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Good, now I will boycott @Hertz . I’m not a member of the NRA but I don’t want to support a company that would gratuitously parade its contempt for gun owners.
We have notified the NRA that we are ending the NRA’s rental car discount program with Hertz.
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These motherfuckers believe corporations have the right to deny gay people service but turn into blubbering snowflakes when companies charge NRA members the same price as everyone else.
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If disagreeing with the NRA = contempt for gun owners, then a lot of gun owners have contempt for gun owners as well.
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@philipaklein @Hertz I'm a gun owner, 48 years now, I have no problem with Hertz, nor do I feel contempt from them. I do feel used by the NRA, and you, who deign to speak for me and other gun owners who believe in reasonable public safety gun regulations.
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@philipaklein @Hertz You’re gonna have trouble finding somewhere to rent a car, since Avis-Budget and National/Alamo/Enterprise also ended their NRA discount programs this week.
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@philipaklein @Hertz I am a gun owner and conceal carry, and I do not believe Hertz has been contemptuous of me. But then I am not a member of a gun cult.
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Osi, long and short of this story - she was friends with Maryam Babangida and she used her influence to get an oil block. She needs to go and enjoy her money and leave these weekly stories. Other people with oil blocks are not dishing out stories of "na God" weekly.
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@philipaklein @Hertz The @NRA does not represent gun owners, it represents gun-makers and gun-sellers. It’s a lobbying organization attempting to sell as many guns as possible to as many people as possible. They don’t care about you or the second amendment...only profits, including Russian $$.
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They're not showing contempt for gun owners, they're making a business decision not to show favoritism to an organization that CHOOSES TO BRAND ITSELF as a zero-dissent, right-wing temple of apocalyptic, Trump-glorifying cultural warriors.
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@philipaklein @Hertz It’s not the members they dislike but seeing Wayne LaPierre at CPAC blaming everyone and everything on the shooting in an obnoxious way. That is what people think when they think of NRA not the members
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@philipaklein @guypbenson @Hertz Here’s the question: would you be cool if a company offered Planned Parenthood member discounts? If so, then I have no qualms with you. If not, then why would you boycott a company for getting out of the thicket. They didn’t also offer Everytown donors a discount.
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@philipaklein @Hertz See, this tweet is funny because it supposes the NRA advocates for gun owners
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@philipaklein @Hertz "Contempt" = charging NRA members the same as the general public.

Take some time off, Phil.
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NRA membership only represents a fraction of gun owners in the United States. What you want to say is "contempt for gun manufacturers" who will pay lobbyists to fear monger and block common sense restrictions in order to sell more guns.
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Well I just offset your boycott with a weeklong reservation, with the return to a different location 💰💰💰💰@hertz
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This is not about left and right or conservative and liberal, it's about dead children.
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@philipaklein @Hertz I'm a gun owner and I detest the NRA. They don't represent the interests of gun owners, they represent gun manufacturers. Huge difference, and i hope more gun owners are waking up to this fact.
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Conservatives put their love of guns above everything--kids, country, the marketplace.

Shocking nihilistic
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@philipaklein @Hertz Do you really believe the NRA and gun owners are synonymous? You're being obtuse.
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@philipaklein @Hertz Look at this way...staying out of politics - the right thing for Hertz to do - would have meant never having a relationship with the NRA in the first place...
3 80
This seems more like *fear of anti-NRA faction successfully costing them business* more than *gratuitous parading of contempt for gun owners*

If I wanted to show “gratuitous contempt” I’d do more than *not give a special discount*
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TFW you’re not a member of the NRA, but are OUTRAGED that people who love guns will have to pay as much as the rest of us for a midsize sedan
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@philipaklein @Hertz No longer offering a discount now equals contempt?
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A very small fraction of American gun owners are NRA members. Majorities of gun owners disagree with a number of NRA policy positions. If you want to respect gun owners, start by not making broad assumptions about who they are and what they believe.
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@philipaklein @Hertz On behalf of thinking people everywhere...

