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Porter - accused of domestic abuse
Lewandowski- arrested for battery
Manafort- indicted for financial crimes
Gorka- wanted for arrest in Hungary or somewhere
Flynn- guilty of lying to FBI
Bannon- guilty of breathing
Trump didn’t drain the swamp.
Trump is a swamp.
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Eu tenho a mania de achar q as pessoas tão enjoadas de mim por isso q não procuro kkkk sou mt paranoico
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180210 대만엘리시온 #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #EXOL @weareoneEXO 어찌 시우민을 사랑하지 않을수?
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@ananavarro @jilevin We knew what we were getting in #Trump, (his reputation in the Northeast was well known), but I honestly did not expect such serial incompetence. So far his performance record is dismal. For any job in the private sector, Trump would have been fired by now.
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@ananavarro Flooding the swamp. With the best people.
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@ananavarro You left out a couple...
Trump: accused of domestic abuse by wife#1
Trump: accused by 19 different women of Sexual Assault
and Trump: bragged openly on TV about accosting and abusing women sexually #PredatorInChief
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@ananavarro Stephen Miller - Allergic to sunlight and garlic
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@ananavarro @Juliekay3S Yes, Trump is the swamp.
Who else is at the heart of this administration, and does nothing to protect women?
Karen Pence
Every woman in this country should pick up the phone and demand that these women stand up and fight against domestic violence and abuse!
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@ananavarro Nixon movie: All the President’s Men
Trump movie: All the President’s Thugs
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@ananavarro Bannon was also accused of domestic violence as was Trump. They're all the same. All of them.
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@ananavarro Whaaa!! I want a parade
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@ananavarro @cherokeesher2 @cherokeesher2 @TaraSetmayer Now, I understand why so many women were ignored in armed services when they suffered abuse by men. #GenJohnKellyIgnoresAbuseOfWomen @JoeNBC
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ActivistDiplomat|ServedInDeepState 🌍📸
@ananavarro Correction: Bannon beat his wife and was charged with domestic violence with traumatic injury and battery. #TrumpSwamp
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@ananavarro An excellent synopsis of the kind of "great people" that Trump would hire. Meanwhile waiting for Hannity and company's twist on how this is all H. Clinton's fault for setting up a blind date between Hicks and Porter. 😬🐭
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The best people...
7 80
@ananavarro He only brings the best (criminals)
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@ananavarro Bannon beat his wife too
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@ananavarro A bar in downtown Los Angeles where I live has a poster in its window of tRump with the caption "tRump es un pendejo".
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@ananavarro Well Trump joined the swamp and added monsters to the swamp that is raping America of his money and environment just for his own greed and kick backs from those who will benefit on his rollbacks of laws.
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@ananavarro @LarryWilson What about Trump's Swamp of Appointees Who Despise the Agencies They Head?!
Pruitt/EPA, DeVos/DOE, et al, ad nauseum.
Then, there's The Vile Stephen "Nazi-Boy" Miller.
Trump has filled his swamp with Mutant Swamp Creatures!
#TrumpRussia #SwampCreatures #TREASON #RESIST
10 43
@ananavarro Don't forget the king of all of it--Trump accused of sexual assault or harassment by 20 women, and of rape by his first wife.
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@ananavarro The only things that Trump has drained are decency, professionalism, competency, honesty, integrity, diversity, patriotism, respectability, humanity, compassion, morality, family values, and a commitment to the Constitution.
19 31
@ananavarro You have to be crooked to work with trump. A person of integrity wouldn’t go near him
5 45
@ananavarro And MOST of us recognized this fact in 2016... a fish 🐟 rots from the head. @realDonaldTrump
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@ananavarro Hope dated two of them so what does that say about her & her great judgement?
4 41
The criminals that were part of @realDonaldTrump admin. Birds of a feather....
4 40
@ananavarro @kelkelsc During the debates, Trump *projected* if Hillary is elected, everyday will be non-stop chaos/KAOS. 🙄 All... that... "winning". #Maddow #TrumpCrash
7 34
But immigrants are the criminal threat..
11 27
@ananavarro Trump isn’t the swamp. He’s a super fund site.
6 30
@ananavarro I've said that since day 1. Trump brought swamp monsters with him.
1 34
@ananavarro And they complain that immigrants might be criminals.
4 29
@ananavarro Trump left no stone unturned in the swamp on his quest to find abusive sycophants to fill his cabinet of career carpetbaggers 😒
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@ananavarro That’s truly insulting to swamps everywhere.
1 29
@ananavarro Wondering what Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham and Tony Perkins have to say now? Give Trump another “Mulligan”! Trump is continuing to trash the White House and the American people.
7 22
@ananavarro @CNN Trump has already unmanaged and wished on 2 government shutdowns and is going to bankrupt the country like he did his businesses! He is the most useless person ever in government. Keep going golfing @realDonaldTrump!
5 23
@ananavarro Hicks - dated batterer Lewandowski
- dating abuser Porter
- rumored to have ‘dated’ the Sexual-Assaulter-In-Chief
2 26
@ananavarro There are prisons with less criminals in it than this White House.
7 20
@ananavarro Kushner is a slumlord and is using his office to increase his personal wealth.
Pence is responsible for 200+ people becoming infected with HIV.
Steven Miller is actively agitating for a race war.
I guess we could go on...
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Trump is the swamp monster
3 24
@ananavarro Mnuchin: Luring previously mentioned staffers into his wife's web for feeding.
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J-Roc Retweeted ·  
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@ananavarro #LyinTrump created a swamp. There was none before.
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@ananavarro Bannon was also charged with domestic assault.…
11 13
In a cesspool surrounded by turds presiding over a prayer breakfast begging for adulation. And he's the President of the United States. Dear god. Please #ImpeachTrump
8 15
@ananavarro In other words, Trump hires the same characters as himself!
5 18
@ananavarro We democrats knew that before he got into office, and his base and the Republicans knew that too, but did not care, and now we all Americans and the World paying the price!!!! Our only hope now is Impeachment and/or for Mueller to bring charges on a sitting President!!!!!!
4 19
@ananavarro Ahahahahaha hahaha haaaaa🔥😆
1 19
@ananavarro You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with...
2 16
Actually, @ananavarro, Bannon has domestic violence issues too, and, he's kinda sorta a white-nationalist neo-Nazi sympathizing anti-Semite....
4 13
@ananavarro He’s Shrek and Sarah Sanders is Fiona
2 15
A Republican writes.....
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@ananavarro The Fish Rots From The Head!
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6 9
@ananavarro Been saying that since Nov 8
2 13
@ananavarro @JoyAnnReid The CreepClown car show is about to begin its second showdown act...pass the popcorn.
2 13
@ananavarro I want Obama back 😢😢😢😢😢
1 14
@ananavarro It's like, WTF. If this was ANY other administration in history, it would have been over long ago. How did it get so bad so fast?
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Trump distorts the truth.
Not just lies. Distortion.
Mix in hatred and bigotry and you have a wild west judge and jury. He must be held to account for his illegal activities. I see Schiff trying to do this. All must join in. We need action
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@ananavarro @LarryWilson And General Kelly abuse enabler and RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel not only involved along with her family of abuse of sexual abuse victims but also deeply tied to Russian intelligence and putting Russian influence into the GOP
4 10
@ananavarro Swamps serve an ecological purpose. What Trump and cohorts have created is a toxic waste dump.
3 11
@ananavarro DT wasn't even vetted! He doesn't know how to select decent people.
3 11
@ananavarro Cess pool replaced the swamp
2 12
@ananavarro @DesignO9 Trump - accused of (well........................) being Trump
2 11
@ananavarro Nobody says it better than u Ana!!!
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@ananavarro We need you to take Meghan's place on the view. I'm so sick of her being in her feelings about everything Republican and making it hard to debate related topics. Who do I need to contact. #fireMeghanMcCain @TheView
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#Trump surrounding himself with the "best people" 😉😂
4 8
IMHO, he's not a swamp.
DonnieTwoScoops is that layer of scum that floats on a swamp. You know, where the mosquitos breed and traces of spilled oil shimmer like a rainbow in the sunshine?
Deceptive and deadly?
That's our Liar in Chief.



