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CM Punjab had a meeting with ⁦@WaseemBadami⁩. And Waseem asked some of his Masoomana questions from ⁦@UsmanAKBuzdar

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اک پسماندہ علاقے سے بندہ سی ایم پنجاب بن گیا ہے۔ یہ کیسے برداشت کریں بدامی صاحب۔ ہم پڑھے لکھے اور عہدوں پر بیٹھے پسماندہ علاقے کے لوگوں کو حقارت کی نظر سے ہی دیکھتے ہیں۔ غلامانہ زہنیت ابھی گئی نہیں ہماری
اسکے بعد بادامی حرامی @WaseemBadami سیدھا جاتی عمرہ پہنچ گیا اپنی مالکن مریم نواز کی ٹٹی کھانے کیلیے 😂😂😂😂
What about bashrth audio ?everday new drama ,who is Punjab rulling? No strong action
شہباز گل صاب کسی ڈھنگ کے صحافی سے ملانا تھا کبھی یہ رمضان ٹرانمیشن کر رھا ھوتا ہے تو کبھی گدھوں کی ریس کا افتتاح
You trust him? I wouldn't. Waseem Badami is too biased. Doesn't deserve this attention.
This badami guy is third rate wanna be intelligent journalist but in fact he is character from fatima suraya bajia's novel. Best mates with farooq sattar.
وسیم بادامی نے KFC میں نوکری پکڑ لی کیا ؟ 😄
Shahbaz bhai ALLAH ap ko lambi sehat wali zindgi dy :-)
Mashallah CM sahab u r lucky k @WaseemBadami k sth Bethy hyn 🙈♥️
Sorry but he doesn't have the dressing sense. Came for a cricket match?
U r performing impressive.
sir 80 years k bazurg 2 month se police station k chakar laga rahy hain mgr unki sunwae nahi ho rahi .bazurg ne kissi ko udhar paisey diye huey hain jo unhain nahi mil rahy or thanydar unhain zalil kr raha hy wo mukhalif party se mil gaya hy or koe karwae nahi ke
بادامی بھی اپنے آپ میں پورا ارسطو ہیں کچھ تسلی ہوئی کہ نہیں یہاں بھی کیڑے نکال لئے اس نے
Badami is not that masoooom
میں نے وزیراعلٰی پنجاب سے ملنا ہے کیا مجھے بھی ان تک رسائی ہے یا صرف جو کھال اتارتے ہیں وہی مل سکتے ہیں
Waseem Badami is an asshole who doesn’t have manners, intelligence or the knowledge of presenting himself. Just a wannabe...
So it was all setup! Badami asked questions from CM. CM provided those questions to Badami! Then CM was able to provide the answers to the questions he himself provided.
What type of Qs Sir?
Its a very good precedent u and CM is setting...Regular interactions with critics will help govt's image.
Dr is playing smart. Keep it up, Sir.
Come on he is not even journo why to meet with useless tv hosts 🤦🏼‍♂️
صحیح والے معصومانہ یا جیسے معصومانہ وسیم بادامی صاحب کرتے ھیں 😂😂
بادامی کیا پارٹی سربراہ ہے کہ اس کے ساتھ سی ایم صاحب میٹنگ کر رہا ہے یار بھاٸی تم جیسے لوگوں نے عمران خان کا بیڑا غرق کر دیا ہے نا اہل لوگ
With that laal topi.. 😋
Doc Sahab He is also a Businessman. Was it a good idea ? 🤔
Is this the costume to meet CM
Do u still believe that I don’t live in Canada ?
I didn’t know that journalists in Pakistan “ask questions from” a CM! In professional journalism, one “ask questions to” a political person to get answers. If here questions were provided by CM, then who provided answers to those questions! @Xadeejournalist @TalatHussain12
Are they really masoomana??? Sometimes they are very annoying questions
Dr Gill is para lika Fayaz Chuan😂😂
Arshaad Bhatti sb PM sy mil rahay hain aur aap CM sy
look at ur shoes first😂 thats how he known as CM (Chotia Minster) and CM team too😡👎 pic.twitter.com/hNlOcN50mZ
What is the news in it??? Such news are just a sheer wastage of time of twitter users.
Excellent strategy by Dr. Shahbaz Gill Sb to arrange meeting with CM of the journos who have been most critical of him & PTI. He is a gem doing great service to PTI.
This non sense does not know the decorum of a meeting with CM, sitting with a P CAP
معصومانہ سے زیادہ جاھلانا سوالات
ہاہا معصومانہ سوال
Don’t trust badami! Lifafa anchor
Why is he wearing RED P cap?
gil sahab thora office decorum ka khayal hi kar lein..laces khulay hoay jeans main CM sb k room main not a professional attitide.
Bdami i think badam i mean Christmas lena ponch gya..
The answers were masoomana as well ?
Waseem Badami's masoomana questions are very rapid understandably @ShabazGil was there to translate & formulate an answer. Pls train the puppet CM @UsmanAKBuzdar to face media and address the 110 million people of punjab without any translator & script.
did anybody enjoy BADAMI KULFI during this meeting,,, lolzz pic.twitter.com/M8GVswYE9f
Badami saheb red cap 🧢 not giving good picture...russians hate someone chewing gum while facing each other
Good spoke person busdar have 👍
Sir, tusi great ho. MashaAllah buht achy ja rhy ho.
Barq raftar .....
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