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최근만 들어서 파드케스트도 있었고 , 패이스북 화이팅한것도 있었고, 88rising 이랑 한 콜라보도 있었는데 왜 제가 하는 활동들은 항상 안올려주시죠?
Why don’t you repost my dive stuff?

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Recently I did the podcasts, Hwaiting on facebook, and a collaboration with 88rising but why are my activities never posted?
In reply to @Jae_Day6
[TRANS] recently I had my podcasts, facebook's hwaiting, collaboration with 88rising but why are you always didn't post about it / my schedule?

พี่เจถาม(แอคออฟลอยๆ)ว่า ผมมีทั้งพอดแคสท์ ทั้ง Hwaiting ในเฟสบุ๊ค แล้วไหนจะที่คอลแลปกับ 88rising อีก ทำไมไม่อัพสิ่งที่ผมทำเลยอะครับ?
In reply to @Jae_Day6
Thank you for being brave. You deserve the BEST, Jae. And let me tell you that we APPRECIATE everything you do. E V E R Y T H I N G.
“Recently, I've been doing a podcast, there was also the Hwaiting show in Facebook, and a collaboration with 88rising. Why do you always not upload the activities that I do?”
In reply to @day6official
@day6official do your job. promote ALL of day6's activities, not just a select few. wonpil's covers? youngone? literally the entire jaesix and eaj project? sungjin's solo interview? seriously do better, promote what they've worked hard for
I have recently done the podcasts, "Hwaiting" which is available on Facebook, and had collaboration work with 88rising, how come my activities are not shared?
In reply to @Jae_Day6
We will repost it for you, we will do it everything they won’t. I’m sorry it happens to you. You deserve so much more and we as fans will try to give it to you. You are worth more and deserve more, don’t let them tell you otherwise.
[Trans] Ada Podcast, ada Hwaiting, ada Kolaborasi sama 88rising, kenapa nggak ada yang kalian repost sih?

Marahin jae marahin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
In reply to @Jae_Day6
we got your back! 😭🤝😭 you’ve been working so hard, and you deserve all the love and recognition. just wanna let you know that we endlessly appreciate all the content that you release! you go do what you love, and we’ll he here 💕
In reply to @Jae_Day6
really sorry that they're treating you this way. you have had so many side projects throughout the years, promoting your band along the way. you deserve so much more. :((((
Jae, de DAY6, toma su cuenta de Twitter para expresar su disgusto con la gestión de JYP Entertainment.

El artista comunica que su compañía no apoya ni difunden por redes sociales sus proyectos personales, al contrario que con sus compañeros de grupo.

[TRAD] 30.06.2020 | Atualização do Jae em seu twitter (Jae_Day6)

"Recentemente eu fiz os podcasts, Hwaiting no facebook, e uma colaboração com 88rising, mas por que minhas atividades nunca foram postadas?"
ไม่นานมานี้ผมมีพอตแคสรายการHwaitingในเฟสบุ้ค แล้วก็ที่ไปร่วมงานกับ88rising ทำไมคุณถึงไม่เคยลงกิจกรรมที่ผมทำเลยล่ะ? ... พี่เจแง 🥺
[#TWITTER] - 200630

“Récemment j’ai fais les podcasts, Hwaiting sur facebook, et une collaboration avec 88rising, pourquoi mes activités ne sont jamais postés?”

cr. > translatejae.
In reply to @Jae_Day6
300620 | #JaeTwitter Yakın zamanda podcast sundum, Facebook'ta Hwaiting şovu da var, 88rising ile iş birliği de yaptım. Neden benim aktivitelerimş paylaşmıyorsun hiç? ㅡ #DAY6 #데이식스 @day6official twitter.com/Jae_Day6/statu…
[#TRAD] "Recentemente eu tive meu podcast, o Hwaiting no Facebook, colaboração com o 88Rising, mas por quê você (@day6official) nunca postou sobre minha agenda?"

Kr👉Eng @ notyourpil
In reply to @Jae_Day6
Mydays gotchu, Jae. Don’t worry 🙏🏻
Man but seriously I just stop to think and that's true. Their account always post stuff but it's never Jae's. Everytime he does something another sources post about it and we all share with each other but never came from Day6's account. I mean, they should be the first to share..
In reply to @Jae_Day6
Недавно были и подкасты , и "Hwaiting" на Фейсбуке, и коллаб с 88rising. Почему вы никогда не публикуете промо связанное с моей деятельностью

that artists need to call out their own company because they just won’t do shit for them..

lEaDer In entErtAinmEnt
할말하는거 너무좋다
In reply to @Jae_Day6
"Recentemente ho fatto dei podcast, ci sono stati anche lo show "Hwaiting" su Facebook e una collaborazione con 88rising. Com'è che non postate mai le mie attività?"
“I have a podcast, there was Hwaiting on Facebook too, I even did a collab with 88rising so why do you never upload my promotion content?” ㅠㅠ
hes been working his ass off for YOUR company and YOUR label @day6official and when he does something for himself, you're quiet? SAY SOMETHINGM
In reply to @ArabMyday
200630| اليوم أيضا جاي يعبر عن سخطه على الشركة : " مؤخرًا قمت بعمل بودكاست، برنامج هوايتينغ على فيسبوك، تعاون مع فرقة 88Rising لكن لم تنشرو عن أنشطتي أبدًا؟"
In reply to @Jae_Day6
always remember we got your back jae 💪👊
artists have the right to demand better treatment from their companies 🙈
In reply to @Jae_Day6
Jae, no matter what happens, we got you and we are with you.
Мне не нравится, что Джэ выходит с реста и начинает с претензий к офф акку Дэй6, что его деятельность не репостили и не делали ему промо.

