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Delighted to learn British Airways will be resuming flights to Pakistan. Well done @sayedzbukhari & a special thank you to the British High Commissioner @TomDrewUK . This decision is an acknowledgement of Pakistan's continued efforts for peace & elimination of terrorism.

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Thanks to courts of Pakistan who allowed zulfi go abroad and bring BA back to Pakistan .. Special Thanks to PM IK who choose Zulfi as a friend Cum advisor ... At last but not least Thanks COAS who selected IK as PM .. Long Live
Mr. PM, Bahrain has ceased to issue Visas to Pakistanis for almost 6 months now. Is there anyone from Ministry look into this?
O hello it was already approved in #PMLN govt stop promoting this Selected Dummy #PTI govt and do your own work...
Make Pakistan great again *
خیر ہو مرشد کی 😜
Great news for Pakistani from pti government
Abay Sab shuru to aiese hogye jaise Queen Elizabeth bhi arahi hay.
Decision was made on 13/02/18 when PMLN was still in power yes implementation is done now after the New Islamabad Airport is fully functional. Well done Nawaz Sharif for building new airport & well done Nawaz Sharif & Armed forces for restoring peace globalvillagespace.com/british-airway… pic.twitter.com/DXEtMftl3B
بینظیر اگر زرداری سے شادی کے وقت اگر یوٹرن لے لیتی تو آج ملک اور پیپلز پارٹی کی حالت بہت بہتر ہوتی۔ ضیا اگر نواز کو پروان چڑھانے سے پہلے یوٹرن لیتے تو آج یہ ملک ترقی یافتہ ہوتا۔ مہاجر اگر الطاف کو قائد بنانے سے پہلے یوٹرن لے لیتے تو بھتہ خوری/سانحہ بلدیہ جیسے واقعات نہ ہوتے!
Sir please bahrain visa ban for Pakistani please resolve this problem
Yaar Shah Saab tussi te ainnay puranay, manjhay huay siasatdaan o, tussi te kuch aqal nu hath maaro
Assalamu alaikum sir please bahrain visa ban for Pakistani 6 month ban Bahrain visa for pakistani ban please resolve this problem
Please sir bahrain visa ban for Pakistani 6 month ban Bahrain visa for pakistani ban please resolve this problem
tweet:: CAA officials had told me in April this year at the inauguration of new Islamabad airport that @British_Airways is coming to Pakistan as the new airport has capacity for bigger plane. So Zulfi Bukhari is not the only one who deserves credit for this.
Yes Zulfi did this job in February when he was nothing but an ATM for your current employer Mr “ Foreign Minister “ pic.twitter.com/OowFS53Lcl
Please Re Start UK Visa Interview @ British Embassy Islamabad & British Consulate Karachi & Issue UK Visa Here instead of Dropbox for proper assessment of genuine cases More than 50% genuine cases sent in Dropbox of USA Valid Visa Passports gets rejected by UK Abu Dhabi Office
پاکستان میں دہشت گردی کا خاتمہ طالبان کیخلاف فوجی آپریشن ضرب ازب اور ردلفساد کی وجہ سے ممکن ہوا جس کے نتیجہ میں برٹش ایئر ویز نے اپنی سروس کی بحالی کا اعلان کیا جبکہ عمران خان اسکا کریڈٹ لے رہا ہے جو خود طالبان کے خلاف فوجی اپریشن کی 15سال تک مخالفت کرتا رہا
یہ ایک فیصلہ 10 سال تک ملک پر حکومت کرنیوالی دونوں جماعتوں کے منہ پر زناٹے کا طمانچہ ھے۔بھتری اسی میں ھے کہ یہ اب خاموش ھوکر پانچ سال گزاریں۔اور پچھلے 20 سالہ ادوار کا حساب دیں۔چیں چیں کسی نے نھی سننی۔بڑے بڑے گھپلے کیے ھیں انہوں نے۔
💠عمران خان کے نام💠 🌲کوئی کتنی ہی لگا لے قیمت میرا ایمان بِک نہیں سکتا میری ایمان کی قوت کے آگے کوئی شیطان ٹِک نہیں سکتا منزلِ عشق کی ان راہوں پر یہ قہرمان رک نہیں سکتا سامنے کتنا بڑا ہو فرعون کبھی عمران جھک نہیں سکتا انشاء اللّٰه💠💕🐦 pic.twitter.com/9QbQ5ympvP
زلفی بخاری کو وزیراعظم کا معاون لگانے پر جو اپنی پارٹی کے لوگ مخالفت کر رہے تھے ان کے لئے کرارا جواب ہے ویلڈن زلفی بخاری
😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😚 tnkss Shah Mahmoood Tnks Shiekh Rashid Tnkss The legend Sir Imran khan😘😘😘😜 And Army how can i Ignore mY Brave army😘😘 #Long live mera Pakistan
British Airways decided to resume its flights in Feb 2018 when election were at least 6 months away and was then PMLN regime. Zulfi did nothing which considered to be actual cause of resuming flights. Btw your gov performance remain zero from day one, credit those who deserve it.
