When you're a dead Palestinian martyr but your nose keeps itching
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You’ve got to be kidding me
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We call out Hamas for its use of propaganda (& rightly so!) & yet this video is getting shared widely on Conservative Twitter — & it is a complete & utter lie. This is not from the past few days & it has nothing to do w/ Palestinians — it is from 2013 in Egypt. Be better, folks.
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@_p4z_ This is some extreme hide n' seek.
60 1,179
This is a vicious hoax. The video is from 2013 and it's from a mock funeral demonstration at Al-Azhar University in Egypt. Nothing to do with Gaza. Original 2013 video on YouTube here: youtube.com/watch?v=bJhYaF…
392 423
وقتی یه شهید فلسطینی هستی ولی دماغت هنوز میخاره 🤧
125 555
@_p4z_ Confirmed. That is from egypt tv about 4 years ago. - youtube.com/watch?time_con…
95 440
Because that’s how they roll (over before the grave).
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@_p4z_ @KainPradeep Amazing now anyone can understand their propaganda.

Israel Is giving them deserving treatments.
Long live israel
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@_p4z_ Fake news! This is footage from 2013 in Egypt. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Palestine: youtube.com/watch?v=bJhYaF…

But I'm never surprised to see supporters of the murderous settler-colonialist apartheid regime in Israel spreading blatant lies.
93 230
How can you believe any of their propaganda - Same as the Syria bombing - Why can the West not see it - THEY ARE BEING USED & TAKEN FOR IDIOTS
158 134
#Hamas terroriste, les rois du #Pallywood ou quand les morts bougent encore 😂😂
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138 104
Look how many views this fake and disgusting propaganda has, this is from a protest in Egypt years ago and it’s being used to say Palestinian in Gaza are faking their own deaths

Zionists are desperate and don’t like facts twitter.com/benjaminnorton…
65 141
Don't you just hate it when that happens?!

