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British Airways announces to resume operations in Pakistan after a decade, declaring the security situation in Pakistan satisfactory, Excellent work by SAPM @sayedzbukhari who played a pivotal role in the decision. @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov
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@IRISHINSAFIAN @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @fawadchaudhry @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood بہت ھی خوشی کی بات ھے کہ برٹش اٸیر ویز اپنا روٹ دوبارہ شروع کرہی ھے سلام و سلوٹ کی مستحق ھیں سیکورٹی ایجنسیز خاص طور پر افواجِ پاکستان کو بہت جاں فشانی اور اپنی جان کی پرواہ نہ کرتے ھوۓ ضربِ عرض و ردلفساد سےدھشتگردوں کا صفایا کیا ملک کواس قابل بنادیا بیرونی سرمایا کاری شروع
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Info Minister @fawadchaudhry RTed this tweet by @FarhanKVirk aka Mary...The Irish Insafian. LOL
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@IRISHINSAFIAN @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @fawadchaudhry @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood Mary, this is indeed an excellent news,but in reality this was announced back in February,2018. Final route announcements always come next, n this announcement in reality has not much to do with current government. Give credit where it’s due as well.
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@IRISHINSAFIAN @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @fawadchaudhry @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood Pete ari will claim soon that due to ill gotten money by Babloo he talk to BA to start flight it was on Pmln watch and they started conversation
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InshAllah khan will lead Pakistan upwards and onwards
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@IRISHINSAFIAN @fawadchaudhry @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood Darling i think you are new in Pakistan, BA announced resumption of its operations in Pakistan way back in Fab 2018. No one even give a car on rent to Zulfi bukhari in UK, do not glorify the crook for few pounds.
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@IRISHINSAFIAN @fawadchaudhry @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood Portugal also recently revised Travel advisory on Pakistan appreciating our armed forces and portraying Pakistan as re-emerging busineess and tourist attraction.
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Bhai abh tu goori ne bhi bol dia hai abh tu maan'na paray ga whatty milestone achieved 💚 Thank you British Airways and PTI for saving Pakistan *Salute*
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مولا مینو معاف کر دے
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Imran khan only hope fr world. World also love my leader khan ❤ patwari is only corupt and jelus world trust khan and love khan. Mary Come naya Pakistan welcome you very much. Love frm Pakistan nd PTI 😍 🇵🇰 ❤ 🇮🇪
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I don’t understand why is IK or PTI being thanked for this?
Are youthias really this choothiyas or they do this on purpose?
British airways had suspended its flights due to fear of terrorism after the Marriott blast for indefinite period (meaning it was meant to reopen)
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Excellent news and remarkable effort for Pakistan
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Good work IMRAN KHAN
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Lots of goodies are coming to Pakistan, cricket teams from every cricket playing country maybe not from politics playing——-,it’s because an honest man called Imran Khan 😀
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@IRISHINSAFIAN @fawadchaudhry @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood Mr Bukhari has done a great job. We trust his capabilities in this regard. We’re highly thankful to Pakistan 🇵🇰 Army. Without their efforts it’s quite difficult to achieve this milestone.
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راجہ پاکستانی 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰۔
@IRISHINSAFIAN @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @fawadchaudhry @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood What’s the contribution of current Govt ? Agreement was made in feb 2018 with last Govt , why you putting U-turn picture with British Airways?
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@IRISHINSAFIAN @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @fawadchaudhry @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood Mary, I appreciate your efforts in highlighting the evil faces of our nation. This is infact should be done by our journalists but unfortunately many of them are sold to PMLN.😞
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Great news for Pakistans.👏🏽
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Zeeshan Awan زیشان اعوان
thats the way its done. hip hip hurrah~
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Raving Ascetic باؤلا ملنگ
@IRISHINSAFIAN @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @fawadchaudhry @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood What a load of b**locks! Bukhari had zilch to do with it. BA scored an own goal by vacating a lucrative sector to Persian Gulf upstarts; now forced to resume service especially given the size of UK population that is of Pakistani origins and travels there regularly.
