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This is shameful that so called Spanish ‘Socialist’ party PSOE accepts now there was no crime of rebellion but instead of calling for #LlibertatPresosPolítics🎗🌹calls for a new law to jail the Catalan politicians @ClaraPonsati #DefendClara🎗
👉 Estamos trabajando en una modificación del código penal. Es evidente que el delito de rebelión no corresponde al tipo de rebelión que se ha sufrido en estos últimos meses. Tenemos que defender el bien jurídico que es la Constitución.

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Ya nos avisó @AamerAnwar el sábado pasado en @FAQSTV3. Los abogados y tribunales europeos están siguiendo muy de cerca lo que ocurre en España y la propuesta de cambio del código penal a toro pasado explicada esta mañana por @sanchezcastejon no ha pasado inadvertida.
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I així és com l'autodeterminació de Catalunya posa en evidència internacional la pobresa democràtica espanyola, som-hi gent!! #NoEstemSols #ElPoderDelPoble @ICECintl
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati It's bizarre. Most socialist parties are usually human-centred and democratic. Maybe a bit idealistic. But in Ejpaña they want to be more brutal and right wing, with punishment, than Franco's legacy parties.
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati E la sinistra e la destra in Spagna non diversita praticamente simili perfino piu che due mani - due mani di uno regimo stato di polizia ! Questi salotti non hanno diritto tenere nome socialisti e repubblicani - hanno tutti eredi di franchismo !
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati We are living a dictatorship of the heirs of Franco, as well as an espolio of the taxpayers' money. The socialist party has no shame.
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati This is the clearest indication yet that the CAT politicians have been pre-judged as guilty. Of what crime? Well there's none on the books that fit (yet). So, let's just make up a new crime and back-date it. Textbook political persecution :(
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Esto es España, de éste país es del que no queremos formar parte, por eso buscamos pacíficamente nuestra libertad.
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati See the photo. In 1977, #PSC were Catalonian Socialists I loved: Defending Catalan nation with fist up. They won elections. Last year, 2017, what remains of #PSC (only the name?) at demonstrations with right & far-right parties. The 3 of them voted together to aply us #art155
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati No more socialism in #sPain.

Answer to independent dreams is change law, to make hole #Catalonia prisoner for ever and ever.

