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Last 50 tweets from @willsmith
There's a large roach in my bedroom. It crawled under the dresser. I can't scream or find it because it's dark and the baby is asleep. It's going to crawl on the bed, isn't it? Will it find it's way into my mouth when I'm in REM cycle? That's not science, right?
@feliciaday Someone's going to send you a gif of that scene from The Wrath of Khan and you're not going to sleep for a bit.
In reply to @willsmith
@willsmith will the foo show just tells me to buy the warhammer episode :( help
@cheesethethird I just pushed a change to Steam that might fix whatever we've messed up, but if that doesn't do it, I'll have to wait for Valve to help us tomorrow.
Republicans are all about states rights, unless it means a state prevents you from having the easiest and fastest path to a gun.
@patrickklepek Or decide what you can do with your uterus. Or make weed legal.
In reply to @MrPope
@MrPope @danikaharrod He didn’t like the look of me and @patbaer, pat had a bandana and I had a hoodie, we looked like we were there to steal Austin’s anime
In reply to @kobunheat
@kobunheat @garywhitta @MrPope @CaseyMalone I’m trying to talk @willsmith into getting one. He’s holding out because he doesn’t want to part with our Zojirushi rice cooker ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@ginasmith @kobunheat @garywhitta @MrPope @CaseyMalone Look, if I get a time machine, I’m not going to use it to make chicken, if you know what I mean.
Less than an hour to go! Time for a quick coffee
A quick heads up to people who are struggling to start out making things: make whatever you want to make and if your friends make fun of your work, tell them to fuck off and get new friends that support you
I made a website! Learn how to build your own Gunrun IRL backpack, IRL Phone stream, and "other" at

