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Last 50 tweets from @willknight
A virtual assault course containing 4096 robots could hold the key to faster robot training.…
The White House is working on an AI "Bill of Rights", and it wants the public to weigh in on biometric technologies like facial recognition.…
Will Knight Retweeted ·  
The public and private failures to confront the scraping of 10 billion photos of people, with tags -- to facilitate instant facial recognition of anyone for the rest of their lives -- will rank as one of the biggest unforced and irreversible losses of privacy in thirty years.
Will Knight Retweeted ·  
My latest story: The man behind ClearviewAI, a controversial face recognition tool that lets police find people online, says he's developing new AI features to make it more powerful. Some say it could also make it even more problematic.…
In reply to @franckhertz
It's okay, it isn't actually run by robots. It's run by some nice German people.
Replying to @willknight @franckhertz and 1 otherfalse
And here's what they say about mobile robots…
In reply to @LaurenGoode
I am a little concerned that there exists an International Federation of Robots
It's okay, it isn't actually run by robots. It's run by some nice German people.
International Federation of Robotics
Speaking of interesting facts from analyzing conferences: Google is 3-10x the size of any other AI research lab. That's not even including DeepMind which ranks 3rd.
Replying to @dustinvtran
How did you put this together? Can you also measure academic labs?
Will Knight Retweeted ·  
Many people don't feel comfortable in voice chats online. Some trans people are experimenting with voice altering algorithms that give them more control over their vocal identity and privacy.…
Will Knight Retweeted ·  
NYU researchers found that 40% of code written by #AI had security flaws… via @willknight
In reply to @willknight
Have they considered actually putting this tool in a giant RL loop, more akin to the Synopsys approach to DSO for chip design? Also, I’m not sure about the licensing issues here. If you train on code that requires an IP license (e.g., video decoder) what about output code?
Replying to @TheKanter @WIRED
Yes, they are looking at RL as a way to catch new bugs. GitHub seems to believe the approach has huge potential. Don't know about licensing issues related to a model trained on proprietary code--it's a great question!
My latest story for @wired: AI that generates computer code is picking up bad habits. GitHub's Copilot, trained on millions of lines written by humans, produces plenty of insecure code it turns out. The solution? More AI of course.…
Science fiction lovers, rejoice: This week the MIT Press is publishing The Truth and Other Stories, a collection of stories by science fiction master Stanisław Lem. #sciencefiction #newbooks #TBR
Will Knight Retweeted ·  
Join us right now on Twitter Spaces for a conversation with @kaifulee, @ChenQiufan, and WIRED’s @WillKnight on the release of #AI2041 and the future of #AI.
Start listening here:
Stanford created a new center to study gigantic AI models, which it claims are "foundational" to the field and its future. Others say that's a bunch of baloney.…
In reply to @willknight
Dude, it’s says on Twitter spaces.. do we still need to sign up?
Replying to @Hash_Vijay
You only need to sign up if you want a reminder! Otherwise I think you can just tune in. Any questions you'd like me to ask them?
I'll be hosting a conversation with @KaiFuLee and @ChenQiufan tomorrow about their fascinating new book "AI 2041," which imagines how technologies like AI, robots, and quantum computing may transform the world that we know, for good and bad. Sign up below to join us.
Join us tomorrow on Twitter Spaces at 5pm PT / 8pm ET for a conversation with @kaifulee, @ChenQiufan, and WIRED’s @willknight on the release of #AI2041 & the future of #AI. Sign up here:

If you have any questions for them, please share them below 👇
Will Knight Retweeted ·  
Join us tomorrow on Twitter Spaces at 5pm PT / 8pm ET for a conversation with @kaifulee, @ChenQiufan, and WIRED’s @willknight on the release of #AI2041 & the future of #AI. Sign up here:

If you have any questions for them, please share them below 👇
My latest story for @WIRED looks at why Elon Musk wants to make chips as well as cars. He's betting that progress in autonomous driving will come from enormous neural networks. It locks Tesla into one technique but could prove key to maintaining an edge.…
My latest story is about probably the world's most complex & important machine: ASML's EUV lithography system. It's vital for gadgets like the #iPhone13 and will drive progress in AI, 5G, etc. Most importantly, the US has made sure China cannot buy them.…
The $150 Million Machine Keeping Moores Law Alive
In reply to @willknight
Are you reading it?
I read it already, it’s excellent
Who needs a book recommendation? Tell us the last book you loved and we'll find you the next book you'll love.

