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Anyone can come & announce to give free petrol and diesel if their politics is self-centred. Such steps will take away rights from our children & prevent the country from becoming self-reliant. It will increase burden on the taxpayers of the country: PM Modi https://t.co/Gb0ox2sW5q

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Cut in corporate tax rate resulted in lesser collections by 1.45 lac crore per year from last 3 years !

Burden on whom? https://t.co/KWKJZKV3yo
Is he speaking to himself ? https://t.co/bk67SVwOw1
Alamgir attended an event where teenage school kids were present. One kid came close to Alamgir & asked in a helpless voice that why some kids are denied edu even after scoring higher than others. Alamgir turned his back & walked away.
Alamgir shouldn't talk about rights of kids. https://t.co/3111FDPdEe
@ANI What is burden on taxpayers is your Govt and your lavish lifestyle. It is clear that he is scared of losing in elections due to his arrogance and misgovernance. He is the middleman of Gautam Adani & other corporates who have billions of Rupees of debt. This man is now scared.
6K annual bribe to farmers.. free food grains for 80cr Bhookit Soshit Nangit... Free doles to women in UP for elections.. Only YOU @NarendraModi can do this because the money is coming from Abbas the Genie? Why should taxpayers bear such nonsense?.. https://t.co/dheEhwpWNt
He can't tolerate others giving welfare schemes to all citizens.

So out of jealously ranting against it .

He wants to give only to certain category .

Saddist chai https://t.co/dh69wN9rfI
@ANI Same person increasing reservation and talking about self reliant ??? giving free scholarship to everyone except general category and talking about burden on taxpayer..??
@ANI फिर जब पेट्रोल 60₹/लीटर था.!
तब तुम चड्ढी उतार के काहे नाच रहे थे.??
The man literally has no clue about what all he utters these days.
Hazaro kisam ki subsidies kisano ko dete hai. 80 crore ki free food scheme. Ooper se kuchh bhi bakchodi pel do speech me. Its like he lives in some another Universe.
#RevdiCultureProMax https://t.co/ugLKFHWcuo
Kuch bhi ? https://t.co/4CJBJ2dSpu
Maulanà ran out of freebies ideas. So now worried others are outsmarting him.

He wastes lakhs of crores on freebies but others shud not offer anything

He wants the entire budget spent on SC/ST and Pachumanda, others shud leave country https://t.co/5B8XjIKGL4 https://t.co/4Nfo6iPumf
Kahan hai ye?
Itne form mei kyun hai? https://t.co/nHtknNYYde
@ANI केसीजैन ट्रैवल्स भारत में दूसरी ईस्टइंडिया कंपनी है जनता का सैकड़ों करोड़ लूटलिया इसमे बहुतसे सरकारी कर्मचारी शामिल है कंपनी के खिलाफ SIT गठनकर तत्काल प्रभाव से गिरफ्तारी हो तब तक केलिए मैं अपने घरपर रहकर6.8.22से अन्न त्याग रहाहूं कार्यवाही नहीं होती तो जल्द ही जल भी त्याग करुगा https://t.co/nSRcP5lYtW
Only Sirji can give 6k/ year, free residential coaching to thookiyas, free ration to 80 cr bhookha nanga but other can't give petrol to same bhookha nanga! https://t.co/3Atyj9Cq3B
Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Anna Yojana has been going on for 2.5 years now and is in currently its sixth phase. Talk about freebies budhau.

Reservations at all time high, yeah you’re the one to talk about rights of children while you’re snatching rights of even the unborn. https://t.co/gxFhqZNwx3
Rift between Modi and Yogi? https://t.co/P8YvbpBX0s https://t.co/UG1DTnwouJ
While i give freebies based on caste census data to take revenge of your purvajo ka paap. https://t.co/cwqoTsd7zF https://t.co/csOUMVC7az
@ANI For honest confession https://t.co/LZpXrYAKD7
@ANI Phirhanare Revriwal ki politics kakya hoga? Unke paas to iske siva kuch hai hi nahi.
@ANI Free power to UP farmers for 5 years if BJP wins: Amit Shah

Yeh kya tha ?
Himself gives free ration to 80 crore people just to win elections (good step during lockdown, worst step now) https://t.co/I6BEOkIosB
will take away the rights of our children .......how much rights do the children of this country have ?what is there for the children in govt of India? kaka u r increasing tax on Ice cream from 5% to 18% and you talk of self reliant......why isn't govt self reliant . https://t.co/2MgcLFVh0j
@ANI Bro, this whole culture is patronized by your state govt's too. Look what's happening in Uttarakhand and Karnataka. At least practice what you preach. Minority affairs ministry was the best performing ministry under your rule. That's not revdi culture??
Anyone can come & announce to give MSP and roll back farm laws if their politics is self-centred. Such steps will take away rights from our children & prevent the country from becoming self-reliant. It will increase burden on the taxpayers of the country https://t.co/qI00LwlGjI
@ANI Ab Kejriwal aur royega ???
Fiscal Prudence trumps everything and leads to sustainable development and long lasting economic stability.
Unless absolutely necessary for basic needs, subsidies and freebies should be avoided. https://t.co/I77z6mIDCg
Revdishwar ji is very critical on himself...

