"Here are Melania's Parents. Viktor and Amalija Knavs. They live in the United States Permanently now because of Chain Migration after Melania's Visa Expired & she stayed here Illegally and married Donnie for Citizenship. None of them have a degree or a job".
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@Brasilmagic Immigration is not a problem. People aren’t pouring across the borders. It is propaganda to make people afraid. Corporate greed is a problem. Let’s focus on that.
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@Brasilmagic Melania's father should get a job as a Donald Trump lookalike.
55 778
@Brasilmagic I think Melania's sister is here, too. #ChainMigration
111 585
@Brasilmagic Aren't Melania's parents Communists? Trump's base would love to know that...
68 401
@Brasilmagic Chain migration bad: except 4 Melania's family.
Importing products bad: except in Trump family business .
Hiring foreign workers bad: except in Trump family business.
Sexual harassment bad: except for Trump.
Obama playing golf bad: Trump playing golf good.
We could go on and on.
117 193
The Trumps are completely revolting, but “lol look at these no-skill losers sponging off their alien daughter, unlike economically productive GOOD immigrants!!!” is still total shit framing that veers way closer to Trumpism than you think it does
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@Brasilmagic I’ve been tweeting about this for months. Why can’t someone with enough juice start an investigation of Melania, her Anchor chid, her path to citizenship, her parents. All of it. This hypocrisy should be exposed. I’m with you Brasilmagic!
23 70
BWD 🤢 You People Replaced Obama With This
Also Melania clearly married her father
20 38
@Brasilmagic Illeagal alians where is ICE? Ship them home and send Melania with them. Baron is an anchor baby!
8 45
@Brasilmagic Do I have to wake up everyday day watching this goof on TV pretending to love God & country, putting them together although they should not be. The way he’s talking like he’s our f’g savior. I have to go back & listen to our lying leader #WTF #Resist #MedicareForAll #DumpTrump
8 28
let's help popularise the GOP's fash rhetoric about immigration-as-infestation by applying it to trump's wife for an epic gotcha

we did it everyone
4 31
@Brasilmagic The hypocrisy is breathtaking!
4 30
@Brasilmagic @MarciaD9999 Don't forget another link in trump migration chain, Ines Knauss, Melania's Slovenian SISTER. She, like Melanias PARENTS, lives in trump property in NYC as a guest of Melania, their citizenship status not reported. Melanias family is textbook definition of chain migration model.
13 20
@Brasilmagic They live in the WH correct? They are in DC to care for Barron.
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@Brasilmagic #DACA And then The First Lady's parents were quietly deported.
5 23
The more we know.
12 15
Do as I say not as I do....... @MadisonSiriusXM @karenhunter
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@Brasilmagic @Thesixler They have a job, it's called being white and rich, and it's very hard.
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@Brasilmagic @Loril633Lori If you start digging you might find that Melania violated U.S. Immigration Laws & Donald Trump helped Melania use "Chain Migration" to obtain Citizenship for her Parents! Trump is only Screaming about Illegal Immigrants & Deporting them to satisfy his Small Base! Hypocrite!
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They're almost looking a bit "Norwegian", though. .... #CadetBoneSpurs probably couldn't find Slovenia on a map.. They're living off Melania's Visa...probably her MasterCard too...
7 14
@Brasilmagic They walk alike they talk alike what are crazy pair!
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@Brasilmagic Regardless of the country of origin, how is this hypocrisy not at the forefront of every conversation regarding D.A.C.A.?! Does it depend on who you are willing to sleep with before marriage? Is that written into our constitution or in the era of #45, is it pending ratification?
5 11
@Brasilmagic @Stonekettle Stop messing with DREAMERS when your family is a NIGHTMARE!
1 14
Well will you look at that..."do as I say not as I do for my benefit" ~
D. #CadetBoneSpurs Trump

