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"Here are Melania's Parents. Viktor and Amalija Knavs. They live in the United States Permanently now because of Chain Migration after Melania's Visa Expired & she stayed here Illegally and married Donnie for Citizenship. None of them have a degree or a job".
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Isn't he tryna- nvm.
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Melania also came to the US as an adult, lied about having a college degree, and worked without legal paperwork. She was her own kind of DREAMER: Dreaming of marrying a rich American she hated, who would give her a citizenship -- in exchange for a lifetime of humiliation. #DACA
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Spot the difference between them and the immigrants being targeted 🧐
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I'm surprised at how many likes this post had. This is not new. This was well known during his campaign in 2015 and 2016. There were articles written about it. I think many people did not do their homework during his campaign.
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@Brasilmagic But they are from Yugoslavia. True, it's no Norway, but it's close enough and white enough (and SLAVIC enough) to warrant them priveledged status, no???
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J'vais chez le médecin. Elle me pèse/mesure : 1m70 pour 81,5kg. Le médecin : vous êtes en surpoids madame ... Vous êtes de quelle origine ? Moi : euh congolaise-martiniquaise pk ? Elle : Ah alors votre surpoids doit être du à votre côté congolais. Je ...... ????????
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@Brasilmagic Immigration is not a problem. People aren’t pouring across the borders. It is propaganda to make people afraid. Corporate greed is a problem. Let’s focus on that.
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@Brasilmagic Melania's father should get a job as a Donald Trump lookalike.
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@Brasilmagic I think Melania's sister is here, too. #ChainMigration
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#MaryMacLeod emigrated to the US in 1930.
English was her 2nd language (Scots Gaelic her 1st).
The ship's manifest listed her occupation as "domestic."
She followed a sister & cousin--#ChainMigration.
She didn't become a citizen for 15yrs.

Who was Mary MacLeod?

Trump's mother.
334 319
@Brasilmagic Aren't Melania's parents Communists? Trump's base would love to know that...
77 413
Love it when liberals try to own Trump by shitting on immigrants and validating everything he says
73 372
Did Melania marry her daddy?
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I’m glad this post had so many retweets. I copied it (writing mistakes and all) from a Facebook comment (therefore the quotes). If everyone who shared it or liked it votes in the midterms against Trump’s hypocrisy, we will have a little edge over the Trumpsters :)
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@Brasilmagic @PanchoVanilla don't think they're citizens, tho. Melania is but not them or her sis? they're related to a terrorist, they should go home. She looks like Mrs. Pence.
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@Brasilmagic Don't forget secret "sister" Ines Knauss (Knavs). Ines not seen in public for a very long time. Allegedly lives in Trump condo on Park Ave.
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@Brasilmagic Chain migration bad: except 4 Melania's family.
Importing products bad: except in Trump family business .
Hiring foreign workers bad: except in Trump family business.
Sexual harassment bad: except for Trump.
Obama playing golf bad: Trump playing golf good.
We could go on and on.
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So unfair! The super-hot model didn’t marry me for citizenship! It was my charming personality, my sleek 239 pound body, & the billions I said I was worth! Joke was on her on all three counts! But I’m good with deporting all of them back to #Nambia or wherever they’re from!
78 115
The Trumps are completely revolting, but “lol look at these no-skill losers sponging off their alien daughter, unlike economically productive GOOD immigrants!!!” is still total shit framing that veers way closer to Trumpism than you think it does
24 146
@Brasilmagic With all that cash please buy Melania mom a slip!
8 123
Hey #MAGA, check this out. You own this stupid stuff. Trump is the head of an immigrant family who wants you to hate immigrants. That's insane. But if you insist, I recommend you start with @realDonaldTrump . He's the one you should fear.

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@Brasilmagic Does anyone know for sure the immigration status of Melania’s parents?

