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A Chinese business consultant in a Ted-style talk justified zero-Covid policy by saying that in 10 years the West will be brought to its knees b/c long-Covid, which will decimate most of its labor force.

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In reply to @YanzhongHuang
It almost doesn’t matter what ten years time looks like. Right now looks bad enough. So many dead. So many families missing someone at the table. So many feeling rotten, and unsure if they will recover. Millions of “vulnerable” worldwide unable to access health and education.
In reply to @StephenMcDonell
Meanwhile nationalists in #China have convinced themselves that their country has a monopoly on wisdom re the correct handling of #Covid. They’re often going on about “the West” and its opening up but actually its the whole world apart from China which has abandoned Zero Covid
#China’s elite believes in the #CCP’s ludicrous propaganda, or at least must support this nonsense in public. #COVID19
Long COVID is a you problem.

It's a you problem if you get LC.
It's a you problem if your workers get LC.
It's a you problem if the economy goes sideways bc of workers shortages due to LC.

Long COVID is everyone's problem and the only way to stop it is to prevent COVID (again).
I am so worried that China is correct here:
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
When you start to drink your own kool-aid and believe your own lies, you know it’s the beginning of the end
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
We all know this. They are protecting their population and their economic future. We are not.
Anyone who is barely scientifically literate knows this about Long Covid btw.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
Yes that is the point. We (worldwide) knew from SARS-1 there were likely to be devastating long term health consequences.
Hacia una Europa llena de inválidos por reinfecciones de covid dentro de pocos años. Secuelas de infartos e ictus, inmunodeficiencias, infecciones extrañas, cáncer, demencias...
Mutta kuuleeko länsi varoituksia? Ei, pitää kantapään kautta kokea meillä ensin, miten Long Covid repii yhteiskunnan jaksajat hajalle, ja sairaiden määrä vain kasvaa. Kunnes jonain päivänä tajuamme kuinka helppoa on ilmahygienia ja toimiva TJE.
Tja- die Chinesen reiben sich wirtschaftlich schon die Hände ob der westlichen Durchseuchungs-Dummheit
I think about the possibility of this a lot. It’s also not only the West. It is basically everybody aside from China. This past weekend I was at a mall - indoors, crowded - and very every 8th person or so was unmasked. Some whole families unmasked - carrying babies.
Ganz abgesehen davon, dass China durch seine Politik bereits in den letzten 3 Jahren einen gewaltigen Vorsprung gegenüber dem Westen herausgearbeitet hat, ich vermute er hat Recht.

COVID-19 vermindert körperliche und geistige Leistungsfähigkeit. Das summiert sich auf.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
This guy’s degree clearly not in epidemiology…
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
Covid is not killing the labor force, but those over 65 who are deemed as burden on social security system. In a decade, West will likely to have more government revenue while China would still be thinking about how to protect its elders.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
I live in U.S. and am appalled at my country's unrealistic and unsafe Covid policies and practices. People here are acting as if the pandemic is over, spreading Covid again and again. Is this talk available with English captions or transcript? Thank you.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
He's right. Every Australian politician who doesn't see that is manifestly unfit for office, and harming us all #springst #auspol
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
🇨🇳 obsession with “defeating” the west betrays how they view international relations 🇨🇳 condemnation of western “Cold War” mentality are deliberate hypocritical communication measures With Xi’s public treatment of Hu, “hide and bide” is over, factions are gone, gloves are off
unless covid is designed to achieve that😂
so is it?
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
Interesting how our short term thinking and desire for immediate financial benefit could cause our demise.
This seems depressingly correct
my (manual) transcription and translation of the monologue in the video.

the title says:


which means:

if the pandemic lasts another ten years, the whole world will have been beaten. pic.twitter.com/xOTyf0TIfA
"Jako prostí spotřebitelé a občané nemáme co mluvit do politiky, nevidíme do toho, nejsme tak chytří jako vedení... Když udržíme dynamickou nulu 10 let, nebudeme ani muset bojovat, jak budou oslabení!"
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
It’s that, or it’ll be from the crippling inequality and crushing poverty caused by the totalitarian end-stage capitalist system, beloved by the Western corporate oligarchy.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
If you were wondering why China was still enacting a zero covid policy, here's your answer. If it was truly a cold as the deniers state, then China would have opened up. But hey, the west and it's need to be normal will be it's downfall.
Très certainement très exagéré mais on ferait bien de se préoccuper un peu plus du problème quand même.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
Thinking about how estimated 85-90% of all possible future recruits for the all-mighty U.S. military have been infected at least once, many multiple, and no plans to stop infecting them.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
English translation by the amazing @mrzphd using AI. Very interested to hear from Chinese speakers if accurate:
China seems to be using a new line to justify harsh restrictions for zero covid policy. Long covid is problematic but it hasn’t done this in US or EU or Australia.
It’s inevitable that covid will spread widely in China. Likely this winter with omicron. What will China say then?
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
As far as I know, China's covid vaccine is less effective than Western ones and many older Chinese are not vaccinated. Were the virus to escape there would be a massacre.
Not only is this very much true, it’s also completely obvious to every person who isn’t a neoliberal eugenicist.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
Hard to argue. The collapse in North America has already started. It won't take 10 years. It might happen within 5 years.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
if you read people’s responses, you should seriously consider the possibility that he is right.
Who knows? There is increasing empirical evidence pointing to long covid. No government knows how to deal with it effectively.