Очень стремно от такого. Надеюсь, все решаемо. Но это ппц. Понимаешь сразу, что мы совсем не в курсе, что там творится в компании :(
ppl in quotes stop bringing up other groups or members this is about JAE. he is clearly getting solely mistreated by his own company while others in the same company are given different opportunities & promos but when it comes to him they don’t even bother ??? Fuck you @jypnation
time and time again we see mistreatment of idols under jyp and y’all still refuse to believe it’s true
In reply to @Jae_Day6
he called out his own band help me
Jae is so done y’all!!! We mydays will do the promotions instead!!! ALL FOR JAE!!! ALL FOR DAY6!!!! 🤘🐥

ps. hope this edit could cheer you all up! Let’s be strong for our boys! 🤘 pic.twitter.com/km4StUVjXp
To the dumb bitch who think jype is a good company just because they provide organic food, READ THIS. The mistreatments that we've been fighting for since day one and all of u called us t0xic! Thank you jae for using your platform to acknowledge this. Yes you deserve better 💚
i just want him to know that he's not alone in this and that he's not in the wrong for wanting better promotions for his projects and other solo stuff :((( we gotchu jae :(((
"Recientemente tuve mi podcast, hwaiting, colaboración con 88rising pero porque nunca postean mis proyectos?"
@Jae_Day6 @day6official #Jae #Jaehyung #JaePark #Eaj
우리 제횽이 활동 진짜 열심히 하는데ㅠㅠㅠ 왜 안 올려주세요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 징챠 넘행 제이 활동도 올려달라ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Translation (Note: There may be inaccuracies in the translation)

I recently have done podcasts, Hwaiting which is available on Facebook, had collaboration works with 88rising, but why my activities are not shared?
when your fav called out his own company and it makes me I realize why I stan him
This is how it’s done call that shitty company and their shitty employees out!! @day6official Post his work!
[TWITTER JAE] 200630

"¿Por qué no publican mis cosas de dive?"

"Recientemente, estuve haciendo un podcast, también estuvo el show Hwaiting en Facebook, y una colaboración con 88rising. ¿Por qué nunca publican las actividades que yo hago?"

Cred: @Jae_Day6
In reply to @Jae_Day6
you better get your shit together and repost every SINGLE activity. Thank you.
stop saying he’s jealous! it’s what the promotion team should do! he is a part of day6 so of course his solo works also need to be promoted through day6’s official account. these divisions in jype seriously need to do better and improve their work, they always do the bare minimum
eu mas allá d q lo extrañemos, chabon TIENE Q WXIGIR X TWEETS Q MINIMO PUBLIQUEN LO Q HACE???? no los promocionan bien, se los pasan x la raya del ojete NO ES MUCHO PEDIR PERO LITERAL TIENE Q SALIR A ESTO fios qjiero cometer un awesinato en banda elijo la mwtralleta
In reply to @Jae_Day6
We totally support you, Jae!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's about time labelled artists speak out about their mistreatment by the company. They've been working so hard but to get treated badly just doesn't clicked. It takes a lot of patience being tested tho before someone speak up. I hope justice will prevail for jae.
Is this a sarcasm or did he just snappedt? Either way, I stan him for liking satire. 🤘🏼
yo fr i always get confused whenever jae is in my tl cause yall are always talking abt him when he says something funny or some shit like that, but I've never seen a single person talking about his job or showing support, it's so weird
아티스트 본인이 이렇게까지 했는데 안바뀌는건 진짜 문제가 있는거다....앞으로는 잘해라 스제놈들아.....
jyp, va siendo hora de que le des a Jae el reconocimiento que merece por todo su esfuerzo, NO TE DUERMAS EN SU TALENTO JYP #JaeDeservesBetter pic.twitter.com/zgNrTRtAio
Окей, Джэ признался что его заебал Джуп, спасибо тебе
อันนี้เห็นแต่ค่าย 88rising โปรโมทจริงๆจนบางทีอยากให้ไปอยู่สังกัดนี้เลย อี JYP มึงรู้ยังว่าเค้าเจ็บปวดเพราะแกขนาดไหน
#pleasetreatjaebetter #JUSTICEFORJAE
omg nooooo... you deserve more, you deserve much more jae :((
As longer as I look at this tweet the more it irritated me.
Are you really unfair like this?
Or are you just too lazy to retweet everything?
@day6official, you don't really want to get involved with MyDays, don't you?
You know we're doing everything for #Day6
In reply to @Jae_Day6
While we’re at it can you tell them to post teaser in your official insta too
Let's say Justice for Jae! Why u ignored him? U should probably talk abt eaJ project at least @day6official ... he's angry now lol 😂
In reply to @day6official
@day6official @jypnation so studio j needs to be mass hashtaged again to realize y’all can’t do jobs? how hard is it to just promote every member’s content equally? y’all have 20 people and cant even tweet? please tweet about them now and promote pacman too.
So everybody who see my tweet it's better to listen Jae podcast How Did I Get Here, you will get a new knowledge. Don't forget to turn notification on, lets get it!!! open.spotify.com/show/05TuuXVsz…
jae does so much for both day6 as well as for himself. he does what makes him happy as well as his fans and jaesix is the reason a lot of people even know about day6 and became mydays. Jae deserves so much fucking better.
In reply to @Jae_Day6
In reply to @Jae_Day6
My day got your back, j! We love u
In reply to @day6official
@day6official 아시겠죠? 울 줴이 얼마나 열심히 하는데... 울 줴이도 데이식스거등요ㅡㅡ 앞으로 잘 올려주세요 저 지금 완전 춤추는 원필이 됐거든요 이마 박으러 갑니다. pic.twitter.com/0BTPTjf1wL
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