(THREAD) BREAKING: The just-released "Navalny Tape" gets us *much* closer to seeing the whole of the Trump-Russia coordination narrative. In this thread I explain how a dozen Trump aides fit into the narrative—with Manafort and Papadopoulos as the stars. Hope you'll pass this on.
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1/ The Trump-Russia coordination narrative becomes much less confusing—particularly after today (more on that in a moment)—if you just (a) know all the key players in the narrative, and (b) understand the relatively limited role that nearly all of them except four or five played.
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Incredible thread by Abramson. Really lays it all out.
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@SethAbramson Another day has gone by and the media has largely ignored Trump’s CONTINUING FAILURE TO IMPOSE CONGRESSIONALLY MANDATED SANCTIONS ON RUSSIA. Putin and Trump appear to have cut an illegal deal to abstain from imposing further sanctions. #Dems #ImpeachTrump #Resist
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@SethAbramson Ooo this is my first time seeing a Seth Thread live
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@SethAbramson Hey @SethAbramson

Did you mention Rudy Giuliani? I think he Knows more than people think.

I wonder if Mueller is going to interview Rudy Giuliani??

This is from early 2017.
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@SethAbramson You missed two or three other pieces... Tillerson is a Putin/ExxonMobil "Asset" to guard and guide things... scantions, oil, money, taxes, and ending certain foreign Government regulation agreements. Roger Stone is completely involved...and Giuliani KNEW *something* was going on.
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@SethAbramson Can we refer to them as "A Mueller's Dozen"?
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يو سف ال بريقؤ Yusuf El Boriqua
@SethAbramson What about the voting maching hacking? Thats the real bombshell that everyone in govt dems & repubs are hoping doesnt get out. They really changed votes im not a crazy conspiracy theorist but if you believe that Russians hacked machines & didnt change votes I got a planet 4 sale
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Long thread, but worth reading.
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@SethAbramson Honestly dude, you should win a Pulitzer for the work you've done on this case.

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@SethAbramson Had no idea there was more breaking news...
I’m up, I’m up.
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Kara ✊🏽❤️✌🏾🌊🌊🌊🌊
@SethAbramson Outstanding analysis. What I’m wondering now after reading all this, were our fearless leaders in the Senate & House complicit in any of this?
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@SethAbramson As per @navalny , the RU government is completely stonewalling request for comment on this, total silence in local press, even by Russian standards. If you need further proof...
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@SethAbramson ICYMI — Gotta love @navalny’s Instagram sleuthing. https://t.co/td1yj943jt #TrumpRussia #NavalnyTape #StupidWatergate🎪
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@SethAbramson Can I mention how much I appreciate that you're doing this with pictures also? Good to see the whole cast of characters.
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This dude is good.
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Alexei @navalny is the opposition leader who’s often been targeted for harassment and abuse by the Putin regime. This is the “Navalny Tape” to which Seth refers:
Read the thread and watch the video, it’s 25 minutes long and subtitled... but sooo worth it.
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@SethAbramson takes all of the tools in the Trump toolbox and shows you how they were used. Step by step with logic and precision. Thanks Seth!
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@SethAbramson Thank you Seth, I greatly appreciate your hard work in researching, and delivering a message all Americans can understand.
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@SethAbramson Can you provide a link for what the "Navalny Tapes" are?
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@SethAbramson If this was a novel I was reading, I would be up til the sun came up not able to put it down. But this is the sickening reality we are living every day in this country. How does this all end or *does* it ever end? Does the truth ever get out and are people held accountable?
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Navalny would be the white nationalist/anti-Semite "opposition" to Putin that isn't popular in Russia but as a State Dept/CIA asset he's portrayed by our media as a "dissident" with popular support
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@SethAbramson You need to understand how brexit benefits many of the Drumpf clan etc. Brexit means many of the shady offshore havens the likes of Drumpf use will remain exactly that, shady offshore havens as the EU tightens the laws upon tax avoidance in Jan 2019.
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Research the name Alexei Navalny! The world of the Russian collusion will open up for you!
He is Putins only opponent in the election in March. He’s been put in jail, now unable to run against Putin.
Alexei knows Trump helped Putin hide the $
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Overwhelmed by #TrumpRussia? Here is the thread you’ve been looking for. Have a seat and get comfortable. A LOT to take in here: 👇
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Seth Thread: Woo-oooohhh
Trump and Russia
Getting clearer
Seth Thread: Woo-oooohhh
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youtu.be/RQZr2NgKPiU Navalny Tape. get a cup of coffee and sit down , relax and watch the investigation. Mind boggling BUT explains a lot
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@SethAbramson But where is Navalny today? i wonder if this tape was released because he is in jail still, with a fate like Magnitsky coming, and someone was to release this if Navalny wasn't heard from?
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Seth Abramson has been investigating Trump-Russia from the start. His reporting has been remarkably accurate. Major media Outlets in the US and around the world publish his investigative insights.

