dis u at a sleepover wit ur friends n y’all posed to be sleep but somebody whisper “pee pee” real loud
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why did this make my dumb ass laugh OD hard lmfaooooooo
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who tf put an emoji on pikachu
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😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ahhhh fuck this shit has me dying over some stupid ass shit
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bruh i hate that im fr laughing at this lmfaooooo niggas fr never grow up 🤣🤣🤣
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@sceneboyvarcee if you stanned Loona you wouldn't need to whisper those words
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i laughed for a good 5mins holy fuck this is hilarious
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katsucon airbnb about to be like
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why did i laugh im a grown ass man
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hoseok when he has a sleepover with the unnies
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*the tsss-ka of another can of beer at 4am with the lights out*

"Are you fucking serious"

"I was thirsty"
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𝕻𝖎𝖓𝕶 𝕽𝖔𝖘𝖊𝖘🥀
Snow and flurry 2016
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deadass.. AAU/Select tournament weekends aka every weekend growing up and we'd have a game at 8am.
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@diegusama @MeowdiMaudi @Julian_Hererra when we tryna sleep and somebody says "who want the shlurp"
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@Hector_Alvrz @DailyxMar something we would do 😂
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Me and @yungkalez the morning after a sleepover at 8:13 AM
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You’re ugly as fuck but I still
Lmaoooooo YO
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@skyyychavez remember our sleepovers with your sister and us saying stupid stuff.
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THIS IS ANNA BARNETT @anna_barnett
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“I got a fat cock u got a little PEE PEE” - @TysonElvester
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*flashback to middle school* SO accurate 😂😂
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BITCH !! This is you me and yoselin when we have sleepovers every fucking time @siccaboo
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Wow I’m mad immature for laughing at this as hard as I just did
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BRO this shit reminds me of middle school sleepovers & now someone breathes and we be dead asf
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@Tinisha_Patrick nigga why is this us whenever we say the word “doo doo” 😂
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@Luve_Ashley "Victory SCREECH!!!!"
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@_ogclayton us at night 😂😂😂😂😂 we be loud as hell for no reason
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When we couldn’t stop laughing that one night over a photo @MikoBaiko 😂
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That’s @marsvalo when I sleep over at her house.
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I’m actually pissed at how funny and relatable this is
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@minsmuse you’ve been read
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دي لا A سوتو 🤴🏽
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@sadlabelle lets do this monday night 🤣
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Us in Vegas when it would get real quiet but then we’d think about the roast 30 minutes earlier and just bust out laughing @WhatsGuzzi @_Flipp
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@TaylorCarlson23 that somebody was you 😂😂👀💀
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Sleepovers @ my cousin’s house when all we did was play MetalGear, Budokai and Need for Speed 2
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