That said, the single most silly thing to do is to turn this into a political circus of China v West....
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
Let’s see where are his assets n family members
Zero-Covid policy seems dictated by genuine beliefs (right or wrong I don't know) that Covid is incredibly nasty on the long term, so everything has to be done to make sure people don't catch it.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
It will literally decimate us - 10-15% long term disability, at least.
If we continue on this path, it might not take 10 years.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
Ok. So both sides will have no laborers by then. Thanks to Covid and the one child policy
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
They're finally saying it out loud. Western Govts-Do we pull out now, or carry on our mindless thrusting into the warm apple pie of maskless normality? Do we stop and take a cool drink, and stop chasing the mirage of guaranteed re-election by minimising Covid. Namaste
What will happen in 10 years, and based on what evidence?
I do the same when I predict events 10 years out: I chop the air aggressively and repeatedly, only intersected with a few big arm moves. It somehow makes pure speculation sound like well-founded conclusions with which nobody can seriously disagree….
🔴🔴🔴And all is said and done...
West will be brought to its knees bc of #LongCovid
WWR: 'Australische senaat onderzoekt LongCovid.

En een Chinese consultant rechtvaardigt hier (video) het Chinese #ZeroCovid beleid door te zeggen..

dat het Westen over 10 jaar op de knieën zal worden gebracht door #LongCovid..'

Qué os parece?

Sigo defendiendo filtrar el aire.
Ppl are either really thoughtful and concerned about long COVID or q*non level 'aha! So it is a lab leak virus' in the qts.
There is valid reason to be concerned about this.
I wish more in the US were.
Truth. Please be kind to us that survive this.
Long covid is vaccine damage. Labor force decimation is unconventional warfare, combined with biological warfare.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
2.3 million in the UK with long covid.
Interesting how our short term thinking and desire for immediate financial benefit could cause our demise.
The capitalists here know this, that's why they're going so hard on saying China's zero-Covid policy is bad. They want to bring the Chinese people down with the rest of us.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
Making Chinese citizens even more afraid than they already are for this highly deadly Covid (1.06%) died so far, the last year it is likely more around 0.2%.
The information asymmetry between ruler (singular) and ruled in the PRC right now means that this goof may actually believe it. Meanwhile, don’t mention the very literal sino-decimator that is demographic decline 🫡
One explanation that justifies the immense cost of zero covid in 🇨🇳, which believe what you will is a huge and interesting gamble from the CCP
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
It all comes down to short term vs long term freedom.
Die harte Wahrheit... #LongCovid wird uns noch sehr teuer zu stehen kommen!
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
More nationalist hubris as the world opens up and moves on.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
Not only will it not happen as he suggests, nearly all of them will end up infected as well.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
Another smoking gun. Covid Wuhan made from 🇨🇳for the world.
This! He is absolutely correct, especially if you project the damage long COVID will have on our workforce so long as the West continues to let it rip.
In reply to @DrCWerner
Ja, ich finde das hier ziemlich treffend. twitter.com/YanzhongHuang/…
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
The propaganda is heavy with this one.
In reply to @PeterHellinger
Und derweil sitzt China ungeduldig in den Startlöchern und wartet, bis die arrogante westliche Welt durch eigenen Hochmut zugrunde gerichtet im Mittelalter versinkt und China die Weltherrschaft überlassen muss… #MassDisablingIdiocy twitter.com/yanzhonghuang/…
”in 10 years the West will be brought to its knees b/c long-Covid, which will decimate most of its labor force.”

Why doesn’t China also let it’s population be weakened by airborne human immunodeficiency virus? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Ha det gott,

- 乖乖里地洞,动态清零10年中国就是世界老大了。真是没有最蠢,只有更蠢!🤣🤣🤣
It will probably even be sooner than 10 years. There are already worker shortages. #LongCovid maiming our children. Albanese's shameful, totally preventable, legacy. #auspol #springst #CovidIsNotOver
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
I don't think it will take ten years. Closer to five, in my opinion.
Dit, Mark Rutte en je hele stupide clubje. Met je 'intelligente lockdowns' en je 'muurtje rond kwetsbaren'. De VVD die de eigen economie verwoest. Ergens is het nog grappig ook.
In reply to @Heed_AV8B
Yes, some of them are embarrassed, but the ones that aren't will cling to this for decades. The referenced "business consultant" in the QT is now "their side" and includes #AB2098 architects like @DrPanMD. Read the bill and you'll see the irony. twitter.com/YanzhongHuang/…
We will have to contend with the consequences of this fascist governments policy of actively encouraging mass disabling and death, for decades to come.

Life expectancies will drop sharply in the next few years and millions will continue to needlessly suffer and die prematurely.
It won't take 10 years
Already 1 in 30 people in the UK have #LongCovid after just 2 years
Pfffft. Like there's going to be a planet in ten years.
I KEEP saying this. By the time the results are evident, our economy will be so far down the toilet there'll be no coming back from it.
Consultante de China: Occidente caerá de rodillas por el Long COVID que dejará diezmada su fuerza laboral.
Consultante de Occidente: La pandemia terminó, lavate las manos y toma 1 refuerzo anual. Si te dicen que hay enfermos crónicos echale la culpa a los encierros y las vacunas.
Jestli se něčeho bojím, tak tohodle scénáře.
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
Definitely satire if you're not blind
In reply to @YanzhongHuang
he has a point. meanwhile western mainstream media just keeps pushing sinophobia, it honestly feels like projection from so they can justify what they are doing is right and what China is doing is always wrong. we will see though. Covid cases around my area has risen dramatically
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