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Last 50 tweets from @EmmyA2
My ranked-choice NYC mayoral ballot:
1. Her
2. If not her, then her
3. Him, I guess
4. That whole mess
5. Ugh, if I have to
6. Who?
7. Not that guy
8. Absolutely not that guy
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
Listen I'm from New Jersey. Everyone who lives there pretends they live in New York.
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
No matter what happens in VA tonight, one thing is clear: @JCarrollFoy is an absolute star and we will be seeing much much more of her in the years to come.
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
We cannot throw our democracy off a cliff in order to preserve a Senate rule that isn't even a part of the Constitution.
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
Friendly reminder that Sen. Joe Manchin co-sponsored the #ForThePeopleAct in 2019 - with no opposition.
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
Simone Biles is better at her thing than anyone else is at their things.
It is only partisan because one party is actively working to suppress voting.
Manchin: “I believe that partisan voting legislation will destroy the already weakening binds of our democracy, and for that reason, I will vote against the For the People Act. Furthermore, I will not vote to weaken or eliminate the filibuster.”…
Literal hordes of police are raiding parks, terrorizing people for no reason, and wasting millions of tax dollars so they can demand more of them. For all the hand-wringing about crime, what is the next mayor going to do about the NYPD?
In reply to @JoshuaPotash
The NYPD has now moved into the village for no clear reason.
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
elementary schoolers got to submit names for Colorado's new snow plows and damn
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
my elderly Egyptian Uber driver happily informed me that he “supports the gays now” because he lives with a lesbian couple and “the husband lesbian is a better husband than I was”, happy pride everyone
‘Beyond falling virus numbers? Beyond getting a pandemic under control?’ — Jen Psaki after a reporter questioned Pres. Biden's record 'beyond falling virus numbers'
In reply to @shelbylcole
Not to yuck someone’s yum but … yuck
Replying to @shelbylcole
no one man should have all that milk
wait hold on.

Dr. Jill Biden is *seventy*???
In Texas, Lake Highlands High School valedictorian, Paxton Smith, switched out her approved speech to talk about abortion rights.
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
salt is straight up so good. whole neural circuit designed just to get me to lick that rock.and by god im gonna lick it
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
When I see a 28 yr old with a baby I’m like, “wow respect to these teen parents”
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
respectfully, look at my fucking dog
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
"Friends" ended in 2004 and had a reunion this week, which means the cicadas think it was on the whole time
fed! girl! summer!
I am shutting down any talk of losing weight for the summer. Fed girl summer. Buy a size up girl summer. Pasta and wine girl summer. If someone fancies you less because you're 15lbs heavier then you should never have considerd them in the first place girl summer x
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
We should abolish all institutions where 35 is greater than 54.

Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
The vote was 54-35, 11 senators, almost all Republicans, skipped town. Change the rules.
Republicans just aren't here for the right reasons.
Replying to @lauren_chou
this is a good tweet
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
This summer's hottest new show is LIBERAL FANTASY ISLAND.

The island has it all: Love. Drama. Clean drinking water and broadband access. But first, Congress has to vote for it.

Tune in to see if they'll make the bold public investments we need or get voted off the island.
Big Bukowski household news: @chelseawa1ks is taking her talents to @prioritiesUSA as their Director of Analytics. They are *so* lucky to have her. She's an incredibly talented analyst and an even smarter strategist. I COULD ON BUT I'LL STOP FOR NOW. Go, Chels!
Replying to @ACBukowski @chelseawa1ks and 1 otherfalse
HUGE get
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
Director: Ok this scene takes place in a teenage girl’s bedroom, so—
Production Designer: Say no more
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
GOP: kicking people off health care infrastructure
A fact that on its face, in New York City in 2021, is disqualifying.
A notable comment from @ericadamsfornyc:
“People say that I have attacked the police, but that is a contradiction to the reality. I have always been endorsed by the PBA [Police Benevolent Association].”
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
Simone Biles executed a vault considered so dangerous that no other woman has attempted it in competition. For now, gymnastics limits the scoring rewards for trying it.

When the Olympic medalist was asked why she does it, she answered, “Because I can.”
Simone Biles Dials Up the Difficulty, Because I Can
unparalleled “you sure?” face
When moms are done speaking on the floor 🔥 📝
who on this internet can talk to me about amy pohler netflix teen movie Moxie IMMEDIATELY
Replying to @andreamailman
I’m obsessed, welcome
Protect and uplift the Linda Lindas at all costs
The Linda Lindas, the all-female rock band that lit up social media this week when a video of their recent performance at the Los Angeles Public Library went viral, have signed with Epitaph Records
Olivia and Taylor said bridges are infrastructure
Olivia Rodrigo attended the Taylor Swift Architectural School for bridge building and it shows
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
I’m in this photo and I don’t like it. Jk. I mean that is actually me in the photo. But I like it every time.
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
Linda Linda’s Tiny Desk
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
Millennials listening to Olivia Rodrigo today
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
please watch Simone Biles do this and then watch this GIF of the dude who won the gold medal in vault in 1932
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
me, an old, listening to olivia rodrigo write and sing her goddamn heart out
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
I hate when people overhype things on on twitter so I will just state calmly that this is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life
a sure sign of adulthood is going from idolizing teen girl pop stars to feeling like, i’m just so proud of her, i wish her the best, go off little sis

anyway i hope olivia is having a great day, teen girls embracing their fury will save the world
can we get video?
Obama allegedly called Trump a “corrupt motherf**ker” and a “racist, sexist pig,” according to journalist’s new book.

Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
can't stop thinking abt how Chris Cuomo gets paid millions & can blatantly violate journalistic ethics w/o consequence while thousands of honest, hardworking journalists just get laid off
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
If you find the UNC Board of Trustees’ decision to deny @nhannahjones tenure as abhorrent as I do, consider supporting Nikole by preordering a copy of the 1619 book, which comes out this fall. It’s an expanded and enhanced version of the magazine issue.
1619 Books
The three stages of being a Democrat who lived through the 2016 election.

1: sad, talking a lot about the suburbs
2: bitter, nostalgic
3: ready to go to war and win whatever it takes
Replying to @cdiersing
how long have you been workshopping this tweet colin?
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
There’s nothing wrong with being a public defender. Public defenders are fulfilling a constitutionally required role and upholding our system of justice. Fucking obviously.
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
Thom Tillis has entered the chat
Emmy Bengtson Retweeted ·  
Somewhat indifferent about the born
New York is back, baby!
Just witnessed in NYC streets: woman slashing tires with a knife, guy driving away, tires visibly flat. “He shouldn’t have cheated on me,” she says, before running after him. “Wait! Give me my phone!”
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