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The Latest: Vice President Mike Pence and his wife did not stand for the combined Korean team’s entrance. #OpeningCeremony apne.ws/y59DTH8
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I thought sports were no place for political protests?
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So, what he’s saying–hear me out–is that not standing up during a ceremonial event is one way to protest something unrelated to the event...
35,413 89,218
huh. it's almost as if Mike Pence is cool with not standing at a sporting event as a form of protest...nah, that can't be right.
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Wait — does that mean that not standing up is a way of peacefully protesting and expressing your views, @VP? 🤔
9,257 29,683
Oh the irony ...
7,893 27,955
Why does Pence hate the opening ceremonies? Oh wait...he's a using ceremony at a sporting event to protest something else. Where have I seen that before?
6,191 18,089
So I guess the Administration now believes it okay to make public political statements at sporting events.
3,484 9,898
Refusing to salute tyranny strikes me as a good thing.
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@AP_Sports Oh, another staged event for @VP. First he leaves when players won't stand for an anthem, now he refused to stand for Korea's athletes? Does he not realise South Korea is an ally of America?
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Sporting events are no place for peaceful political protests, unless you’re white.
1,679 5,061
@AP_Sports talk abt disrespect. Pence and Trump have made such a huge deal that Some Americans don’t stand for the flag. Yet pence shows total disrespect for combined Korean flag at Olympics. Trump/Pence want bully tactics instead of diplomacy. Learn diplomacy from a 6 yr old-wake up Pence.
578 3,641
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What a loser. Olympics are a time to put politics aside and celebrate excellence, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. It's about the athletes.

But that would require this admin not making everything about themselves. 🙄
510 2,156
Mike Pence believes someone can only peacefully protest something if they’re white.
665 1,114
I hate it when people inject their politics into sporting events...
222 1,101
Wait Pence protested something at a sporting event? Where have I heard that from? 🧐🧐🧐🧐
152 978
Almost like they’re peacefully protesting. But then again, I thought sports were no place for politics? #TakeASeat 🤔
300 820
@AP_Sports So was this his “protest”? Good thing he didn’t take a knee. That would upset his base. I wonder if was trump or his wife that told him to stay seated. We know he doesn’t think for himself. @MikePenceVP @GOP @realDonaldTrump
92 838
Wait a minute. I thought sports are no place for political protests?
280 643
Mike Pence takes the knee for the cause of killing millions of Koreans and Japanese.
189 702
11. Aside from nuclear bluster, there's the behavior of Mike Pence, refusing to stand for Korean team.
150 720
@AP_Sports Well, Pence lacks manners. If he thinks to look tough not showing respect to other Olympic teams, he is wrong. It’s only senseless rudeness. It’s hard not to call Pence a disaster. His charisma is in level of a shrimp.
94 681
@AP_Sports So, @VP #Pence refused to stand for the Korean delegation (ahem, protested them) during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games... Olympics which are meant to symbolize: UNITY. 🤔

