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It's official:

No global warming for 8 years and 5 months, per NASA satellite data.

That's no warming despite ~475 billion tons of CO2 emissions.

CO2 warming is the biggest scientific hoax of all time.


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In reply to @JunkScience
8 years is not enough data Neither is 140, but it’s vastly better than 8. pic.twitter.com/6ECQQuxZnm
In reply to @JunkScience
No warming? You're obviously not talking to the right experts. pic.twitter.com/pRHMka1xjn
In reply to @JunkScience
CO2 increases follow earth warming. Not the other way around. Furthermore, decomposing leafs produce more co2 than humans each year. It's a con.
In reply to @JunkScience
You keep repeating this lie. It doesn't make it true. twitter.com/Climatehope2/s…
Yup, and the climate tyrants are using it as a reason to subjugate the global population. It's time to stop allowing it.
In reply to @JunkScience
Spoiler, global temperatures have gone up and down consistently over the last 500,000 years. Studies point to the sun as the most likely culprit. pic.twitter.com/8NpZx3NN6N
De UAH / satelliet dataset laat geen opwarming zien.
إنه رسمي:

"لا يوجد احتباس حراري لمدة 8 سنوات و 5 أشهر ، حسب بيانات ناسا الفضائية.

لا يوجد ارتفاع في درجة الحرارة على الرغم من 475 مليار طن من انبعاثات ثاني أكسيد الكربون.

يعتبر ارتفاع درجة حرارة ثاني أكسيد الكربون أكبر خدعة علمية على الإطلاق."
Wouldn’t it be funny if the earth was trying go into a new ice age and the only thing preventing it were man-made CO2 emissions and our efforts to reduce our output bring about the end of mankind?
I think that would be funny.
In reply to @JunkScience
Not NASA data. At the outset, their satellites looked down & gave a single number for all the heat they could 'see' below, stratosphere to surface. Then U of A Huntsville used available weather balloon data to 'collate' & produce this hash. You can stop lying about it anytime.
Chicos no nos vamos a morir como tampoco nos morimos por el agujero de ozono. Abandonemos esta agenda nefasta que solo sirve para generar pobres.
NASA の衛星データによると、地球温暖化は 8 年 5 か月間ありません。

約 4,750 億トンの CO2 排出にもかかわらず、それは温暖化ではありません。

CO2 温暖化は、史上最大の科学的デマです。
They push hoax after hoax on us. It’s like the left needs a boogey man or something to be afraid of. Why can’t they just raise their families and live.
In reply to @JunkScience
Actually, if the ice on earth melted down, the land would only shrink 1-4%, but Antarctica would become habitable, the earth could turn out to be a better place to live.
In reply to @JunkScience
Last Saturday it was 38 degrees. Today it is 68 degrees. At this rate, in a month we will be able to boil water just by taking it outside.
Ah, well, that's awkward for them.
Biggest scientific hoax of all time. Made in Sweden.
「NASA の衛星データ上では、地球温暖化は 8 年 5 か月間起きていない。約 4,750 億トンの CO2 排出にもかかわらず。CO2 温暖化は史上最大の科学的デマ。」


根据 NASA 卫星数据,8 年零 5 个月没有全球变暖。

尽管排放了约 4750 亿吨二氧化碳,但这并没有变暖。


Tak robi się fejki:
1."it's official", żeby wyglądało na stanowisko NASA
2."per NASA..." fakt + instytucja, więc zamiast na wyjęty z kontekstu wygląda na cytat artykułu
3.Potem już "hoax" od siebie, ale brzmi, jakby to sama NASA stwierdziła.
Już lata to na TT jako "NASA obala GO"
In reply to @JunkScience
This satellite data suggests a clear warming pattern in the last 40 years. However, all that matters is this: our current interglacial period is several degrees cooler than the last one. The normal Milankovitch cycles can produce MORE warming. Our impact, if any, is small. pic.twitter.com/Z7aHQZ20oM
Interesting. Maybe that’s why @greenparty_ie etc have in effect banned the Irish media from discussing climate alarmism?
In reply to @JunkScience
Maybe it's already global cooling all over again. You can never win with these people... #IceAge 😂😂
Yep. Except it’s second biggest scam after covid.
In reply to @JunkScience
And ten years ago you said exactly the same thing. What will you say in a couple of years as the next El Niño strikes? twitter.com/rarohde/status… You’re pathetic.
In reply to @JunkScience
Clearly climate change happens but it has ZERO to do with us! pic.twitter.com/tFWc0LCytt
In reply to @JunkScience
What temperature is a glass of ice water as the ice melts?
In reply to @JunkScience
This is the only climate crisis we have chemtrails… pic.twitter.com/NvBKp1aPPu
In reply to @JunkScience
When you zoom into one single section of a graph to try and make a misleading point but when you zoom out you can see that you’re a dishonest hack pic.twitter.com/y9uVALZDUc
"if you zoom in far enough it's all noise!" you are a tiny stupid baby
C'est officiel:
Pas de réchauffement climatique pendant 8 ans 5 mois, selon les données satellitaires de la #NASA
Ce n'est pas un réchauffement malgré ~475 milliards de tonnes d'émissions de CO2.
Le réchauffement par le CO2 est le plus grand canular scientifique de tous les temps
In reply to @JunkScience
But there’s 100,000 Hiroshima bombs going off every minute!!!!
「NASAの衛星データによると、地球温暖化は8 年 5 か月間起こっていない