95 109
Hate it when that happens. . .
83 119
No, the guy pretending to be dead in the middle is saying to the other dead guy that he can’t breathe and they are asking each other if they’re still filming. The other dead guy says stop moving and shut up the news cameras are still rolling. So he stops moving..
76 123
When you are dumb enough to use a video from Egypt dated back to 2013 lol its 2018 damn it, do your homework instead of appearing like a clown. Look how many fell for it lol
70 124
Tonight on @TheLeadCNN
Deadly Attacks in Gaza, oh the humanity....
99 87
Tipos con muletas que vuelven a andar, muertos que reaparecen días después, recién muertos que vuelven a la vida ... si que va a ser cierto que Israel es la tierra de los Milagros!!!
88 71
@DonaldTrump_FR @Amandagr19 MENTEUR This is a vicious hoax. The video is from 2013 and it's from a mock funeral demonstration at Al-Azhar University in Egypt. Nothing to do with Gaza. Original 2013 video on YouTube here: youtube.com/watch?v=bJhYaF…
27 124
Hilarious video, these guys r probably not palestinians
41 100
نملدم ^____^
10 119
What the!?!
51 76
Ich freue mich über jeden Toten der wiederaufersteht, frage mich aber doch: wie viele Tote sind tot? Wer hat die palästinensischen Angaben zur Zahl der Opfer überprüft?
44 77
وقتی نقش فلسطینی مرده را بازی می کنی ولی دماغت می خاره! 🤣
17 97
El milagro de Gaza: cuando eres un mártir palestino muerto pero tu nariz te sigue picando.
61 48
This video was made in Egypt, 2013. It shows a protest arranged by students of Al-Azhar university hoaxeye.com/2017/04/19/fak…
40 59
Esto es Egipto hace cuatro años, pero veo que "teatro" lo hacen en todo el mundo.
38 56
@_p4z_ @RHoogland Such good actors! Oscar worthy, would love to see them walking down the red Carpet in that outfit!!!!
5 89
Kevin McLemore PhD (Grey Master) Shaft
Maybe this is where the left got their penchant for theatrical Crisis Acting from?
35 58
@_p4z_ This is a vile hoax. This is a 2013 video from a demonstration in Egypt. hoax-alert.leadstories.com/amp-3469375-fa…
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17 72
This video is from Egypt from 4 years ago. Why hasn't @Twitter removed it yet? It is collecting a lot of views. What's the penalty for promoting fake news on Twitter? twitter.com/_p4z_/status/9…
32 54
Jason🇺🇸Diehard MAGA🇺🇸Jackson
🚨Friends...you must see this Palestinian propaganda screw up. Unreal! #IstandwithIsrael
46 39
@_p4z_ @Cernovich An oldie but goodie nevertheless
2 83
@_p4z_ ALANS SNACKBARRRRR they're ALIVE!!!!😂😂
1 79
Old video from Egypt, also used in the past to attack the White Helmets and other evidence from Syria
35 42
Esedçiler ve Siyonist rejim aynı yalanlar ile katliamları örtüyor diye bu yüzden söylüyoruz.
-Video 5 yıl öncesine ait
-Müslüman kardeşler üyesi öğrencilerin darbeci Sisi'ye karşı düzenledikleri protesto gösterisinden.
video 23.000 RT 36. 000 beğeni almış
30 46
@_p4z_ Palestinians are notorious for faking casualties. Oh there ARE casualties because they are also notorious for using their own ppl as human shields.btw pls tell me, who brings children, babies to a violent conflict?
15 60
PatriotAsAMother 🇺🇸 {⭐}
Stop the #lies. Seek Truth.
37 37
Again I am so confused -- 1st yesterday the "unarmed" peaceful protestors are shooting down drones and Today they are "posthumously" scratching their noses and other body parts? @Cernovich @jihadwatchRS
38 34
best ever!!! couldn't stop laughing.
33 34
34 32
Cuando intentas colar un bulo sionista anti-palestino y quedas como un gilipollas pro-terrorista. Retrasado cuelga video de Egipto de hace 4 años y señala como "palestinos muertos” a unos se “mueven”. Oye, pero las fake-news son de Rusia. Eso sí, a 44 mil anormales les gusta
30 35
WTH? These Palestinians are either still alive or they’re Walkers. #WednesdayWisdom #TWD
33 31
हम भारत के लोग
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24 39
Rev.Scott Anthony #Justice⚖️🇺🇸
Dear @MSNBC @maddow @CNN @cnni @Reuters @ReutersWorld @AP @washingtonpost @NBCNews @RT_com @RT_America @andersoncooper :



I’ll wait

#GazaUnderAttack hoax
31 31
شهدای غزه؛ شهید قبل شهادت چند بست حسابی زده نمیتونه نخارونه دماغشو، واقعا #Pallywood جایزه #فیلم_فجر هم حقش نیست. @Jedaaal
13 49
Honestly, standard of today's recruits is plummeting
17 40
Those pesky dead Palestinians !!
19 33
Tausende retweeten dieses Video. Es soll zeigen, wie in Gaza der Tod von Demonstranten gefaked wird. Tatsächlich stammt das Video aus Kairo. Es ist vom Oktober 2013 und zeigt den Protest gegen das Massaker vom Rabaa-al-Adawija-Platz. Hier das Original: youtube.com/watch?v=bJhYaF…
28 23
Palestinian Hide & Seek Championship: Hussein, Muhammad....you’re out...
25 26
David 🇺🇸 RESIGN 🦏McConnell🦏
@ABCPolitics Look
They came back to life!
Praise the Lord!
25 26
Hahahaha. Hayfever waits for no man
13 35
این فیلم که به عنوان سند فریبکاری و پروپاگاندای فلسطینی‌ها دست به دست میشه در واقع مربوط به چند سال پیش و یه حرکت سمبلیک اعتراضی تو مصره
8 39
@_p4z_ Don’t believe everything you see
17 29
A White Helmets Production!
14 29
@OnderkofferHenk @ErnstLissauer Sommige wel..... zie hier de doden die toch liggen de 'schuddebuiken' onder hun lijkwades.
11 32
Halleluja. It must be Easter.
Or #pallywood?
13 28
ماله کش های اسرائیل اینگونه از جنایت حمایت می کنند، آیا این واقعا صحنه سازی #فلسطینی ها برای بالا بردن امار تلفات است؟
پاسخ در منشن اول و دوم: ادامه👇🏼/
3 37
Wait is this #CNN ????

