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The only “crime” Donald Trump committed to warrant being spied on by the Obama administration was him daring to run for POTUS. This spying operation is the single most disturbing & destructive decision by a sitting President in modern times.
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@dbongino If anyone thinks all of this happened without OBama's approval.. they are insane!
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Yes, and that he has been so open and transparent, releasing his tax returns, not firing those who investigated him, and showing no fear of what Mueller might find.
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@dbongino It will take a generation to remove @Comey 's stench of political corruption from @FBI HQ.
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@dbongino If nothing happens to that corrupt administration, it will only tell future administration that they can do ANYTHING and get away with it. We cannot let this happen if we want to keep America a free nation!
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@dbongino Great podcast putting everything together! I have a theory perhaps you could look into with your sources. There FiSA warrant was actually the cover up. They never took out a fisa warrant. They created one and back dated it after Trump won the election!
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@dbongino I thank God daily for President Trump!
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@dbongino It undermines everything Superman stood for - Truth and the American Way. Those of us that worked in Law Enforcement cannot emphasize how frightening the theft of the judicial process is. It is the ultimate arm of the tyrannical government. Take it back folks.
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@dbongino @toddbrock1234 It's also very scary that our govt, run by Obama, secretly spied on its political opponents to stop the will of the people. An end to our democracy.
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@dbongino The FBI worked with the Clinton campaign to dress up a paid-for fake op-research dossier as “intelligence” to obtain a FISA court warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, and later use it to start a investigation to take down a legitimate POTUS.

This is FAR WORSE than Watergate!
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@dbongino Makes watergate look like a kindergarten operation.
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@dbongino We all know Obama was deeply involved and truth will surface .. I don't live on another planet
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@dbongino The conspiracy theories y’all dream up just to try to tell yourselves that Trump committed no crimes and didn’t collude with Russia or obstruct justice or money launder.
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@dbongino Second to the assassination of JFK by the same @CIA & @FBI who planned it. 60 yrs later they are using the same regime change tactics. It's time to defund the @CIA @FBI & get honest people in these agencies. This absurd circus of corruption has to go.
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@dbongino There had better be serious consequences for all involved in spying on our President Trump! I’m tired of investigation after investigation that doesn’t seem to cause arrests at all!
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@dbongino @gail_kilday And Lindsey Graham called Haiti a hell hole back in 2013 different words same meaning why is only one of them a racist?
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@dbongino And what happened to Nixon for one tenth of what went on here.
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@dbongino @inkabinkabonk Well then that negates the unlawful illegal entrapment of @GenFlynn and it is time we right this wrong! This patriot and his family have suffered enough! For f*^ks sake he wrote a blank check to this country his entire life! #ISTANDWITHGENFLYNN
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@dbongino @BarackObama's decision to illegally spy on Americans should be met with a long Federal Prison Sentence @jeffsessions.

Equal Justice Under The Law, WHERE THE HELL IS IT?

