An actual Florida lawmaker: “We've been told to listen to children and do what they ask. Are there any children on this floor? Are they making laws? Do we allow children to tell us we should pass a law that says no homework? No. The adults make the laws."
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Shannon Watts
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Here’s the video... #FlaPol #FLLeg
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Florida lawmaker: “Are there any children on this floor? Are they making laws? Do we allow children to tell us we should pass a law that says no homework? No. The adults make the laws… we HAS the wisdom.”
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I sure hope this speech ends Florida State Rep. Elizabeth Porter's career in politics.
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@shannonrwatts Corrupt adults are no match for 3.8 million woke “children” who will be active voting adults by November 2018.
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@shannonrwatts @hegec4 Because not wanting homework is totally the same as wanting to not be murdered @Emma4Change
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❄️ 𝕄𝕒𝕞𝕒 𝕊𝕟𝕠𝕨𝕗𝕝𝕒𝕜𝕖 ❄️
@shannonrwatts I truly hope this video goes viral and ends #Florida State Rep. Elizabeth Porter's political career.

How belittling. How despicable.

How dare she?!

#NeverAgain #MarchForOurLives #Shame
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This video of Florida state Rep. Elizabeth Porter belittling the “children” who want to live in a safer world is simply hot garbage.

“We has the wisdom” is a nice touch.

(Via @shannonrwatts)
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Patrick Lewis 🏳️‍🌈
Wow. Florida State Rep. Elizabeth Porter comparing survivors of mass shootings asking for common sense gun legislation to children asking for no homework. Shame on her. I hope nobody thinks to call her Capitol office (850) 717-5010 or District office (386) 719-4600 about this...
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This is Florida Rep Elizabeth Porter (R) denigrating and being condescending to young adults who are standing up for their rights. She will have to answer to these Florida "children". #NeverAgain #VoteThemOut #BlueWave2018
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So we shouldn't listen to the cries of America's children asking adults to protect them? God help us.
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@shannonrwatts She forgot to mention they (the adults) have been bought and paid for, and that their decisions are therefore tainted and unrepresentative of their constituents.
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You lost me at, “...we has the wisdom”
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Jennifer Ann Dietze🏳️‍🌈🌊🌊🌊
@shannonrwatts @LizPorterHD11 Poeple will always remember you has the wisdom. Hope you is smart enough to has a new job after you gets voted out by them that gots the power! (The kids you just challenged)
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@shannonrwatts Rep. Elizabeth Porter said this. She is in FL HD 10. There is no Democrat running there yet! Someone throw your hat in the ring.
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@shannonrwatts "Are there any children on the floor?" No, there aren't. There are just adults with the impulse controlof children who must've missed their high school civics & ethics classes.
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*Morgan Freeman voiceover

“That was the last speech Elizabeth Porter ever made. Turns out “the kids” made their point in the voting booth...”
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Kids shouldn't make the laws because only adults have "the age, the wisdom, and the experience"? She left that out "and the NRA pays us to ignore all that so they can sell more guns."
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@shannonrwatts Come for the lecture.

Stay for the grammatical errors.

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@shannonrwatts Great video for her next opponent’s campaign!
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@shannonrwatts If this representative never huddled in the closet in terror as a man w/ a weapon of war prowled her halls, killing her colleagues, then no she has none of the experience or the wisdom that the #ParklandStudents have.
All she has is age and it’s taught her nothing
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@shannonrwatts But the children aren't asking for a no homework bill.

They are asking for a chance to not die from an AR15.

I think that's pretty reasonable, or do those adults not know the difference?
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@cameron_kasky I appreciate your fire and desire, but you won’t see @TheDemocrats saying this...
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@shannonrwatts She don't has the grammar, that's for sure.

If she wants experience, maybe she should be put in a school hallway with an active shooter wielding an AR-15. Not only students are demanding gun control, their parents are demanding it, too. They has that right. #WeHasTheWisdom
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Ah yes, a Florida state legislator belittling the intelligence of grieving high school students by affirming "We has the wisdom" #WeHasTheWisdom #WednesdayWisdom
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@shannonrwatts "we has the wisdom" maybe you shouldn't be allowed to graduate at the age of twelve lady...
6 69
@shannonrwatts "...and we have the NRA money...."
3 69
#WeHasTheWisdom ? Really @FloridaGOP ? Where did you “gets” it? I lost brain cells just watching this video.
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@davidhogg111 Listen to this genius FL lawmaker say "We has the wisdom" amidst her lecture of kids...
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@shannonrwatts Well clearly she has to go. Maybe children cannot change the laws but as Americans they sure the hell can ask for the laws to be changed that kill them.
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@shannonrwatts Please tell me someone is challenging her in the general election in 2018.
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@shannonrwatts This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. It's demeaning and disrespectful to the "children" who've died or been involved in any school shootings, which I'm sure this "adult" has not! #wehasthewisdom
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@shannonrwatts “We has the wisdom”...uh huh

“We have the experience”...really you have been under fire while trying to get an education at school?

