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Absolutely disgusted to receive this in an email from my son’s school after he had a couple of days off sick

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In reply to @ProjectCoup__
GLANDULAR FEVER? When I was a teenager my friend Leili, 17, no underlying health problems, got glandular fever in the middle of summer and died from sepsis and renal failure less than 72 hours later.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
Many people only go to work when sick because they don't get paid, not for their own welfare. Disgrace that we indoctrinate our children with the notion that the system is more important than their health.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
Yeah they love that shit. I got in deep shit for not coming in after having a seizure when I was in Year 7. “It’s over now though right?” were the words said over the phone to my mum.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
As a doctor, the school is completely wrong on many of these. Glandular fever in particular is contagious, debilitating and can be highly dangerous to play sports. Continuing normal activities can lead to a prolongation of the infection or more severely a post-viral fatigue.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
And also they’re not an adult they are a kid. If they feel miserable they get to stay home, even in situations where us adults would have to go to work. It’s not the same at all.
Pretty sure anyone in this district whose kid comes home with Head lice has the right to punch the superintendent right in the fccking dick.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
Not sending kids to school when they are emitting fluids, in severe pain, or actively contagious is just good practice
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
When a person is sick they need to take time to recover. That is the medical advice from this qualified doctor.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
This needs a legal challenge. Schools have no powers (AFAIK) to dictate to parents what constitutes valid or invalid health reasons for absence. Tell the school to FO and inform them that future emails of this nature will be regarded as harassment and reported to the police.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
A school that sends a note like that isn’t particularly demonstrating that it wants to have a good relationship with families! I’ve never known tonsillitis without a temperature ( son had it 15 times in a year) therefore NHS would disagree with the schools advice. pic.twitter.com/Vp8d1sOvxd
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
This stinks! All of those are highly transmissible and even for things like tinea, coldsores and head lice, schools might need to take mitigation measures or contact tracing. A complete abandonment of sense in favour of presenteeism.
Schools don’t give a damn about immunocompromised and disabled children by encouraging parents to send their kids to school sick.
Making a kid go to school with a headache is cruel. Also, the instruction to send kids with viruses to school after the pandemic we've been going through is 🙃
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
If your child has head lice, you should 100% make sure they give everyone on the admin team there a good long hug with extra head to head contact.
Never forget that your child is a future productive economic unit.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
Schools have a duty of care to pupils and staff. I'd be tempted to write them a letter threatening legal action if they don't put precautions in place to mitigate the risks of Covid.
i will be homeschooling because y’all got me fucked up

What is wrong with these people.
these schools are getting a little too comfy with sending sick kids to school
Glandular fever is possibly one of the worst things I remember as a kid.

This school is a disgrace.
we really did learn a lot about disease and contagion and considerate hygiene measures from COVID didn't we? I would not go to work with Glandular Fever or Tonsillitis and if you have a cough and cold, stay the hell away from me.
“If that lil nigga ain’t dying send his ass to school and even if he is still send him”
they truly dont care abt their students considering it says take ur kid to school even if they have a cold or lice, and it’s incredibly irresponsible considering covid is still around and prominent. covid to me felt like a cold, this is so gross
Head Lice?! Sore throat, cough and headache together?

