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Last 50 tweets from @Lin_Manuel
Ok I think enough time has passed that I can finally share this on the TL because I truly have not stopped laughing about it. Please don’t go find/bother this dude or comment on his original tweet. Just enjoy this absolute gem.
70 1,152
Replying to @kaysarahsera :
@kaysarahsera Were you NOT TRYING TO BE SENSATIONAL
4 243
It’s smoggy as heck out here now but you can’t fool me, LA sun, I was up early and I saw you creepin...
95 2,840
Lin-Manuel Miranda Retweeted ·  
After a glorious 5 years of exemplary leadership under @CristobalJAlex @latinovictoryus enters its next stage with @MMViverito as interim president. Her task is clear: let’s start getting ready to elect a progressive president who believes in inclusion and prosperity for all.
17 436
Vanessa and I read the Dark Tower Series together the first year we were dating, it was cool to have a VERY WEIRD fictional world to dissect together while falling in love.
My twitter may turn into a Cosigning What @VAMNit Said account, which is fine by me.
You’ve stumped me; I can’t choose just one. Here’s two: (1) On Writing (bc @StephenKing is a master of the craft); and (2) the Dark Tower Series (bc King is a master of imagination)(Ha! I cheated! That’s 9 books + the series incorporates other books like The Stand, Salem’s Lot).
30 1,139
108 3,055
PS, LMM made me the purple paper flower at the exhibit. 😍
22 1,557
Replying to @VAMNit :
@VAMNit All props to the paper flower making kiosk outside the Kahlo exhibit
17 988
Lin-Manuel Miranda Retweeted ·  
people are dismayed at this but I choose to take it as “I just need one good day”
2,234 18,895
I bought these shirts for Ben & Georgia because I love to spoil them
124 5,209
“When I’m at the end of whatever time I have here,” Ms. Ybarra said, “all I want behind me is a trail of open doors and shattered glass.” Beautiful to see powerful colleagues I’ve worked with running theaters! @saybarra Hana Sharif & Maria Goyanes 💙🧡
54 534
44 1,421
to your dreams, joyous and modest and terrifying and guilt-inducing and liberating and maybe as simple as “easier than yesterday” which is plenty for a dream, absorb what you can use and let’s go
“Sir this is an Arby’s-”
yeah yeah good one I’ve heard it let’s GO
2,106 13,341
@Lin_Manuel @VAMNit your new avi makes this exchange extremely confusing
2 206
Replying to @chrislhayes :
@chrislhayes @VAMNit I’m confusing myself. I haven’t even done the Gmorning yet.
12 372
And, my 90s.
17 1,670
Replying to @VAMNit :
@VAMNit That Weird Al album is definitely your brother’s, and one of the many reasons I love him so.
18 919
I made you this in Brooklyn over the weekend!
(Neon Sculpture, LOVE RULES by Hank Willis Thomas)
(🎵 Let It All Work Out by @LilTunechi)
586 6,513
HOOOLY sh*t I get out of dinner to find my newly verified wife has DOUBLED her twitter dot com output
Came out of great interview at @NYHistory by Akhil Amar Reed of author Evan Thomas about his book First about Sandra Day O’Conner (can’t wait to read!) ...…
30 1,130
80 3,866
Thanks, Twitter. I suspected it all along. And thank you Twitterico, for believing in me.
14 1,053
Replying to @VAMNit :
I snuck off to LA, got dinner with @everythingloria & @melissafumero.
Steady plotting. #SaveODAAT
2,232 21,619
#blackish Spinoff at ABC: @AndersHolm (@ders808) and @iamtikasumpter to Play Young Bow's Parents in '80s-Set Prequel Pilot…
112 466
Replying to @TVLine :
@ASlavitt @Lin_Manuel I haven't even seen Hamilton. He not continuously promoting himself, unlike most celebrity accounts. He's sunshine without being treacly or saccharine. He cares about social issues. I smile when I see his tweets because I see someone using their celebrity for good.
2 110
Replying to @LadyLecondoliak :
My first tattoo in memory of our son Holden who would’ve been 5 this month. The memory of this song @HamiltonMusical, no one in the audience but us at that moment, and 2 words for @brodiecue and me: unimaginable & forgiveness. @Lin_Manuel @_sassy_frass_ @JamilaJ0y @jimmiejjjeter
2 35
Replying to @ElbethElbeth :
Sorry we all lost all our Myspace punto com songs.
