CRIMETHINC: Yes, some of our anarchist pals joined up to fight with the neo-Nazis in Ukraine, but don't worry, the reasons they did it were "mundane."

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@gumby4christ consequently, some people converted to right wing politics
Remember when I said I'd rather fight alongside a tankie than a lib? Well, tankies, who'd you rather fight beside? Anarkiddies already picked sides.
Whomst among us has not fought alongside alongside neo-nazis
Just gonna say it, CRIMETHINC posts cringe from time to time
"anti-fascists receiving training at the Right Sector base in Desna" is the kind of sentence that should make you re-evaluate your life decisions if you ever find yourself writing it
Anarchists joining an armed struggle without doing basic research
Holy Shit.
Bruh @keatenmansfield's tweet became a reality
@gumby4christ Crimethinc, the gift that just keeps on giving
The long and stories history of Anarcho-Antisemitism adds another page written in blood
? Criss Cross Theory ?‍☠️
What having no principle does to a mf
It’s a great honor to be blocked by @crimethinc a zionist organization masquerading as an anarchist collective
I'm going to fucking lose it.
Anarchists will call ML’s Nazis and then just become Nazis without a single hint of self awareness
Average anarchists
@gumby4christ @Gaius_Gracchus_ Honestly this entire article is a pretty devastating self-own on the inherent lack of effectiveness or coherence in anarchist strategy / practice
Oops! Your adventurism led to fascism :/
New type of anarchists just dropped: azovian-anarchists.
average anarchist moving to another country to fight in a war
The same ass clowns constantly complaining about a "red brown alliance" out here openly admitted some of their anarchist friends wound up training alongside the Azov Battalion ?
Oh also, all those Right Sector goons just start waving around swastikas and worshipping Stepan Bandera as a hilarious bit.
Hey anarchists wtf you can at least not join fucking AZOV and OUN
lol I get shit for sharing redfish content but this collective has literally fought alongside Nazis ? and leftist love sharing their shit
@gumby4christ @justacoverband Proud anarchists and anti-fascists who *checks notes* uhhhh fights with ultranationalists and fascists?

Wew lad, you could also not do that.
Crimethinc has always been a total joke
Joining neo-Nazi militias because you were unable to organize your own group is the most anarchist shit ever
dying. just absolutely dying.
@gumby4christ But clearly it’s the reds who are the fascists
I didn’t mean actually form the alliance ?
@gumby4christ Truckers we don’t like: nazi’s. Ukrainians we support joining actual nazi’s: not nazi’s. No cognitive dissonance there.
@gumby4christ Whatever happened to if there's 4 people in a room and 3 are Nazis then there are 4 Nazis in that room?
@gumby4christ i love to be an anarchist working with ultranationalists that wouldnt bother me
@gumby4christ Well if they don't salute each other with ? they must not be Nazis.
@gumby4christ (gives you a smarmy half smile) So that happened!
*hero of Ernest Hemingway novel, nobly traveling overseas to fight in the Spanish Civil War, but joining the Franco side because they’re the first ones he bumps into as he’s leaving the airport*
@gumby4christ lol..this and NEXTA was what that Antifada guy was nonstop retweeting
@gumby4christ They were attracted to the red and black (right sector) flags.
@hongkong_ball @KnowS0mething you should go join them instead of safely tweeting from Langley
Never, under any circumstances, take @crimethinc seriously after this bs. This is a disgrace to the memory of revolutionary working-class politics in Ukraine: pure social-imperial adventurism bolstering the ranks of people who want to eliminate communists, ethnic minorities, etc.
I remember a few years ago some folk were saying CrimeThinc was basically one big police counter-intelligence op.

This doesn’t disprove that theory.
@LaborwaveCCCP Meanwhile, here's 'antifa'
LOL, Anarchists joining Nazis , I hope these "anarchists" are not just liberals in disguise (like many so-called anarchists in North America)
Ancoms saw the red and black Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists flag and thought they would be epic lefties like them.
I’m an Anarcho NeoNazi, so this is fine actually
are crimethinc cops then
@asahicom 参考情報。
@gumby4christ @MexJG1 I have to imagine all the ppl sharing that dumbass article arent reading it.
No part of being an anarchist and especially not an anti-fascist NECESSARILY causes this
Crimethinc done fucked up
Anarchists joined up with the neo-nazi Azov battalion and "Consequently, some people converted to right-wing politics."

It's almost like surrounding yourself with Nazis turns you into a Nazi.
@gumby4christ What’s it called when you’re anti-fascist but work with the fascists?
@gumby4christ holy shit I choked on water reading this
Cringe in Anarchism
@gumby4christ It should be no surprise to anyone when the resident neo-Nazi switches to anarchism. That's what we call "the wrong kind of anarchism" -- other anarchists can tell the difference.
Anarchists are the political wing of the Mickey Mouse Club. Fuck em.
@gumby4christ This book explains why radicals swap sides constantly:

In short, they're losers looking for a cause to justify their meaningless existence, and any cause will do.
@gumby4christ This is a pretty good indictment of Anarchism tbh
What a show.
Crimethinc is trash
Go figure.
@gumby4christ Second guy from the right is flashing serb sign (three finger salute) I highly doubt that he would join Ukraine side.
anarchists ? fascists
@gumby4christ my gawd this is funny shit. but also not funny if ya know what i mean ?
Fuck NATO, fuck Putin, and fuck Azov Battalion and all Nazi scum worldwide. I feel awful for the people of Ukraine trapped between these three potential nightmare scenarios.
@gumby4christ They can’t just come out & say “Hey the U.S. have under Obama,Trump & Biden backing literally Neo-Nazi to get Ukraine into NATO.

Nor mentioning they reported on these Nazis.

Instead they need to rewrite what the Azov are or minimize their role.
@gumby4christ wow proud boys and anarchists uniting to defend fucking ukraine of all places
This is why I do not trust Crimethinc. That and the fact that they are very very white.
This is disingenuous. Though the article is admittedly not clear in this part, the paragraphs before and after this indicate that this was happening back in the mid-2010s
@gumby4christ This is taken out of context from a text by Ukrainian anarchists that @crimethinc published in which the Ukrainians are self-critical about why some anarchists left the movement. It does not endorse it, it criticizes it. Your framing is disingenuous and irresponsible.
Been saying for a while that antifa been acting just like actual fascists.... and now they are literally fighting together LOL
Antifa anarchists ? Neonazis
Ngl here: this is one of many examples of why I do not trust anarchism most anarchists. Too many are not abt liberation and socialism. Many are group adherents, mostly rising above individualism.
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