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Oskar Gröning: 'Bookkeeper of Auschwitz' dies at 96
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@BBCWorld Saw him years ago on the BBCs warning from history. Barely apologetic. Full of justifications. Should have been jailed years before his death.
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@BBCWorld will trump be attending the funeral?
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@BBCWorld I know his part in the horrendous atrocities was abhorrent. But. At 96 should he have faced trial. His actions were indirect and not personally responsible for the horrific loss of life. I hope he finds peace in death.
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@BBCWorld He was just earning a living just like our present political jobbers
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@BBCWorld He did show courage in coming forward. He also asked for forgiveness. Some simply vanished silently. We cannot erase this. Discarded humanity to be violent beasts exhaling cigars as life went up like smoke!
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@BBCWorld So much horror and heartache may never be healed. We must never forget or let this happen again.
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@BBCWorld He didn't even kill anyone, he just worked there. Soon people will persecuting people who worked in German factories and supplied coal and iron
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@BBCWorld I have nothing but anger at him. I despise him and what he took part in
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Hope it was a horrific meeting downstairs
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@BBCWorld Well, he's serving a sentence now.
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@BBCWorld trump Sexually Assaults Women!
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Vi um documentário semana passada e ele falava que não devia ser preso... Uma pena que foi julgado tão tarde
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@BBCWorld Good. Hope his family get set on fire.
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Now meeting the ultimate bookkeeper!
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@BBCWorld The epitome of the word - Cunt
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@BBCWorld Hope all those imagining that things could be forgotten by time or one could fled by his crimes just look to this and many others like him!
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@BBCWorld Well they had to see this happening...
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@BBCWorld God will now be his judge.
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@BBCWorld So that's what that cheering was all about .. damn loud.
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@BBCWorld Well at the end of the day he realy did get his death sentence!!!
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@BBCWorld Germany receives far too much credit for "owning" the Holocaust. This is not a unique case. Makes me sick.
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@BBCWorld I wonder if he ever felt remorse...
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@BBCWorld Well he escaped punishment I bet those who tracked him down are pleased such a waste of money and time taking a 95 year old to trial for something he was not directly involved in.
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Good. How many did he kill before they had a life to live?
#nazis #Germans
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