?? https://t.co/N42JSo2CAN
@ANI What narendrmodi saying and what yogi Adityanath ? https://t.co/KYoew2AJ8p
@ANI Abbe you just added more gst surcharges repo rate. Irony dead ??
@ANI Modi ji giving idea to Revriwal. ????
You BJP people don't even give free, don't reduce prices and tax upon the middle class. If you don't know or can't handle the situation, please step down https://t.co/lBwml5dYkb
You offered freebies to SC ST Minority only for 8 years

You are jealous because he is offering freebies to General Category https://t.co/Z9xCw9CU4f
Anyone can come and raise prices of petrol and diesel to benefit his crony friends while keeping public poor and denying their children free education and healthcare. Such steps take away rights of children prevent the country from becoming educated,skilled, and superpower. https://t.co/p5cH8DEuWG
Nenu cheste samsaram vere vadu cheste dash...adanamata modi thatha logic...ni time over vellipo inka...take rest in some bungalow https://t.co/GF3KjV3geV
*** ಎಫೆಕ್ಟಿಗೆ, ಬ್ಯಾಗ್ರೌಂಡಲ್ಲಿ ಶಂಖ ಜಾಗಟೆ ಗಳಗಂಟೇ ಸೌಂಡ್ ಫುಲ್ ಮ್ಯಾಕ್ಸ್ ವಾಲ್ಯೂಮಲ್ಲಿ ಇಮ್ಯಾಜಿನ್ ಮಾಡಿಕೊಳ್ಳಿ*** https://t.co/NgY3u2k0yV
what about writing off loans of your friends? doesn’t increase burden on taxpayers? liar modi. https://t.co/uyAUbkzVjG
लगता है कि केजरीवाल ने साहेब और साहेब के दोस्तों की सुलगा दी है। सब छटपटा रहे हैं। https://t.co/JxsE7E60xU
@ANI Giving crores of freebies and subsidies to Mxlïms does not burden the taxpayers money Saar??

Giving free food, medical aid and furl to Afghanistan and SL does not burden taxpayers money Saar??
@ANI Then why free- fund ka food to 80 crore Indians ??
Iss puri baat mein koi sense nahi hai. https://t.co/RLv21uMlWQ
Free UPSC training jo dete hai Vishesh Varg ko uska kya? https://t.co/Cn8Ec8dEdY
sly on Revdiwal... https://t.co/mn4Om4UF9p
Aur aap jo khud MCom ke bachcho ko IAS preparation k liye scholarship dete hain, ya fir unke ladkio ki shaadi pe free ka 51k rupees dete hain, ya fir gareebon k kalyan k naam pe hum middle class pe tax burden badhate hain unka kya? Koi jawaab hai Yashasvi Mahamanav ji? https://t.co/gjefJECZmd https://t.co/y2zP7Bh3k6
Divala / Vulta our Bharat/India with Free by political patties. https://t.co/NRvUAQ3ahD
अरविन्द केजरीवाल की राजनीति सही दिशा में काम कर रही है.... 56 इंच की हालत देखो ? https://t.co/JzD2vnpAi7
Mr. PM @narendramodi ji, stop lecturing plz!!
Why is @BSBommai giving 75 free units of #electricity to only SC families in #Karnataka ??
Isn't that #freebie ? Will that help country from becoming self-reliant?
Today @myogiadityanath announced free bus travel for 60+ age women. https://t.co/dag9umrEKC
@ANI 2022 me sab ko ghar de rhe the fekuendra damodardas modi jee????usi ghar m tirangaaa lagao sab log
Modi is worried by seeing someone playing the same game at his place that Modi is playing throughout the country... https://t.co/PbCkOtkKFD
@ANI Is he taking about his own promises of giving petrol at 40rs???
@ANI ???? see this ??
As if now tax payers are living without burden ??‍♀️ https://t.co/DSudqhBrIE
@ANI Le kejrudddin ??? https://t.co/mlgYzIVaaM
Mvdiji complaining about freebies after unchecked affirmative action and announcing billions in subsidies. https://t.co/Xx75CoIrNP https://t.co/ZIGN6CeHxT
@ANI koi iska matlab samjhao bey...
Sir @narendramodi : Giving money to Muslim girls to marry, giving free coaching religion-wise, free electricity caste-wise, giving scholarships based on religion, etc. aren't burden on taxpayers? https://t.co/j1UxcNxeiY
Utna dimaag hota yaha ki janta pe to aapko thodi na PM -
Nvm https://t.co/xWXY4DfRVs
देर आये पर दुरुस्त आए । https://t.co/SBWrUBOCSw
@ANI It's non other than Revadiwal https://t.co/oKBY2yTXVf
Clear rift ? https://t.co/3ZLpH5i2GN https://t.co/rDBhjH43dw
You did nothing for middle class and poor people, you announce only jumlas,
See the rate of daily use items, petrol, oil , gas cylinder etc. https://t.co/dOUbyhLtzA
Ye bato jo ye corruption chal raha hai aur tum netao ko free mai sb kuch mil raha hai , loan wave hou rahe hai dosto ke ussey desh aagey badega?
Enko dard hai janta ko sukhi dekhne se ye chahtey hai janta lachar anpadh rahe taki ye hindu muslim kr ke bina kaam kiye satta ka sukh https://t.co/dOUbyhLtzA
With MPs getting 55k units of electricity and many freebies funded by tax payers money ??? https://t.co/BLdRF1av2U
What about amenities given to legislatures and bureaucrats? What about crores of bank loans that are given and forgotten to big businessmen? #AamAadmi k liye sare rules and morales hai bus. https://t.co/GFjMhENOXu
Mr Prime Minister you are losing it .