Is this a joke?
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
Yeah, I would like for my co-workers to bring lice to work.
I say this with love but, British people, this isn't normal in other countries. You're being conned. Kids are allowed to stay home.
yep forcing children to go to school with glandular fever is definitely not going to have any serious long term health impacts jesus christ this is so sick
obviously this is incredibly cruel to the students but it’s also just too fucking weird to want to share an enclosed space with all those infectious pathogens. there’s no way the person who wrote that actually works in the fucking building they want more lice brought into
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
Glandular fever? My son had that when he was 19. He couldn't get out of bed for 2 weeks because he was so ill. He could barely sip water FGS. Tonsilitis - husband really ill when his turned into quinsy. These people need to understand accept parents will be the ones to decide.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
Tonsillitis was hell and I’ve had it three times. Colds can also be horrendous. I’d rather a kid was off and not spreading it around. Schools are obsessed with attendance these days because targets.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
The school’s list is medically dubious too - just check out NHS website info on Glandular Fever - similar nonsense from the school re colds, tonsillitis, headaches, sore throats etc pic.twitter.com/DbZgt9E20M
Head lice?!?!?! This has to be a prank
PLEASE keep your kids home if they're sick!!! Not a single one of them knows how to cover their cough and they WILL spread it to ME! I don't want to be sick anymore!!!
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
Schools prepping kids to be the "ideal worker", conformity to capitalist (and state) exploitation is increasingly the only function of schools (assuming there was ever any other function).
I saw a thread earlier this week about how childrens’ hospitals are packed right now, treating way more kids with non-covid illnesses than usual, and there were lots of good theories as to why but I wonder how much is stuff like this
Do you reckon they send emails like this to parent’s of children at private schools? (I know for a fact they do not). It’s so perverse. School has far less to do with knowledge or personal development and everything to do with maintaining a poor workforce. It’s so depressing.
Wow. Disgrace. I used to get tonsillitis as a child and no way could I have dealt with school whilst in such pain.
Jesus wept, this is grotesque. Yes, if your child has a cold or a cough or glandular fever keep them home and get them better before sending them to mix with other kids. Why are we needlessly spreading infectious disease?
This school just got straight to the point huh? School just being made to turn kids into perfect cogs for the machine, not for enlightenment and learning, building friendships 🥹
That's basically what it's like in Germany. Got a cold, sneezing and snotting all over the place, sore throat and a headache that's killing you? Suck it up. 😬
I feel like the pandemic has actually caused certain people to be even MORE irrational about public health than they were before. People who would have stayed home when they were feeling sick without question now have a complex about it out of fear of being perceived as paranoid.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
Love how they are studiously avoiding mentioning covid one way or the other . Presumably because it is “over”.
Ah yes, teach the kiddos that they're nothing but a number from an early age it seems

Thought schools were bad enough with this shit when I was but a nipper, but christ

Apparently teachers, much like GP receptionists, now regard themselves as doctors
This is called "conditioning for the work force" aka bullshit. This is why so many people work sick when they should not. This is teaching kids at a young age to capitulate to bosses that have zero interest in their well being. THIS IS GARBAGE
So much wrong here; I'm sure the comments captured. Still, apparently worth reiterating:
-children aren't adults
-preparing kids for employer abuse is not OK
-schools shouldn't threaten people with sick kids
-illness loves exacerbating/spreading policies
Because the child is really going to have effective learning while dealing with fevers or swollen painful dysphagic tonsils or live bugs in their hair.🙄

