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He did it. Bernie just saved millions of people.

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bernie sanders just took on senate republicans **and won**. Joe Biden's ENTIRE CAMPAIGN is about how he will capitulate to Republicans. Why are people having trouble with this?
This guy can still be President, you know. It's not too late yet.
Wow, Bernie actually impacting countless lives in a huge way while Joe Biden's team can't figure out how to do a livestream.
more good than anyone else running for president this year has ever done
It's incredibly difficult to overstate just how big of an impact this will have on millions of lives. People are already hurting. This gives them relief. Others will find themselves in a tough spot soon. Now there's a strong safety net waiting to catch them. Thank you Bernie.
Bernie Sanders is a national hero. This is what a future president would do.

Horrible bill and Bernie delivering a serious win. Where鈥檚 Warren?
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1. Awesome! 2. Boy, does that step on the notion he can't work with anyone. He just wrestled three Republicans to the mat! In a Republican majority Senate!
Sanders' career is filled with understated moments like this where his hand improves legislation for working people. Yet, he doesn't really talk about it. His staff and media had to drag it out of him this cycle.
When @JoeBiden @HillaryClinton @ewarren & corporate PR flacks masquerading as journalists pretend @BernieSanders has never done anything and is innefective鈥攈e just singlehandedly saved full unemployment insurance for tens of millions of Americans by FIGHTING

Cc @SpeakerPelosi
the only one who gives a shit about us, i love this man
how the fuck is there a person in this country right now who wants biden over bernie lol
Ignore every single person who tries to tell you that Bernie doesn鈥檛 do anything, & definitely ignore anyone who tries to tell you the hero of this was Warren or whatever. He just did more for working people than every one of those senators combined, & he will get no credit.
In reply to @RespectableLaw
i truly love him
In reply to @RespectableLaw
Imagine if there existed even ten other senators as principled as Bernie fucking Sanders
I feel like the whole United States owes Bernie Sanders a #ThankYouBernie hashtag. Followed by a #VoteBernie2020. What has Joe even done in this crisis anyway?
For a group that shows incredible disdain for the West Wing, they sure do indulge the fantasy that a last minute speech overrides the actual work of legislating and the mathematical realities of Senate procedure. Cue the theme music.
I鈥檓 sorry, but to give Bernie complete credit for this bill is asinine.

It completely invalidates the work of Pelosi, who spoke on the phone with Mnuchin as much as 20 times a day to hammer out the framework and is responsible for much of what they鈥檙e crediting Sanders with.
Bernie took on the entire Senate and won a vital victory for the workers, by himself. Not only is he a hero, but he鈥檚 the fighter the US needs right now to protect them from a full corporate takeover. The bill is atrocious, but he did what he could with the power he had.
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sad day for the 鈥榳hat has bernie sanders ever accomplished鈥 crowd. what a king.
the problem with Sanders is that
he doesn't get a谭n谈y谭t痰h谭i檀n谈g檀 d痰滩蜄虡虠汰摊蜋蜋蛵袒蜋坦蜄虣探虛虙虆虃虃蛼蛼蛻蛻虘虅虇虊蛫處虒虃蛯虙蜆虤虝虝蜖蜖蛥蛥啤潭虡虌虃虆蛺蜎虓蛼虃虉虘蛫虛虙虉虂虙虂虓蛻虙蛯蛬蛡虜蛯蛯虛蛻虜處虈虅蛼虌虙蛯虤虝虤蜆虝蜐蜖蜐n檀台蜋汰滩蛨贪坍滩摊蛽踏蛧虦蛵滩滩态蹋虪坍蛵蜋袒蜅虗虗蛯蛫虌虗虜探虜蜎虜虈虅蛦虜虉虂虤蜖e痰挞台獭抬獭虣蛵蛽虠摊毯太泰蹋泰蛧蛽态坦坛苔蛨虦胎蜋蛽蜁酞蛿虛虌虙虁虂虗蜅虝
锛堚暞掳鈻÷帮級鈺傅( .o.)
He really gets things done. He should run for president.
In reply to @RespectableLaw
Good on Bernie but It鈥檚 otherwise a shit bill
A. The original provision was not Bernies work, it was Michael Bennets

