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“People were going on the holiest night of Ramadan, Laylat al-Qadr, to pray… look at the hundreds who have been injured.”

Head of Palestinian Mission to the UK @hzomlot talks to #Newsnight about the spiralling violence which has triggered airstrikes and rocket attacks

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What is happening to Palestinians, has been happening to Palestinians is so dizzyingly abhorrent and sickening 💔
Yes let’s set the record straight!
Impressed by the Head of the Palestinian Mission to the UK, Husam Zomlot (@hzomlot) powerfully and succinctly articulating the issue.

Listen to how he responds to Israeli propaganda. Spot on.
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
So Netanyahu ONCE AGAIN can’t form a Government and so decides to shake things up in his favour by starting this all off. But as soon as people react in anger to it, it’s the Palestinians fault. Unbelievable. It would be fantastic if the media would ACTUALLY say this for once.
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
BBC capitulated to Zionism long long ago.
The shutdown of the BBC pro-Israeli stance is brilliant. Worth the 5 minute watch.
Did the ‘Hamas rockets” kill 20 Palestinians, nine of them children and leave hundreds injured? Then who Murdered them in cold blood? The Israeli police and army did. So when will you clowns condemn these killings? WHAT does it take to get the bbc to tell the truth? #banBBC
It’s a point of view but an important one. Some media & govts react to Hamas rocket launches but where was the reaction to the “illness not symptoms”. An occupation that evicts people from their homes, prevents Palestinian Muslims & Christians from praying & attacks worshippers
It’s time our media stops pumping out and amplifying Israeli propaganda
Israel is an apartheid state that commits atrocities against Palestinians on a daily basis @hzomlot does well to keep the focus on Palestinians here as Maitlis again and again tries to steer interview away
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
Revolting to talk about the Palestinian not being up for "debate" when he's laying out very clearly the suffering of his people.
The BBC has brought a Palestinian to be INTERROGATED rather than Interviewed. What are these disgusting double standards. Shame on you @BBCNewsnight you call this journalism?
Well done to the Palestinian ambassador to the UK in the face of the biased and awful Maitlis

‘Always the story begins when the Palestinian reaction happens’

‘Lets call a spade a spade’
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
Leave alone the fact that the occupiers' actions are a provocation designed to cause this very mess, Al Aqsa is a consecrated place, where prophets and angels have prayed
This is the most appalling example of BBC bias. Emily Maitlis does not listen, refuses to engage in a debate and simply repeats Israeli propaganda as fact. This is not journalism.
My blood is boiling at this interview, the BBC not even trying to hide their support for apartheid anymore
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
Beautiful. Such an intelligent man.
Genuine, rightful concerns raised by the Palestine ambassador.

A must watch interview..

#PalestinianLivesMatter #StandWithPalestine
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
Maitlis, at least try to be subtle with your pro oppressor bias.
Imagine the indignity of keep having to make a people defend themselves when they are under continuous attack. #PrayForPalestine #SaveSheikhJarrah
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
The BBC is a propaganda mouthpiece for the very entity that created the Apartheid State
This is a masterclass in how to dismantle media propaganda. The 'story' is always framed in a manner that allows scrutiny to be applied to the oppressed and not the oppressor.

Full and unending solidarity with Palestinians all over the world.
A 15 stone man has been beating his 8 stone wife up for 20 years, he's repeatedly kicked her unconscious & put her in hospital.

Let me ask you will you condemn her for slapping him?
Absolutely ruined them. With the truth. 👏 they’re all turning a a purposeful blind eye. Imagine educated people not being able to comprehend what’s happening. It’s a lie, they know what’s going on and they are letting it happen from the politicians to the media outlets.
How anyone can hold themselves and speak so incisively about something so traumatic and urgent when the line of questioning is so biased. We should all be grateful to @hzomlot for rigorously holding this propaganda to account. Please watch this clip.
Watch inhumanity w which this brother is met with by this journalist. Watch the framing of the conversation that the western journalist is tryna maintain. The refusal to engage with the “illness” and only want to deal w the “symptoms” as the brother lays out. #SaveSheikhJarrah
People will attack everything about this man other than his arguments which are true.
Excellent interview with @hzomlot on #Newsnight @maitlis