Also... Y'all really sending children to school with live insects on their head???
Holy shit??? First off, lice is RAGINGLY contagious (so are respiratory viruses). Second, how tf do you know that fever is "glandular." Third, colds and headaches can be temporarily debilitating, and you expect a kid with a migraine to, what. Do calculus? FUCK THIS.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
HEAD LICE????!!! SORE THROAT? Once I kept my son home from preschool because he just didn't feel well. Turned out he had picked up chicken pox from his cousins on Thanksgiving. If I had sent him to school his entire class would have had chicken pox for Christmas.
Um.....please keep your head lice infected children HOME🤯
Um, glandular fever and head lice! Really?! 💩🥴😏
Reading the comments in this thread is enough to understand how borked the whole system is - but let me tell you how much more *wild* it is when your kid has mental health issues that incapacitate them.
Why the hell are they telling parents to send kids to school with head lice?
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
i know not everyone can do this - but this is why we homeschooled our 5 kids - crazy notions like this - if you don't "register" them in the "system", the system doesn't even know they are there - the system wants to create "good workers"
oh yeah send your kids to school with head lice. that's super smart. totally
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
Pretty sad commentary when an educational institution sends out a notice with spelling errors. It appears they have their priorities mixed up. That's my polite observation. My rage response would get me removed from this platform.
I’m sorry, but if you’re sending your child to school with glandular fever or tonsillitis (or….LICE?!), I’m inclined to think you don’t care much for your child. What the heck kind of policy is this?!
Schools are so desperate to improve attendance numbers, they will let that kid with lice or mono stay in class and infect everybody else.
why would you want a child with head lice at school??? this is sick
Public schools do not care about the health of children. They care about having them in attendance so they can get more funding.
Schools created this problem be refusing to open enough during COVID. They own it.
Glandular fever is really bad when you have it. I got that in secondary school, was off for weeks, it's no joke
As a parent I read this and the only reasonable reaction is
What. The. Actual. Fuck.
Oh these people do not give a fuck about your children
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
Glandular fever??? My ex was taken to hospital and put on a drip when he had that!
Tweet (also replies!) Endangering kids and here is the justification: "Setting good attendance patterns from the start of the year, will help your children later in life as most employers want to recruit someone who is reliable." Capitalism's needs over the health of children.😠
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
this has the same energy of the letter saying I was truant & suggesting legal involvement when I was twelve after I missed more than 7 days of school after my mom died
These kinds of policies were so harmful to me in school, as an immune compromised individual. My attendance was constantly being monitored and policed and I wasn't allowed to be unwell because, to the school, I was just not trying hard enough. Policies like this are so incredibly
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
bruh I had tonsillitis and I was out of school for a week— I couldn’t stop vomiting and I couldn’t eat anything I can’t imagine being in school during that
I am *begging* my colleagues to stay home if they have head lice.
The first section of this tells who’s really behind it: rich business people who don’t want parents missing work to care for their kids
Cold sores? Live? Athletes foot? Cold or cough?

Like. Schools really do nothing but reinforce capitalism and lack of humanity as a personality trait. Prepping children to go to work as sick adults bc "it's what they've always done"

This planet is absolutely pure hell.
1) children are not adults??
2) adults should be able to take off for more sicknesses too
3) good luck with making children learn when they're in pain, uncomfortable, or hopped up on cold meds
4) humans need to rest to recover
5) fuck you
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
This is all about money. Where I’m at, all the schools have tons of posters about attendance. The schools lose money every-time a child is absent.
They can't tell you now to raise your kids.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
Looking at the spelling of diarrhea, is this a school in the UK, or Canada? I guarantee, in the U.S., if parents either bring themselves to work, or send their kids to school DELIBERATELY with head lice, you'll end up seeing lawsuits.
This is obviously gross and awful but I'm also REALLY curious to know when they start counting the 48h absence for sickness / diarrhoea. I'm betting it's from symptom onset rather than symptom *resolution*
Lol. conditioning the future work force to show up to work regardless of illness at an early age, I see.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
Nah maybe homeschool is the best option these days because my goodness this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen 🤦🏻‍♂️
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
Well, the SCHOOL doesn't have the right to decide whether or not my child's absence is acceptable or not. What an obnoxious and over-stepping letter. And kids should absolutely stay home if they have head lice.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
You as a parent who knows they're child shall determine what is or isn't acceptable when to keep the child home for sickness. Schools do not determine sickness you do.
This is the kind of authoritarian State that New Labour loved so much and the Tories enthusiastically embraced. Our children belong to the State, didn't you know? Parents have no right to do what's best for their child, because that's up to the neo-fascist unelected bureaucrats.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
My daughter had an RTI during her first winter at school and ended up in hospital for 7d with pneumonia and Henoch-Schonlein purpura. These people should sit beside a 4 year-old whose pain can only be controlled by IV morphine and who has to be held up while she passes blood.
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
Wow! I had glandular fever this year at age 32 and the nurse who gave me my blood test results offered to sign me off work for a month!
Let your kid come to school even if they have highly infectious and unpleasant diseases. **** me sideways...
In reply to @ProjectCoup__
I’m not writing this garbage. Someone hacked me. Sorry
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