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Meet Brittney Griner & Marine Paul Whelan.
Both Americans.
Both were convicted in Russian courts on dubious charges.
Both serving multi-year sentences in Russian prison.
Brittney hates America
Paul served America

Guess which one Biden traded a terrorist to free?

Semper fi Paul
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Save the America hater, abandon the Marine.
In reply to @bennyjohnson
What was Trumps effort to get them free? I remember when he freed the Taliban leader who then overthrew the afghan govt, but I don't remember him successfully trading for Whelan who was in prison under his term. Thoughts?
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Griner was not charged on dubious evidence. She pled guilty. She should be rotting in jail instead of the Marine who served his country.
In reply to @bennyjohnson
While it鈥檚 obvious to every thinking American that the Brittney Griner deal is horrendous, here鈥檚 the proof even the Biden Administration KNOWS it is鈥 If they thought it was a good deal they would have done it BEFORE the midterms & not right after the Georgia runoff election.馃槨
In reply to @bennyjohnson
You do realize Whelan was kicked out of Marines & court-martialed. He was convicted of Espionage by Russia & they refused to negotiate his release. It was Griner or nothing. We need to arrest an actual RU spy that Putin would want back to get his release. Easier said than done
Brittney is an NCAA champion & All-American athlete who embodies the American success story.
Paul was thrown out of the Marines for trying to steal money using a fake social security number.
But for them a white man in uniform is always the hero & a Black woman is always suspect.
Lmaoooooooo. This comparison is horrendous. One got sentenced for weed the other was sentenced for Espionage鈥. Which do you think is going to be easier to get out?馃ジ

Also Trump was president in 2018鈥 why didn鈥檛 he get Whelan out? 馃ジ
In reply to @bennyjohnson
ORRRRR... They tried to get both and Russia said no so they took what they could get. Brittney is an American and we should be happy she is coming home. No one deserves to locked up for weed
In reply to @bennyjohnson
lol paul served America until he was thrown out of the Marines for trying to steal from the country he served, but you're not going to tell them that, are you? pic.twitter.com/Z75BkS9TsD
In reply to @bennyjohnson
A: Trump had two years to get Whelan out and he failed. Naturally you are silent on that. B.Paul Whelan was dishonorably discharged from the Marines. C:For Biden it was not a chose of one or the other. It was either one or none. D:The Whelan family congratulates Griner family
In reply to @bennyjohnson
#PaulWhelan was arrested on more serious charges than Griner in January 2018. Why didn鈥檛 your messiah Trump get him out? Whelan was DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED for larceny. But you know that. Stop using the Marines for cheap political points. You insult the corps, disgusting traitor.
So, Biden unleashes the "Merchant of Death" on the world once again to gain the freedom of a basketball player who knowingly broke the law while a "US. Marine" on false charges, still sits in jail in Russia. Disgraceful
#PaulWhelan #Veterans
It鈥檚 hard to not see how farcical& shameful this is. Not to mention Marc Fogel, who nobody does. This is pure PR, &Griner will ***t on the US again before you can blink.
In reply to @bennyjohnson
WARNING: THE FOLLOWING WILL INFORM YOU. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE INFORMED PLEASE MOVE ON: Paul Whelan was imprisoned in Russia during the TRUMP Administration. Its an espionage case, understandably complicated, and if u want 2 use the term "abandoned"...careful. #fridaymorning
While it鈥檚 obvious to every thinking American that the Brittney Griner deal is horrendous, here鈥檚 the proof even the Biden Administration KNOWS it is鈥

If they thought it was a good deal they would have done it BEFORE the midterms & not right after the Georgia runoff election.馃槨
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Paul Whalen has been in Russian prison for almost 4 years. Biden has not been president for 4 years. Why didn鈥檛 the former guy free him during his tenure? After all, Putin wouldn鈥檛 DARE stepping against Trump, right?
Paul Whelan had four passports. He was definitely a spy and he is exactly where he belongs!
Biden chose the one who was arrested for assault, tried to annul her marriage after finding out her partner was pregnant, and hates the national anthem.