What kind of dialog should we have with such intellectual colonialism?
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Thank you for everything that you are doing. Your help is invaluable. Thank you for taking care of Clara.
#FreeCatalanPoliticalPrisoners relies heavily on your success.
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Nothing new for Catalans and lots of spaniards. sPAIN has been always the same painfull place. Catalans need freedom.
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati They sold us a false transition and democracy, to be able to enter NATO (OTAN) and the EU, but in reality they yearn for the dictatorship.
#Shame !!
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati It’s quite concerning to think this is happening within the European Union :-(
Did he explain this sudden ‘modification’ during his conference in London?
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati I agree with you. Catalonia NOT deserve this..people jailed for their thoughts,i can’t help thinking to move to other country, i’m so sad looking my people living and crying.My english isn’t very good, i’m studying it,i hope that my message will be understood.Thanks
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati They are so inept, that they are recognizing that current law has to be changed. Because with this law, Catalan Political Prisoners should not be jailed!!
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati First you create a crime that doesn’t exist then you create a law to punish it.Very democratic.
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Ramon,#NosocMonarquic #PuigdemontPresident
@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Pedro Sanchez, announced today his intention to change the crime of rebellion to "adapt" to the Catalan scenario and that can be applied to "political leaders who use their position to subvert the constitutional order." Then there is no crime? Freedom political prisoners already!
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@AamerAnwar @VMatterfilm @ClaraPonsati He’s afraid the current law will put the Spanish State and all its enablers in jail
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@AamerAnwar @Mireiagalindo @ClaraPonsati All Spanish parties lead to the same imperialism thought: Spain Unity is the most precious thing. Spain Unity is most valuable than a life or anything else - according to the penal code.
So, at the end of the day you only have fascist parties in Spain. Left or right, but fascist
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati That's "ex post facto;" unconstitutional in the US, but extremely attractive to fascist regimes!
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Shameful yes, surprising no, this is how the Spanish state works, it is still tight in the grasp of Franco. Venceremos Clara!
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati This is called FIXATION.
This is called DENIAL.
This is called lack of DEMOCRATIC VALUES.
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@AamerAnwar @QuimMonzo @ClaraPonsati Badly wishing to run away from Spain! I feel very grateful to you and to all who are involved to get it! Catalan citizens need to get over fromt this nightmare of injustice We deserve a #FreeCatalonia #LlibertatPresosPolitics #UsVolemACasa
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati What @PSOE is proposing is dangerous. We need to become an independent country to survive. That simple. They talk about new non violent ways to reverse constitutional order and what we hear is that they found a new non violent way to repress people #Resistance #Help
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Groucho Marx policy & justice in Spain: "That's are my principles, and if you don't like them... Well, I have others"
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Mr Anwar, at this moment there are 3 parties (C's, PP and PSOE) whose only motivation is to show themselves as the most anti-Catalan party for the Spanish voter
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati People should watch this every time they hear that Catalan politicians "don't respect laws".
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Justin Vi Verd 🎗nascut a St. Esteve de les Roures
@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati It’s about time, people in Europe see that Spain is a dictatorial country. To understand why, one needs to bear in mind that Franco didn’t lose any war; he died comfortably in bed naming the king his successor and putting the rest of fascist in power. All set
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@AamerAnwar @ASHZEN17 @ClaraPonsati This is the “level” of democracy in Spain...and theoretically @sanchezcastejon is the “progressist”.... can you imagine how are the others???
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Spain is the shame of Europe!!!!!!
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Si no hay leyes para encarcelarlos pues nada hacemos unas nuevas
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Justiz à la carte: Vorsitzender von #Spanien.s "sozialistische" Partei #PSOE schlägt vor, das strafrechtliche Konzept von Rebellion umzudefinieren, damit #Katalonien.s Politiker problemlos angeklagt und verurteilt werden können. #DemocracyFail #WirWollenNurWeg
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Unfortunately, the Spanish left no longer exists, and the Spanish socialist party has lost its dignity.
Instead of doing politics and dialogue, it is working to endorse political prisoners.
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Its embarrassing anf disgusting in equal measure. Pathetic party, I would be laughing if their actions wouldnt have sent dem. elected politicians to jail just because they dont like what they say and do? For a few votes?
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Spain. That's why we leave. Enough is enough!
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati We never expected the opposite. As you say they are just a so called "Socialist" party but not a real left wing party. Both, PP and PSOE are the same #PPSOE
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Incredible - Democracy raped by a socialist party! What's next?
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati He is in direct competion with rival C’s Albert Rivera.
If you want t be elected for the next Spanish Government elections, you need two main ingredients for total success ;
1- Hatred against Catalans
2- Be the most fascist of all
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Plus...
(From the Declaration of Human Rights)
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Vergonya socialista mundial. Res a fer amb aquesta gent!
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Indy Hoos Poos 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
PSOE should be expelled from Euro Parl socialist group
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Es que lo vé todo el mundo menos tú inepto!! @sanchezcastejon Empieza a hacer un poco de política demócrata, solo un poco, no fuera que te rompieras alguna cosa!!
Y que no se os caiga la cara de vergüenza, increible!!!!
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.::🐉DRAGON-MAGIC🐉::.🎗 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴✊🏻