B. The GOP attempt to cut it out needed 60 votes and had zero chance to happen, Bernie didnt save it

I get that people are disappointed that hes gonna lose and are grasping but this is getting embarrassing
Bernie stans cheerlead a $6T corporate bailout. Cult of personality鈥檚 a hell of a drug.
weird almost like bernie gets shit done
You can still elect him President, y'know.
A few days ago, when Bernie missed a Senate vote, the media was so pissed at him, but now I don't see them applauding him for this incredible achievement.

Just goes to show how their outrage is fake and their critiques are made in bad faith.
The second thing isn鈥檛 the first thing, which isn鈥檛 actually true, and the fourth thing was happening with or without him.
This is what leadership looks like. The man is a hero, and that's more important than a president.
Centrists: Bernie is so evil for not voting to pass the stimulus bill which gives tiny scraps to the some of the poor if they're lucky

Bernie: I opposed it so I could give everyone more money, especially the poor, and then got it to pass unlike the other bill

It wasn鈥檛 Bernie鈥檚 provision and the Republican amendment Bernie objected to failed on a party line vote. But believe Bernie singlehandedly did everything if it makes you feel better.
In reply to @RespectableLaw
This is a joke, right? Schumer had that provision in the Dem version while Bernie was trying to crowdsource his campaign in Burlington. 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
In reply to @RespectableLaw
But does he have a COEXIST bumper sticker on the back of his Toyota Highlander? I thought so.
This is how you 鈥淕ET THINGS DONE.鈥 Masterclass in legislating by @BernieSanders here.
In reply to @RespectableLaw
鈥渂ERnIE aLwAyS wAnTs tHiNgs hIS wAy鈥
In reply to @RespectableLaw
鈥渂ERnIE aLwAyS wAnTs tHiNgs hIS wAy鈥
I just keep staring at this tweet. In disbelief.
bErNiE cAn鈥橳 pLaY tHe InSiDe GaMe
WOW turns out if you play hardball against corporatism instead of working with it, you can get major wins for the working-class!
In reply to @RespectableLaw
He didnt do shit. That was Nancy Pelosi.
It鈥檚 really difficult to wrap my head around the fact that we are probably not about to make this person our president.
Hold up - the unemployment package went through? For real?
In reply to @RespectableLaw
He literally didn't though. Damn it's amazing how dumb you all are.
1) The first one was...Michael Bennett.
2) The second one didn't happen (the pledge did, not the action).
3) The third is what he does every time he speaks on the floor (not a bad thing!).
4) The fourth has nothing to do with Bernie and everything to do with Schumer.
Not even a comparison to be made between him and any other candidate right now
In reply to @RespectableLaw
Cool but I hear Biden finally got the lighting figured out at his house after 5 days
Bernie is literally the coolest person in politics right now
He's a fucking machine, even if he's not elected he WILL NOT STOP. Absolutely nothing but respect for him rn
In reply to @RespectableLaw
Post office amendment posters crying rn
When people say they're not completely pro-Bernie or actually give Biden some semblance of having a chance, or any shred of worth, it's shit like this that makes me feel valid as hell
I want to hear exactly *zero* excuses as to why Bernie shouldn't be the Dem candidate w every fucking endorsement from every fucking self-declared progressive, including Liz Warren.

Man did the damn thing while everyone out here clutched pearls about him saying no-no words.
it's obviously not ideal but his actions will materially impact people in a way Joe Biden, even as vice president, has not in my memory

someone with Corona storm Joe's low-ceiling house please
It was him and definitely not the moderate Senators and staffers who worked tirelessly over the last week to get beefed up Unemployment Insurance into the bill. Beyond parody.
In reply to @ClemStalDim
also vote for bernie
Bernie singlehandedly prevented this Bill from becoming a total regressive corporate bailout.