I’ve seen a lot of assumptions but nothing definitive. That could be nice leverage for Trump…
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Yeah, @realDonaldTrump and your sycophant @GenJohnKelly , so are Melania’s parents lazy, and if so, why haven’t you deported them? Or maybe your standard only applies to some people! #TrumpIsARacist
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kiran is on self imposed hiatus from here

You have like totally pwned trump. This is the one. Your homophobic jokes about trump fellating putin didnt do it. But throwing immigrants under the bus to point out his hypocrisy will work. After all just like liberals, Trump has to only care about "optics" right?
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@Brasilmagic I know I keep saying this but..
#Melania knew exactly WHO/WHAT she was marrying
She married for $$ and a path to U.S. citizenship for herself, parents & sister
Everything was fast tracked via #DictatorDrumpf
"anchor baby" soon followed
@realDonaldTrump we're not stupid
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I think the kids say "Oh SNAP."
18 75
@Brasilmagic Plus there is proof Melania lied on her citizenship application because she worked and made money on a tourist visa, her citizenship could be revoked.
22 70
@Brasilmagic I’ve been tweeting about this for months. Why can’t someone with enough juice start an investigation of Melania, her Anchor chid, her path to citizenship, her parents. All of it. This hypocrisy should be exposed. I’m with you Brasilmagic!
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@Brasilmagic This needs to be brought up every single time he goes off about family reunification. I have no problem that her family is here, but he can't keep scaring ppl w/lies, while his own family benefits from the law. The hypocrisy is staggering, and press needs to call him out on this.
39 49
@Brasilmagic Please call it “family reunification.” “Chain migration” is a GOP-created pejorative. Thanks.
9 78
Chain migration is only good if it's white people chain migrating.

When it comes to brown families seeking family reunification, it suddenly becomes a problem.
33 49
@Brasilmagic I say leave first family and in laws out of politics. Donald Trump is the one to go after. They can’t help that family got them in this mes.
5 73
When Duchess of Uncanny Valley was but a tiny Duchess with her original face, she prayed to one day marry a money-laundering old man who fcked up a tie just like her Daddy.
17 53
Eventuell, aber wirklich nur ganz eventuell, musste ich gerade ein bisschen lachen.
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All here illegally according to Trump.
23 43
@Brasilmagic @sadiesnanny59 Yugoslavia is not exactly a first world country, but I guess their pale skin makes up for it.
9 57
Call me jaded but they don't look Norwegian!
20 45
Yes, but they’re white.

When Trump says “chain migration” he means Hispanics and African Americans.
20 45
@Brasilmagic @WOgaard Speaking of which, about that presser Trump promised explaining & detailing Melania’s full immigration as proof that it was done legally... did I miss it??? 🙄
7 52
@Brasilmagic This is ok though since they have white skin.
3 52
@Brasilmagic Illeagal alians where is ICE? Ship them home and send Melania with them. Baron is an anchor baby!
8 43
I guess chain migration is okay. But only if it helps Donald Trump.
@realDonaldTrump @seanhannity #news #ChainMigration #Resist #theResistance #BreakingNews
19 30
Boy, the Knavs girls really like their red ties long and their men uneducated.
8 41
@Brasilmagic I see who taught donnie to tie his tie.
0 49
there are some points Freud made
8 36
It’s amazing how Trump projects everything from calling others liars when he’s the biggest LIAR to trying to stop Family reunification when his own family is the result of #ChainMigration and @FLOTUS worked here illegally-Without any highly trained skills #Immigration #HYPOCRITES
21 21
@Brasilmagic But the man who served 2 tours in Afghanistan is about to be deported?
6 35
Scientology Widow #scientologykilledmyhusband
@realDonaldTrump Ending chain migration.
6 35
It’s weird how much he looks like Trump. He’s only 2 years older than Donald too.🤮
17 22
@Brasilmagic New York Times. Her father, a larger-than-life personality who reminds her childhood friends of Mr. Trump, belonged to the Communist Party, an exclusive club whose members sometimes joined because of career ambitions as much as ideology.
12 27
This has been reported on many times .. but the hypocrisy with Donald and this issue is palatable.. RT over and over @realDonaldTrump is a hypocrite and liar
21 17
@Brasilmagic @MarciaD9999 Don't forget another link in trump migration chain, Ines Knauss, Melania's Slovenian SISTER. She, like Melanias PARENTS, lives in trump property in NYC as a guest of Melania, their citizenship status not reported. Melanias family is textbook definition of chain migration model.
16 22
@Brasilmagic "But it's all right, because it's all white."
6 30
....also, “Paging Dr Freud”
10 25
They’re also white, which may be relevant.
13 21
let's help popularise the GOP's fash rhetoric about immigration-as-infestation by applying it to trump's wife for an epic gotcha