“Israel provokes, Israel commits every crime you can imagine... ad then they try to blame the reactor”

#Jerusalem #Gaza #Palestine #Israel
#Israeli violence triggered airstrikes and rocket attacks again unarmed #Palestinians kneeling & #praying !!!!!!
Again blown away by the strength of people who are able to go on news shows and calmly and eloquently face up to aggressive and biased journalism.
This is the reality of the western media, their politicians and even their puppets in the Muslim world today. Blame those retaliating and act as if the conflict began because of them. Full marks to the brother for defending the oppressed and destroying her arguments.
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
Well said that man , and well done for putting the interviewer in her place . Maybe this time theissue of Israeli violence will be properly identified. Time for Palestine and Palestinians to have their say. Maybe this time the victim act of Israel will be seen for what it is
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
you’re absolutely appalling. Israeli aggression against worshippers began days before the rocket attacks - which btw no one got injured by. Care to know how many Palestinians died today? 20 people including CHILDREN. 🖕BBC #FreePalestine
Who should be condemned indeed? Dreadful questioning
The bbc is a scum institution needs to be binned off completely
Full and unequivocal support, love & solidarity with Palestine 🇵🇸
I promise you if I ever see this woman I'm spitting in her face
If you choose to respond to what is happening in #Gaza now by saying ‘but Hamas is launching rockets towards Israel’ then you have got this whole thing wrong and you have got some home work to do. Focus on actions not reactions, and focus on causes not symptoms. #GazaUnderAttack
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
Many people in the UK do not understand what is going on because our media so rarely allow Palestinian side to be told. It's always portrayed as so complicated so people don't make effort to understand. This desperately needs to change. #SavePalestine #SaveSheikhJarrah
Incredible, articulate and passionate interview from @hzomlot - he shows remarkable composure in the face of an appalling and hostile interrogation from @maitlis.

The story is 20 people, half of whom were children, have been killed Emily. Seems like you've forgotten.
Quite rightly asked by @hzomlot “who should be condemned” 9 children alone were killed by Israeli terror attacks (yes terrorists do wear govt uniforms) & yet the @BBCNewsnight has audacity to probe for condemnation of the reactions from Hamas. Bias. Hypocritical. Vile
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
underlying issues lmfao what a god damn joke this woman and BBC of course, I happy this man didn't take any shit from her and talked about what is important. problem is people discuss this issue like its confusing and no one really knows who is right here when its so effin clear
Interviewer is a confirmed spastic
You have to give it to him for remaining so calm and articulating his points so well despite the way she always acting.
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
BBC at it’s ture self, trying to turn and twist Israeli Terrorism into some act of self defense. #shameOnBBC
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
Zionists Nazi back to 1930 ethnic cleansing, of course, @Conservatives will support Israel they are part of the rotten system. 😡
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
They sent in the military forces into a mosque to attack the civilian worshippers while they were in prayer #FreePalestine #AlAqsaUnderAttack
Western Media tries their best to cover Israel's agression on Palestinians. It is clearly shown here. The Interviewee describes Israeli's agression and crimes towards Palestinians and she just changes the topic towards rockets and Hamas.
It's funny how as soon as he's on a roll or makes completely valid points she changes the topic & doesn't talk about the real issues. Zionist media at it's best. Scums
wow. he handled this amazingly. she is a bitch.
In reply to @IML91
Absolutely nails it. "Always the story begins when Palestinian reaction happens" twitter.com/BBCNewsnight/s…
Mans mentions children being killed and other things happening but somehow your focus is on Hamas?? Nah fuck that. The West has been enabling this issue for as long as I can remember.
Fucking ghouls man. Fuck the BBC and fuck Emily Maitlis for this hatchet job.
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
For once, truth said to power. Much respect @hzomlot
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
I'm absolutely convinced @maitlis had no alternative but was strictly instructed to take this line of questioning by BBC editors. The question is.... WHY??
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
Israel is like the violent husband that blames the wife for the beating he had to give her. Please show some sort of balance.
Glad he stood his ground. What he said is absolutely true. These people are taking what the Palestinians are doing to defend themselves and using it to make it seem like lsrael are the victims which they are not.
This breaks it down. Please listen. #GazaUnderAttack
How he stayed calm and articulate during the whole interview I could never!! 🇵🇸♥️
So articulate, he shut her nonsense down so eloquently! 😍 #StopIsraeliTerrorism #FreePalestine
A masterclass in making a solid, convincing case by @hzomlot, 🇵🇸 Ambassador to UK
Emily is a witch pass it on
World leaders are silent to the Apartheid happening in Palestine. During Ramadan
Story always starts with a Palestinian reaction, with the symptoms of the illness, never the illness in and of itself.

