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Last 50 tweets from @lizardcube
In reply to @lizardcube
@lizardcube… Can you please fix this, this isn't even the only thing that ruins the experience, Shiva's super has no weaknesses and one shots you while the player themselves can do whatever they want to you.
Replying to @KrackenIs
Thanks, we passed the info to @Guard_Crush game. Upcoming patch will have tweaks for the new characters.
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
Roo is happy to tell you that #SOR4 DLC 'Mr. X Nightmare' is TWO months old today🎉

It's time for us to share our love in a Community Spotlight with some of your mad creations, music, videos, tips, and scores.


@Lizardcube x @Guard_Crush
Hey, @Dotemu @Guard_Crush @lizardcube, got a question about your ranking displays here. Should I be patting myself on the back, or should I assume that this was an error by the game?

Love #SOR4, BTW easily one of my top three beat 'em ups ever!
Replying to @MechXican @Dotemu and 1 otherfalse
Instead that's strange! Can you confirm precisely which platform, region and version of the game?
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
Other than the original Wonder Boy, I've never played ANY of the games before!

The games do look pretty interesting though. I know there's a remake of the 3rd game made by @lizardcube & @Dotemu

Which Wonder Boy game would YOU prefer for a first timer of the series?
oh no my birthday is over in 5 minutes oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Replying to @ShadGandel
Happy birthday, just in time!
The cat is out of the kangaroo pocket - in case you didn’t know, that 1994 SOR3 cheat code pointed by @SEGAForever also works in Streets of Rage 4 with Mr X Nightmare in order to unlock SoR3 Roo! 🦘@Guard_Crush @Dotemu
Ever dreamed of cleaning up the streets of Wood Oak City as a kangaroo? SEGA can make those dreams come true!

Just hold Up and B while pressing Start on Streets of Rage 3’s title screen to add Roo to the character select!

If you enjoyed Dragon’s Trap companion “Monster Boy” by @GameAtelier and @FDG_Games, a collector’s edition will be available shortly:
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
Compiling all player feedbacks and trying to figure out what to do in SOR4 next patch to please everybody. I've achieved another state of mind.…
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
Mr X Nightmare DLC defeated and I have 100% for Streets of Rage 4 (once again)

Honestly one of the best DLCs I have every played. No one was ready for how fun Survival Mode was gonna be. Pure joy of a game mode
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
【Patron request】 Blaze from Streets of Rage 4
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
Speaking of art direction in Young Souls...

Did you know that @XaGueuzav is the mastermind who designed every single human, goblin, or boss you'll meet (or defeat) in #youngsoulsgame? Not to mention his kickass official artworks ✨😍
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
Did you know that every time you punch someone in Streets of Rage 4, on any of my music (the levels), the snare or the kick drum will play softer?
Because even the beat can't compete when you kick ass!
In reply to @PlayStationEU
You guys really allowed a blatant rip off of @Dotemu @lizardcube and @Guard_Crush 's Streets of Rage 4. It literally looks and uses the same assets.
Replying to @saboteurDS @PlayStationEU and 2 others
More beat-em-up is a good thing!
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
God I love @lizardcube's remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap. They didn't try to be faithful to the original art style, they used the opportunity to explore a new style and MAN did it pay off! It just *feels* like 80's-90's Sega through and through.
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
The first SEGA Genesis units were sold in New York and Los Angeles 32 years ago today!

Which games took this system to the next level for you?

Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
Surprise: oQo is now called Onde (French for "wave") and finally has a Steam page and a brand-new trailer! 🥳

We hope you enjoy the fresh look at our smooth sound-surfing platformer & would love for you to add Onde to your wishlist🌠…

#indiegame #indiedev
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
Who is your favourite Streets of Rage 4 character?

For me it has to be Estel. Complete bad ass.

I love the best up up games, especially the Streets of Rage series and number 4 is quickly becoming my favourite.

#streetsofrage4 @Dotemu @lizardcube @GuardcrushG @SEGA
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
My music for Streets of Rage 4 was composed during summer 2019. I approached it like this: trippin, dancing and smiling.
I couldn’t be happier for the amazing reception players gave me.

And I would never think Rising Up would become “the one”
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
Happy 30 Anniversary to Streets of Rage! In 1991, the first Streets of Rage was released and with it came a genuine community of beat'em up fans. We are now in 2021, and these same players have grown up, but their passion and memories remain intact.❤️

Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
In reply to @lizardcube
@lizardcube can you make for online play where the camera follows individual players for better visibility
Replying to @TheChosenJuan71
This would interfere with wall bouncing
In reply to @ClaireMax
For your cosplay consideration Estel Aguirre from Streets of Rage 4.…
In reply to @Dotemu
Hi! Could you please post or link the patch notes for versions 1.0.7, 1.0.2 and 1.0.1 of the Switch release? Thanks!
Replying to @RappyPhan @Dotemu and 6 others
Not specific to Switch not entirely exhaustive but this has lots of info:… (happy to amend the document if needed)
Streets of Rage 4 - Changelog
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
A belated happy anniversary to #StreetsofRage!
I played this on Sega Genesis for the first time when I was 9 years old and it's left an inspirational mark on me since.