His pressure caused republicans to cave.

Meanwhile Joe Biden is on the phone with his lawyers discussing his pending rape allegation.
In reply to @RespectableLaw
How any rational person could prefer Biden to this man, who actually gives a damn and can show it, is beyond me
In reply to @RespectableLaw
I hate that this is still a really bad bill, but he really did just save god knows how many people. its absurd how profoundly rotted out entire system is. when i call these people ghouls, i mean it literally. living dead mechanically feeding off a rotting corpse.
holy fucking shit
In reply to @RespectableLaw
Shocking news in politics if you fight for something instead of completely backing down sometimes you actually get what you want
In reply to @RespectableLaw
He just gave Trillions of dollars to the most corrupt government of our lifetime to dole out to their friends
In reply to @RespectableLaw
No we want the guy with dementia and a poor understanding of personal space to be the president
the next lib i hear speak ill of bernie at all for any goddamn reason is going to catch these hands.
Bernie Sanders is why I鈥檒l get unemployment benefits
remember ppl saying Bernie can鈥檛 get things done? weird
Elizabeth Warren on Bernie Sanders: This crisis demands more than a senator who has good ideas, but whose 30-year track record shows he consistently calls for things he fails to get done, and consistently opposes things he nevertheless fails to stop

Bernie Sanders:
this man has done more for you--yes you, the person reading this--than most presidents in living memory
Wow. I honestly wasn鈥檛 sure he could do it
Wow. This guy should run for president or something
In reply to @RespectableLaw
We don't deserve Bernie
Hey, so Bernie Sanders literally tore the Senate apart for how it's dealing with the COVID-19 bill and managed to reach Republicans on expanding unemployment insurance

The whole bill isnt perfect, but what Sanders did was a big deal that is going to help a LOT of people.
I've come to realize today that my disdain for hero worship was because I had not yet seen an actual hero hold his ground when the odds weren't in his favor and failure was scarier than doing nothing at all. Calling Bernie our generation's FDR may not actually be hyperbole.
Bernie the skilled legislator who knows how to use his leverage to ensure the best possible half-a-loaf deal for poor and working class people is something I wish his campaign had leaned on more heavily
No matter how any of this goes a few months from now, remember this:

Sen. Sanders fought for you because he just thought it was the right thing to do with the power he holds.

When people ask 鈥渨hat has Bernie ever done?鈥 because he didn鈥檛 co-sponsor the 鈥淒estruction of foreign countries and school lunch reduction program of 2003鈥 or whatever, shove this in their faces.
In reply to @georgeschmitz
Where鈥檚 the fucking Bernie never got anything done crowd now? You people are vampires and I wish a curse upon you for all eternity. twitter.com/respectablelaw鈥
Bernie Sanders did no such thing.

He was absent from DC for all of the negotiations, then gave a single speech after the details had been finalized without him.

Stop giving a mediocre, showboating, white dude credit for what actual legislators like Warren and Pelosi are doing.
Melodic notes for self isolating souls pic.twitter.com/NdG5Ofc2dy
I don鈥檛 consider myself a Bernie Bro. I don鈥檛 even know a ton about politics. But I know that Bernie cares about me and you. That鈥檚 all that matters. You can鈥檛 say that about many politicians no matter what side you鈥檙e on.
In reply to @mtracey
I know it might feel good from an emotional release standpoint to slam "retweet" on this doozy, but it's just not an accurate portrayal of the Senate process yesterday. Do you merely want feel-good emotional gratification, or something a bit deeper?
meanwhile biden is in the bacta tank from empire strikes back
Bernie doing genuine good here. Great work.
He also may have just saved American capitalism from going into total fucking crisis mode. Hopefully this will only be enough to help laid off workers from being completely and utterly fucked and not bring us back into equilibrium
In reply to @RespectableLaw
This is not what happened. Schumer negotiated this provision over a week ago. Bernie wasn't even in Washington at the time.
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