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میاں عمر جان🇵🇰
@IRISHINSAFIAN @MariaZafar19 @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @fawadchaudhry @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood The main champions are British High Commissioner @TomDrewUK, Mr Ibn Abass ex Pakistan High Commissioner to UK, Asim Suleman former DG CAA. Last but not the least @pmln_org Govt who pushed hard to complete the Islamabad airport & worked hard to get international airlines back.
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@IRISHINSAFIAN @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @fawadchaudhry @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood World will see after 1 or 2 years What doing PTI GOV. I fully hopefull IK will go very good for Pakistan and Pakistani Nation coz IK is not Chor.
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@IRISHINSAFIAN @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @fawadchaudhry @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood @ImranKhanPTI @fawadchaudhry @ShkhRasheed @PTIofficial @sayedzbukhari
یار خدا کا خوف کرو۔۔ جھوٹ میں تو آپ لوگوں نے PHD کر رکھی ھے۔
لوگوں کی قبروں پر آپ کو کتبے لگانے کا اتنا ھی شوق ھے تو کوئی اور ڈھنگ کا کام کر لو ظالمو۔۔۔
آپ سب کی مثال بیگانے کی شادی میں عبدل دیوانے والی ھے۔
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@IRISHINSAFIAN @fawadchaudhry @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood It happens because of a military operation against Taliban while #ImranKhanPTI opposed military operation againstTaliban for15 years, now his Govt. Taking credit of this ?If Imran Khan wasn't opposing operation against Taliban then #BritishAirways were able to resume in 2010.
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@IRISHINSAFIAN @fawadchaudhry @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood پاکستان میں دہشت گردی کا خاتمہ #طالبان کیخلاف فوجی آپریشن #ضرب_ازب اور #ردلفساد کی وجہ سے ممکن ہوا جس کے نتیجہ میں #BritishAirways نے اپنی سروس کی بحالی کا اعلان کیا جبکہ عمران خان اسکا کریڈٹ لے رہا ہے جو خود طالبان کے خلاف فوجی اپریشن کی15 سال تک مخالفت کرتا رہا
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@IRISHINSAFIAN @fawadchaudhry @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood اگر عمران خان طالبان کے خلاف فوجی اپریشن کی مخالفت نہ کرتا تو برٹش ایئر ویز 2010میں سروس بحال کر دیتی
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@IRISHINSAFIAN @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @fawadchaudhry @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood Surely his pivotal role in resumption of BA flights bk into Pakistan shall play positive in his case of dual nationality in SCP. He, being a British citizen, really needed something to prove his worth as Advisor to PM IK. His appointment as Advisor now stands 'justified'.
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Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
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Zia Ur Rehman Awan🇵🇰 ℹ️
@IRISHINSAFIAN @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @fawadchaudhry @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood یہ تمام عمل نواز دور میں ہوچکا تھا اور شاید خاقان عباسی نے اس حوالے سے تمام کام کر کے گئے تھے جب وہ میں وہ پرائم منسٹر تھے ہر وقت جالی دکھاوا کرتے ہو تم لوگ جو کام پی ایم ایل این کے ہیں ان کو مانو دکھاوا مت کرو
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@IRISHINSAFIAN @sayedzbukhari @PTIofficial @InsafPK @pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @fawadchaudhry @ShkhRasheed @FaisalJavedKhan @MuradSaeedPTI @Imtyspeaks @Asad_Umar @ArifAlvi @SMQureshiPTI @Shafqat_Mahmood برطانیہ کا یہ اقدام قابل ستائش ہے جس پر میں انہیں سیلیوٹ پیش کرتا ہوں انشاء اللہ عمران خان کی سربراہی میں ملک خداداد پاکستان ایک عظیم ملک بن کے ابھرے گا
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