Historical Twitter Data

For more than 14 years now, Trendsmap has been providing unique and powerful analytical and visualisation tools to analyse Twitter data. With the demise of Twitter, we are now providing access to over ten years historical data from when ‘Twitter was Twitter’.

Unique and Powerful Tools

Our extensive archive of Twitter data will allow you to delve deeper into finding information for your business. Analyse any topic globally or by region in detail. Create unique map based visualisations showing tweet activity across a country, a region, or the world. Our powerful querying and filtering tools allows you to focus on your particular area of interest.

Twitter themselves extensively used these tools for many years as these were capabilities that even they did not have access to.

  • Analytics

    Get unique and detailed insights into any topic on Twitter using our powerful query capabilities. Precisely filter the data or go global. Download data to complement your research in other tools.

  • Visualizations

    Create stunning visualisations to display data in a range of unique and engaging ways. Highlight the spread of a topic across the country, or across the globe. Show how multiple topics unfold over time.

  • Topic Search

    Search for words, users and hashtags containing a specific term. Allows you to refine further analysis by finding the right terms.

  • Topic Trends

    Track words, hashtags, or users across the last decade. Understand their usage frequency and how they've evolved over the fixed 10-year period.

Historical Twitter Data Archives

As well as the sampled data that is used for the online tools, we also have very extensive archives of Twitter data from the very start of Twitter in March 2006. This consists of well over 700 billion tweets, and a large amount of secondary data. This averages over 150 million tweets per day from 2019 into 2023.

If you would like to know more about how you could leverage this data in your business, or are interested in aqcuiring it all, please contact us using the link below.


Insights into Twitter trends

Our analytics tool is one of the core components of our powerful tools.

  • Develop better engagement with your community through greater visibility of important topics.
  • Gain detailed visibility over activity relevant to you and your business happening in any corner of Twitter.
  • Powerful boolean operators and filtering capabilities allow you to search and filter by location, time, language and more.
  • Explore the most popular tweets, images, videos, links, people, locations, hashtags and words of any topic.


Engage and share with our interactive visualisations

Comparing AppleLive, Iphone6 and #Applewatch
  • Visually explore one or more topics across any geographical area.
  • Use the same powerful query and filtering capabilities to ensure you can show exactly what is relevant.
  • Easily incorporate custom visualisations into your website or social media pages.
  • Share a dynamic and interactive snapshot with your team.
  • Create visual content around new and breaking news to help explain a story where other visual content may be limited.

Topic Trends

Search Flexibility

Track words, hashtags, or users across the last decade. Understand their usage frequency and how they’ve evolved over the fixed 10-year period.

Visual Insights

Gain visual clarity by comparing multiple search topics on the same graph over the last 10 years. Easily spot trends, changes, and correlations.

Contextual understanding

Explore associated tweets, events, and interactions for deeper context behind trends and fluctuations.

Enhance your exploration with Topic Search

  • Targeted search using 1 search term will give you results of users, hashtags and words associated with that term

  • Great tool to expand your exploration when using analytics and vis.

  • Analyse or Trend search directly from the Search results page

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