While Russia gets the 鈥楳erchant of Death鈥, an arms dealer known as 鈥榦ne of the most dangerous men on the face of the earth鈥欚煈
Paul Whelan was arrested in Russia as retribution for capturing Maria Butina, an actual spy.

Donald Trump *COULD* have traded her for Whelan, *BUT INSTEAD* deported her back to Russia free of charge.

Why weren鈥檛 you concerned back then? But only suddenly now w/ Brittney Griner?
In reply to @bennyjohnson
To those insisting trump would have brought Paul Whelan home, explain to me why trump didn't bring Paul Whelan home.
In reply to @bennyjohnson
I can't hit the Love icon for that awful news, but I am retweeting.
Paul Whelan was jailed by the Russians in 2018.

Who was president in 2018 again?
In reply to @bennyjohnson
The charges against Griner weren't dubious!
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Personally haven鈥檛 formed an opinion, but don鈥檛 cherry pick facts. Also include the fact that court-martial records show PW received a bad-conduct discharge from the Marines in 鈥08 after being found guilty of bouncing checks and attempting to steal $10,000 during a tour in Iraq.
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Where do you get this crap? Maybe Brittney hates the fascist/MAGA America you come from - but you hate the diverse America she comes from.
In reply to @bennyjohnson
What about retired U.S. Marine Paul Whelan? Should we abandon him, who sacrificed so much for this country? Shouldn't we appreciate our VETS? VETERANS! You're the best馃憦Thanking y'all for ur service & ur sacrifice! #FATHER #YHVH-NISSI set him free IJCN!馃檹馃晩锔
In reply to @bennyjohnson
DISGUSTING & UNACCEPTABLE鈥 馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Dubious charges? Griner broke the law.
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Paul was convicted of multiple counts of larceny, dereliction of duty, identity fraud, false statements, and check fraud and discharged by the Marine Corps for Conduct and...get this...court-martialed.
In reply to @bennyjohnson
If it was a little earlier, she could have been Time magazine鈥檚 person of the year! I鈥檓 sure they鈥檙e considering an addendum.
In reply to @bennyjohnson
What a ridiculous take on this! Putin didn't tell Biden to pick a hostage & Biden said "Gimme the ball player" Our State Dept worked with what precious few options were given us by a madman in Moscow. Wanna be outraged? Send your anger towards the kidnappers, not the rescuers.
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Trump brought home Otto Warmbier's corpse from North Korea. He defended Kim Jong Un over the death of Otto Warmbier. Biden brought home US Marine Trevor Reed and Brittney Griner alive. Stop criticizing and deflecting. It's so totally narcissistic.
In reply to @FactChe37846554
If you don鈥檛 like that, you鈥檙e really not going to like this
I don鈥檛 know who still needs to hear this, but Paul Whelan is a spy who was arrested for engaging in espionage, not some scapegoat. You can tell because of the whole thing where he was arrested carrying multiple passports, several USB drives, and something like $70k in cash.
Brittney Griner e Marine Paul Whelan.
Entrambi americani.
Entrambi sono stati condannati nei tribunali russi e scontano pene detentive nelle prigioni russe
Brittney odia l'America
Paul ha servito l'America
Indovina quale Biden ha scambiato con un terrorista per liberarti?
El marxismo rinde culto al maligno..,
In reply to @bennyjohnson
"Mr. Whelan is not a retired Marine. He was court-martialed in 2008 for attempted larceny, false statements, dereliction of duty, and other offenses and received a bad conduct discharge from the Marine Corps." ~ Moe Davis, (U. S. Air Force, Retired) ~
In reply to @bennyjohnson
I don鈥檛 know about Whelan but Griner was not arrested on dubious charges.
In reply to @bennyjohnson
If the Whealen family has this gracious response who are we to judge the President? Love ppl playing Monday morning QB about everything. twitter.com/NickKalmanFN/s鈥
We鈥檒l trade the entire Biden administration for Marine Paul Whelan. #BringHomePaulWhelan #BidenWorstPresidentInHistory
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Liars like you hate and dishonor America. You have no relationship with the truth. You would be happier working for Putin, if you aren't already.
This is aweful that Griner was sneaking drugs into Russia !
Can we trade her back for the Marine? At least he can make a shot.
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Whelan, who was taken in 2018 while trump was in charge, was dishonorably discharged for stealing from the Marines. Biden continues to work for his release. trump got nothing,
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Paul Whelan is no choir boy! He received a Marine "Bad Conduct Discharge" in 2008. Court Martialed - found guilty of attempted larceny, dereliction of duty 3 times, making a false official statement, social security number fraud & writing 10 bad checks. His appeal was denied.
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Maybe we could trade Mr Biden for Paul
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Paul Whelan was convicted by court martial and drummed out of the Marine Corp with a bad conduct discharge. Funny how that part isn't being told.
.@espn stop glorifying brittney and point out the truth
Not a single straight Black Person in America gives a shit about Griner. Just old infertile Lesbians Care about that guy.
That鈥檚 because lying Biden is a trader!
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Here we go again. Before we paint him as a perfect example of a marine.....his record does not reflect that. I would still try to get him back but if the other side said no and threatened getting no one then I would make the deal I could make. That is what happened.
Happy that an American is coming home, but we all can see through this political capital grab from @POTUS. It's unacceptable. #BidenWorstPresidentInHistory
Makes me sick to my stomach!!! Not shocking though鈥 #CriminalBiden is in deep doodoo with his family鈥 he has to find something outrageous for the world to forget about his own crimes for a bit!
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Where was successful release negotiations for Whelan in 2018? 2019? 2020? Hypocrite
In reply to @bennyjohnson
And she was traded for a Russian arms dealer who came to the US to kill Americans. If you support this, you鈥檙e the problem鈥
Biden is a disgrace
In reply to @bennyjohnson
You're forgetting Marc Fogel a 61 y.o teacher serving 14 years in a prison camp
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Stop it!!!! Pot charges, vs espionage charges..you know Russia is the only one that actually has the say!!! President Biden has not and will not forget Paul Whelan.
He was throwed out the military for being a criminal.
America is finished as a 鈥淯nited States鈥.