What ever happened to no political protesting during sporting events?
145 559
Seriously though, if you are South Korean, how is this not hugely offensive?
121 578
Stares at this tweet Kaepernickally
143 465
Pence and Trump policy on conduct sporting events: Do as we say, not as we do.
147 439
Pence takes a knee to protest peace. This could ultimately be a positive development, sidelining the historically rejectionist US as Koreans courageously overcome an American-imposed divide.
190 362
Pence refuses to stand at sporting event to protest unrelated political issues-just like Kaepernick #TakeAKnee. H/t brilliant @brianbeutler
151 289
Another political protest staged by a lying bigot and mother this time on the world stage for the only purpose of showing complete disrespect in defense of a sexual predator.
125 314
🖕🏻Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit 🖕🏻
@VP @mike_pence didn't take a knee. He and mommy just sat on their fat asses. #NoRespect
127 299
@AP_Sports “Get That Son Of A Bitch”....well, you know the rest. He does have an American chef... right?!
39 369
@AP_Sports So much for “sports is not a place for political statements.”
32 327
Sounds like a protest at a sporting event @VP 🤔
89 235
@AP_Sports @VP protested the flag of his hosts while sharing a box seat with them by refusing to stand while all others in the box stood.
He is there as a U.S. diplomat. This is not diplomatic.
66 248
@AP_Sports @VP protested the flag of his hosts while sharing a box seat with them by refusing to stand while all others in the box stood.
He is there as a U.S. diplomat. This is not diplomatic.
66 248
@AP_Sports @VP Nice job, Pence. Classless display of immaturity and a lack of diplomacy. You are a terrible representative of the Olympic spirit.
43 266
He’s sending a message and the media falls for it every time
78 220
TitleIXbaby Sez: NoRacists NoRapists NoNazis
@AP_Sports Mike Pence takes a knee. #TheIrony
32 244
Lisa Simpson Democrat (Badger Jack)
@AP_Sports Great way to embarrass the US @VP
28 240
A sporting event is no place for a political protest, @VP Mike Pence...
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66 191
So the VP is using not standing at a sporting event as a protest. Apparently he thinks it’s ok to peacefully & quietly protest at a sporting event 🤔 wait now where have I seen that before... #Hypocrisy #BLM #TakeAKnee
78 177
@AP_Sports @AP Oh. Is the @VP arguing it’s a peaceful protest at a sporting event? The lack of self awareness is staggering. nbcnews.com/politics/white…
28 193
@AP_Sports Rude.

There as guest of south korea and won't support their team and attempts at peace
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19 201
.@VP—a guest of South Korea's—refused to honor South Korea's Olympians because it included North Koreans.

The levels of disgust I have for these people can't be overestimated.
68 135
Julius Goat (Read Pinned Tweet!)
Meanwhile Pence continues to fulfill the primary role of the VP: being a total pre-planned prick at sporting events.
36 155
@AP_Sports @AP You could almost say they refused to stand, in protest. 🤔
3 186
OH. You mean they protested? At a sporting event????
29 149
@AP_Sports This was an opportunity to acknowledge the potential of a unified Korea. Pence should have stood when the athletes entered. A symbolic gesture of hope & good will. In Chinese, Pence's action is termed as having no manners, reflecting on his poor family upbringing (沒有家庭教養).
25 152
@AP_Sports A Republican hypocrite? You don't say! @VP
7 167
@AP_Sports Apparently VP Mike Pence went to the #2018Olympics just to cause trouble. Sitting when the host country, a combined North & South Korea walked by would almost seem to be a protest at an athletic event...kinda like kneeling at an NFL game. What a hypocrite👎🏻
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35 138
The Pence taking a knee angle is just too perfect.
42 127
I’m old enough to remember when refusal to stand was seen as an unacceptably political act before sporting events
36 127
Should do wonders for American soft power in the region!
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29 128
@AP_Sports The #VP of the United States doesn't know it is just ignorant for him to disrespect his host. We have lost our moral compass allowing such shallow men to represent us.
If any invited foreign leader did that at a US event, #Pence and #Trump would be the first to condemn them
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32 86
@AP_Sports hypocrisy: the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense.
14 104
“While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I don't think it's too much to ask NFL players to respect the Flag & our National Anthem.” @VP

I don’t think it’s too much to ask to respect to the courage and commitment of Olympic athletes no matter where they hail from.
37 79
Hey #MAGA, vice president Pence went to Korea to represent Trump/America. But all he did was disrespect Korea and the entire Olympic process. He officially disgraced America in front of the world. Worse than a NFL player taking a knee. It was stupid, petty and hurt America.
45 67
@AP_Sports Even as symbolic bullshit, this unified team merited USA’s respect.
5 106
So it's OK for Mike Pence to sit during the Korean team's entrance to the Olympics, but not for NFL players to sit or kneel during the Anthem? OK, then.
27 83
@AP_Sports Soooooo...taking a knee to peacefully protest in the US because African-American - BAD. Peaceful protest at the Olympics - GOOD because white guy. Got it!
14 96
So @VP Pence took a knee?
27 82
@AP_Sports .. tacky, classless, totally void of good manners...Is it asking too much for Americans just to want our elected officials -who represent America - to be respectful and not to embarrass us in front of the world?
9 88
Pence & Mother #TookASeat while at a sporting event, to protest something totally unrelated to the event.

