Sidharth Malhotra
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Suman, a 6-year-old baby elephant, was torn away from her family and is being abused & held illegally in captivity in Jaipur! This is unacceptable and inhuman.
Please sign & RT @WildlifeSOS’s petition:
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Thank you so much for your unwavering support of our work, @S1dharthM and for rallying more people to fight for Suman's freedom. Much appreciated.
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Please sign and share!
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@S1dharthM You are a true angel to these Elephants! Thank you so much for your support 🙏🏼
37 58
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS I'm proud of you Sid 👍thanks for sharing this 😃 cute Susan🐘
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Jaipur'da yasadışı olarak ailesinden çalınan yavru fil Suman'ı kurtarmak için @WildlifeSOS tarafından düzenlenen imza kampanyası.
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Famous Actors adding their voice and demanding justice for Suman (Hazel). We CAN force action to #SaveSuman. Plz add YOUR voice...let’s create a #TsunamiOfOutrage!
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@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS #Allah_Kabir

रखनेसे मुस्लिम समाज नरक का भागी बन रहा है केवल पाप ही इकट्ठे कर रहा है कयोकि रोजे के बाद मांस खाता है जो अल्ला का आदेश नही है

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Please #rt and sign the petition. Save the #elephants
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@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS She looks so sad :(
Barbaric to keep wild animals in captivity for human entertainment in zoos and other places.
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@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS Ohh Allah plz help her..😢 she's 6-year-old bht chhoti h wo.. kya ho Gaya h logo ko insaniyat sach mein mar gyi h.. sbse bda janwar toh insan hai.. bloody selfish people.. #SaveSuman
6 10
Thanks @S1dharthM for sharing this information, there are many more animals who wants to seek freedom !
1 15
I feel so bad when these speechless creatures get hurt by v humans then trust on humans becomes bad sign to survive for them . It' had been long list of these types of cases have seen on YouTube I feel really very bad sorry #Suman .
9 6
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS You're such a humble person... Pure soul , beautiful in side n out... I'm so proud to be Your fan... You made me Emotional... I'm feeling sad for this elephant #SaveSuman
2 12
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS Ohh so sad...koi aisa kaise Kar skta h😥 this is very painful
1 10
Please raise your #voice for #Suman 🐘 Let us ROAR to the world that #AnimalCruelty will not be tolerated! PLEASE sign & share 🙏 for all #elephants in #captivity
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@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS I hate this inhuman world 😢.Our world is depends on all animals.Nature is very much important ❤️.A baby can't live without her mom and family 😭.You are a pure soul ❤️ and your heart is full of love ❤️.really proud of you.Proud to be your fan ❤️.#SaveSuman 🐘.signed ❤️
3 7
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS This is not rgt humans can done with this animals.. With this little elephant baby ..
0 10
This man deserves only love nd happiness @S1dharthM golden heart💛
2 7
सौRAV ᴶᵃᵇᵃʳᶦʸᵃ ᴶᵒᵈᶦ
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS Soft Kind Hearted person..apna idol 👑 sabse best..good job.. Signed 💕
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@S1dharthM @miss_cherished @WildlifeSOS Being human. Thanks siddharth for sticking this truth on social media. There are many more animals who seek freedom.
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Sid's queenᴶᵃᵇᵃʳᶦʸᵃ ᴶᵒᵈᶦ
That's so inhuman 😡😡😡
4 1
@PMOIndia @narendramodi @KumariDiya @VasundharaBJP . I implore you all to help resolve a very tragic situation.@S1dharthM & @WildlifeSOS hve started petition to stop cruelty to elephants. Plse help rescue Suman & reunite her whole family.TU @ashish30sharma
2 3
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS I feel pity for her 😔 she is cute 😘😍. The culprit should be punished n pls send her home #SaveSuman
1 4
The HUMANS who are keeping SUMAN prisoner are cruel. She’s a baby. Should be with her elephant family. At least out of that hellhole. What is wrong with people? What is the point of keeping her that way? CRUEL.