Here's the only song I've written that mentions MySpace by name, written for the great @TheAndreaBurns:…
BTW, Write Back
102 1,908
@Lin_Manuel I guess it's too late now to tell him about "BTW Write Back" :(((
0 27
Replying to @tammyampersand :
@tammyampersand THANK you for the reminder.
3 92
I...haven't checked in on my friend Tom in awhile, but I'm pretty sure any music I had on MySpace punto com is on here:
113 2,086
@Lin_Manuel @VAMNit woah how'd you get her to follow you 🤩🤩
2 187
Replying to @IFIMBEINGH0NEST :
@IFIMBEINGH0NEST @VAMNit I invited her to a Freestyle Love Supreme show in 2005!
16 570
Well look who’s Verified!
275 12,095
Lin-Manuel Miranda Retweeted ·  
I wrote about One Day at a Time…
810 4,032
YES! YES! A Thousand Times YES! ⁦@briandarcyjames#HamFam
40 1,612
87 2,803
*that’s true*
Hey, you know who's a @MaxFunHQ supporter? @Lin_Manuel. How deep is his support? There's a @MBMBaM reference in @HamiltonMusical. Yes, seriously.

If you want to be as cool as that guy who briefly appeared in The Sopranos, donate to the #MaxFunDrive
36 380
190 3,220
Replying to @paulscheer :
@paulscheer @ka_farrell @HDTGM The Botanist from The Odd Life Of Timothy Green has an OPEN INVITE?! Awww YESSSS
16 743
In retrospect that was the only logical conclusion to that thread nfsjdjskdnzkdnfjdkxnxj
4 250
Replying to @djolder :
@Lin_Manuel They sell these v cute journals that look like VHS cases at Disney World now!!
9 359
Replying to @casedillaaa :
Replying to @janissarkisian :
@janissarkisian @ElsieKFisher @boburnham @taylizlou @adriennelwarren Don’t cry cuz it’s over, smile cuz it happened, amirite
10 405
@Lin_Manuel also kind of amazing that your parents kept that retroactively relevant artifact and didn't scatter it to the yard sale winds!!!
2 98
Replying to @tammyampersand :
Still so honored we made the cut for Kayla’s time capsule ❤️❤️❤️
257 9,304
CBS has an empty comedy slot now that The Big Bang Theory is ending.... that’s all I’m saying #SAVEODAAT👀
853 3,055
1,537 10,596
I'm glad the world can now appreciate your bigotilyo @Lin_Manuel.
5 79
Replying to @aileenpayumo :
@aileenpayumo 🤣 thanks kaibigan lang
4 80
These are the only people who get to call me dad
6 541
Replying to @djolder :
@djolder Come with me Daniel, we got Family Bathrooms backstage...
9 294
Kids, they were called VHS tapes, and the Disney ones used to come in puffy white boxes
4,166 72,275
Hey @ABCNetwork, looks like a perfect fit to me.
Be a hero. #SaveODAAT
12,004 46,230
Lin-Manuel Miranda Retweeted ·  
Loving you today. Believing in the possibility of a more peaceful, just and humane world. Each of us has a part. Let’s get to it!
  · Facebook · en
1,313 6,576
idk how i became the avatar for guys that are married to women that are better than them and more motivated than them but here we are lol
124 3,109
Replying to @SheaSerrano :
@SheaSerrano I also share this space with you, Shea.
4 482
Why...why didn’t I smile in college
405 19,229
@Bajir, @Lin_Manuel, and myself, circa 2004. I miss my @airandspace t-shirt.
  · Twitter Web App · en
4 83
Replying to @Alex_Horwitz :
@Alex_Horwitz @Bajir @airandspace “WHEN DO I GET A TURN W THE HULK HANDS” -me, probably
4 120
And on her way out. 👀 #FridaKahloBKM
121 7,838
Replying to @Lin_Manuel :
Vanessa on her way into the Frida Kahlo exhibit...
186 9,110
Replying to @Lin_Manuel :
And on her way out. 👀 #FridaKahloBKM
121 7,837
Vanessa on her way into the Frida Kahlo exhibit...
186 9,110
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