Email subject line from the White House: "Immigration Crime Stories Round Up: Week of February 4th”

I guess that’s where we’re at now.
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I bet Trump's campaign and administration team has a higher crime rate than any immigrant group.
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This is the kind of crap that used to be a staple of openly racist newsletters and online sewers. Now apparently the White House does it.
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@elisefoley I guess their "WH Staff Domestic Abuse Stories Round Up" email got stuck in your spam folder?
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Just substitute “black” for “immigration,” or even “male,” or really any particular group to understand the sleight of hand and incitement at work here.
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This is a despicable tactic straight out of the Nazi playbook.
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@elisefoley I can't like it because I hate it! Come on @Twitter give us a 'do not like'
to click on or some diff darn choices.
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When fear-mongering is a policy...
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are any of those crimes domestic violence? asking for a friend.
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Can someone please get all these people a fucking history book? I am so done with all this crap.
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This administration continues to vilify immigrants by calling them "lazy" or rounding up stories of criminals. Meanwhile the White House cant be bothered to read a ten page intelligence memo and actively defended a domestic abuser.
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But Rob Porter isn’t a (recent) immigrant, so the White House was cool with him beating his wives.
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So basically the Klan runs the United States
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Because only immigrants commit crime in the USA
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I Resist 4 🇱🇷 Proud Dem.
@elisefoley But Trumps in-laws are here via "CHAIN Migration" unemployed and not Merit based, so. What to do!
I say Deport them IMMEDIATELY 45s hypocrisy >
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Truly a page out of the Nazis handbook, they did this exact thing but for Jews.
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FACT: Immigrants are *less likely* to commit crimes than those born in the U.S.…
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Four Trump officials (so far) have been charged with crimes and two (so far) have pled guilty, but okay Donald.
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@elisefoley @BenjySarlin It basically mirrors Breitbart, "black crime."
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From. The. White. House.

This sounds like something that would've come from the desk of George Wallace or Orval Faubus, circa 1958, but with one key word changed.

That this is a racist White House should really be beyond debate at this point.
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Assume they'll release a White House Staff Crimes Round Up later today.
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This is evil. I hope that the @USCCB and individual bishops will denounce this heinous vilification of immigrants in the strongest possible language.
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@elisefoley @splcenter Can you publish a weekly newsletter of white supremacist/hate crime - that is way up when Trump presidency.
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@elisefoley Perhaps we need an email roundup on the "crime stories" of White House aides.
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I wrote this essay last February, when that weekly immigrant crime report was first announced. A pity it's still relevant.…
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@elisefoley Porter isn't a Native American, so in the most literal sense, they could be talking about him... 😎
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@elisefoley Soon to be followed by "COPS" style reality tv episodes of 'exciting, real-life heroes catching and deporting illegal border jumping drug dealers, rapists and military vets.' Or something like that.
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Happy Presidents’ Day, Madame President
This is from the White House. THE WHITE HOUSE.
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The repugnance of this is matched only by Breitbart’s ‘black crime’ section.
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@elisefoley Sounds like the “Brown Crime” vertical has found a home.
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#RobPorter, not an immigrant, did not make the list
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We really need: “Trump Administration Crime Stories Round Up: Week of February 4th”
(Lookin at you @American_Bridge)
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I'm guessing there isn't also a "nationwide gun violence round up" or a "casualties of the opioid epidemic round up"
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Trump 2020: "Oh No, Mexicans"
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Literally a Nazi tactic.
2 8
Replace "Immigration" with "Juden" and see if you can see where we're heading.
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This is where we have been at.

This is beyond quite literally what the Nazis did w/ the Jews, only they used posters & newspapers, not e-mails…
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1. Pick a target.
2. Round up negative stories
3. Deceive the people
2 7
Immigrants commit crimes that negatively affect citizens. Why must you pretend it doesn’t happen?
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Looks like it’s time to start my counter programming blog, “White American Crimes.”
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@elisefoley @UnkleNeal How about ' Administration Crime Stories Round Up' that should run side by side.
1 7
Who’s running the “White House Staffer Crime Stories Round Up”? I’ll join that list.
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@elisefoley We have to stop this. Many of the people being removed by ICE have NOT committed any crimes. We have an autocrat in the White House who MUST be stopped sooner not later. Please hurry Robert Mueller.
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@elisefoley OMG...bad morning in my communication skills. 😱 I'm not happy with what the #WH is doing. I should have said I am grateful you informed us out here. Needed to clarify.
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Nazis did it first.