3 9
@joylynbest 👠👗Shirley Best-James
@ananavarro He added to the swamp. Real dangerous animals.
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
1 11
Jmac 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
Oh Donnie are these really the best? 😂😂 @realDonaldTrump
4 7
@ananavarro The emperor had no clothes
2 9
@ananavarro Miller: Literally found guilty at the Nuremberg Trials in 1945.
1 10
@ananavarro I really like you, @ananavarro. Why can’t you put a ‘D’ in your bio? You and @TheRickWilson would both be so welcome on the Blue Team. We would forgive your past ‘R’-ness, and welcome you with open arms.
Leave the dark side behind, and step into the light.
Peace. ✌️
1 10
@ananavarro 27 fired or resigned so far: Yates, Flynn, Bharara, Walsh, Comey, Dubke, Dahl, Shaub, Corralo, Spicer, Short, Harvey, Priebus, Mooch, Cohen-Watnick, Higgins, Bannon, Gorka, Sifakis, Icahn, Price, Powell, Manigault, Dearborn, Katz, Winfree & Porter.
4 6
Mexico doesn’t send it’s best-Oh wait...
4 6
Yep.this is what the People's White House has devolved into, this right here.
2 8
@ananavarro And he hired only the BEST people. Sad!
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@ananavarro When is enough?

When he starts deporting innocent DREAMERS?
Or more AMERICANS die in Puerto Rico?
Our treasury is drained by #GOPTaxScam
REFUSING to enforce Sanctions
When GOP attacks FBI?
Cabinet imploding their agencies?
An Expensive Parade?

5 4
@ananavarro This is what Cadet Bone Spurs is MAGA? He truly needs a psychiatrist!
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@ananavarro Trump raped his wife and allegedly raped a 13 year old girl as she was tied down.
3 6
@ananavarro The Administration from the Black Lagoon.
2 7
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