Please RT and let folks know! Thanks for all the support with the backpack projects :D
One of the most blissful periods of my life was regularly going to the K-Mart department store in the early 80s w/my parents and buying a frozen Coke and soft pretzel for the journey into the vast Star Wars toy aisles.
I just dropped Cthulhu off at the vet to have his teeth cleaned and a small mass removed. Don't mind me, I'll just be sitting here losing my mind until I hear that he's safely out of surgery and recovering from the anesthesia.
What do I get my favourite streamer friends on the other side of the globe for Xmas? The perfect early gift, of course. Happy Holidays @calamityjamie @katestark @RayEffKay
Late night editing @WhatsGood_Games before I head to LA tomorrow for #TheGameAwards and there is a segment where we go off the rails and @AlexaRayC reads a list of arctic birds and I’m losing it 😂😂😂😂 Hope you enjoy on Friday!
The most popular GIF of 2017 actually perfectly sums up 2017
I once saw Hunter S. Thompson live. He was an hour late. He had nothing prepared. He answered questions for a while with a moderator helping out. He was openly rude to everyone. It was great.
@GlennF I remain forever disappointed that I never saw him speak.
RT if a connection you've made at a technical conference has ever significantly impacted your career.
In reply to @PartyMajority
Doug Jones: "I damn sure believe that I have done my part to ensure that men who hurt little girls should go to jail and not the United States Senate."
In reply to @spacetwinks
this is the most will smith possible way to open up a song. this is will smith at 1000 percent will smith. will smith super saiyan level 3
In reply to @willsmith
@willsmith @garywhitta Other people know about Condorman too? It's a great movie, though extremely obscure.
@HobotiX @garywhitta They played it on the Disney channel when I was a kid. Blew me away. I recorded it onto a VHS tape even.
You need to read this. Brands are paying writers to insert product mentions into stories on some of the largest news sites on the web. It is FUCKED. Our investigation:…
The new Windows 10 machines from @hp and @ASUS with LTE & using ARM processors are really interesting.… But the lurking question is compatibility. Anyone remember “85 percent IBM-compatible” PCs? Ugh.
Totally agree with this. I adored CONDORMAN as a kid, would love to see a new version even if Michael Crawford is irreplaceable.
Three House of Cards writers just jumped off a tall building.
@edbott The next season of House or Cards will feature a government where opposing parties work together to form a unified consensus and the interpersonal drama is about office assignments.
This is an excellent presentation for a thought-provoking list. I'd put The Big Sick higher, but other than that, it's very good.
THE 25 BEST FILMS OF 2017: A Video Countdown
Does anyone in visual perception know why you can hear this gif?
In reply to @SindreOpsahl
@KenPlume Also. In today’s political climate Transmetropolitan is one hell of a read. Easy to say it was ahead of it’s time, but maybe we’re just behind ours.
Other great Ellis reads are Supergod and Ministry Of Space. Heavy stories with good art that don’t require deep comics knowledge.
Lyudmila Pavlichenko. Russian sniper who killed over 300 Nazis including dozens of officers. When on a tour of the US, she was asked how many men she had killed, and responded, "No men, just fascists." Woody Guthrie wrote a song about her.
Hey Bissell for your next pet vac commercial I really don’t need to see a shot of the piss tank being emptied.
@garywhitta What if the vacuum cleaner was used someplace unusual. Like maybe a Russian hotel? Maybe a Presidential suite?
Very excited to release our GTA Online community doc tomorrow. The crew we interviewed already had a premiere in Knoxville on Thursday night. Our first ever premier. Apparently they really enjoyed it, so hopefully you all do too. 😊
@dannyodwyer Where did you premiere it in Knoxville? I used to live there!
In reply to @superic
@superic Saw your thread on Nextdoor. We got at&t. It’s great so far. No cap and delivers the speed with no outages. Happy to answer Qs.
In reply to @willsmith
@willsmith I dunno, my Home will let me stutter and stumble and get me what I want. "Hey Google, to how much is the, the uh, the uh.. whats the weather?"
@DanKrausDev Yeah, but if I ask my home to text my wife, 3 times out of 5 it has to ask me which wife.
Everyone in Silicon Valley is into microdosing acid these days.
The *real* money comes from merchandising. I learned it from this documentary…
me (quietly in the back while every one else is yelling at each other about some stupid shit on here again): yoshi is a horse
In reply to @willsmith
@willsmith We have Duplo and MegaBlox. Me mainly just pulls apart anything we build and dumps them on the ground. He'll get there.
@oddbit For a long time, she would just dump them out of the tub, then fill it up again and shake it because she liked the sound.
In reply to @willsmith
@willsmith @kumailn @harper It looks like it worked to me... it popped up in my feed.
@esjacobs @kumailn @harper I had to undo the old RT because Twitter loves Nazis (or RTs still suck after all this time).
Hey friends! Tell me about a good thing or two in your life. Something that makes you happy right now
@SamanthaZero I made this Dutch chocolate pancake for the fam this morning and it was super dope.…
I am leaving Twitter. I can’t take all the political banter and the mean and nasty things people say on here anymore. I will be back in an hour.
All Nazis are bad people.

There. I just took a major political stand in #2017.
All Nazis are bad people.

There. I just took a major political stand in #2017.
@kumailn @harper Twitter isn't letting me RT this again. WTF Twitter.
Crucial, must-read thread: GOP policies like the tax scam are so nightmarish and inhumane that voters in focus groups *simply can't believe they're being described accurately* when they're explained to them.
In reply to @willsmith
@willsmith @testedcom Free gift with $99 purchase..... More of a bonus than free.
@crissymoss @testedcom Fair. It's a ton of pieces, but you can't build everything without tearing a some of the stuff down (or raiding your stores).
In reply to @willsmith
@willsmith What free Lego?? Where and how might one acquire such things?
@daedalus2010 It's free in that they give you a pretty sweet kit if you spend $100 at or the lego store around the holidays. It's this kit:…
In reply to @willsmith
@willsmith I so look forward to Griff playing with LEGOs. I want to get the LEGO advent calendars.
@oddbit He's ready for Duplo now. He'll just chew the blocks and stuff a bit, but when he figures out how to stick them together, he'll make towers.

Our kiddo loved watching us build the advent calendars when she was little, even if she couldn't really play with them.
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