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Last 50 tweets from @TinaDesireeBerg
In reply to @TinaDesireeBerg
More like it's bill de blasio's NYC. my neighborhood's fine but our mayor doesnt suck
My neighborhood in Manhattan is eviscerated and looks like a war zone. DeBlasio and Cuomo are an utter disgrace. This is not America. Our leaders have abandoned us and continue to let great American cities burn to the ground and be destroyed. I never could have fathomed this
In reply to @TinaDesireeBerg
Start off with the camera sideways
In reply to @Niche_Farm
What would really scare him is if she held a copy of The Communist Manifesto. But of course she wouldn't, she's just as fearful of that book as Trump is.
On Joe Biden’s livestream, LA mayor Eric Garcetti confirms national coordination of police crackdown on protests among Democratic Party mayors of major cities.
FUCK Garcetti , fuck LA City Council, fuck LAPD.

They just approved the budget where 54% of the City's Budget will go to the LAPD.

In front of Eric Garcettis house. Protestors are defying the curfew and demanding an end to LAPD police brutality
You know these monsters would still use water hoses if they could get away with it.
Hey Garcetti- Why are you ok with our law enforcement gassing civilians with the Triple Chaser? Its a toxic chemical agent. Its lethal. Full video:
In reply to @greg_doucette
1️⃣5️⃣3️⃣ Los Angeles, CA: extended montage (15+ minutes) of police violence footage out of LA
In reply to @greg_doucette
1️⃣5️⃣4️⃣ San Luis Obispo, CA: police open fire on peaceful protestors with their hands raised The juxtaposition is striking... 🗣: "THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!" 👮🏼‍♂️👮🏼👮🏼‍♀️: ::starts shooting::
In reply to @smptelock
Hi!! The context of the thread on which you're commenting is Biden's suggestion that police do not "shoot to maim" armed assailants, instead of "shooting to kill". Glad I could clear that up for you.
In reply to @greg_doucette
5️⃣9️⃣ Denver, CO: non-protestors stuck in traffic get hit by a stray shot from police. The driver gets out, yells at police that there's a pregnant woman in the passenger seat... a bunch of police repeatedly shoot the car
In reply to @baconradar
It's ok if police get killed though right? While trying to restore peace, so people like you and me can go about our normal lives, you know, the one where our stores dont get looted, our cars dont get flipped and burnt out.
Police officers shot, run down in multiple incidents during George Floyd protests
This is Rahul. Rahul saved 62 DC protesters who were trapped for hours on his block by police. He allowed them to stay all night, fed them, gave them water, charged their phones, and most importantly kept them safe. This was no party, the police through pepper spray canisters
Tense situation on Swann Street in DC. Cops surrounded protesters and started firing pepper spray. A resident let more than 100 protesters take shelter in his home. “I’m not letting any of these kids out of my sight,” he told me over the phone.
In reply to @D_Hawk
Was it not after the curfew?
they tear gassed my neighbor INSIDE their home for sheltering protesters
In reply to @bexual_healing
You heard Senator Cotton, no quarter
Replying to @PNav57 @bexual_healing and 1 otherfalse
You like living under the boot of an authoritarian police state- eh?
Stephen Jackson ripped the NFL's "fake" statement, and said they should have apologized to Colin Kaepernick instead
I am quite literally throwing up. Once again an enabler to fascism and racism.
#BREAKING: Pelosi, holding a Bible, urges Trump to help the country heal
In reply to @TinaDesireeBerg
Oh, fuck you. Her tales of woe have so many holes in them that they can't be counted. Her continued lack of honesty makes her a non-witness to anything. No one was raped, not even close. It didn't happen. End of discussion.
Replying to @m_schore @MSNBC and 3 others
Ok rape apologist. You are no better than a Trump supporter. Stop thinking you are.
There is so much wrong w/ this picture, I’m enraged. Using federal troops w/ tear gas & rubber bullets to clear out a peaceful demonstration so Trump can have a photo-op at a church. He desecrates the Bible. He desecrates a Christian church. & he desecrates the presidency. Shame
Donald trump is scum for fueling racist hate and violence in our country.
In reply to @EdMarkey
This isn't a choice between lives or property anymore, this is a choice between law and lawlessness.
Nah. It’s a choice between freedom and fascism. Which side are you on? The most American thing you can do is rebel against the lose of your constitutional rights.
In reply to @FINALLEVEL
ice what if i told you that what you think of as the left and right are actually the (center) right and far right, and you're actually a leftist? question: were the black panthers cools as fuck or not
That’s about right. Both parties serve the Plutonomy. Leftists are in the streets fighting for change.
In reply to @FaerieWhings
I thank u for asking in kindness There is reason 4 the hate You really don't know the history of Jewish and black people. 50% of the civil rights att. were Jewish in the 60's in the south. They hated Blacks & Jews In the south you were not welcome. Read your history not US
In 2018, Bowser overturned a voter-approved ballot initiative that gradually raised the minimum wage for tipped employees--working towards an eventual phase-out--like servers, bartenders, etc. In other words, she overturned the will of the voters because she is owned by business.
Imagine if the Democratic Party leadership spent the same amount of energy fighting Trump’s racist martial crackdown on American citizens as they did making sure Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be their presidential nominee
NFL Running Back Justin Jackson @J_ManPrime21 on George Floyd Protests "Vindicating" Colin Kaepernick @Kaepernick7