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, change the things I cannot accept, and wisdom to know the difference
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@shannonrwatts The experience? When was this lady shot at during school?

The problem is, we have “adults” who act as though they are experts, when they are simply paid off by lobbyists.

Vote them out!
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@shannonrwatts Y'all this video right here is a rallying cry for the 2018 midterms. Show it to students. Show it to churches. Show it to mothers and fathers. Then when it comes to pols in the pocket of the NRA- #ThrowThemOut.
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@shannonrwatts Florida got both Bush and Trump elected. All the young people have to do is flip Florida to blue and Dems retake the White House.

Plus, there are plenty of pissed off Puerto Ricans who will help them.
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@shannonrwatts OMG
Completely, totally tone deaf
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@shannonrwatts @u3Y4BDE On November 6, 2018 you can take Elizabeth Porter and the GOP out of political power.
Vote Elizabeth Porter and the GOP and NRA supported lawmakers out of office in 2018.
Porter and the GOP has shown that they only care for Party and Donors like the NRA not Country and People.
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@shannonrwatts You also has a lot of packing to do come November #WeHasTheWisdom
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@cameron_kasky Hi @cameron_kasky , I transcribed this Florida law maker’s (Rep Elizabeth Porter) speech for you, if it’s useful to you for responding to.…
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@shannonrwatts I can only hope that lawmakers like her rue the day they ever discounted the voices of these kids. The future grows up fast... #Vote2018
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Go listen to @ReadingWhileBlk Podcast ASAP
Sounds like she needs to be in English with those kids
#WeHasTheWisdom 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
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@shannonrwatts Wrong. Elected officials are there to create laws that the people they rep want. You are in office for the people - including children.
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We has the wisdom...we has the age and we has the experience. We donts allows no homework and to graduate high school at 12..we make the laws
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This dumbshit says, #WeHasTheWisdom

Everything about these people is a four alarm dumpster fire.
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“We has the wisdom”

God help us.
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G Lynda CHILL *Breck girl calling them out*
@shannonrwatts Is there anyone on that floor who has children? Or maybe grandchildren? You know, those small people that we would like to keep safe... I guess their own children aren’t as important as NRA campaign contributions. I wonder what price their childrens (and ours) lives are worth?
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This stupid woman. Deserves nothing more than 2 b dragggggged. Reach out 2 @ElectLizPorter w/ her 0 tweets & 37 followers (smh this is 2018 🤦🏽‍♂️) and let her know that #WeHasTheWisdom. These kids r more powerful than she’ll evr know #voteherassout #neveragain #FlaPol #FLLeg
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Nov 6 - Vote 'D' for Democracy OR 'R' for Russia
@shannonrwatts That's why you make laws to PROTECT the children. That includes keeping guns out of their hands. When a group is not allowed to vote, the reps owe it to them to represent them!!!
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Florida District 10 Representative Elizabeth Porter can't run again due to term limits. Watch to see if she makes a Senate run.
"We has the wisdom," I think not.

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I couldn’t disagree more. Youth voice and participation might help us craft better laws and policies. Lord knows the “grown-ups” in our federal, state and local govts across this country haven’t exactly been hitting it out of the park....
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Rep. Elizabeth Porter. If you live in Florida please vote her directly into the garbage.
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“We have the age. We has the wisdom.”

Rep Elizabeth Porter of Florida showing off her BA in Communications and simultaneously failing the Saturday Night Fever dance-off.
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@shannonrwatts Two words. Voter. Registration.
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“We has the wisdom.”
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@shannonrwatts Tone deaf. Can't wait till @RandyRainbow gets wind of this one!
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@shannonrwatts WOW. This is the most tone deaf of all humans. Lawmakers REPRESENT the people. Kids don't want to be murdered and are asking their REPRESENTATIVES to help them live.
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@shannonrwatts We need to bookmark this video for educational purposes. It is the best example of false equivalency I’ve ever seen. #WeHasTheWisdom
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@shannonrwatts She seems to think not wanting to do homework and wanting to finish high school by age 12 is the same thing as not wanting to get shot. “Ms. We-Has Wisdom” must “has” accepted $ from the NRA. #NRAIsATerroristOrganization #GunReformNow
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#ElizabethPorter just sealed her fate as she called Parkland shooting survivors, now activists “brats” and “children” for trying to make stricter gun laws. She compared them trying to change the law to getting rid of homework. Who does this lady think she is...???
3 14
Vote this soulless harridan, out of office! Plz, Florida. You can do better.
4 12
@shannonrwatts She needs to hang her head in shame. How pathetic and callous can she possibly be????
3 13
@shannonrwatts To the "Honorable What's-Her-Name"
2 13
@shannonrwatts I think the adultier adults need to step in, bc this shizz isn't going to stand.
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@shannonrwatts FLA State Rep Elizabeth Porter: survivors of mass shootings asking for common sense gun laws is like kids asking for no homework. Call her out: Capitol 850.717.5010/District 386.719.4600 She's yet another whacko... maybe she's preoccupied with fantasies of #DavidDennison?
5 9
in attempting to make a case for why adults make the laws and will not listen to young people because they’ll just try to outlaw homework, this absolute dingbat shouts “we HAS the wisdom.” so...🤷🏻‍♂️
4 10
@shannonrwatts Welp, that’s the end of her career probably.
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@shannonrwatts The speaker has age and experience. But wisdom? Not so much.
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@shannonrwatts Lol did she say 'we HAZ the wisdom'
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@shannonrwatts Yet they have no clue. These teenagers will be your government before you know it and they have more compassion and common sense then any of you will ever have. Good luck!
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High school students (some that are 18) that have been through a mass shooting asking for laws to prevent mass shooting are very different from “children” asking for laws against homework...