We're running out of time.
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This is absolutely ridiculous and appalling. These are the absolute worst people ever assembled and they are running our government. It is sickening.
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Remember: Immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than US-born natives
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It's like they can't make it clear enough -@WhiteHouse intent if to equate immigrants to criminals.

Maybe they should focus more on vetting their own ppl say like those with a history of violent domestic abuse?
#Immigrants #ImmigrantsAreUS
3 3
@elisefoley Where did Rob Porter emigrate from? Is Kelly in trouble for harboring him?
0 6
Every journo should reply back with stories about Gates, Flynn, Pops, and Manafort.

Oh and attach pictures of Porter's ex with a busted face.
2 2
@elisefoley Right out of Goebbels playbook.
#America, stop this Nazi who has taken over your White House!

#RemoveTrump !
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RT @Kasparov63: I bet Trump's campaign and administration team has a higher crime rate than any immigrant group.
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Maybe a staff crime stories roundup would be in order.
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Can we have “Trump Administration Crime Stories Round Up” please? Those are more real.
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This could literally be a Breitbart vertical—white nationalist messaging openly being practiced by the White House.
1 2
But the people working at the White House can’t pass background checks. Interesting.
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This is some truly sick Nazi-type shitty. They aren't even HIDING it. He is not fit to decide on #DACA . Any lawyers that can comment on whether this is highly prejudicial?
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Not "WH Domestic Assault Scandal Cover Up: Happening Now"?

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Let’s get a “cishet white guy crime stories round up”
1 1
@elisefoley is there a link to this?
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Strikingly similar title to a racist magazine that was swiftly withdrawn from sale in Japan in 2007.…
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@elisefoley @UnkleNeal How about white people murders by gun for week.I can post it every week.
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Perhaps if Robert Porter had been an immigrant, the WH would have taken his crimes more seriously.
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The executive branch is indistinguishable from your racist uncle's chain letters.
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Hey @WhiteHouse when can we expect the @realDonaldTrump / @PressSec Lies Roundup Email? Get on that @DanScavino
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Oh come on. Where’s the “WH Staff Domestic Abuse Crime Stories Update”?
0 1
Jesus. Christ.
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@elisefoley They’re feeding their flock. They need to stoke the fears of their base. I’m so disgusted by what I just wrote. I’m not perfect, but his administration views lack of character as a positive. Talk about whiplash🤯🤯🤯
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German newspapers in 1930s had entire sections on "Jewish crime"
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Deplorable. And they are proud of it. This Administration can not be gone soon enough.
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Like outsourcing their messaging to FAIR
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They’re no better than any of the “good people” white supremacist we saw in #Charlottesville
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"hello. we are in hell and we did it to ourselves" - a story of the human condition
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@elisefoley What about. Weekly wrap up of white house crooks.
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Is it just a link to Breitbart's "Brown Crime" section?
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@elisefoley @BenjySarlin For those of us actually living amid the illegal flood, it’s where we’ve been at for the last decade or so. It’s about time you were forced to see the real world results of illegal immigration. Maybe you could attend some funerals of those killed by illegal aliens.
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GOHL A DEMON (Heppner Gazette)
"As the defendant walked down the back stairs of the courthouse to his cell tonight he was whistling." (Oregonian)
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#RT @slpng_giants: RT @normative: This is the kind of crap that used to be a staple of openly racist newsletters and online sewers. Now apparently the White House does it.
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Let's ask #HopeHicks.

Is there a similar "Domestic Abuse" e-mail? "White American Terrorism?" "This Week in School Shootings?" "Who's Screwing Who?" #CommunicationFail
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I despise every other immigrant who voted/supports this buffoon in WH.
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We, The People, can beat that...with "Crime Stories Round Up" on a DAILY basis involving just what is going on in the White House & the majority party in Congress.
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(Open) Racists run the United States.
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Probably fine.
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God it's like if the Nazis had e-mail
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🧜🏾‍♂️Vom Selleck 🤮
Lmfao this country is shit
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