Please participate, I can't handle more rejection.
Will Knight Retweeted ·  
From my session at .@hotchipsorg
Building bigger ML models drives better accuracy and quality. Big models need big infrastructure for training! Great piece by Will about .
@CerebrasSystems enabling multi-trillion parameter models!
Replying to @maxrushden @guardian_sport and 4 others
Elon Musk announced last week that he is building a humanoid robot. This raises the question “which football players should be copied in robot form for prosperity.” Messi obviously but who else? And what about some shithouse bots?
I can't stop writing about AI language models. The CEO of @CerebrasSystems says a cluster of his wafer-chips could run a 120 trillion parameter model (100x what we have today), and he claims OpenAI is planning this kind of scale for GPT-4.…
A New Chip Cluster Will Make Massive AI Models Possible
My latest story for @WIRED is about the global rush to build powerful GPT3-type language models. The programs already reflect different cultural perspectives, and they may underpin countless future AI products.…
Replying to @grok_
The whole thing Is hilarious
Will Knight Retweeted ·  
I used to think that Zuck BBQ video couldn't have been edited better, but then I was sent this... 🍖 ⁦@Chilis⁩ better slide in his DMs soon
My latest for @WIRED: An "AI bias bounty" finds that Twitter's notorious image algorithm discriminates by age, weight, and culture, as well as gender and race. The contest shows how outside experts can hold AI accountable, by will companies let them?…
"Seven Ways to Win in Our Insane Future" - this headline, auto-generated by a massive language model I'm playing with, might be nonsense, but it's damn clickable.
Will Knight Retweeted ·  
this was not photshopped, it really aired like this
Self-driving cars might still be "two years away," but startups are using the same tech to automate farming today. John Deere says it will pay $250 million for startup that lets farmers monitor a fleet of fully autonomous tractors.…
More than half of women say they have been harassed or abused online, according to a 2020 study of 22 countries. A new approach to training AI algorithms might help machines identify misogynistic language. By @kharijohnson.…
Replying to @maxrushden @guardian_sport and 3 others
1. Barry said on the last pod that he "fears Newcastle won't win the Champion's League". Any views on the magpies winning La Liga or perhaps the Ashes? 2. Have any of you started watching Ted Lasso? Does Wilson know Inverting the Pyramid appears in episode 1?
Will Knight Retweeted ·  
Vaccine hesitancy is infuriating, but is social media really "killing people"? Here's @GiladEdelman explaining how politics and psychology play a far bigger role in preventing people from getting jabbed.…
Just got an incredibly convincing *personalized* robocall that left an answer in my voicemail. It used a synthetic voice, which I'm guessing read a script written by an automated system that had my name, phone number and time zone in a database.
Replying to @amywebb
Wow that’s fascinating. How was it personalized?
In reply to @willknight
Leave it to Beane to suck the fun right out of the room. On another note, check this out! Humans are doomed:…
Replying to @mattbeane @Globies
Somebody had to do it. Nice robot driving!
In reply to @dogunderwater
trying to find this month's @willknight piece!
In reply to @dogunderwater
trying to find this month's @willknight piece!
What piece are you after? I can send you a link.
In reply to @willknight
Rolling with the joke: and send in the @Globies and their refs! Robots would follow the rules. Rejecting the joke: worrying about enslavement gets clicks but is wasteful. We need to be trying as hard as we can to collaborate with AI on amazing things, including human welfare.
Replying to @mattbeane @Globies
Okay, you are right. I shouldn't joke about the uprising. And this stunt is a pretty good example of overselling the promise of robotic tech while ignoring how important humans still are for most applications today.
Phew, that’s the climate crisis solved! Genius
Replying to @WanderingGaia
Or you can just lick them clean, and put them back in the cupboard. You're welcome, Earth.
In reply to @willknight
If, by "basketball" you mean shooting freethrows alone from EXACTLY the same position with the ball handed to you by a human in PRECISELY the same way, then I agree. Move that robot a few millimeters to the right? IT is f*cked, and a human wins. For the foreseeable future.
Replying to @mattbeane
If AI has taught us anything, it is that the robots will challenge us to freethrows from a very precise position. To avoid enslavement we must challenge them to a game of actual basketball!
Incredibly honored to be chosen as an MIT Knight Science Journalism Project Fellow for this fall!

I'll be pursuing a book on the history, science, and ethics behind the effort to use animals as organ donors for people.
Replying to @emilylmullin
Congrats, Emily... sounds like a fascinating book!
My latest @WIRED story looks at @Intel's high-stakes comeback plan. The co. is promising big engineering advances and has snagged its 1st foundry customers (@Qualcomm and @AWS). But it has yet to execute, and the effort has huge importance for the US:…
If the robot uprising involves basketball, we are fucked.
Nice to see Erling Haaland trying out a new sport this summer
So grateful and excited to be named an MIT Knight Science Journalism fellow. After two years of talking about it, I'm finally going to pursue the project of my dreams!! An investigation into the global AI supply chain and how it hurts some to benefit others. Stayed tuned. 🤗
Replying to @_KarenHao
Congrats, Karen!
Sincerely hoping this will be an olympic event by Brisbane 2032.
New Robot Wars looks class tbf
I spoke to several ex-TikTokers for my latest @wired article. They describe a company that's made efforts to build walls around US data, but which still as many strong links to the parent company @BytedanceTalk in Beijing.…
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