This THREAD is his latest Report.
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@navalny Alexey Navalny making waves in the USA :)
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ААААААААА!!! Замечательный @SethAbramson цитирует замечательного @navalny!!!
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Here's the whole horrid Russia/Trump story as only a brilliant attorney could explain it!🙏🙏🙏
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Here is Seth's thread, #TheResistance folks. Worth becoming knowledgeable of how #PutinsPuppet narrative holds together. We need to be smart & aggressive with #BlueWave2018.
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@SethAbramson @maddow nobody breaks it down better than you except maybe my good Twitter pal Seth Abramson! Please bring this reporting to main stream America.
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@SethAbramson I happened to be reading this thread instead of watching the Olympics well I muted the Olympics so I could read better amazing work @SethAbramson. I thank you. Holy buckets.
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@SethAbramson There's no Trump-Russia man. If anything he laundered money for them like every other Oligarch, hence the private server receiving payments from Russian banks. This is red scare 2.0 and we need to keep focus on real issues. #Healthcare #SinglePayer #Education #EconomyForAll
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@SethAbramson Hey Seth...did you ensure no one on Trump's team watch this guy do ballet or any of his movies?

Damn, that would be a smoking gun...

Go get 'em!!

Oh, make sure and beg for donations so you can complete the 'deep dive'...
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@SethAbramson My first time following a thread live. I keep refreshing! It’s compelling and informative, that’s for sure!
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Long. Detailed. Names, dates, places. Subject of discussions. Linkages. Assessments. Claims almost all “publicly reported already.”

And Trump at the center but smart enough to wear latex gloves so no fingerprints can be lifted. Don’t look for a signing statement waved around.
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I watched that Navalny tape. Omg.

@SethAbramson does a good knit here on the timeline and characters.
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What the hell? You're just wasting our time. Go after fact-based criminal activity related to Russia, there is Obama Clinton & a nest of traitors. But if you are going to try to create a story, make it interesting. What you are writing is propaganda fluff.
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As always, everyone must read Seth’s thread:
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@SethAbramson Hey trumpsters! This is what real evidence looks like
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First I’m seeing of the Navalny Tape but I’m reading the thread. #TrumpRussia
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This IS the whole enchilada.
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Oh how I love these long, detailed and informative threads by @SethAbramson. 😎👍
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This right here - if you read nothing else about the Trump/Russia investigation, read this. Funny thing is how Bannon comes out the cleanest. Thanks for the clear breakdown & context @SethAbramson https://t.co/pPD1CMt4i6 #MuellerAintGoingAway #FolllowTheWhiteRabbit #qanon
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Great thread on the treason of #AgolfTwitler. Read it.
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This thread is a MUST READ timeline of the who and what and where of #TrumpRussia scandal. SERIOUSLY MUST READ !!
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Seth wraps an amazing package, once again.
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@SethAbramson Link to Navalny Tape?
Searched google & nothing came up
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To understand where we are with #TrumpRussia, follow this thread by @SethAbramson
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@SethAbramson Excellent thread connecting the dots, or in this case traitors.
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Thread thread thread
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If you've got a few minutes, this is another excellent Seth thread about #TrumpRussia
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I watched it with the subtitles.
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Long thread. But compelling reading. #NavalnyTape
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And yet another compelling thread by @SethAbramson.
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Every day we are closer to a future without Trump.
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Here's the full skinny on #TrumpRussiaCollusion It's worth the read. Please RT
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Forget about collusion. This is downright TREASON. History will not be kind to Trump and his enablers... All of them. #TrumpTreason
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Complex Russia THREAD based on new Navalny tape:
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This is an important thread. @treesNewMexico
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Viralize THIS because it's got 'the goodies' in it! T/R
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You could watch Jeff Duncan's "polished" video he just posted over on Facebook - which tells you NOTHING. Or, you can take the time to read this very detail-oriented thread below - which tells you EVERYTHING!
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@SethAbramson Excellent investigative work Seth! You are spot on about Trump and Don. Less than 15 minutes after the meeting, Trump said, "Russia if you're listening, release the 33,000 emails." Trump has got to go! investigaterussia.org/media/2018-02-…
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Only highlighting because the professor's thread is 100 tweets long with a couple of dozen PSs and a plethora of addendums. Impressive
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Anyone care for a little light reading on #TrumpRussia ?

Curl up w this and a bottle of wine.

Make that 4 bottles.
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Just WOW🔥. Must read!
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@SethAbramson Lets suppose investigations find beyond any reasonable doubt that Putin's Russia has subjugated US political system and controlled it's highest office, Trump is impeached. What retaliation would US then take against Russia? War?
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