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Friend texts pointing out that people were spiked from WH jobs after background check revealed 1 anti-Trump tweet while credibly accused wife beater soared up the org chart. Gives a good sense of priorities.
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@Timodc In all fairness, it must be hard to find decent people who haven’t tweeted an anti-Trump tweet.
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It’s not about character. It’s about loyalty. It’s one reason why his evangelical leader allies are such sycophants. Criticize the man and you lose influence.
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~Extreme vetting~
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@Timodc No problem. To the WH, beating women is OK, disparaging Dear Leader is unacceptable.
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When you put it that way...
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say what you will about Trumpism but at least it’s an ethos
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This is such bullshit. Trump made Rick Perry his Energy Secretary and there are plenty of people in the White House who criticized Trump during the primaries. Hell @PressSec and @KellyannePolls both worked for his primary opponents. But keep pushing some bullshit narrative.
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@Timodc The vetting process is ‘will you be loyal to Trump above all else’
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Indeed. I remember an aide who was fired after an old column surfaced questioning whether the Republican Party under Trump was good for black Americans.
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@Timodc @caroltpsworld There is already a culture of domestic abuse in this Administration.
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@Timodc He says Porter claims innocence. YET he thinks the Central Park 5 should be jailed and/or put to death despite PROOF they were innocent.
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@Timodc Wow - I am SO never getting hired at the white house.
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@Timodc At the top of Trump’s Hierarchy of Needs: Complete Adulation. With that, all else can be forgive.
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Priorities in Trump's America.
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Extremely good point
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@Timodc @Jamie_Weinstein it's called 'make America great again" not "make women safe again"
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@Timodc In the Trump Crime Family it's loyalty not any semblance of decency that matters!
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#الحب_عباره_عن دنيا وحياه حلوه😍😍😍😍
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@Timodc Raj Shah: “Do you like Brazilian music?”
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I know for a fact that a handful of anti-Trump tweets got you booted. They looked for them quite carefully.
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Victor Cha = nope, doesn’t wear a MAGA hat. Alleged physical abuser Porter = he’s a great guy, a hard worker and these allegations are just a smear campaign #priorities
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Hearing stories like this from a few people ...
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Least surprising thing I’ve read all week
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This from Republican @Timodc demonstrates that this isn’t sloppiness, but priorities.
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This from Republican @Timodc demonstrates that this isn’t sloppiness, but priorities.
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Not so much “MAGA” as “STD.” Suck Trump’s Dick amd you’re golden.
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@Timodc A friend was denied a clearance for bouncing a check for pizza when he’d forgotten he moved all his money to a domestic bank after returning from deployment.
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@Timodc And don't give me the shtick that Trump's standard is "innocent until proven guilty." It isn't. Trump said Obama was born in Kenya, Cruz was ineligible for the presidency, Hillary should be locked up, and police officers should be "rough" with suspects.
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@Timodc That’s jacked up. Seriously jacked up.
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👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 This is the only background check this admin cared about - have you ever criticized DT? Because: 1. Narcissist-in-Chief and 2. Loyalty is all that matters when you're running a crime syndicate.
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Sounds bad when you put it like that.
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@Timodc This is an excellent tweet.
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Will the White House going forward reconsider those it vetoed for Twitter loyalty test? Will they still want to work there anyway?
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@Timodc Praising God they’ll never hire me. All my tweets are anti-Trump.
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@Timodc Face-punching: fine.
Truth-telling: discouraged.
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"First of all, nobody respects women more than Donald Trump, I'll tell you. Nobody respects women more. My daughter Ivanka always says, 'Daddy, nobody respects women more than you, Daddy, what are they talking about?'" —Trump, 5/2016
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@Timodc Trump and Pence and the current Republican Party only have one priority it’s themselves!!!!
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@Timodc Guess I won’t be working at the White House during @realDonaldTrump administration. It’s a win/win 🤗 #resign
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Hippie Chica #MAGA🇺🇸💥#Trump2020💥
@Timodc This is a nothing story. They got rid of the guy, move on. There are far more important topics. This is MSM trying to move us off topic. Boycott MSM.
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@Timodc We are SO much in trouble! Our country needs an exorcism!
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The pro family party knows how to find the very best people.
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@Timodc Cadet Bone Spurs is the most insecure leader America has ever known. That insecurity is a great weakness! He is a weak leader, and a tyrant in the making.
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@Timodc Loyalty over competence and loyalty over character are the key priorities of the Trump administration.
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I apologize Dear Leader @realDonaldTrump @VP that I have made at least 1 anti-Trump tweet and I have never beaten my spouse...so I cannot work as a good and trusted servant in your Regime. I will try to do better. Hahahahaha!
