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This is what a judicial coup looks like

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In reply to @kenklippenstein
Baden鈥檚 1st term might as well be Trump鈥檚 2nd term.
In reply to @kenklippenstein
Are we now going to water down the meaning of "coup" at a moment when Congress is investigating an actual coup attempt?
In reply to @kenklippenstein
I see the word coup has been rendered obsolete now. Another word lost to the graveyard of progressive mangling.
What's the matter, bro? You and your Lefty friends used to *love* when the US was ruled by Judicial Fiat! And mock anyone who didn't like it.

Oh鈥攕o now you don't like it? Not one bit? Oh I get it! You don't like it now that the rulings are going *against* what you want!

They鈥檙e fast tracking because they don鈥檛 know what will happen if the President who appointed them OR they themselves gets convicted of treason
WHY IS IT ALL EVIL SHIT!? You would think one of them would be "SCOTUS declares Wednesday's 'free ice cream day'" just to mix it up. FUCK!
In reply to @kenklippenstein
Doesn鈥檛 this court violate the Establishment Clause? Congress gave a supermajority to a religious minority. Seems unconstitutional to me, but I鈥檓 not a lawyer.
The anti-Hillary Bernie guys are all dressed like a hot dog trying to find the guys who did this.
Seems like the ideal time to water down the meaning of 鈥渃oup鈥 to mean 鈥渂ranches of government making decisions I don鈥檛 like鈥
Based headlines are based af
In reply to @kenklippenstein
We need Andrew Jackson thought (the Chief Justice has made his decision, now let him enforce it)
This is what an amusingly ignorant journo desperate for clicks looks like
In reply to @kenklippenstein
What are y鈥檃ll doing? Expand the goddam court. Impeach Thomas. Do it now. Or retire, and let new blood act on their promises to Us.
There is no longer a coherent doctrine of constitutional law in the United States. Each of these decisions relies upon mutually exclusive understandings of what a constitution represents, and the role of judicial review in democratic governance. SCOTUS is an ideological body.
a /confederate/ judicial coup, with a lil help from the modern copperheads and their quislings in the 'federalist' society ofc~
The same language used to refer to January 6 is now used to describe Supreme Court rulings the left doesn't like. And later they wonder why Americans tune them out.
La democrazia americana allo sbando, con lo scontro istituzionale ai massimi livelli 鈥 mentre l鈥檈x presidente 猫 sotto torchio per tentato golpe. Il tutto mentre l鈥橝merica si erge a modello e guida del mondo libero contro tutte le dittature, a invasione dell鈥橴craina in corso.
To anyone who told me or others to calm down in 2016: 馃枙馃徏
"Defend democracy!" except when it doesn't benefit me most
In reply to @kenklippenstein
鈥淲e don鈥檛 like activist judges鈥
Told y鈥檃ll. The far right judicial coup is doing what the hard coup started.
In reply to @kenklippenstein
So the Supreme Court just going on a destructive rampage dragging back murika a century in the span of a month.

This is just getting comical and scary now. #SupremeCourt
In reply to @kenklippenstein
Democracy is when the whims of 5 dorks in bedsheets overrides the day of 150 million citizens, right?
The (horrible!) outcome of fifty+ years of Republican organizing and voting in a democratic system is not a coup.
About to log off, but realize that out liberties are bung overturned behind closed doors. Very very quickly.
Turns out the the opposition party ignoring the conservative party's decades long plan of judiciary capture is really bad!
Not one of them was ever elected.
if you aren鈥檛 scared about the decline of democracy you aren鈥檛 paying attention, this is not how a legitimate government functions
they're literally fucking supervillains at this point
In reply to @kenklippenstein
LOL, No that would be stuffing the court. This is what giving power back to the states looks like. This is what freedom looks like.
In reply to @kenklippenstein
This story is not unrelated. Larry Ellison is turning his Hawaiian island into a paradise for the super-rich鈥攁nd pricing out the families who have lived there for generations bloomberg.com/graphics/2022-鈥 via @bw
The real coup was the justices we appointed along the way.
a lot of people say donald trump is the worst president we鈥檝e ever had without any weight to it, but considering we are still being affected by the 4 years he spent in office says a lot about how bad it was to have him as president
In reply to @kenklippenstein
Two coups for the price of one
In reply to @kenklippenstein
The problem is you're reading the headlines before reading the opinion.
Such democracy
Very will of the people
well thank god we鈥檒l all be voting super hard this November
This is what a dumb fuck looks like 馃憞馃徎
Most people are not going to pay attention, or even know what is going on, but we're going to deal with these consequences.
This is what an activist court looks like.
In reply to @Vote4AnnMarie
feels like america is coming to a close tbh twitter.com/kenklippenstei鈥
In reply to @kenklippenstein
Yeah the coup of telling the executive branch that only Congress can legislate. Vapid little twerp
Roe V Wade was a distraction for everything else
Canada also has an unelected Supreme Court (and an entire unelected legislative chamber!!). The potential for disaster has been flagged by many for decades.

