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@slidenmydms Me going to check the avocados I just bought dis afternoon
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@slidenmydms what a sassy avocado
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Alexandra “Wakandan AF” Damn Graham Bell
my emotional availability = the ripeness of an avocado…
3 11
This bit of brutal honesty.
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that’s what you get for liking avocados…
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Milk : not boiling
Milk : not boiling
Milk : start bubbling
Milk ; blink once or twice
Milk has overflowed and pouring from the sufuria…
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coincidentally this is also how girls take interest in me…
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😂😂😂😂😂😂 the avo struggle.…
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Sassy Avocados. Slay queens of the fruit world.…
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Basically also my sexytime feels…
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@slidenmydms Play with the stem they like it that way and why they may.
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So true ... I’m over buying avocados 😭…
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One of my fav stand up jokes is when Gary Gulman speaks on the 2 minute window of when an avacado is ripe…
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This is one reason why I hated working produce :’)…
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Story of my avocado this week 😩…
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That time Avocado costs a small fortune in SA rn!! 😩😩…
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The trick is to realize that every avocado is always rotten.…
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Avocado lovers do we agree this happens all the time? 😭😭…
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Ahha ni surrender na gyud ko anang avocado 😂…
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laughing at how real this is 😂 I have the same problem with pears too!…
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TRUTH!! We at #AvoTwitter headquarters agree... Avo is temperamental like its eaters 🤣😂🤣😂…
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