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@Timodc @sirDukeDevin Great. That means that whackadoodle Jacob Wohl is next in line for Ambassador to Nambia. #ImpeachTrumpNow
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@Timodc It's almost like the @GOP & Trump are more interested in loyalty than US security.

Trump power over American interests.
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@Timodc How could ANYONE pass a test of even only one anti Trump Tweet?
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"I hire the best people" translates to "I hire people who praise me"
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@Timodc Hurting Turd's feelings is so much worse than beating up women, don't you know?
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@Timodc How many people without security clearance viewing top secret information, I haven't hear 1 single Republican complaining about it. But HC email server was the fucking end of the world.
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@Timodc Yep. Everything is warped now.
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@Timodc Only the best ass kissers advance, no matter their lack of character or morals.
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@Timodc Sounds about right, for this administration...
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Duchess of Everything Worth Doing
@Timodc Yep, and yep. He will have abusers, liars, money launderers, and foreign agents on his staff as long as they AGREE with him and LURVE him. Oh hail to our fearful, insecure leader! (Cue loudest eyeroll in history)🙄🙄🙄

He makes me cry in my angry place almost every day.
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@Timodc Tweets are public, easy to verify. Everybodysees them. The thing with wife beating is that often women are ashamed and keep it quiet. It takes a lot for a woman to admit she picked a bad guy.
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@Timodc His governing philosophy of “we need a good shut down” is the same as his marital philosophy, wives need “a good smack down” once in a while
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@Timodc @DanLarsen88 @GovScottWalker Scott Walker uses his recall petition the same way. If you signed it, no job for you.
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@Timodc Who else in the WH hasn't been background checked? I wonder ...
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These are the values of this Republican administration.
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The Calitaliano Kid!! 😎✊🏼🇺🇸🌊❄🔥🌴
@Timodc The Fuehrer vill NOT be disrespected!!!
Wife beaters readily accepted.
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@Timodc Loyalty and sycophancy are the only qualifications acceptable to the Dear Leader in the WH. I think America should stop berating autocratic nations or preach human values while the odious Dear Leader is still in office.
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Loyalty to cult leader is paramount, of course. Loyalty to wives, or even to the laws against physical assault, are waaaaaay down the list. And 90% of Republicans support the cult leader because he really does represent their morals and values.
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One look at this administration and we can all see how this happens; dt surrounds himself with scoundrels, liars and abusers, feeling quite comfortable in their company!
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@Timodc I mean at the top, there's #pussygrabberinchief ! There was Bannon...
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@Timodc Pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the current administration and the state of the nation. And still, the American people do nothing to stop it.
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This right here 👇
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@Timodc Donald Trump is a young genius. The trick to success in the Trump White House is that Trump's too lazy and stupid to read past the 6th word in a tweet. He's an overweight, boorish, crusty old man who will never read this portion of this tweet.
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@Timodc All our politicians appear to have messed up priorities! They need to put their egos aside and respect their voters! It’s clear our needs are not the focus but throwing dirt at each other and covering their asses is their top priority! It’s embarrassing & a waste of time!
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This says it all.
National security clearance requirements are ignored. Background checks are about loyalty, and *nothing else*.
#RobPorter #MeToo
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I don't want domestic abusers skulking aboard the White House.
c @SenatorBaldwin @SenRonJohnson #WIunion
#domesticviolence #domesticabuse
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This is what an administration looks like when said administration values loyalty to Trump over competency & clean histories.
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@Timodc No integrity with the Trump crew. None, not ever.
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@Timodc There go my hopes and dreams of working for the trump administration! lol
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@Timodc It is always about homage to the cartoon leader.
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@Timodc @StevePasquale Will I assume that trump looks at any man who has a history of abusing women as a new friend that has a lot in common with him .
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@Timodc @suesista Because Dictators don't approve of criticism...or free speech. Trump hires Pediphiles, serial wife beaters, felons. Is this what Trump meant by "Hiring the best people"????
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@Timodc This corruption is astounding
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@Timodc Trump keeps forgetting the "divine right of kings" is not enshrined in the constitution.
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@Timodc And this is why we get who we get. Competent people@don’t always agree with whoever is the President
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@Timodc @SophieInCT Makes you wonder how @RajShah45 got his job after saying this about @realDonaldTrump prior to the campaign: He called Trump "a deplorable" and remarked that the release of the Donald Trump Access Hollywood tape was "some justice" 🤔
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@Timodc There's that loyalty test again!
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@Timodc Let’s face it, the most, if not the only thing important to Trump is being praised. You can do anything if you praise him, and nothing if you at all criticize him!
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@Timodc @danpfeiffer Kinda pokes a hole in their "we didn't know" excuse, too.
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