Happening in front of our eyes. Options limited & window to act vanishingly small. A devastating month of decisions if you care about rights, the common good & our common home.
i鈥檓 old enough to recall the same party decrying 鈥榓ctivist judges鈥 lol
Everything that doesn鈥檛 go their way is a coup
Reminder that the madman behind the seeming unraveling of our country never won more than 46.8% of the vote, and initially took office with just 45.9%.
Another example of someone with an undeservedly large platform using it irresponsibly:
In reply to @kenklippenstein
A coup that gives back power to Congress, gives back power to the states, and restricts the power of the Supreme Court. What the hell kind of coup is that?
I can't wait to move to the East Coast so I don't have to continuously wake up to horrible news
if I hear the words "activist judges" in my life again I will self immolate
So when are we expanding the court and impeaching the current seated justices? They've gone rogue.
This is not a coup lol it's just a more conservative wing of the bourgeoisie carrying out it's agenda.
艦ey mi bu, yarg谋 reformu :D
we need to stop recognizing this fraudulent court's phony authority
Right so how are we supposed to check and balance the Supreme Court with no term limits and no direct way for people to have a say in who is given a seat ??
we are literally witnessing a coup tho
I can't wait until the next Supreme Court election! Oh wait... What a mess
This is literally a Venezuela like situation. Changing the system little by little, so that when they try shit again, the checks and balances that stopped their previous attempts at over taking the government no longer work
2016 really was the most important election of our lifetimes smh
what the fuck is the point of voting when a couple of living corpses can just tear everything down when they feel like it
anyone else starting to think the Supreme Court isn鈥檛 supreme ?
The US supreme court is not fucking around. This is insane.
In reply to @hollo_point2020
Perhaps, but Democrats' answer to everything is more government. Look how livid they get when we 饾槶饾槳饾槷饾槳饾樀 the power of the federal government:
In reply to @kenklippenstein
Dear Mr. Intercept Reporter The EPA ruling is putting responsibility back at Congress to do their jobs. The separation of church & state actually means the state cannot dictate what religion you follow. Roe is murder, dumbass. The right to keep & bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed
Who needs sharia law, when we have an even more EXTREME , @GOP and their war on not only women but democracy, itself.. #GOPDomesticTerrorists #ZeroCONFIDENCEinSCOTUS
In reply to @kenklippenstein
Supreme Court is an anagram of Rupture Comes. There鈥檚 more rupture to come鈥︷煒
the Supreme Court doing everything they can to drag us back to the 19th fucking century
Just In case you are not quite clear on how bad things got for the past few days due to a Republican, conservative, right wing supreme court majority 馃が
Still can't believe that america hasn't separated religion from government. That was one of the first things Germany did after ww2.
Feels like we're edging closer and closer towards a civil war...
Impeach Earl W...I mean Brett Kavanaugh!
It's kind of comically tragic that the country that always parades itself as "the greatest democracy" has an unelected group of 9 people that can basically dictate any decision that the rest of the branches can and cannot do like a fucking Junta.
This is only the beginning steps of what's to come. They know this, I hope you are paying attention cause sooner or later they gonna come knocking
p jealous the republicans pulled off this sick bullshit
I knew the Democrats would be ineffective in the face of a fascist coup but I gotta say that I really thought theyd put up at least a little bit of a fight when things got this bad. It鈥檚 like they鈥檝e already surrendered and are tying not to upset the new order that is taking hold
I imagine this is what a descent into fascism feels like. If it seems like we鈥檙e losing everything so quickly that we cannot possibly keep up, that鈥檚 the point of the strategy. It will take years to undo all of this mess if the damage can even be undone
what the actual fuck is going on right now
1. Supreme Court sends power to legislature
2. Supreme Court sends power to legislature
3. "separation of church and state" does not mean what you think it does
4. Supreme Court might send power to legislature

Judicial coup where?
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