Porter - accused of domestic abuse
Lewandowski- arrested for battery
Manafort- indicted for financial crimes
Gorka- wanted for arrest in Hungary or somewhere
Flynn- guilty of lying to FBI
Bannon- guilty of breathing
Trump didn’t drain the swamp.
Trump is a swamp.
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@ananavarro @jilevin We knew what we were getting in #Trump, (his reputation in the Northeast was well known), but I honestly did not expect such serial incompetence. So far his performance record is dismal. For any job in the private sector, Trump would have been fired by now.
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@ananavarro Flooding the swamp. With the best people.
66 416
@ananavarro Stephen Miller - Allergic to sunlight and garlic
18 321
@ananavarro You left out a couple...
Trump: accused of domestic abuse by wife#1
Trump: accused by 19 different women of Sexual Assault
and Trump: bragged openly on TV about accosting and abusing women sexually #PredatorInChief
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@ananavarro Bannon was also accused of domestic violence as was Trump. They're all the same. All of them.
37 237
@ananavarro He only brings the best (criminals)
3 74
@ananavarro Well Trump joined the swamp and added monsters to the swamp that is raping America of his money and environment just for his own greed and kick backs from those who will benefit on his rollbacks of laws.
13 51
@ananavarro The only things that Trump has drained are decency, professionalism, competency, honesty, integrity, diversity, patriotism, respectability, humanity, compassion, morality, family values, and a commitment to the Constitution.
19 32
@ananavarro Hope dated two of them so what does that say about her & her great judgement?
4 40
@ananavarro And they complain that immigrants might be criminals.
4 29
@ananavarro There are prisons with less criminals in it than this White House.
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@ananavarro @CNN Trump has already unmanaged and wished on 2 government shutdowns and is going to bankrupt the country like he did his businesses! He is the most useless person ever in government. Keep going golfing @realDonaldTrump!
5 23
Trump is the swamp monster
3 25
@ananavarro Hicks - dated batterer Lewandowski
- dating abuser Porter
- rumored to have ‘dated’ the Sexual-Assaulter-In-Chief
2 26
@ananavarro Kushner is a slumlord and is using his office to increase his personal wealth.
Pence is responsible for 200+ people becoming infected with HIV.
Steven Miller is actively agitating for a race war.
I guess we could go on...
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@ananavarro Mnuchin: Luring previously mentioned staffers into his wife's web for feeding.
2 25
@ananavarro Bannon was also charged with domestic assault. politico.com/story/2016/08/…
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@ananavarro In other words, Trump hires the same characters as himself!
5 18
@ananavarro He’s Shrek and Sarah Sanders is Fiona
2 15
@ananavarro Been saying that since Nov 8
2 13
@ananavarro It's like, WTF. If this was ANY other administration in history, it would have been over long ago. How did it get so bad so fast?
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@ananavarro Cess pool replaced the swamp
2 12
@ananavarro @DesignO9 Trump - accused of (well........................) being Trump
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@ananavarro Nailed it. I don't understand how Americans believe him.
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@ananavarro The emperor had no clothes
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Trump hasn't drained the swamp. Trump is the swamp!
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@ananavarro 27 fired or resigned so far: Yates, Flynn, Bharara, Walsh, Comey, Dubke, Dahl, Shaub, Corralo, Spicer, Short, Harvey, Priebus, Mooch, Cohen-Watnick, Higgins, Bannon, Gorka, Sifakis, Icahn, Price, Powell, Manigault, Dearborn, Katz, Winfree & Porter.
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@ananavarro @BeltwayPanda When Trump won the election, I said that everything Trump touched, he corrupts. I said that primarily because he won White Women and Christians.