1 4
@S1dharthM @IndiaPages_in @WildlifeSOS Really sad , the culprits must be punished . Willing to extend all media support on a honorary basis for this cause . Let me know .
1 3
Kᵃʳᵉᵉᶰᵃ ⓚⓐ Dᵉᵉʷᵃᶰᵃ
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS I have signed the petition & You r so kind hearted person.. Proud of u ❤
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@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS It is truly inhuman!!!🐘love u cutee Suman..😚😚😚
0 4
Arham Khan Lonely █ ║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS kind person !! good 👍🏻 !! i’m from jaipur yesss that is so unacceptable😔
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#Savesuman @S1dharthM I support your concern whole heartedly. Meanwhile i also want to ask you are you a vegetarian and do you have any idea about no. Of cows in similar situations?
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ѕυяιℓι αикнιуσи ωαℓι 👀
Please RT n sign petition to save that Baby 😭
2 1
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS How inhuman!!! Huh they keep torturing animals! How bad is this 😡😡anyway ppl like u sid @S1dharthM are trying to remove these problems !! Thanks a lott☺️❤️
1 2
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS This is not at all acceptence 😡😡😡 how can there torture a small elephant baby 😓😢😢😭
1 2
💕BushySidᴶᵃᵇᵃʳᶦʸᵃ ᴶᵒᵈᶦ💕
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS You're such great human🙏🏻 massive respect boss ❤️
1 2
Some humans have no humanity
1 2
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS So sad Sid 😢 lets help this poor baby
0 3
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS this world really is so cruel !!!
0 3
Happy Birthday Sidharth Malhotra
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS Such kind soul you are, this will come back to you one or the other way.
0 3
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS Signed ❤️❤️ your love for animals is amazing 🌸
0 3
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS Hoping you are in a position to do something more worthwhile for this poor animal beyond signing this petition.
0 3
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS Be a Vegetarian if u feel so sad for animals.even chickens,beef,mutton are all comes from animals.isnt it.
0 3
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS Oooo..... So.. Sad...... Pls.... help
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@S1dharthM @karanjohar @WildlifeSOS this elephant baby is so cute like my rabbit
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@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS Done... Thanks Sid for sharing this
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@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS अल्लाहू अकबर का मांस खाने का आदेश नहीं है मांस खाने से कोई मोक्ष प्राप्त नहीं करता। उसके लिए तत्वदर्शी संत की शरण में जाना पड़ता है।
कृपया अवश्य देखें साधना टीवी 7:30 pm से।
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@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS And we kill goat, hen, fish, pig, etc and then eat them, isn't inhuman ?
Every non vegetarian is required to ask this question from himself.
1 1
Anabetta Schwartz🌻 🧚🏼‍♀️
Please sign and RT. No baby should be ripped away from her family.
1 1
Signed. This is awful and inhuman 😞 guys please sign this petition will only take a minute. Lets just help save a life today.
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@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS Kya bolu..logo se to insaaniytt khtmm hoti hi jaa rhi..h
0 2
@S1dharthM @karanjohar @WildlifeSOS This is fine with Rajasthanis as no star is involved so it doesn't matter to them
0 2
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS Sahi souch, Insaan ke Maan mee Zara ski bhi humility ki bat bhi nahi....😥😥
0 2
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS What is the petition for when it’s illegal already? File a case, release the elephant. What is the petition going to do?
0 2
@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS humans must understand we are not wildlife owner...🤬
0 2
@S1dharthM @iTIGERSHROFF @WildlifeSOS Our conduct towards the innocent creatures tells us about how humane we are. This act if keeping a baby elephant is one of them. They do not cause harm to us if we don't cause any to them. But they for sure will if we trouble them. #Humanity
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@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS Done the sign on that petition!! Thank you for sharing this post with us.. @S1dharthM
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@S1dharthM @karanjohar @WildlifeSOS this is truly bad behavior . 😞😞😞
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@S1dharthM @WildlifeSOS Iske loye ye rassi ki kya aukat but mind set he iske piche ye ise nhi tod sakta
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@S1dharthM discovery channel join kar liye kya
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