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US-Taliban talks in UAE.Taliban refused to meet Afghan Govt delegation.Talks will continue today in the presence of Pakistan,KSA and UAE representatives
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@HamidMirPAK Unless they agree to meet and talk to afghan gov there may not be any positive outcome for these talks
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@HamidMirPAK Good. Kabul Administration is puppets of US. No point talking to a puppet when the Master is around.
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@HamidMirPAK At least peace process starts,,,,,,, best wishes for Afghan & pakistan
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@HamidMirPAK Pakistan is setting up dangerous precedent by facilitating & participating in US-Taliban talks without representation of internationally recognised govt of Afghanistan. What if India facilitates a US Baloch-separatists talks without Pakistan participation?
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@HamidMirPAK Ab talban khan me koi kami nahi rahi
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Pakistani libtards used to call @ImranKhanPTI Taliban khan when he talked about peace dialogue. Now rental liberals don't oppose dialogue when their US masters are having dialogue with same Taliban.
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सब मिले हुए हैं जी 🙏
@HamidMirPAK Don't call it taliban , call it pakistan proxies 😉
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@HamidMirPAK Who is from Pakistan sir ?
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@HamidMirPAK Peace is the only way forward
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@HamidMirPAK Looking forward for peace in Afghanistan
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@HamidMirPAK Peace will never be fullfill till Pakistan associate with #Afghanistan . They are like termit who sucks poor afghans blood and soul. No wander why Taliban don't want to talk to afghan deligats. What can Pak offer ! Terrorism, Extremism .
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@HamidMirPAK وہ 22 سال مسکراتے ہوئے ایک ایک منٹ گِنتا رہا !! پٹواریوں کی سانس سودن کی گنتی سے ہی پُھول گئی ہے 🙂
جیالے ، مجلسی اور جماعتی بیچارے تو کسی گنتی میں ہی نہیں رہے !!
پھر پُوچھتے ہیں "" تبدیلی "" کہاں ہے !! 🙂
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@HamidMirPAK You must add your 2 cents !!!
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@HamidMirPAK Taliban Afghanistan have firm opinion that the puppet regime don't represents the ppl of Afghanistan, they can't remained in power for a week, if US troops left the country
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@HamidMirPAK There will be a dead lock if Taliban refused to talk to Afghan Govt. Without their participation all the efforts will be in vain.
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@HamidMirPAK اچھا اقدام ھے آخر کار امریکہ نے طالبان کے سامنے گھٹنے ٹیک کر دئیے۔۔۔
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@HamidMirPAK Kick off the Indian puppets
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@HamidMirPAK Talibs far better than the "been-to's" with their flattery, fawning & mimicry of the West. Bcoz they're rooted & genuine.
@Razarumi @MJibranNasir @Xadeejournalist @mubasherlucman @Kashifabbasiary @FrontlineKamran @SaleemKhanSafi @IrshadBhatti336
@WaseemBadami @ZarrarKhuhro
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@HamidMirPAK اللہ کرے کہ معاملات اچھے سے امن سے حل ہو
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@HamidMirPAK Don’t expect any Dramatic Change.Since so long Such dialogues are on their way and end result 0/0.International Forces not having any urge to resolve this issue.
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@HamidMirPAK اِس سےبڑا کفرنہیں جب ایسا سوچتےہو! کیا تمام برائی تم اکیلےہی ٹھیک کرو گے یا میں ہی رہ گیا ہوں جواکیلا ٹھیک کروں۔آدم
سچ کی طرف آو
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@HamidMirPAK یہ صرف خیالی پلاو ہے پاکستان امریکہ اور افغان حکومت دھوکے میں نہ رہے انکا پالا ایک ایسی قوم کیساتھ پڑا ہے جسے یہ کبھی زیر نہ کر پائیں گے انشاءاللہ۔
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The current and old backers of #Taliban sit to help #Afghan #peacetalks succeed.
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and the Credit goes to #PMImranKhan
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What's the use if Taliban still refusing to meet Afghanistan gov representatives
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No body trust on #Indians and dirty terriest #USA made fake GOVT of #afganistan . Good luck Pakistan.
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