I hope you will gain all of what you have lost if you go maun ...

What you say and what the actions are ..are totally n diametrically opposites ... https://t.co/eEjVMjSHWo
Giving free to people is self centered.

Giving lakhs of crores loan relief to rich is development.

Will India accept this? https://t.co/0DuEpJQo1M
25+ M only exclusive schemes launched by you at the cost of own people https://t.co/Z9xCw9liFF
@ANI Someone came in 2014 and promised 15lac/ac .
2 crore jobs/year.
100 smart cities/5yr
House for all by 2022.

People voted him not once but twice.

@narendramodi ji, what should we call that politician?
It sounds like some people had shown dreams to citizens in 2014 that if particular party is elected to power then #Petrol will come at Rs.30 per litre. But janta got fooled and is now paying Rs.100 plus per litre.
#PetrolDieselPrice https://t.co/mxARHQa3L1
@ANI Revdilal is in the line of fire ?
@ANI https://t.co/GPZU3dQipF
ye kya h
@ANI साँप खुद पाल रहे हैं घर में और ज्ञान दूसरों को?? https://t.co/LgPuTWEcZ7
@ANI ICC T20I batting rankings:

1. ?? Babar Azam
2. ?? Surya Kumar Yadav
3. ?? Mohammad Rizwan

#Cricket https://t.co/qtWISTUQrW
@ANI I oppose freebies given by Kejriwal but Centre should also reduce the free ration given in UP as farmers there stopped doing farming bcoz they are getting it for free ?... Sad but truth, BJP needs to solve this . Many lands during this season were without no crop this season ?
@ANI Modiji aap GST lgao. Freebies pe dhyan mat do
@ANI Toh aap petrol diesel ke dam kam karo na moiji phir koi announcement karega hi nahi aisi
@ANI Buying mla is not burden ???
Bhag bsdk
@ANI If someone come & announce to give free cylinder, free electricity bill... then @narendramodi ??? https://t.co/5gmjpy7wKF
@ANI Except education , health sectors and food to the poor and disabled , nothing should be free .
Whether AAP / BJP / congress , every one needs to stop freebies .
It is like , I will enjoy everything for free but my child and grandchild has to pay for it ( tax ) .
It appears the BJP is rattled by AAP's free revdi campaign in Gujarat. https://t.co/92PQEXdCYI
Just spend 8cr on an episode of Mankibaat.
#ModiMustAnswer https://t.co/gK9WenUaO2
@ANI Free babies culture is very dangerous no matter the developing country. If you want to help, do it in education and health, those people who aren't
able to afford.
@ANI साहब एक आप है कि आप तो युवाओं का रोजगार ही छीन रखा है। और लोग कम से कम कुछ तो दे रहा है। न
@ANI अगर उनकी राजनीति आत्मकेंद्रित है तो कोई भी आकर मुफ्त पेट्रोल-डीजल देने की घोषणा कर सकता है। इस तरह के कदम हमारे बच्चों से अधिकार छीन लेंगे और देश को आत्मनिर्भर बनने से रोकेंगे। इससे देश के करदाताओं पर बढ़ेगा बोझ: पीएम मोदी
@ANI Children logon ko bhi self reliant banana hai Saar ?
Thank you for saying this, Modiji.

Tax payers will not fund these freebies. Not any more. https://t.co/ZA2k1ULAkJ
@ANI Hmm https://t.co/qyriOEhs91
@ANI What about the businessmen who flew India after looting 1000s of crores? @PMOIndia
@ANI Writing off loans is a master step to reduce the burden of the corporates! It smacks corruption @narendramodi
@ANI But of course! It should just be handed over to #Adani & #Ambani. No #Revadi in this at all ??
@ANI Every single public servant must immediately shed their freebies. They should start paying income tax & pay their bills from their own wallets. Pay toll taxes & at every restaurant & hotel. Netas must talk the walk. Jai Hind.
मोदी जी कह रहे हैं कि वो टैक्स और बढ़ा देंगे।
(कार्पोरेट टैक्स नहीं) https://t.co/dIQkGZVGT6
Kaka phaste hi jaa rahe hai,,,,, https://t.co/w6OZZWR1x3
You take it as a burden, we take it as social security, we are not the same @narendramodi bro ?? We are not asking to make petrol, diesel free, but basic amenities like quality education, healthcare, electricity, water etc can be made free and Delhi and Punjab have shown it. https://t.co/B6QpOTxWde
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