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@uglyasshoIe This house bout to get a lil less full!
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When I see two of my friends that I introduced to each other hanging out without me…
66 172
when snapchat updated without your permission…
12 57
When your snapchat updates after you just got done saying how great it was you didn’t have it 2 minutes before…
9 50
Me: I want a bf

Boy: hey

12 44
when your anxiety and your depression both come swinging at you hard as hell at the same time
16 39
When you turn "Auto download updates" off and your snapchat still updates
8 31
When you are the deciding vote for who dies in Mafia…
2 35
when @mtv is posting about other shows rather than scream season 3:
8 27
When all ur exams are creepin up on u out of no where…
10 24
Cuando presto mi lighter y nadie lo tiene
17 15
when snapchat updates without asking me first tf
5 24
quando vejo homens falando o que mulheres devem ou não usar…
11 14
When you shuffle an album and it plays 3 songs chronologically
10 15
when I️ was talking shit ab how my sc hadn’t updated yet and it updates the next second
8 16
When you go to eat your leftovers you’ve been craving all day and they’re not there
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2 21
When you’re getting roasted on by the whole squad and you’ve had enough.…
3 18
when y’all arguing & someone else jumps in with an opinion that nobody asked for…
5 15
Me on Valentine’s Day when everyone’s being in love and I’m being bitter…
4 15
me when I had automatic updates turned off and snapchat still updated itself…
1 18
this is what it be like when you scrolling through some social media and an advertisement pops up for something you were just talking about
1 18
Michael, Andy, and Dwight in season 6 episode 10…
2 14
When my family decides to team up on me at any holiday/occasion…
1 15
"Who update my Snapchat mhm" 💀
5 10
when you get off snap, go back and it’s updated...…
5 7
When your snapchat automatically updates with out your permission and you trying figure out which snapchat worker to shoot.
1 11
My boyfriend when someone knocks on the door lmfao…
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When an ad on Instagram pops up that you were just talking about…
7 4
When you get on Snapchat and realize it automatically updated...…
3 8
When camilizers and ot4s get into an unnecessary childish fight…
3 6
I don’t remember this episode of full house...
3 6
When the group chat starts roasting you…
2 7
When things are going a little bit too good in your life and you know someone’s gotta be setting you up…
1 8
When you let your friends use your phone and “big black ass gets clapped by BBC” pops up on the screen…
5 3
When someone screen shots your snapchat story!…
2 6
Me waking up with a sore throat trying to figure out who gave me the flu
1 7
Me and my team on Monday and Tuesday, be ready (;…
1 7
When you land at loot lake and only find revolvers…
1 7
This is @wernerk13 everytime someone leaves dirty dishes In the sink
0 8
i bought tyson chicken the other day. I NEVER buy tyson chicken. & now i’m seeing adds for tyson products left & right on social media.…
0 8
when all you did was laugh now the whole room joaning on you…
4 3
When there's been a murder in Savannah and you find out Caleb Crawdad and Deb U. Taunt are double agents.…
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1 5
The Office, "Murder" S06E10 (2009)…
1 5
Felix when anybody tries to get NEAR Changbin…
1 5
When my only 2 friends say they are staying home…
2 3
Finna make this house a little less full @portaShaun @hannamarie96
2 3
ఞClouty With a Chance of Shade🌴
when both ya boyfriends show up to the same place at the same time…
1 4
I’m abouta make this house a little less full…
1 3
“This house bout to be a little less full”…
2 1
Rihanna - Man Down
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2 1
When you get tired of being cut off in a conversation with two other people:…
1 2
Isaiah Thomas in the locker room demanding starting point guard 😭😂…
1 2
When Isiah Thomas found out he was being traded again..
1 2
When your main girl and side chick start arguing…
0 3
Me gunning down both of my personalities asking “now which once of you bitches got me in this mess?”…
1 1
When you got a song in your head and it suddenly comes on on the radio…
1 1
“Michelle NOOO!!!”-@niwdlaBymmoT
1 1
@PeraltaAngee robin dabank?
1 1
i'm about to make this house a little less full…
1 1
Playing fortnite
Hears footsteps
1 1
me next saturday if anyone tells me otherwise about Black Panther…
1 1
Me when anybody is Shane Topson says anything bad about themselves
0 2
When you had food in the fridge that you been thinking about all day & somebody ate it
0 2
"Par I thought you said 35"
1 0
@uglyasshoIe I’m about to make this house a little less full
1 0
When the aids in shs ask you for your pass for your uniform and you be like
1 0
When you trying to find out who ate your food in the house.…
0 1
0 1
me @ the johns when i figured out i couldnt go to the indy show bc it was 21+…
0 1
when a jawn “akikiki-ing” in my shorty face…
0 0
Me : I love people, I trust my friends and I have faith in humanity
Also me, 100% of the time :…
0 0
When someone said Zhavia can't sing
0 0
my mood 24/7 cuz i’m tired of you hoes & niggas…
0 0
Drake fans when someone says anything about drake…
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