@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Welcome to francoland
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@AamerAnwar @RobertHMerriman @ClaraPonsati Tu y vuestro “socialismo” haciendo el ridículo por el mundo😅 @sanchezcastejon
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati A Pedro Sanchez.....no li queda res mes que tancar la porta de la historia del PSOE-PSC, saixo sí.....quan l Iceta acavi de ballar!!.... han perdut el nord, i la dignitat del seu pensament i ara son uns majordoms mes amb por de quedar-se sense feina.....155 adeus per sempre!!!
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@AamerAnwar @pain_spain @ClaraPonsati Imagínese cómo deberá ser la derecha española para que llamen en España "socialistas" a este señor y sus votantes.
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È una vergogna che il partito spagnolo che si fa chiamare ‘socialista’ riconosce che non ci fu reato di ribellione ma in vece di chiedere la #LibertàPrigionieriPolitici🎗🌹chiede una nuova legge ad hoc per incarcerare i politici catalani @ClaraPonsati #DefendClara🎗
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Spanish progresists are much more conservatives than british conservatives
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Seems "Socialism" has been re-invented by Centre/centre right politicians to con the people of the left who stupidly believe them. In UK the so called "socialist" party like this one in Spain is called "Labour"
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@AamerAnwar @teresaroviras @ClaraPonsati So does Pedro Sanchez believe that a government in the 21st century can create a crime in the future so that someone can be charged and found guilty of something they did in the past because it has become a crime?
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati What is happening in Spain is a tragedy. Democracy is a stake and millions of citizens feel absolutely defenceless against a state which acts as if they were bullies.
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Shall there ever true Justice be done and Catalonia and its people be free and independent?
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Lo vergonzoso es q tú apoyes a un movimiento supremacista sin q se te caiga la gomina.
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It's not a fringe dimension, unfortunatelly, it is Spain right now
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Jesus Casas 🎗 🇧🇪🇨🇭🇩🇪🇬🇧#Tram305
@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati What a diagrace. That’s what’s left of the socialist party in Spain. He is basically saying voting for independence can’t be considered rebelion, but he will make the necessary changes so next time it will. @sanchezcastejon go home and stop embarassing yourself.
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati But, if there is, actually, no crime of rebellion, why are our representatives still in jail?
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati #ESTñInkisidSeculaRapiñaEspoliExterminCatPoblCultLlengSemocrServSocialsBecasINFRAESTR🆓#CataloniaLastColonyOfSpanishRuinedEmpire💀#1OctubreTV3
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Lena DI Puigdemont President. Crida Nacional
@AamerAnwar @M_BrokenLeg @ClaraPonsati Shame! The Spanish Socialists are no longer Socialists. They now defend the “Spanish Patria” before the justice, freedom and will of the people
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@AamerAnwar @DjRepubliCAT @ClaraPonsati Com ens poden tenir tan,tan,tan d’odi?? Als catalans! Perq 🤷‍♀️😳??
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati It shows how poor Spain democracy is. A shame for Europe
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati You still do not understand. You will already realize that they renounce their basic and fundamental principles (freedom, equality, etc.), first the Holy Unity of Spain.
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🎗️🎗️🎗️SpainIsPain 🎗️🎗️🎗️
@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Spain is a fascist state
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Bruno Torres🇩🇪🇧🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇨🇭
@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati That is Spain. And that is the level of the spanish politicians.
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Mira @sanchezcastejon en Escocia ya os empiezan a conocer. Ya no hace falta q hagas charlitas en 🇬🇧 #noesnojajajaja 🎗🎗🎗🎗
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati It is a shame what they are doing, far from wanting to dialogue what they ask is to change the laws to continue criminalizing the Catalans!!! 🎗️ 🎗️ 🎗️
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Ineptitud políticos españoles¡
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This is Spanish transition to democracy. One failed process.
This is the result of the repression started in Al andalus and then the others iberian nations
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Socialism made in Spain. No difference between PP/PSOE/Cs.
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati It's the rotten politicians ruling the self proclaimed democratically "advanced" Spain. Shame on you @sanchezcastejon
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati This is Sapin and this is the level of its politician.
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Això es Ñ MARXEMMMMM🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Pedro Sanchez is a jerk not a leader. PSOE is fighting desperately to recover some political space and that’s their shameful strategy.
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati @sanchezcastejon @PSOE estais quedando como lo que soys, unos autenticos fascistas sinverguenzas. Soys conscientes de lo que estais diciendo hoy con vuestras declaraciones? 😱
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@AamerAnwar @JanneRiitakorpi @ClaraPonsati This is the country where we are force to live in..., no wonder, apart from many other things, we want to leave, and yet EU remains quiet, but we will free ourselves one day, hopefully soon, seguim
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati a sure sign of a political culture that sees the judicial system as a personal tool rather than being independent; that you just make up the laws to suit your political agenda 😡
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@AamerAnwar @cerclecatalahis @ClaraPonsati They want a new definition of the term 'rebelion' in order to fit to the acts in Catalonia!! How should we call that???
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@AamerAnwar @ClaraPonsati Where is the EU? This is fascism 101!
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Der Hass und der Kampf um Nationalspanische Wähler lässt bei der PSOE die letzten Masken fallen. Beim faschistischen Mausoleum wegschauen und jetzt das Gesetz so verbiegen bis es passt. Sozialisten? #Kalalonien #Spanien
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Ja han arribat a Escòcia les merdes de l'inútil de Pedro Sánchez.

Enhorabuena a los premiados.

Go get 'em Aamer!
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And this is a party proud of their participation at the Spanish Transition. Yeah....everything tied
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