Could be #MSNBC


Better watch this before deleted
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18 19
@_p4z_ @Cernovich It’s a MIRACLE!🤪😂🤪🤪😂😂😂

Pallywood awards are coming out real soon!

Possible winner of best editing is this one👇
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19 17
@_p4z_ @JamieGlazov The left love propaganda! 🤔
7 29
@_p4z_ When you title a non related video to further your agenda
3 33
This video is from a protest in Egypt in 2013. Check before you tweet, people 🙏🏻 full de-bunk & analysis on the spread available here: medium.com/dfrlab/viral-v…
13 22
11 24
This video is a student protest taken place in EGYPT 4 YEARS AGO. Why do people find this funny? Disgusting.
8 25
@_p4z_ You liar! This is from a protest in Al-Azhar University in Egypt
6 27
Steve 🔥Mudflap 🔥McGrew 💥 #GGGG
More Media Lies. Fake Dead People
9 23
Takole glumijo arabski mrliči. Pozorno opazujte!
15 16
These #FalseFlag #Hoax Jokers would be hilarious if they weren’t so damned pathetic

14 17
🌪⚡️We Are The Storm ⚡️🌪
Fugging Fake ass fagggggggs

13 18
-This video is 4 yrs old & from Egypt

-We take pride in our Palestinian martyrs

-Stop justifying the massacre of innocent people you sick fuck
10 21
@_p4z_ This is a vicious hoax. The video is from 2013 and it's from a mock funeral demonstration at Al-Azhar University in Egypt. Nothing to do with Gaza. Original 2013 video on YouTube here: youtube.com/watch?v=bJhYaFtwitter.com/_p4z_/status/9
6 25
@_p4z_ Once again in one week , i have to debunk the zionists propoganda .
Using a video of protest in AlAzhar University in Egypt
Spreading it around & mocking the #Palestinians they've
killed in #GreatReturnMarch ..

here is the real video 👇

19 11
Cuando eres un mártir #Palestino muerto pero tu nariz te sigue picando

#Gaza #Palestina #FakeNews
16 14
Tradução: “Alguns mártires palestinos mortos continuam vivos para assoar o nariz entupido.”
13 17
Hey @CNN more apples or bananas or something.
12 18
@_p4z_ This community is curse to the entire world.

If they are minority play victim if they're majority kill *kafirs*, rape & convert non-believers.

I'm happy for Israel, keep slaughtering pig after all its holy month of Ramzan. Allah ask sacrifice of satans(jihadists) 🐷
6 24
That’s hysterical. 😂
5 25
When you're a dead Palestinian martyr but your nose keeps itching.

14 15
This is #Pallywood at its absolute finest.
13 16
OMG! #FalseFlag #CrisisActor He's supposed to be DEAD, right? #FakeNews #QAnon @potus @realdonaldtrump
12 17
@_p4z_ @MattDooley91 Dude, this is from Egypt four years ago. Please don't spread fake news. It's a serious issue and civilians are being killed. My mom was just in Israel with our church. Their tour guide/body guard had to leave mid trip because he also serves in the military. The deaths are real.
5 24
@_p4z_ @LauraLoomer More misinformation and lies from #HAMAS
0 29
Allah Wept! 🤣🤣👳‍♂️👳‍♂️👳‍♂️👳‍♂️👳‍♂️👳‍♂️👳‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣👃👃👃👃👃🤣🤣🤣🤣Shit that hurt my guts! #credlin #outsiders #Pmlive #theboltreport #BanIslam
12 16
När man är en död martyr och det kliar överallt, ja, då måste man ju klia. Eller hur? Världens naturligaste grej för ett martyrlik. Häpp.
11 17
תחיית המתים!
2 26
13 14
A FREE BRIT🇬🇧🇺🇸 45 #FreeTommyRobinson
Palestinian crisis actors are crap they just can't seem to get it in one take🤔
12 15
I’m sure that’s not the way rigor mortis usually works 🤔
12 14
the return of the living death. Jesus zorgt voor wederom een wonder.in Gaza
10 16
CUT! Achmed, you're dead, remember? Let's do it again! Places, people!
8 18
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