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The trump campaign sent a cease and desist letter to Priorities USA for this ad. So I’m retweeting it.

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The trump campaign sent a cease and desist letter to @prioritiesUSA for this ad. So I am ALSO retweeting it.
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
Then we definitely shouldn’t retweet this either: #TrumpLiedPeopleDied pic.twitter.com/9Bebk5Dv64
Listen carefully to the progression. If you were the Leader preparing a team for a huge performance, would this rhetoric suffice? It is stunning.
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
They can send all the letters they want. They're quoting his own words verbatim and in context. Any judge would throw the case out immediately.
Retweet and share so we can hopefully get something positive in November.
In reply to @Stop_Trump20
Here is the video they want to take down. Please retweet it twitter.com/AdamParkhomenk…
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
A cease and desist demand must be based in identifiable illegality and measurable, unlawful damage. Such demand in this situation is not only “frivolous” and legally insupportable, it is fucking hilarious in its stupidity.
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
wow, they did? I mean it's his words. I've filmed 4 rallies I could cut together something worse if I had the time
I hope Priorities USA wrote back: "eat farts."
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
What part of the as is untrue? Lawyer who drafted letter must be laughing hysterically, knowing how ridiculous it is.
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
I want a President who believes in SCIENCE not fiction. "Here’s Trump at his rally...in South Carolina dismissing worries about the coronavirus as the 'new hoax'" Feb 28, 2020 @atrupar pic.twitter.com/iy5DsjteXF
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
How.can you send a case and desist letter when its truth. We ALL heard him.
In reply to @EricTrump
Your Dad lies and has been the reason for at least 3 deaths from people trying the medicines he's touted a few times. There is no reason to spread his lies. twitter.com/AdamParkhomenk…
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
More ads like this should flood the media.....MUCH MORE..
Why doesn't Trump* like this ad ?
This is the ad that bothers @TeamTrump?
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
Can we amplify this kind of messaging too? twitter.com/thedailyshow/s…
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
honestly relish the prospect of this getting to court to see how the campaign reacts when Priorities USA doesn't comply with a subpoena
Really 😮😟
So they don't like don's own words 😟
I believe they need to talk to him 😮😊
Make this Go Viral!
Another must RT ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Just doing my part to make sure EVERY American of voting age sees this ad. @realDonaldTrump is a coward and a failure.
Trump hates this ad? Don’t have to tell me twice for a retweet. #TrumpMadness #TrumpVirus
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
What’s the legal justification for a cease & desist letter?
We do need a leader we can trust and it ain't trump
If you Haven't seen this Video Featuring Trump's BS, please do and Retweet. 🧐👏
Trump is Trying to get it Taken Down - It uses Trump's Own Insidious Words.
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
So DJT can get up behind the podium with the seal of the POTUS every day and spout verifiable lies but attempt to block an ad with verifiable truths? He blocked documents and witnesses that could of proved his innocence in his impeachment trial. The pattern never changes.
Watch this and share. Incredible!
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
Cease and desist on what grounds? It's all his own words. That's just crazy talk.
#DipshitDon can shove his cease and desist where his enablers reside!
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
The POTUS, his administration, the GOP, Fox propaganda network and his enablers are responsible for every #Covid_19 deaths in America. #NotDyingForWallStreet #BailOutThePeople #WhereAreTheTests #WhereAreTheMasks #VentilatorShortage #TrumpMassMurderer #Resist #Biden2020
#Inners - MUST SEE! (next commercial)
👇 ... in case it disappears!!
👇 #maddow @Lawrence #lastword #11thHour
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
but of course they did 🤣🤣 snowflakes.
The trump campaign sent a cease and desist letter to Priorities USA for this ad. So I’m retweeting it.
In reply to @GGevirtz
Trump explaining how he was on top of the virus,
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
It’d be a shame if a cease & desist letter resulted in mass resharing of this ad.
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
How can they send a cease and desist letter for Trump’s own words? Everyone heard him say these things.
In reply to @Acyn
Guess sparky thinks we are better off with the greedy orange guy who whines and complains and points fingers of blame every day while grifting off the taxpayers...Oh...and lying incessantly: twitter.com/AdamParkhomenk…
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
Here’s more. Let’s see if he can stop them all. twitter.com/joncoopertweet…
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
Didn’t Obama’s attorney also send a cease and desist order to the Trump campaign right before a primary that was edited to show Biden in a unfavorable light. Yes, they did, and the @realDonaldTrump ignored it. So.....karma.
65,778 confirmed cases in the United States and growing as of 3/25/2020.
Trump doesn't want this re-tweeted?
Oh dear me, I accidentally did that
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
Retweeted it as well! F*ck Trump and his cronies!!
#MAGA is a vile filthy plague of lies and corruption
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
Every single word on it were out of his own trashy mouth..... And we all know....he's got the best words. 🙄🙄
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
He isn't ready for any of it, the crisis, the campaign, none of it.
You should retweet it too. 🥳
Why is @realDonaldTrump afraid of this ad? It uses his own words. Does he not realize that?
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
Cease and desist what ?? The truth ? Honestly I'm surprised he recognizes the truth
Brilliant. Come on everyone, re-tweet the hell out of this. They don’t ‘like it up ‘em’ in the GOP except when engaged in illegal sexual activity. Just remember that Gymslips is an ENABLER OF SEXUAL ABUSE, TRUMP IS A RAPIST every time these scum complain.
Anger Yam is suing to stop this ad so definitely don’t retweet it to everyone.
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
C'mon media everywhere need to keep churning out this ad.
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
Keep reminding us every day.
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
Trump says this ad takes his “hoax” comment out of context. But the way he talks everything he says sounds like it’s out of context pic.twitter.com/d0NoFt9UAe
Several lives are gone because of his ineptitude, but all he says is " I closed the borders to China" not nearly enough done to help our nation prepare.
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
Tweet the shit out of this. For those who no longer can
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
Well, I guess we’ll just have to retweet it...
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
Lol. My God hes a baby
The trump campaign sent a cease and desist letter to Priorities USA for this ad. So I’m also retweeting it.
Please share and retweet widely.
In reply to @AdamParkhomenko
I'm gonna donate to @prioritiesUSA Just did it.
Keep Retweeting this. Trump isLiar murderous petulant evil soulless 👹☠ #TrumpMadness is trying to stop FACTS. TRUMP IS NO BETTER THAN A TERRORIST #StayHome #TrumpVirus is killing & he wants your family members to die for him
Joke's over. People on both sides are upset, and arguably almost everyone some to a lot of validity to their concerns... again, on both sides. But this guy can't be in charge anymore. The USA is too important to all of us. People are dying. It's time for leadership again.
Our President is a clear and present danger
The Trump campaign is suing to have this ad removed. So I’m retweeting it.
Oops! I just copied this and retweeted it. My bad.
OMG legally you NOAT ALOWED to look at this

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