In reply to @mtracey
Dude you are a fucking fed.
Wise of Joe Biden to address the nation today. America is badly in need of a calming, adult voice.
Replying to @JoyAnnReid
Is that before or after he shoots protestors in the leg?
The disparity between the videos I see on CNN and the videos I see on social media is incredible.
Probably tweeting this nonsense while comfortably drinking chardonnary on his couch while actual journalists on the ground report what’s actually happening in reality
In reply to @jonathanchait
By "literally" I mean: Every demonstration has some violent white men undermining their work, and they're either antifa or white supremacists, and nobody is exactly sure which. That should tell you something!
Replying to @jonathanchait
I have you been on the ground at any of these protests? Have you spoken to any of these folks? I have. What you are saying here is incredibly irresponsible.
One sign that liberals shouldn't be defending antifa is that it's literally impossible to distinguish them from white supremacist militias right now.
In reply to @Balancement
Because Biden, beyond the gaffes, is a deeply empathetic leader actually capable of forging a coalition that can change the US. And a slice of Bernie's movement has apparently decided that aiding Trump's reelection will allow them to takeover the party.
Choose your fighter.

GOP: Martial Law

DNC: Just shoot them in the leg, man!
Choose your fighter.

GOP: Martial Law

DNC: Just shoot them in the leg, man!
Replying to @DrDooleyMD
I can’t believe this is what we are stuck with. I can’t. We need Bernie.
The Louisville Metro Police and the National Guard shot and killed David McAtee yesterday. He was, of course, unarmed.
Today's #GetYourNewsOnWithRon podcast:
@TinaDesireeBerg joins the show to share her experience getting teargassed and her windshield being shot out by rubber bullets by the LAPD.

-Cops vandalize their own car to set-up protesters in Boston.
It took decades to gentrify and create safe spaces in which multinational corporations and the Plutonomy gleefully exploit the working class. If the elites want to be safe they must address systemic racism and mass income inequality. Its that simple.
Washington, DC is on edge tonight.

It took decades to rebuild downtown DC to make it a safe place to earn a living.

It took decades to rebuild downtown DC to make it a safe place for millions of Americans to bring their families on vacation.

We could lose it so easily.
In reply to @hbecerraLATimes
Hector- what in the hell are you talking about? I was present behind the Grove for three hours on Saturday while the cops shot never-ending rounds of rubber bullets at the protestors who were absolutely not looting. Did you have a reporter there? Because I didnt see anyone.
Replying to @TinaDesireeBerg @hbecerraLATimes and 2 others
The LAPD shot out my back window. Your reporting in the article isnt entirely accurate.
LAPD response to protests critiqued as chaos continues - Los Angeles Times ⁦@kevrector⁩ ⁦…
Replying to @hbecerraLATimes @kevrector and 1 otherfalse
Hector- what in the hell are you talking about? I was present behind the Grove for three hours on Saturday while the cops shot never-ending rounds of rubber bullets at the protestors who were absolutely not looting. Did you have a reporter there? Because I didnt see anyone.
A citywide curfew will be in place tonight to protect everyone’s safety and help first responders keep the peace. The curfew requires people in the City of L.A. to stay indoors between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. Exceptions are for emergency responders and those going to and from work.
Replying to @MayorOfLA
You cant be serious Eric. Who's going to protect us from the police? You think martial law is an appropriate response to the LAPD acting like a gang? At least be honest. This is about rich people's fear. Maybe they should reconsider their commitment to systemic racism & greed.
Ha! The concern for the Plutonomy is so transparent. What a joke.
Curfews in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, California, will start at 1 p.m. PT today for business districts and 4 p.m. PT citywide following a weekend of protests and looting. Follow updates:
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