Oh, piss off.
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@philipaklein @Hertz Its not contempt for gun owners. Its contempt for gun mnfs. lobbying group The NRA. Thats is what they are a lobbying group for gun makers. I am a gun owner for over 50 years and would not piss on La Paranoia. He is tired old man with his BS God Guy With A Gun crap.
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@philipaklein @Hertz I didn't realize that being a member of the terrorist organization @NRA was a requirement to be a gun owner. I have a .22 rifle and single bolt .410 somewhere in my house and I'm not a member. I am Hertz gold however and will continue to give them my business now.
5 30
Area conservative snowflake conflates gun owners w NRA members so he can play martyr (and I think, from the way that’s written, he’s not even a gun owner.
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@philipaklein @Hertz Absence of a discount is not contempt. It’s retail price.
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No one has contempt for gun owners. It’s contempt for an extremist lobbying organization that has gone far beyond a single issue advocacy group or just being a right wing political organization. It doesn’t even represent most gun owners in America
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My dude, your movement’s going to the mat *right now* to help pharmacists who’d deny women birth control & bakers who’d object to making a gay couple a cake.
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@philipaklein @Hertz Picking who you partner with isn’t a shot against gun owners. If I’m a company and I just don’t want to deal with the hassle of this mess, I shouldn’t be compelled to stay in a business arrangement. I’m a conservative & I’m embarrassed by other conservatives crying about this.
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@philipaklein @Hertz What about the LGBT community? Would you support a company that gratuitously parades its contempt for them? I’m asking because I want to send you lunch and a gift and I’m wondering if Chik-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby would be the places to go.
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@philipaklein @Hertz The NRA has been exposed as being a shill for gun manufacturers. Their POV is not representative of most of their members. They do not care about that. They care about gun sales, and all gun laws hurt gun sales. Surely your paper has covered this... #Hertz deserves support
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@philipaklein @Hertz I'm sure Hertz is devastated to lose your business.🤣
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@philipaklein @Hertz Not gun owners. Gun manufacturers and their lobbyists
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They’re not gratuitously parading contempt for gun owners, @philipaklein. They’re rightly cutting ties w/ an extremist group that, despite many gun owners wanting common sense gun control, continues to stoke fear and hate and challenge regulation amid an epidemic of gun violence.
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Another snowflake.
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@philipaklein @Hertz Let's end this fiction that the @NRA represents all gun owners. I am still a gun owner, and they nauseate me. #VetsForGunReform #VetsVsTheNRA
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So, charging NRA members the exact same rates as everyone who ISN'T an NRA member is… showing contempt?

How does that work, exactly?
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@philipaklein @Hertz By not giving them special discounts? That's pretty discriminatory.
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@philipaklein @Hertz Technically, they’re treating gun-owners and non-gun-owners the same now. Equality isn’t the same as contempt.
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@philipaklein @Hertz NRA has a membership of 5 million members, which equals 2% of the adult US population. But guns are owned by 22-29% of the adult US population.…

NRA represents the interests of gun manufacturers, not Americans.
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@philipaklein @Hertz Go ahead and boycott. It won't be noticed, because NRA members are less than 5 million out of 325 million Americans (most of who don't own guns). #NRAKillsKids
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It's not "contempt for gun owners" -- it's opposition to an organization that's holding the country hostage.
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Why exactly do NRA members deserve a discount?
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@philipaklein @Hertz The @NRA is not and never will be congruent with the community of gun-owners. Maybe it once was, but it's turned into something else - I think sometimes designed only to sell more guns. The sooner the link is broken, the better it will be everyone, including 2A supporters.
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@philipaklein @Hertz You ought to begin to distinguish between "gun owners," and the NRA. There is overlap, but it's far from complete.
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Studio Notes on the Trump Presidency
@philipaklein We should mention that we love PHILIP - a character study in tragic-comic cognitive dissonance. Can we see more of him? Maybe he can feel bad for the ALT RIGHT next?
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You know what would be crazy? If you were a gay person and you wanted a wedding cake and a bakery told you they wouldn’t make one.
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@philipaklein @Hertz Better hold your fire, Phil. What if Amazon and McDonalds and Apple disavow the NRA?
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@philipaklein @Hertz So ultimately you are boycotting a company that is no longer giving out discounts to a group you don’t belong to? Quite the hill to die on.
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“Charging me market rate for my car rental is beyond the pale! Gun owners have a constitutional right to DISCOUNTS #NeverAgain Hertz!!!1!”

(Please tell me about how we’re the triggered lil snowflakes 😋)
2 5
@philipaklein @Hertz The NRA may have once been a representative of gun owners but it is now a lobbyist for gun manufacturers.
1 6
@philipaklein @Hertz NRA members no longer get a discount. They pay the same amount as non NRA members. How is that “contempt”?
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Night Mists 🌜🍁🌻🌃🌻🍁🌛
@philipaklein @Hertz They just done giving discounts. Stop being so over dramatic. 1.5 % don't care about the slaughter of children. They just don't get rewarded for their lack of morals
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@philipaklein @Hertz NRA does not equal gun owners
0 7
@philipaklein @Hertz And Enterprise and Alamo and National? Hope you like walking.
0 7
Cool! You've inspired me to give Hertz my business. Except Enterprise (my usual go-to) also ended its relationship w/the NRA, so now I have to double-book in your honor. It's gonna get expensive, but values aren't free.
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You honestly can’t discern between gun owners and a gun manufacturer lobby whose leaders and profoundly unhinged and divorced from American norms? Tribalism at its most extreme.
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"Oh no, you took away my special discount that I got for being associated with a corporate lobbyist organization whom I have devoted a disproportionate amount of my affection to instead of other human beings."
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"You'll have to pay the same as everyone else now."
"This is a gratuitous parade of contempt for my special interest."
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@philipaklein @Hertz Contempt for the NRA, a political lobbying group, is a far cry from "contempt for gun owners"