cc: @realDonaldTrump @LouDobbs @IngrahamAngle @TuckerCarlson @seanhannity At Anyone That Will Listen
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@dbongino If we did a sliver of what Comey , lynch , obama did we would all b rotting in a cell
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@dbongino It was something we must not allow ever again. Too much power to too few creates this.
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@dbongino Wondering why congress isn’t acting on this. Obama admin officials including Obama should be brought in front of congress and explain their actions. Former president or not NO PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT
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@dbongino @SherriDeford This type of activity is a cross between a Banana Republic & a Soviet-style police state!It’s not good..& it’s not in the spirit of the American founding!We must get back on the path of self-governance by #WeThePeople ..where we have a gov’t of,by & for the people!
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@dbongino @SidneyPowell1 I'm beginning to wonder if O was spying on Trump from moment Trump started questioning O's birth certificate.
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Remember how Sleazy, Hypocritical, Fool Democrats & their incredibly Unethical Stooge, Hillary, persecuted Nixon over a simple break-in & cover-up. Watergate was NOTHING compared to the Ubiquitous Deep-State Corruption & Threats to National Security by Obama Administration.
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@dbongino @NevadaJack2 Think somewhere in there he tried to cross over to dictator. Unfortunately there were people from both parties that gave him that power. God himself saved us from that.
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Much of what Obama did was disturbing. And he's still shadowing and interferring.
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@dbongino Obonehead wasn’t in it to improve the U.S. he was in it to destroy it.
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@dbongino What I don’t understand is why @BarackObama hasn’t been arrested for this? If this were @Trump they would have thrown away the key
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@dbongino And @BarackObama's disturbing & destructive decisions were frequent and plentiful.
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@dbongino He dared to challenge (NOT join) the Establishment (DNC/MSM and RNC) and THEY are all obviously "colluding" together with the levers of DOJ. Systemic corruption and collusion against the will of "The People" who they despise. #DrainTheSwamp #DrainTheDeepState @MansardtheGreat
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@dbongino Worse than Watergate, in my opinion.
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@dbongino Trump had a lot of nerve, not being a career politician...
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@dbongino @mikebwonder Barack Hussein Obama is GUILTY of TREASON!
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@dbongino It's time to start making arrests and prosecuting
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Will also enjoy the distinction of being the most lawless administration with the fewest consequences suffered for it.
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@dbongino Dan, Obama has been doing this for years. Remember Brennan got caught spying on the Senate? Reading confidential emails? Why do you think Obama had practically ZERO opposition in Congress? The elephant in the room was members knew they were being surveiled
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And the only time Trump was accused of racism is when he challenged and beat Hillary - that evidently was also a crime!! To me, Trump’s election was a miracle & the best thing to happen to the USA in decades!! God Bless Donald Trump!!
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Totally agree. I've heard DOD IG may begin releasing some findings on Monday. I am utterly convinced that we are on the verge of MANY scandals & true villains being revealed. Obama Admin likely ran inner DC like a police state, while Clintons ran a crime empire & colluded w/ BO.
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@dbongino @cmbarrera_1 It is ok, things are about to get very ugly for @BarackObama and #CrookedHillary the first #FusionGPS indictments are being issued! justice.gov/opa/pr/former-…
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For actual hackers, see #AwanBrothers

Also @DWStweets, disgraced #DNC head,
and @AGBecerra of #FakeServer fame

Employers and defenders of the Pakistani hackers
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If someone doesn't go to jail for this, it will happen again and again..
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He wasn’t spies on. Manafort and Page were. They have both been indicted on charges.
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@dbongino I agree with @dbongino but you of all people cannot say that you are the least bit surprised. We all know what’s at stake for that last administration, even democrats. Which is why they’ll guard that sinking ship to the very end.
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@dbongino @poconomtn Ask the Bundy family how the FBI lied and withheld evidence during their trial. James Comey was the head of the FBI when the Bundy standoff was going down.
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This 👇 BIG TIME!
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@dbongino Nixon doesn’t hold a candle to the criminal obama
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@dbongino Thank God we have people like Admiral Rogers who put a stop to 702 "about queries" and single handedly avoided a constitutional crisis, these people not only violated the 4th amend they completely tore it up. There must be jail time!
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It's a product of the statist mentality that infects the left. Don't forget that many on the left think favorably of Mao and Stalin. #BarackObama
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@dbongino We the people want answers and jail time for all involved. A disgrace to America.
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Lock him up and while at it, lock her up too. They share the blame for Benghazi as well as trying to destroy Trump's right to seek the presidency as is the right of all American citizens.
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@dbongino To date, NO ONE - governing authority or otherwise - has even attempted to bring Obama, the Clinton’s before them, or their minions to justice. What will it take?! What on God’s earth does it take?!
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Obama's a criminal and couldn't care less right now. No fear
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@dbongino The American people need to get off the high horse of lofty ideals and recognize that a fight is brewing to wrench the country back from those who have played us for dummies for too long.
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@dbongino Obummer needs a stay in GITMO 🤔🤔😡😡
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@dbongino @TheLastRefuge2 @dbongino speaks volumes with this tweet!
@B75434425 Will we see justice prevail?

