dis u at a sleepover wit ur friends n y’all posed to be sleep but somebody whisper “pee pee” real loud
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why did this make my dumb ass laugh OD hard lmfaooooooo
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@sceneboyvarcee This legit got me crying.
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One time I was having a sleeping over with my cousins and my mom came to whooped my ass cause we were being loud but she was hitting my cousin the whole time 🙂😂 my cousin comes outta the covers and was like “tia soy yo” and my mom “ahh pendeja” 😂
12 17
who tf put an emoji on pikachu
5 23
sarah: psst...
me: what
sarah and i in sync: pee pee
5 16
Bc every little thing is so mf funny at 3am
6 13
4 14
bruh i hate that im fr laughing at this lmfaooooo niggas fr never grow up 🤣🤣🤣
2 16
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ahhhh fuck this shit has me dying over some stupid ass shit
1 17
Ain’t never fucking lied 💀💀
6 11
i was the one who whispered pee pee
0 17
i laughed for a good 5mins holy fuck this is hilarious
1 15
Harlee and I at 3 am when she asked if Armie Hammer's real name was Armold
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@sceneboyvarcee 😂😂😂😂💀 facts & everything is 20x funnier when you’re sleepy ..for me anyway. 😅
3 12
“Alright niggas foreal goodnight..” *says some dumb shit 5 seconds later*
2 12
why did i laugh im a grown ass man
2 11
ok but i was the one who whispered
1 12
i can’t even explain how hard this tweet made me laugh and the memories it brought back
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Lmaooo Swear if the squad ever sleeping in a room together it doesn’t take but the slightest thing for everyone to geek, and then there ain’t no going back to sleep for another 30
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4 7
shouts out to frankie oceaaan
Lmaoooo na this is so accurate
1 10
ok but i'd be the one whispering pee pee
0 11
i was tripping sack in my tent at dreamscape and my best friend who was nowhere to be found for hours started making farting noises in random places around the tent i've never laughed so hard
0 11
I'm really screaming what the fuck
0 11
hoseok when he has a sleepover with the unnies
4 6
When all your cousins at your grandma house and y’all supposed to be sleep and somebody passes gas
4 6
Lmaooo I’m dead 💀
3 7
Why is this so relatable
2 8
This made me laugh more than it should
1 9
@ everyone who did Every 15 Minuets
1 9
@sceneboyvarcee @Domo3k this was all of us at your house in Frostburg when we couldn’t stop laughing
cc: @On_Ur_Marc @91ultra_ @bootymontanna
0 10
yes because this definitely happens
0 10
This spoke to me for some reason
0 10
Anna & Taite the night before DI
3 6
Imagine being invited to sleepovers. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
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@deemyknowsbest @DylanLorigan @DJTRV @Joseph__Diamond Remember SMF like 2 years ago when we were all up til bout 6am laughing uncontrollably and not being able to be quiet for shit while the girls were next door😂😂😂
2 7
me and by sister on a school nite
1 8
LMFAOOOOO DEAD FUCKIN ASS “shut up we’re gonna get in trouble”
4 4
IM CRYING. When we was at India sleepover for her bday @URTRAPMUVA @Tykizzlee @__indiaamari @LULCIAH
4 4
‼️ katy voltron @ s7 spoilers ‼️
Katsu room 2018
2 6
*the tsss-ka of another can of beer at 4am with the lights out*

"Are you fucking serious"

"I was thirsty"
2 6
caroline and i still do this
1 7
I miss being young so bad. I didn’t even need weed to laugh that hard
1 7
Fuck... everything funnier at night bruh
1 7
this is the most accurate tweet i have ever seen
0 8
this is our friends every night
0 8
our katsu room last year
0 8
When I sleep with the window open and the indian fratbois outside say the n word
0 8
4 3
US WHEN WE USED TO HAVE SLEEPOVERS ON TOURNAMENT WEEKENDS LMAO @Talisaaavigilll @kaiaanisby @anissa84994041
3 4
fuck my friends, this me and my cousins 😭😭
3 4
why did i laugh so hard 😂😂
0 7
stuff like this is really the best part of sleepovers
0 7
why is the dumbest shit like this so damn funny
0 7
I feel so damn childish for dying laughing at this 😂😂
0 7
This needs to b seen again
0 7
@arynn_acosta @ItsAlwaysTori this is y’all tucked into my couches after some damn pizza rolls
2 4
@annna_11 us on a deflated air mattress after Slicks and having Papa G yell at us from the top of the stairs
2 4
NIGGGAAA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
2 4
1 5
this is what it’s like to be friends w @MadelynnRobicha
1 5
deadass.. AAU/Select tournament weekends aka every weekend growing up and we'd have a game at 8am.
1 5
This is too accurate lmaooo😂😂😂
1 5
@sceneboyvarcee @727carlosjr787 @cassg1221 when you kept saying “hi my name is trey and i got a basketball game tomorrowwwww”
0 6
Lmao I’m actually dying
0 6
I hate how real this is lmao
0 6
when it's pitch black and I hear @ghostattlas say "bush's baked beans" from the other room
0 6
Snow and flurry 2016
0 6
If this isn’t me idk what is 😂😂
0 6
what roach infused beetle head put the laughing emoji on pikachu
0 6
bitch why am i dead. i really used to be this childish.. i miss those days lmao
0 6
This is my favorite thing
0 6
@diegusama @MeowdiMaudi @Julian_Hererra when we tryna sleep and somebody says "who want the shlurp"
3 2
SHITOSPDPSODO me milo and teddy
2 3
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