Here's a WIP of an homage to the original game.
(And go play #SOR4 while you're at it! It's AMAZING)
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
Working on my next hit video game
In reply to @lizardcube
@lizardcube @Guard_Crush @Dotemu If I purchase the Mr X Nightmare DLC and I own both the download and physical version on Switch is the DLC shared accross both? If seperate does that mean I would need to purchase twice depending on if I want to play the download/physical version?
Replying to @JamieJC666 @Guard_Crush and 1 otherfalse
It depends on the country/edition of your physical version and your eshop country. Some versions are the same some not
In reply to @lizardcube
Is that also missing on physical releases then ?
I would say normally next patch should be on disk but right now some teams are on holiday this week. we’ll gather info
In reply to @lizardcube
I’m curious, why would they need to remove them?
Iconography of controls comes with precise per-platform requirements (in the case of training room there are more things that in input options), thats precisely the sort of things games gets refused/delayed for and they were worried about missing release date so put that on hold
Hi @lizardcube i have a little question, is posible to see the inputs in traning mode on the ps4 version of Streets of Rage 4? i have the last update but i cant see it, much people have this little problem. #SOR4 #StreetsofRage4
Replying to @violentkim66
QA tells me they had to remove the inputs on console versions before certification but are going to put them back in in patch
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
Can we just take a moment to appreciate:

☑ The training system
☑ Ritual of Battle track by @Teelopesmusic
☑ Floyd walking out like a boss #SOR4

@Lizardcube x @Guard_Crush
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
Random: We've Been Wrong About This Streets Of Rage Special Move For Almost 30 Years… #Random #Sega #YuzoKoshiro
Hi @lizardcube i have a little question, is posible to see the inputs in traning mode on the ps4 version of Streets of Rage 4? i have the last update but i cant see it, much people have this little problem. #SOR4 #StreetsofRage4
Replying to @violentkim66
Which main game sku/version are you on? Digital?
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
30 years of Streets of Rage! #SOR4

I normally write about other stuff, but got really into the #MrXNightmare stuff. It's properly addicting, so wrote about the upgrades after each level here.…
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
In reply to @DominicTarason
Also, Streets Of Rage 4, previously just 'very good' has been elevated to truly fantastic status with the Mr X Nightmare DLC a couple weeks back. It's a roguelite now. And it works great.
In reply to @Dotemu
30 years yet only 4 games
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
Happy 30th anniversary the Streets of Rage message
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
In reply to @lizardcube
Streets of Rage was the first game I EVER played! I have a love for beat-em-ups and spent days coming back to play it if I could, me and other kids would sometimes fight over who got to play Adam! To this day if I see a guy with a big gun in a fighter I call it "A Mr. X Move"
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
In reply to @lizardcube
I remember playing it with my friends, and I remember I met one of my best friends just because of that game.
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
In reply to @lizardcube
My very young self nicknamed Noras as police women because their death cry sounded like a whistle lol. And RF picture quality on my family's Mega Drive 1 made the 1up icon look like some 3 coloured jewel.
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
In reply to @lizardcube
I remember discovered Streets of Rage on the famous Megagames 2 with the uncle's megadrive. I was shocked by the soundtrack and the general atsmophere. This first opus stay my favorite ... even if the 2 is often the most popular. The intro always sheds a tear of memory.
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
Released for the #MegaDrive 30 years ago #OnThisDay, SEGA's classic beat-em-up, #BareKnuckle! 👊💥

#SEGA #MegaDriveMonday #ベアナックル #StreetsOfRage #retrogaming
Lizardcube #SOR4 Retweeted ·  
Le 2 août 1991 sortait Bare Knuckle sur Mega Drive au Japon, le jeu sera renommé Streets of Rage lors de sa sortie en Occident quelques mois plus tard.

La série Streets of Rage fête donc ses 30 ans aujourd'hui 🎂

2-3 anecdotes en speed sur SoR1 pour fêter ça ⬇️
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Streets of Rage!!! Can’t believe it’s been 30 years since we first met Axel, Blaze, Adam and gave a wrong answer to Mr X! Do you have any SoR1 memories to share? #StreetsofRage
@Guard_Crush @Dotemu
Nous fêtons aujourd'hui le 30e anniversaire de Bare Knuckle, autrement dit Streets of Rage chez nous. Licence intemporelle vu qu'on a eu son 4e numéro l'année dernière, merci @Dotemu @lizardcube et @Guard_Crush #bareknuckle
#streetsofrage #sega…
Brilliant work by @Greenalink going into great details to expose and compare character tweaks made in latest update for Streets of Rage 4
(@Guard_Crush @Dotemu)
The long awaited Streets of Rage 4 character balance comparisons video has arrived.

Changes from September 2020 to July 2021 builds.

This video has some changes not mentioned from their patch notes.

Enjoy 👍👊
@SEGA @lizardcube @Dotemu @Guard_Crush…
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