In reply to @JunkScience
Global warming happens over long timescales, and weather is unpredictable. So if you zoom in on a small period of time (8 years and 5 months), you might see cooling / no change. But when you look past your "8 years and 5 months", the warming is clear. twitter.com/RARohde/status…
-.016 Degrees over the past decade. Everyone on the Climate Change side can just shut the hell up.
Cmon, zoom out on the graph, cmon, you can do it, cmonnnnnnnn
In reply to @JunkScience
Help me understand your chart. It says to me that the temperature change has been an average upward 0.22 degrees every year that you posted, for an 8 year total of about 1.76 degrees F upward, right? There are no negative (cooling) numbers and no zeroes (staying the same).
Huh gotcha bitches. 😅🤣😂😆anyone that had looked up any remote data would have seen this and known this whole climate crisis hoaxers were full of 💩💩💩 #climatehoax pic.twitter.com/6EvAxQGhSZ
In reply to @JunkScience
Carbon sequestration is running a very close second!! #AllBS
Rose Webster @GetMyGist here, ♀️🇨🇦 worked in 4🏥.
Hoax #Laws

#ClimateChange aka #globalwarming is a #hoax. Ask @NikolovScience Qs & see his videos (your kids won't be suicidal).

#CovidScam ALSO a #hoax.
🇨🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇳🇱life expectancy is LONGER WITH #COVIDisAirborne aka the common cold. pic.twitter.com/mRD0igKSZQ
In reply to @JustFollowingP3
The more the data diverges from the hysteria, the more shrill they become. It is now clear it was never about the climate, it was always just about finding a way to bring about communism… or worse. 3/3 pic.twitter.com/b2d3PzJkXw
#ClimateScam we are actually more likely to enter an ice age people! Do your homework and push back against climate scammers like @algore , a no-talent loser until making 100M+ on #ClimateEmergency lies!! Go back and read predictions from 10 & 20 years ago, laughable 🤡🤡🤡
In reply to @JunkScience
The Value on the left is different that tries to show we are going through Climate change Everything is cool as a cucumber guys. It's the WEFers
In reply to @casey_mcdale
Here’s the latest temp data if interested
Ooops. The 'science' is disproven again. Time to move the goal post and the religious obsessions on to gas stoves.
The #NewGreenDeal Activist are #ScienceDeniers. #GlobalWarming is a #Hoax to change how American live by the #WEF #Globalist so that they can control us. Once they have everyone relying 100% on electricity they can shut off the power on a whim.
In reply to @JunkScience
I think the sun is the most significant cause of any warming. Can you call it abnormal if you don't know what it should be? Is warm bad?
Co2 is not global warming but it's global cooling. Excessive oxygen will cause global warming.
In reply to @JunkScience
Correction: second biggest.
In reply to @JunkScience
THE AMAZON RAINFOREST IS BEING CUT DOWN AT A RATE UNHEARD OF !! Have you seen the indigenous tribes being pushed out of their land and killed ?? Tell that to them you moron ! I LIVE BY THE ATLANTIC I HAVE SEEN THE DESTRUCTION FIRST HAND !!! THE SEA LIFE EVERYTHING!
“Follow the science” doesn’t mean we should quit the SMART moves we have made tho
In reply to @JunkScience
I've heard this referred to as the 'stepladder of no global warming.' Is this true?
In reply to @JunkScience
The other comparable scientific scam surrounds covid - especially the dangerous and ineffective experimental transgenic serums in the guise of vaccines!
In reply to @rudiger_andreas
Welche Menge ist denn schädlich? Dass es eine Klimaerwärmung aufgrund von zu viel CO2 gibt, kann nicht bewiesen werden. Und ein Tipp für Dich: Auch Du darfst andere Meinungen akzeptieren. pic.twitter.com/CQNsNCvqN9
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