Israel's attacked worshippers on the holiest night.

Israel's perpetually, illegally evicting people from their homes.

Israel's illegally settled in Palestine.
Shame on @maitlis @DominicRaab and other Zionists who turn a blind eye to Israeli terror in #AlAqsa and they instead bring up Hamas who were the ones who fought back. A good response by @hzomlot #FreePalestine
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
Did I miss your condemnation of the sheer brain dead stupidity of firing rockets from #Gaza towards #Jeusalem / #AlQuds ??
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
This is so sad what’s happening!
20 Palestinians have died, 9 of them children. 0 israeli deaths and your question focus is on Hamas and their use of rockets as a reaction. Nonsense.
Extremely proud about Head of Palestinian mission to UK @hzomlot - so confident and articulate during his interview at #BBC #Newsnight

Please watch & share this video.

#SaveSheikhJarrah #PalestinianLivesMatter #GazaUnderAttack
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
Why does everytime I hear someone from BBC trying to report on Israeli occupation and butchery of the Palestinian Muslims, I see blatant doublestandards. Shame on all of you who work in BBC. pic.twitter.com/IaoaREW2j6
In reply to @nasro_nasredine
twitter.com/BBCNewsnight/s… كلام الفلسطيني 👍تبدأ عند رد الفعل للوم حماس والمشكلة كلها بدأت فالقدس يعني استغلال القضية وموت الأبرياء لترسيخ فكرة إيران الوحش و الباقي حامل راية الإسلام...
9 children from Gaza brutally killed today and sacred holy place stormed and worshippers praying on their knees targeted with tear gas. It's last 10 days of #Ramadhan many people stay inside all mosques in a state of 'ihtikaaf' a retreat from the world to pray.
The fact that this is happening in such a holy time for Muslims man is awful #SaveSheikhJarrah
This lady some bitch lol the BBC are bitches too
Shocking how the news outlets are twisting this, their realisation will come for they are the party of shaytaan.
Saying it raw to their faces
Praying for 🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🇯🇴🤲🤲🤲
In reply to @hzomlot
@hzomlot impressive here, not derailed by (the normally excellent journalist) Maitlis who for some reason insists on talking about the reaction rather than the action. Which is of course Israel’s wish.
Amazing interview. Props @hzomlot 👏
Firstly, this man couldn't & didn't condemn Hamas's aggression & rockets but kept yelling "Israel".

Secondly, saying there is a "double standard" is a blatant lie @JamesCleverly condemned Israel's evictions & @DominicRaab did terrorist Hamas's firing of 150+ missiles at Israel. pic.twitter.com/5LvnatQtna
In reply to @hzomlot
@hzomlot telling the truth clearly and respectfully.
Well done @hzomlot
Western media is complicit in keeping people ignorant of #IsraeliCrimes
Always Hamas at fault never the apartheid regime murdering Palestinian people in broad daylight
Where is @UN
We see you Emily
Shame on you
In reply to @BBCNewsnight
Yes I am agree with this, but Pakistan also doing same thing with Hindu in Pakistan so we should also declare Pakistan as a terrorist state, Let us declare Pakistan as a terrorist state
Amazing response by Palestine Ambassador. Look at that crazy double standard woman, she didn't utter a word about 4 kids being killed. If a single dog in UK would had been stolen she would be weeping but the dual face of west is nothing new.
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