#MAGA #AmericaFirst #Qanon
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@dbongino Yet, unfortunately, it will be buried under a rug, just like everything these no term limit politicians get away with because we let them.
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@dbongino Watergate to the 10th power
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@dbongino @mflynnJR I didn't know it was possible to fit so much false information into one tweet.
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As President Truman said,"The Buck Stops Here." Former President Obama is ultimately responsible for the wire tapping and other illegalities under his auspices. I believe he was an active participant and should be investigated to fullest extent.
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@dbongino We will probably never know the full damage he caused the US. Evil through and through.
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@dbongino Absolutely!
President Trump saved the Supreme Court from becoming liberal.
The demoncrats wanted the White House and the courts. Knew they couldn't control congress.
The election of Mr Trump ruined the liberals evil plans.
Thank The God of Israel for President Trump.
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obama was more of a celebrity
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The #Obama administration and #TheClintonCrimeFamily KNEW the positive forces following such a great leader and future #45thUSPresident. Unworthy were the hidden meetings to create negativity on @POTUS, but ironically resulting in giving him the upper-hand to #Victory. #MAGA.
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I want Obama to pay for all of his crimes.
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@dbongino @BarackObama thought this would never come out because he thought @HillaryClinton had the election locked up! Surprise! Maybe he and Hillary will enjoy sharing a jail cell! #LockThemAllUp #LockHerUp #LockHimUp #MAGA #Trump2020
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@dbongino You are correct...as far as we know so far. This rabbit hole may go deeper than we think. Obama having direct collusion with Putin or ISIS or the Hezbollah/Iranian Guard would not surprise me in the least.

Giving them missile tech wouldn't either.

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@dbongino If Hillary would have won the presidency we would NEVER have known about Obama's DISGRACEFUL administration! EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON ! The old saying goes one who is constantly looking under the bed has something to hide. BAM!!!!!
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@dbongino Obama did publicly denounce Russia involvement in the election process, so yes, the question is: Why did you spy on the Trump campaign?
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It was illegal surveillance
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@dbongino The Obama Administration committed treasonous acts when they secured FISA warrants to spy on Trump and the GOP. Indict, arrest and prosecute those involved for treason. Our constitution and liberties were attacked by the Obama Administration!
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@dbongino AMEN BROTHER:

I’m with you all the way !!
God Bless you.

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@dbongino The really sad thing is that this will probably never result in those responsible from Obama on down ever being convicted or sent to prison unlike how if it was repubs that did it they would already be in jail.
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@dbongino Not only did he win he attacked and challenged Clinton and Obama.
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USAniFarm2016 #HillaryBoughtAWarrant
Exactly! It's disturbing that U.S. agents tried to undermine our election process, trying to nullify the voters "voice"! Obama & his agents spent his terms trying to intentionally oppress his ideology's opposition! That's NOT the American way!
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@dbongino Which explains the hemorrhage the left/media are having over 💩 comment! Deflection is all they have to fill up 24/7 news!
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@dbongino I hope it doesn't get sweeped under the rug like everything else.
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@dbongino And we would find everything out
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@dbongino If Obama and his henchmen weren’t so deeply intrenched, I doubt this circus would have lasted this long
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It is actually scary! If they can do it to Trump, they can do it to anyone!
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@dbongino If only @jaketapper @theleadcnn @cnnsotu @cnnpolitics @CNN were interested in news instead of their fantasies...
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@dbongino @ZigTj The TURD obama has ZERO regard for law...
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@dbongino You don't know what Trump and his campaign did illegally. Republicans in Congress are busy trying to prevent us from knowing if there was an attack on our elections by Russia. If one party has apparently allowed itself to be bought by a hostile foreign power, it should scare us.
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So true! Shameful!
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But of course, Obama was and is a criminal gutless @GOP members would have impeached him if they werent scared of being called racist
0 1
Once a Chicago thug, always a Chicago thug.

Right, @BarackObama ?
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Pythagoras 🌠🌌🌎🌍🌏🌌🚀
@dbongino @MarinaLewis Money laundering isn't a crime?
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@dbongino Obama & Clintons are above the law! They’ll get a pass on this one too! 😔 #LockThemAllUp #drainingtheswamp
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