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holy shit this @JoeBiden ad is good.
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Jesus this ad is good. Keep these coming.
I'm sorry, I know everyone's excited about this, but this is *the exact same playbook* as Hillary's campaign in 2016: show Trump's awfulness through unaltered archival footage. Feels great if you already hate him.

Didn't win then, why would it win now?
There should be NO hesitation in voting folks. You should actually RUN to the polls!! Excellent Campaign Ad @JoeBiden
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This one's pretty good as well. Shorter, more punchy.
In reply to @girlgeek_rva
A new Biden ad updates. It's very good as well. twitter.com/chrislongview/…
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Every time he says he inherited a broken and obsolete system I want to scream! He's the one who broke the system. #nationalizethesupplychain before we all are dead.
I cannot do another 4 years with this man.
Trump is the best Biden ad possible. He lied. People died #TrumpLiesPeopleDie
Is this on the air anywhere?
This needs to go mega viral. Trump is trying to stop it. Fuck him. He said every word.
I’m so glad I’m a Malaysian
This is scarier than any horror movies
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Biden has a brilliant team around him. Biden is a brilliant guy, he's very cool.
I’d prefer Sanders, but I’ll take Biden and it’s good to see him putting out adds like this. Trump needs to go!
Isn't this what Modi, his Ministers & his Media were saying about @RahulGandhi and his warnings about #coronavirusindia ? Same template. Same kind of fo○ls!
In reply to @chrislongview
Biden didn’t make or think of these ads! SuperPacs and think tanks did!
Bidenin kampanjointi aiheen ympärillä alkoi ainakin huomiota herättävästi. Näitä tulee vielä paljon lisää.
This ad kicks booty. And you know whose.
In reply to @chrislongview
This ad in no way makes any claim for Biden, but rather is simply critical of Trump. A campaign seeing its goal as criticizing Trump seems self-incriminating, and can be seen as recognition Biden himself has little to offer.
Please retweet. If you think the racist Trump has dropped the ball.
In reply to @chrislongview
Looks like the Bloomberg team is at work for Biden.
Run these every day where they're sticking ASPCA ads. This is so damn good.
Bidenin vaalimainokset kovenee päivä päivältä
this is a good ad, but it's pretty bonkers coming from a guy who's been all but absent as all this has unfolded. if Biden presents an alternate vision of leadership to counteract Trump's, then where the hell is it?
Joe Biden sucks, but this ad is good.
B-R-U-T-A-L yet FAIR

.....but then again the truth often is.
His marketing team went hard
I'm still flabbergasted by the sociopathic failure of empathy when the reporter asked him "what do you say to Americans who are scared right now" & he had not one word of reassurance for his own people.
In reply to @chrislongview
Hitler had his Russian Front Napoleon had his Waterloo Trump has his #TrumpPlague
In reply to @chrislongview
I do like it, but it needs flowers -- maybe a DAISY . . .
This is a damn good political ad
Damn, @JoeBiden out here finally putting it all in one video, and I hope this plays in every household across the nation #NoMoreTrump #nomorelies #NotDying4WallStreet #Maga #fucktrump #fuckthegop

@realDonaldTrump dowmplayed #COVID19 in media interviews (@CNBC @FoxNews), called it a HOAX before thousands at rallies, he golfed 9 times before responding to deaths.


In reply to @chrislongview
It looks like Trump wants to prevent political ads and use the FCC to pull licenses that air negative commercials: rawstory.com/2020/03/read-t…
This ad is absolutely amazing & I will retweet it every time I see it. I truly hope everyone does as well.
US media 's tough questions 👌நமக்கு வாச்சதெல்லாம் தரையோட தரையா தவழ்றதா இருக்கு.
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HERE is @JoeBiden op ed about #CoronavirusOutbreak in January and HOW Trump is the worst possible leader to deal with coronavirus outbreak usatoday.com/story/opinion/…
Damn. I'll say this for Biden, he's hired campaign ad folks who know what they're doing.
பொறாமையா இருக்கு அவிங்க பத்திரிக்கையாளர்கள பாத்தா.. மக்களின் சார்புகள கேள்வி கேக்கறானுக.. இங்க நம்ம ஊருல மோடி ஷூவ நக்கிட்டுருக்கானுக பூராப்பயலும்.. அதுல அவனாச்சும் பிரஸ் மீட் வைக்கறான்.. நமக்கு வாய்ச்சது ஒரு பிரஸ் மீட் வைக்கல இன்னும்..நம்ம மக்களுக்கும் அதப்பத்தி ஒரு கவலையும் இல்ல
Is the Trump campaign going to ask for a cease and desist order on this one too, another ad that features Trump's own words?
This ad makes me want to cheer a little.
As the US cases of Coronavirus surpass Italy’s within the next few days, may we NEVER forget that this could have been prevented.

This @JoeBiden is 🔥
Woo hoo! Yes that is a GREAT Biden ad! Spread it around y'all!
You wasted 2 WHOLE MONTHS @realDonaldTrump and try to blame Pres @BarackObama as if the entire country hasn't figured out you are clueless!

You were FORCED to deal with #COVID19 because it didn't "disappear!"

I know & @JoeBiden knows!

@ProjectLincoln @ForTheRuleOfLaw
Trump wants this off the air. Please keep retweeting
This ad pretty much sums up Biden's entire campaign: pointing the finger against Trump without offering a solution and asking people to vote for him.

Meanwhile Bernie Sanders is actually doing the work and passing bills in the Senate.
Trump is the best argument against himself. Pretty much in every issue.
In reply to @RKRadhakrishn
@RKRadhakrishn @sumanthraman now i understand why @narendramodi is not giving press conferenece. otherwise similar answers we would have got on Feb 12th (assume reporter have courage to ask questions)
It would be a shame to see this RETWEETED every damn day.🤷‍♀️
Gonna retweet every time I run across it from a new #Resister.
Bravo President Biden!!!✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
In reply to @chrislongview
Holy shit that is amazing. Every channel 23 hours a day
Wow. The reality of this. It's... everything Trump is, and always has been. Dipped in death.
VOTE FOR JOE 🇺🇸 ... lives depend on it!! A great ad for @JoeBiden!!
This ad is beautifully savage. #DumpTrump2020
HOORAY! This is EXACTLY the kind of ad I was hoping for! Please retweet everywhere! #Biden2020
In reply to @chrislongview
If anyone cares about trump please just tell him to hush... These ads just write themselves
Holy shit you are right. It’s a great ad.
Keep it up @JoeBiden
Biden is cooking with hot grease
Nice... will it sink in?
Excellent summary of what's happened and why re COVID in America - put together by Trump's rival for the Presidency.

Damn, veel harder dan dit worden ze niet.
Don't know how else to say it: he failed us.
This ad really drives it home as the counter clicks away and the 'president' lies his ass off.

#RT this, share it, watch it. #TrumpIsaTraitor

I blame this outbreak on trump
Spread it like butter
Expext to see this ad everywhere for the next 8 months....
Did Steven Soderbergh direct and edit this? Cause holy shit.
i’ll never forgive y’all for voting for this man.
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