There are plenty of gun owners who have turned to local 2A rights groups because they know the NRA no longer looks out for individual gun owners but the gun manufacturers and profits.
0 6
Yeah I bet you were using the hell out of @Hertz , Philip, the last person to rent a car was my granddad in 1987
0 6
Don't worry. There'll be far more of us ready to give Hertz new business to replace those lost from you and the Alt-right.
0 6
Wow.... Philip sounds a little butt hertz
0 6
@philipaklein @Hertz Sweet! Shorter lines for the rest of us AND no more NRA subsidies.
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@philipaklein @Hertz How dare you claim that the NRA represents gun owners. I have owned a gun for 40 years but I have never joined that group of irrational nuts. Like 90% of gun owners.
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@philipaklein @Hertz Yeah, screw this private company for denying 1% of America their Constitutional right to a discount on car rentals because they choose to pay dues to a weird club.
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That's a little less insurance fraud they'll have to deal with
0 5
Once I turn 21 I’m gonna rent tf out of @Hertz
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✡ Alex ✡Globalist✡ Singer ✡
You can sometimes sum up white privilege in one tweet, just like this.

"I will now boycott 'something' because that 'something' doesn't approve, support and discount my relations to 'something' that hurts someone else! Grrr! So angry!"
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@philipaklein @Hertz There are many more who feel that NRA does not properly represent most gun owners. Only 6% of gun owners are NRA members. Conflating the NRA and gun owners is stupid.…
1 3
@philipaklein @Hertz Contempt 👏 for 👏 the 👏 NRA 👏 is 👏 not👏 contempt 👏 for 👏 gun 👏 owners
0 4
@philipaklein @Hertz Why should gun-humpers pay a special rate in the first place?
0 4
Okay, I guess you will have to take a hike since the other car rental companies have done the same.
BTW, you can't fly either.
Better get some good shoes for all the walking you'll be doing.

@StephMillerShow @frangeladuo @SueinRockville
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You get that this “contempt” is just charging gun owners the same rate as everyone else, right?
0 4
But you're happy to stand alongside with an extremist organisation responsible for the deaths of countless children. Well done youm
1 2
Many of us gun owners appreciate the contempt for a gun manufacturers lobby group working against the wishes of most Americans.
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No longer offering a disocunt is contempt?
1 2
@philipaklein @Hertz I didn’t realize that a business is showing contempt for me if they don’t give me a discount.
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@philipaklein @Hertz Everyone's very impressed. Or, wait, no. The opposite of that.
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Jeff Cieslak, Fairness Arbiter
@philipaklein @Hertz Congrats on inventing free-market capitalism.
0 3
@philipaklein @Hertz Free market, man. Your lack of support is economically disinteresting to all the companies shedding partnerships with the NRA.

Any revenue derived from NRA member partnership programs is costlier than non-NRA membership programs.. it's been judged that this cost > profit gain
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@philipaklein @Hertz The NRA is *not* a group for citizens. It is the lobbying arm of gun manufacturers. It is ONLY in the business of selling as many firearms as possible. “Members” are not their driving force and have not been for years.
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Jenn - hey @jack-still lots more nazis to boot
@philipaklein @Hertz I am a gun owner who does not feel contempt from Hertz. I do feel like Phil is being overly dramatic because he's upset that nra members now have to pay the same rental rates as the rest of us.
0 3
@philipaklein @Hertz And if I owned a bake shop, and refused to serve an NRA member because my faith considers those who aid mass carnage to be sinful, you'd sue me, right? Gosh this is fun.
0 3
Please everyone send Philip your thoughts and prayers.
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"Car rental discounts are more important than the lives of human beings."
"An organization that views human lives as acceptable collateral damage is more respectable than one that doesn't."

It's good when they don't beat around the bush. #GunControlNow
0 3
@philipaklein @Hertz It will backfire as more people are joining and they're not even firearm owners. A great campaign for them as I see it.
Allegedly, running away because they are 'caught in the mess' is a cowards way out.
NRA involvement in the FL is remote.…
1 1
@philipaklein @Hertz More than 90% of gun owners are not NRA members. Companies disassociating themselves from the NRA aren’t showing contempt for gun owners; they’re showing contempt for an org. that represents gun makers, not owners, w/a harsh stance out of touch w/the views of the vast majority.
1 1
@philipaklein @Hertz For many years now, NRA has NOT represented the opinions of gun owners and even their own members regarding gun control. There are a number of surveys and papers confirming this as fact. Such as this NEJM article…
1 1
Boycott Hertz! Yes! What an opportunity for smaller rental car companies who love and not hate American citizens!
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