Exactly like the NFL players who #TakeAKnee at a sporting event to protest discrimination.

Commence the outrage.
34 62
Another really, really, really, dumb political stunt at taxpayer expense. Homophobic Q-Tip @VP Pence and "Mother" should be ashamed. They do not represent us. #Olympics2018
33 62
And no I do not yield. Not one second to you.
Hitler would not shake Black medal winners' hands at the 1936 Olympics. The Olympic Committee ordered him to shake every winners' hand, so he stopped shaking hands at all.
But hey, sports has never been political until @Kaepernick7 kneeled, right?
18 74
Glen Cantrell, Space Cadet 1st Class
@AP_Sports JFC this regime is so tacky. (And I’m not talking about North Korea).
4 88
This is so disrespectful to a long time ally. This Korean American is giving you serious stink eye, Pence.
15 76
@AP_Sports How ironic. How provocative. How stupid. They have no class, no knowledge of how to behave on the world stage.
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15 75
@AP_Sports In your protest to North Korea, you’re protesting South Korea! But let a NFL football player say he is protesting injustice and not Soldiers. They are still label as wrong even though their protest is legitimate. Protesting the Olympics is not.
12 77
Insulting one’s hosts seems like shitty diplomacy to me
16 69
Did he take a knee?
8 76
@AP_Sports The Koreas combined. We disrespected that. We look so bad on the World stage now.
8 73
5 71
@AP_Sports South Korea is your host. Stand your old wrinkly white ass up!
4 72
Drumpf is какание his pantaloons
@AP_Sports This administration has the sophistication of honey boo boo.
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4 72
Take that, NFL players--I mean American ally South Korea--I mean joint Korean delegation Donald Trump claimed credit for--I mean... um... line?
24 50
.@VP @Mike_Pence:
You and @realDonaldTrump are #UglyAmericans starving for attention. You embarrass Americans while you travel the world, at their expense, looking for that attention. You ungodly jackasses needlessly put millions of innocent lives at risk daily.
34 37
Go figure:
Just fine for Pence to protest at Olympics, but NFL players who take a knee "should be fired".
And Dems who don't rise & cheer at Trump's bombastic State-of-Union speech are "treasonous".
20 50
Maybe Pence should be blackballed from the Vice Presidency🤔.
16 51
Elite Carrie ❤️ America 🇺🇸
@AP_Sports The more the lunatic Left hates Mike Pence,
the more I ❤️ him.
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10 56
The Pences are embarrassing America overseas.
23 39
@AP_Sports So, he is using a sporting event and his government position as a platform for protest?
7 54
Imagine that. Protesting something by not standing. Now where have I seen this before? 🤔
5 55
It's almost..as if...People were really mad about something other...than the anthem...the...whole...time?
20 39
Wait I thought...that you weren’t supposed to use sports as a place to express your political opinion?
14 42
#CapuchinMikey #Pence is at it again: traveling the world, at the expense of U.S. taxpayers, to further embarrass America while making himself look like the jackass he is.
23 32
Apparently this is only not okay when it's black athletes

17 33
Way to be a good houseguest motherfucker
6 44
He literally did what he and Trump bashed @NFL players for doing, all season long. Racist. Homophobic. Coward.
6 44
Grand Admiral of the Space Force™
@AP_Sports Pence is disrespecting the Olympic flag. #SelfAwarenessTweets
3 46
@AP_Sports Anything for publicity... @realDonaldTrump and @VP do not belong in public office
7 41
@AP_Sports There is no diplomatic, geopolitical reason for this. It's just childish and rude.
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5 43
The .@VP and his "mother" being disrespectful to the host country made them look foolish on the world stage. It's embarrassing!
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19 28
@AP_Sports well look at that .. GOP VP protesting at a sports event.
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