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Last 50 tweets from @nytimes
The Obamas have formally announced a multiyear production deal with Netflix
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88 362
The New York Times Retweeted ·  
.@PaulKrugman: America finds itself governed by a party with as little respect for democratic norms or rule of law as Hungary’s Fidesz.
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98 203
Are you a night owl or an early bird? The beauty of working from home is that you can work during your best hours.
How to Stick to a Schedule When You Work From Home
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41 171
Interview magazine, the arts and culture publication founded almost half a century ago by Andy Warhol, is folding
Andy Warhols Interview Magazine Shuts Down
  · SocialFlow · en
90 160
“It was epic. It was a sea of love and blackness and food and fun.”
Hundreds in Oakland Turn Out to BBQ While Black
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314 1,647
The likely weakening of the Volcker Rule will add to a growing list of wins for the banking industry. Congress is getting closer to rolling back parts of the Dodd-Frank Act, with the House planning to vote Tuesday on legislation that passed the Senate.
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84 95
Evening Briefing: Here's what you need to know at the end of the day
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19 65
The governor of Texas scrapped a contest to give away a shotgun after the school shooting in Santa Fe
Texas Governor Scraps Campaign Contest to Give Away Shotgun
  · SocialFlow · en
132 333
News Analysis: President Trump, frustrated with the Russia inquiry, appears to have a new strategy: limit the investigation and attack the investigators
Trump Teams Mueller Strategy: Limit the Investigation and Attack the Investigators
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203 316
The New York Times Retweeted ·  
The incoming N.R.A. president blamed mass shootings on a "culture of violence" and the drug Ritalin. But the odds of Ritalin being associated with such massacres are "slim to none,” one doctor said.
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29 29
“As a woman, and as a woman of color in an age when black lawyers had to leave the courthouse to use the bathrooms, she dared to practice before the bar of justice and was unflinching,” the co-author of Dovey Johnson Roundtree's memoir said
Dovey Johnson Roundtree, Barrier-Breaking Lawyer, Dies at 104
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375 994
In a new audiobook, Jeremy Irons pays homage to one of the 20th Century's most iconic poets
Jeremy Irons Breathes New Life Into The Poems of T.S. Eliot
  · SocialFlow · en
103 445
The Supreme Court ruled that companies can use arbitration clauses in employment contracts to prohibit workers from banding together to take legal action over workplace issues
Supreme Court Upholds Workplace Arbitration Contracts Barring Class Actions
  · SocialFlow · en
133 142
The New York Times Retweeted ·  
Los Angeles-based Block Shop has helped to keep both the village of Bagru and the tradition of block printing alive
  · Media Studio · en
26 101
He is a third-generation healer who has simple advice for well-being: "Know oneself, be in control of your food intake and be aware of your body"
What This 76-Year-Old Man Can Teach About Healing
  · SocialFlow · en
112 356
Maybe the Earth just gets bored? The planet's orbit shifts from circular to elliptical every 202,500 years, and has for hundreds of millions of years, scientists report.
Every 202,500 Million Years, the Earth Wanders in a New Direction
  · SocialFlow · en
211 435
Evening Briefing: Here's what you need to know at the end of the day
Obama, Gina Haspel, Texas: Your Monday Evening Briefing
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36 63
The New York Times Retweeted ·  
After a survivor of clerical sex abuse said Pope Francis assured him God had made him gay and that both God and the pontiff loved him that way, gay Catholic friends wrote: “Did he really tell you that? I feel so relieved.”…
  · TweetDeck · en
53 152
“There’s a fire museum, a police museum, a food museum, even a sex museum,” said Martin Raskin, a 77-year-old retired teacher. “But there’s nothing to honor teachers and students.”
  · SocialFlow · en
107 341
General Electric's unit that makes locomotives will be spun off in an $11 billion deal. CEO John Flannery said he wants the conglomerate to focus on aviation, power generation and health care.
  · SocialFlow · en
62 124
Here are some ideas for gifts to help cash-strapped graduates get a head start on their new lives
Graduation Gift Ideas
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23 69
The New York Times Retweeted ·  
Of all the news obituaries I've had the privilege of writing in my career -- some 1,400 by now -- few if any have moved me more than this one:…
Dovey Johnson Roundtree, Barrier-Breaking Lawyer, Dies at 104
262 528
A former software engineer at Uber is suing the company, claiming that human resources failed to act on her complaints of sexual harassment
Former Uber Engineers Lawsuit Claims Sexual Harassment
  · SocialFlow · en
69 165
When NYC landlords want rent-regulated apartments to hit market rate, they have a standard operating procedure for pushing out tenants, including suing them in housing court
The Eviction Machine Churning Through New York City
  · SocialFlow · en
111 162
Emergency workers in Brooklyn treated 14 people believed to have been sickened by the drug known as K2, the police said
K2 Eyed as Culprit After 14 People Overdose in Brooklyn
  · SocialFlow · en
99 155
The NYPD is investigating a second sexual assault complaint against the celebrity chef Mario Batali
Mario Batali Said to Face Second Sexual Assault Investigation
  · SocialFlow · en
62 131
The New York Times Retweeted ·  
Primary Day in Ark. tomorrow w/ a competitive House seat in Little Rock. Four Dems running, none has asked Clintons for support -- including the Clinton-style centrist frontrunner and an administrator from the Clinton School of Public Service.…
27 41
Social media users noticed a distinct age gap between the Chinese delegates and the American lawmakers who met them in Washington
In China, Photo of Trade Talks Embodies Young Country Passing Aging U.S.