we did it everyone
4 30
Hey @GOP , Chain Migration
15 18
Without chain migration, nobody would *talk* to Donald. Would *you* marry him, if not for the citizenship & all the great gold toilets he has?
17 15
This must be an example of that "Chain Migration" we hear about.
16 16
@Brasilmagic Do I have to wake up everyday day watching this goof on TV pretending to love God & country, putting them together although they should not be. The way he’s talking like he’s our f’g savior. I have to go back & listen to our lying leader #WTF #Resist #MedicareForAll #DumpTrump
7 25
@Brasilmagic @LisaMColby Evidence shows that Melania committed immigration fraud by working without a permit when she first got here and lying about it on her citizenship application. The Trumps make me sick.
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Hey @realDonaldTrump, why not send those no-good chain migration hanger-oners back from where they came? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
15 16
@Brasilmagic #DACA And then The First Lady's parents were quietly deported.
5 26
@Brasilmagic Aahhhh...looks like the doppelganger of donnie. There is a lot o creepiness on many levels going on here 😶
2 28
@Brasilmagic Skills Assessment: Favorable Pigmentation
2 28
@Brasilmagic Is this a photo of them on the White House grounds? Are they using taxpayer $$$? It looks suspiciously like the photos of Trumps surroundings walking to/from Marine 1!,
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6 23
@Brasilmagic They live in the WH correct? They are in DC to care for Barron.
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3 26
@Brasilmagic Melania's father, Victor Knavs, made his money as a member of the Communist Party working for the Yugoslavian dictator Marshal Tito.

14 13
Do as I say not as I do....... @MadisonSiriusXM @karenhunter
10 17
@Brasilmagic @jerrysaltz And so is the sister of Melania, who now ALSO lives in NYC thanks to CHAIN MIGRATION....and yes the money of the Dotard. 😝
8 19
@Brasilmagic Any Dreamer who has served in the military should be given automatic citizenship! They served their country which is more than I can say for our president!
5 22
@Brasilmagic They look like they are coming from Trump’s helicopter! Have seen him in the same spot...?
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4 23
@Brasilmagic @MaggieJordanACN What are the chances that they actually get Medicaid⁉️ I'll bet high on it
2 25
Yep. Right alongside @FLOTUS and Barron.

If douchedon can deport other peoples children - then HIS kid has to go too.

Right @realDonaldTrump
11 15
cactus @jack. like as a verb. hit im w/a 🌵
If pointing out right-wing hypocrisy made it stop, we wouldn't be in this mess. Quit wasting your time on it. We know they're venal, corrupt monsters.

Start focusing on what matters: These goons understand nothing but power and must be made powerless.
5 20
@Brasilmagic No degree, no job but they benefitted from chain migration thanks to her daughter who worked her illegally.
3 22
That explain why Trump hates family reunification so much! In-Laws! Am I right?
6 18
@Brasilmagic Well she married her father complete with long red tie...not creepy at all
2 22
Again, Trump family treated differently than everyone else. Got it.
12 11
@Brasilmagic @MJMcKean conservatives care about their families and what affects them, liberals care about persons beyond their own families.. #bothfeeltheyareright
1 22
@Brasilmagic @Loril633Lori If you start digging you might find that Melania violated U.S. Immigration Laws & Donald Trump helped Melania use "Chain Migration" to obtain Citizenship for her Parents! Trump is only Screaming about Illegal Immigrants & Deporting them to satisfy his Small Base! Hypocrite!
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10 12
Also have you noticed her dad wears the same long tie over gut? Bleh!
4 18
@Brasilmagic @Thesixler They have a job, it's called being white and rich, and it's very hard.
3 19
Next time Trump & Republicans talk about chain migration, this is who they are talking about. Trump and his family have much more to account for in his family than anyone else. Most people who bring their family here have their reasons just like he had.
14 7
OMG #Melania married her dad!
10 11
End Chain Migration!😠
Send Melania's parents back to Slovenia, and make her pay taxes and fines on the $22,000 she earned here w/out a work visa!😬
(If you won't do that, POUTUS, you don't have a leg to stand on in demanding #ImmigrationReform.)
#DACA #Dreamers
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