Everbody Clap Now!
3 11
@Brasilmagic @ToyeLaura No jobs? They don’t have to clean houses or pick crops? #hypocritePresident
2 11
@Brasilmagic Good thing she married into plastic surgery $$$. Looks like aging won't be kind to her.
2 11
@Brasilmagic @amycwest Interesting #DotardDon likes women who look like ivanka, seems Melania likes men of a certain type.
2 10
@Brasilmagic Where the hell is ICE when. You need them?
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They look like what Melania n Trump will look like in a few years
4 7
Jen 🕳🚶🏻‍♀️🇺🇸
Mmmmmm hmmmmm funny how that chain migration works for the rich.
3 8
@Brasilmagic @Vicsl7 So when are they being deported? Where is ICE when you need them?
3 8
@Brasilmagic Don't forget the sister who's here as well.
2 8
@Brasilmagic Yea, but they’re white, so it’s cool.
1 9
But they’re white immigrants so it doesn’t matter
3 6
@Brasilmagic @Kia_Hutch Yet ICE doesn’t mess with them!
2 7
@Brasilmagic And don't forget the anchor baby, Barron.
1 8
@Brasilmagic Nude model to first lady, while many PhD's ,MD's,engineers getting deported. Only in Trump world.
3 5
Don't you just love in laws @realDonaldTrump ? Your immigration plan is disgusting.
3 5
Are these the #LazyImmigrants , Kelly was referring too ?
Pot meet kettle . #DoubleStandards .
3 5
@Brasilmagic @anastasia9 They may not have a degree or a job but mom’s got a $20,000. Hermès Birken purse!
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Some women marry their daddy’s tie....
4 3
This is the only chain migration that @POTUS is cool with.
2 5
If this tweet about Melania's parents is true, it just shows Trump's double standards. Nobody comes into the US legally without proper vetting and background checks. People aren't exactly pouring through the borders, never have. Trump knows that but lies.
1 6
@Brasilmagic Are they now living in the Lincoln bedroom and traveling on AF One?
1 5
Maybe his in-laws are the reason @realDonaldTrump is obsessed with stopping family members from being able to emmigrate to the US! 🤫
4 1
@Brasilmagic @ShaneWatch So you do marry someone that reminds you of your dad.
2 3
@Brasilmagic He has a similar shape to someone else. I just can’t think of his name.
1 4
@Brasilmagic P.S. I still want to see Melania’s divorce papers from her first husband.
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1 4
@Brasilmagic @casanova_kara G-R-I-F-T-E-R-S one and all in that fucking family. I see Victor is rocking that Trump 19 foot red tie thing.
1 4
@Brasilmagic @bluturn Law is for OTHER people not The Putz Clan!
1 4
@Brasilmagic Not saying that’s any better, but you see how the money flows
1 4
The hypocrisy is sooooo mf real . I hate yall’s president
1 3
Do you think Melania has a daddy-o-complex? and maybe daddy has a trumpy-o complex?
1 3
@Brasilmagic And Melania"s sister too has moved over to the US using chain migration.
1 3
Chain, chain, chain, chain of fools
1 2
sounds like we're not going after THESE immigrants wasting our tax dollars and not contributing to our economy.... hm
1 2
This just proves Trumps racism. He doesn’t care about immigrants, he cares about their skin color. He’s literally saying white immigrants are okay, colored immigrants are not.
1 2
Chain migration is right, if chain migration is white.

This is #Maga
1 2
@Brasilmagic Didn’t she come on a tourist visa originally ?
1 2
@Brasilmagic @sl220 One law for the in-laws and another for the DACAs. Nothing changes donny boy. How can you live with yourself?
1 2
@Brasilmagic Their skin is white, tho. They’re good in his book.
1 2
@Brasilmagic Hope @FLOTUS parents are Not Collecting Social Security!!!
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#TrumpLies #Hypocrisy of attacking “chain migration” when his in laws here due to family reunification and none of them or his own grandfather would meet the “merit” he proposes. America welcomes immigrants & reunites families! Or most of us & our families wouldn’t be here😢 #FBR
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It is only reasonable to postulate that they will be among the FIRST to be sent back to their Homeland: No exceptions, because NO ONE is above the LAW😄😄#TrampShitHouse🇷🇺💲🇷🇺💲🇷🇺💲🇷🇺💲🇷🇺
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Morons that can't present a tie proper are dead giveaways for asshole loser guy. What say you @realDonaldTrump
1 2
Ch ch chaaaaiiiin chain migration, ch ch chain ain ain ain ain ain migration.
Sorry, Aretha....
1 2
call trump's Gestapo Ice agents !!
1 1
The name of this government is hypocrisy
1 1
Send ICE to their door.
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1 1
And here we have Chain Migration starting from the very tippy top of our country. So, are we clear on what is NOT being said?! It’s as white as day in my humble opinion.
1 1
Parents are NOT OFF LIMITS especially hers....she a birther & I have to believe they raised her this way!
1 1
@Brasilmagic @DaveP32250 Though Viktor Knauss does have a criminal record and went to jail for fraud - that was after he was intimate with the communist circle in Yugoslavia.
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