Now, I’ve come to believe it’s not Trump that’s corrupting them, it is just that Trump is a magnet for corrupt people.
3 5
@ananavarro tRUmp is not A swamp, he is THE swamp!!!
2 6
@RepMcClintock - Is DJT's team your idea of "exemplary leadership"? I thought he was going to pick only the very best people?
4 3
@ananavarro Trump’s nickname for Bannon was Bam Bam after his ex-wife accused him of physical abuse during their marriage.
3 4
@ananavarro @ojcast I think cesspool is the term we're all looking for.
2 5
When the sh*t hits the fan, the list of swamp creatures (including @AnaNavarro?) will be longer than the rope that will hang them. #WeThePeople #Reawakening #Qanon #FakeNews #AlternateFacts #DeepState
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@ananavarro Don't forget CDV on #Bannon! He beat his wife & choked her too!
2 3
@ananavarro How did trump get WH clearance?#19women
2 3
@ananavarro He brought the swamp with and he is drowning in it!
2 3
@ananavarro How can anyone support Trump This is not normal Some are out of there minds they know how to divide but don't how to add common sense & to subtract lies=
1 4
@ananavarro You forgot @realDonaldTrump accused by 36 woman of sexual assault.
1 4
@ananavarro Well said👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
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@ananavarro This administration is full of violent men and women who can take a punch.
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@ananavarro @TeresaMac2009 He filled it with new alligators!
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*What about my idiot son...... @DonaldJTrumpJr ? Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of stupidity.
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@ananavarro @JessicasMyCat WOW! and Tom Price was something..what gets me is all the science deniers, Anna, it make me crazy! have a nice weekend, all. Sesssions has been so quiet...hmmmmm...
1 3
@ananavarro B
Bannon guilty of breathing is my favorite part😂😂😂
1 3
@ananavarro I read somewhere, that Bannon too had domestic abuse charges at one point and Trump joked about it calling him “Thumper”. Maybe it was in Huffpo?
1 3
@ananavarro I thought Trump is the shithole
1 3
@ananavarro trump appeals to the worst angels in human nature and that is the total opposite of @BarackObama & @JoeBiden +Administration who for 8 awesome years appealed to The Better Angels In Human Nature. trump, a temporary hiccup🤪on political landscape will fizzle out, it is inevitable
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@ananavarro @jonathanjewel Creature from the @GOP Lagoon.

Swamp monsters. The whole lot of them.

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@ananavarro He drained it and all the swamp monsters are now in the WH.
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@ananavarro Swamps are an important habitat, provide significant ecological services, and support biodiversity and resiliency! Please don't compare swamps to this future prison cell block.
1 2
@ananavarro I've been saying that since November 2016. He flooded the swamp and no one else was seeing it. Sad
1 2
@ananavarro Trump and his “best people” are below the scum at the bottom of the swamp.
1 2
@ananavarro U will answer one day for defending these MS13 murderers. #despicable#wicked
1 2
@ananavarro @_Orwell The swamp rises under @realDonaldTrump. With his business history, is anyone in #America surprised?
1 2
1 2
They thought we would never find out!
If only Hillary had won, we would never have known of the #surveillance, the #collusion, the #ObstructionOfJustice!
1 2
They're all guilty
Trump flaunts he can sexually assault women and get away with it.
My god! Drain the whole damn bunch of them
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Bannon - guilty of breathing 😂😂😂
1 1
@ananavarro @quince_g People with honor and integrity have no desire to work for Trump.
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When you have a organization that employs a bunch of criminals. You are running a criminal organization.
1 1
@ananavarro I really wish they would arrest Gorka. He's another fascist that needs flogged.
1 1
@ananavarro Trump and everyone in his Circle of Deceit are The Swamp!
1 1
It is looking more like a mob reunion
1 1
Well, that's it in a nutshell!!
1 1
@ananavarro Never ceases to appall & disgust. This is NOT normal & no one should become apathetic. #stayontarget #eyesopen #resistancedriven
1 1
@ananavarro tfw they replace the swamp with a worse swamp
1 1
@ananavarro @CarrieSkurzews1 OH Trump also a cess pool it is rancid and smells of top WH Golden Boy Pence included at Helm most Rancid of all Donald John Trump!
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@ananavarro That place is a shithole.
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@ananavarro Hey #Women4Trump he defends a woman abuser over the women he abused - are you still stuck on stupid or will you ever wake the hell up? If you have daughters and purposely overlook how trump treats women - SHAME ON YOU. yahoo.com/news/timeline-…
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@ananavarro Figures you would jump all over this. But, Treason (uranium 1) and spying and weoponizing our intelligence agencies. Meh.
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That’s not a swamp it’s a toxic landfill
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@ananavarro Kind of like a black and white gangster movie #trump misfits #usa
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.@realDonaldTrump is a CESSPOOL. Swamps are GOOD things. He came in and polluted it with tons of crap.
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@ananavarro Porter: alleged abuse over a decade ago
Lewandowski: fake charge for touching arm of reporter
Manafort: indicted for events years before Trump
Gorka: is that charge legit?
Flynn: set-up by a Hillary-loving FBI agent
Very, very weak argument
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@ananavarro He said his was gonna drain the swap! He'll his the godamm swamp monster!
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