This is ridiculous. Beyond the pale.
So they're letting this un-American POS come home instead of a hero.

@JoeBiden your true colors shine bright! 馃枙

#BrittneyGriner 馃挬
#BidensAmerica #BidenDeliversAGAIN
#brunson 馃
Go rescue him yourself lol
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Liberalism dictates the Biden regime.
Biden tried to get both as a 2-for-1 deal. The last presidential administration tried to bring him home too, don't act like they didn't also fail this Marine. Bringing one American home is better than none. Stop making it about status. At least a Marine is well trained for this.
everybody know white men can鈥檛 jump
She is black and the dems want their vote...cased closed.Its a disgrace that he is still there!!! Putin should let him go out of decensy knowing he is being held unfairly.I feel sorry for Putin for he will go before God for millions of murders!!! pic.twitter.com/ZboERzl5Jz
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Why aren't you celebrating the release?
In reply to @bennyjohnson
Actually, the Biden Administration is working to free Whelan. David Whelan says he's 鈥渃onfident President Biden cares and his team is making an effort" to free his brother.
In reply to @bennyjohnson
In reply to @bennyjohnson
And people still voted for the Democrats? What now Republicans????
In reply to @bennyjohnson
You're a clown. Whelan's brother agrees with the deal, knowing - as you do - it was easier to make and the only one on the table. It wasn't her or him, it was her or no one. But again, you know this, you're just, as I mentioned, a fucking clown for likes.
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