Jesus Christ these people are dense
2 11
@shannonrwatts I don't know about the wisdom Elizabeth....that seems to be sorely lacking. #voteherout
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1 11
@shannonrwatts @LizPorterHD11 is a truly detestable woman. These student's are giving you advise based on their experience of being the victims of gun violence. You should be ashamed! #WeHasTheWisdom
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32,000 Americans die every year from too much homework.

Oh wait, no.
3 8
Ridin' the Blue Wave🌊 STOP the GOP #CA01 #FBR
@shannonrwatts Please sit down and shut up, ma'am. The kids are making more sense than you.
2 9
Shame on you Elizabeth porter- for your horrible stance on students' wishes not to die in school and for your horrible grammar. Not wanting to die in school and not wanting homework- not the same thing. #ElizabethPorter #FLLeg #shame
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Future Wal-Mart greeter Elizabeth Porter has some thoughts
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What you actually has, @LizPorterHD11 is years of fostering relationships with industry partners who corrupt the laws you do/don’t pass and this video just proves it.

Good luck trying to publicly bully the bullied and murdered.

#WeHasTheWisdom #FLPol #FLLeg
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@shannonrwatts @Utleyjacobite Florida Department of Tourism's new marketing campaign:
1 9
@shannonrwatts "And we choose laws that kill children because we get paid a lot of money to pretend guns don't serve the purpose for which they were made."
1 9
@shannonrwatts (R) FL Rep. Elizabeth Porter: “Do we allow children to tell us that we should pass a law that says no homework?”

Someone tell NRA-owned Porter that 17 Parkland students will never be able to do homework again.

3 6
@shannonrwatts Beg to differ, Dumb Florida Rep, you and your constituents have exactly ZERO experience of being in school and having the threat of a #MassShooting or #ShotDead
3 6
@shannonrwatts 👆🏻Many of those “children” are rising voters AKA constituents. Also, “children” the same age are protecting our freedom in our military. 🗽
BTW, I’m certain one of these “children” will come for Rep. Porter’s job. They will lead the way & maybe our nation one day! #MSDstrong
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Rep. Elizabeth Porter of FL thinks that teens asking her and her colleagues to pass gun safety laws is somehow equivalent to kids asking for laws banning homework.

Those "children" are showing more maturity than she did with her "we are the adults" speech.
2 7
@shannonrwatts "We *has* the wisdom." Ha ha.
1 8
@shannonrwatts They don't make law - yet. But many will be voting very soon - and not, I suspect, for Elizabeth Porter.
1 8
@shannonrwatts She states the adults make the laws, not the children. To me it looks like the adults haven't done a very good job. When you watch this, don't you just want to slap her.
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@shannonrwatts Florida Representative Elizabeth W. Porter (R)
House District:10
First Elected: 2010
Terms Out:2018
Delegations: Alachua,Baker,Columbia,Hamilton,Suwannee
1 8
@shannonrwatts Well if adults who have the age, wisdom and experience would make laws based on those factors, no one would be upset. But when you “adults” in the Fla. legislature makes laws b/c you take $$$$$ from NRA and other lobby groups, then yes we will speak up, demand and vote you out.
4 4
@shannonrwatts @Heather_11_16 The children are getting killed. The "children" have to right to speak. I stand with them and will do everything I can to get GOP out of the White House. I'd like to tell her on the floor the kids are more adult than the child in the White House.
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3 5
And over in Florida...Gun Control.
Listen to the words of wisdom from Republican Rep. Elizabeth Porter.
I’m sorry, but if you voted for that halfwit, you need to talk a long hard look at yourselves and wonder if you deresrve the vote at all.
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3 5
@shannonrwatts Ok then - as a parent I demand you pass gun laws. Is that better? Will you pass that now? #GunContolNow #GunControl #CommonSenseGunLaws
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