinking water.
Bezos is sat in his mansion laughing at the state of these kids wasting time they could be studying or working in, buying rice to prove a point to people on the internet.
Meanwhile his employees die on the job for starvation wages
The instructional power of tiktok truly cannot be underestimated. Whew!!!
Jeff Bezos give away your money challenge 2020
how can ONE PERSON own this much money while for the majority of the world one grain would change their entire lives? eat the rich and have a damn feast
Billionaires shouldn't exist
Imagine being arrogant enough to think you actually earned all of that.

Now imagine being ignorant enough to think anything good can come of this.


(Vid: Bezos’ wealth if a grain of rice = $100k)
This is why rich people don’t need tax cuts cause even if we raise taxes like Bernie wants on them in retrospect it’s going to be such a small portion of their wealth it’ll be almost unnoticeable like how I’m sure bezos didn’t bat an eye at paying $165 million for a home.
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