  · SocialFlow · en
695 1,320
Banks and payment companies are responding to cyberattacks with an increasingly militarized approach
Banks Adopt Military-Style Tactics to Fight Cybercrime
  · SocialFlow · en
61 101
Fashion does not just have a size-ism problem and a diversity problem, it has a gender problem. A new study looks at why.
Fashions Woman Problem
  · SocialFlow · en
42 156
The New York Times Retweeted ·  
Bernard Lewis, a major historian of Islam, has died. He helped build the notion that the clash between the Islamic world and modern West was inevitable, drawing criticism that his views were reductionist and unsympathetic to the Arabs.
Bernard Lewis, Influential Scholar of Islam, Is Dead at 101
  · SocialFlow · en
26 35
Death squads killed in his name. The U.S. demonized him. Now, Moktada al-Sadr has become an anticorruption champion whose “Iraq First” message appeals to voters across religious divides.
Once Hated by U.S. and Tied to Iran, Is Sadr Now Face of Reform in Iraq?
  · SocialFlow · en
78 127
A border agent stopped 2 women who are U.S. citizens when he heard them speaking Spanish in Montana
They Spoke Spanish in a Montana Store. Then a Border Agent Asked for Their IDs.
  · SocialFlow · en
273 310
A Chilean victim of sexual abuse says he told the pope he was gay, and that Francis responded "God made you this way."
God Made You This Way, Pope Is Said to Have Told Gay Man
  · SocialFlow · en
369 1,433
Trump’s charm and threats aren’t working on China. Here's why.
Trumps Charm and Threats May Not Be Working on China. Heres Why.
  · SocialFlow · en
114 233
Deep inside your cells, there's a blob with an important function: It seems to decide how long you live
  · SocialFlow · en
127 245
The New York Times Retweeted ·  
After a year of unprecedented scandal, shoe company-sponsored grassroots basketball is ... the same as it ever was.…
21 29
As state governments develop plans to introduce sports betting, some American Indian tribes in the casino business are working to make sure they’re dealt in.
Indian Tribes Dig In to Gain Their Share of Sports Betting
  · SocialFlow · en
46 106
John Bolton, the new national security adviser, has been quietly taking advice from a few longtime associates. Some have business interests that overlap with the N.S.C.
Advising Bolton Is a Shadow N.S.C.
  · SocialFlow · en
164 208
The kids are almost out of school, which means more time for their favorite summer activity ... reading! New York T……
  · Periscope · en
31 78
Trump hailed Gina Haspel as he swore her in to lead the C.I.A., praising the agency as the “most elite”
Trump Swears in Gina Haspel as C.I.A. Director, Praising the Agency as Most Elite in the World
  · SocialFlow · en
40 79
The New York Times Retweeted ·  
The Times launched Smarter Living two years ago. Here are 4 of the biggest lessons I've learned that could help you, too…
  · TweetDeck · en
15 82
The New York Times Retweeted ·  
BREAKING: Police Said to Be Investigating Second Sexual Assault Complaint Against Mario Batali
Police Said to Be Investigating Second Complaint Against Batali
27 30
The Obamas have formally announced a multiyear production deal with Netflix
Coming to Netflix: The Obamas Sign Deal to Produce Shows and Films
  · SocialFlow · en
1,195 5,027
NYC’s housing court system was created to protect tenants. Instead, it has become a tool for landlords to push them out of their rent-regulated apartments
  · SocialFlow · en
111 154
The differences between the fallout from the Florida and the Texas school shootings begins with the communities where they occurred. Guns are hard-wired into the Texas's psyche.
Anti-Gun Backlash From School Shooting? Probably Not in Texas
  · SocialFlow · en
69 184
Even if Ireland is becoming more culturally liberal in many respects, opposition to abortion is more deeply ingrained
Ireland, Enthusiastic About Gay Rights, Frets Over Abortion
  · SocialFlow · en
59 148
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