Credit goes to IK for being able to build the level of trust needed by investors to begin to see PK suitable for business.
To increase tourism please can you make entry to Pakistan visa free to encourage tourism. Visa fee too expensive. Thanks
Great news for both @pid_gov & @ukinpakistan. Pak is the best place to @Investinpak1, @investinpak. Pak welcomes @CPEC_Official investments & public-private joint ventures & enhanced trade/ties. @ukinpakistan should promote Pak for UK tourists as a great alternate destination...!
Haaahaahaaahaa... After stealing votes... now the credits of previous govt pic.twitter.com/ZC18P6VZhQ
Every things as better soon
اردو میں لکھو کرو پٹواری کنفیوز ہو جاتے یہ کیا چل پڑا ضرور یہودی سازش ہوگی
Every one thanks who participated in this mission nd completed this mission successfully.
Please check the state of Islamabad airport feels like it will collapse!. Will be shame if sny accident happens.
Yes it’s a proud moment for all of us indeed
Real efforts were made by Ibn e Abbas, Thomas Drew, Asim Suleman the DG CAA and PMLN Govt.
پارلیمنٹ میں جب ن لیگ والے شور کرتے ہیں۔ تو اسپیکر قومی اسمبلی کہتے ہیں " چپ کر جاو اور سوجاو ورنہ شاہ محمود قریشی آجائیں گے اور تمیں پکڑ کر تھیلے میں ڈال کر اپنے ساتھ لے جائیں گے " @SMQureshiPTI pic.twitter.com/Fe7DhlfzXS
Dear @fawadchaudhry and @FakeNews_Buster plz take the notice of SMQ for spreading the fake news to Yuthiyaas Because this initiative was taken by PMLN's Ahsan Iqbal pic.twitter.com/bKiF03ul8z
But when the GOVT of PTI will improve the condition of PIA
Jhooton per khuda ki lanat
Tourism & & Buisness will increase b/w UK & Pakistan by this decision. Pakistan wish crystal clear relations with the whole world.
Aida jhooth!!! Shah ji khuda da khauf karo. Don't be a complete youthia. You guys keep taking credit for everything done by the previous government!!
Heartiest congratulation that British airways showed confidence on this government. Please stop this that ministers will be changed if they didn't work. Hats off of all, please tell when debts of PIA when all will be thrown who had cards of noonies n PPP,make it PAKISTAN AURLINE
Thank You Nawaz Sharif and his competent team to make this Islamabad into a reality... otherwise this puppet government can’t even complete one Shelter Home properly...
बहुत गलत किया आतंकवादियो को सहारा देकर।
This is Britain taking back profit, FDIs r not good except for those few who get jobs in that company @ImranKhanPTI
Please Start UK Visit Visa Interview @ British Embassy Islamabad & British Consulate Karachi & Issue UK Visa Here instead of Dropbox Lot of Genuine Pakistani Businessman, Tourists & People Going for Medical Treatment got rejected by Your Abu Dhabi Office sent in Dropbox from Pak
Please Re Start UK Visit Visa Physical Interview @ British Embassy Islamabad & British Consulate Karachi & Issue UK Visa Here instead of Dropbox Lot of USA Valid Visa Passports Going for Tourism gets rejected by Your Abu Dhabi Office sent in Dropbox due to wrong assessmen
Really a great news,yes we owe a big thank u to British people,air ways & people who made it possible.
Sir it's good job done but plz. Explain according to khaleej times agreement made on 13 Feb 2018 so again this is a repeat telecast pic.twitter.com/vtL2GjyJHe
Is this Photoshop or real can some one plz. Tell pic.twitter.com/HHVN11h2No
PIA vech do shah sb fr 🙋🏻‍♂️😂
Plz basant ko roken or mulk m aman o aaman qayem kren manashiyat ki rok tham kren
جھوٹوں پر خدا کی لعنت
Then where is e-visa for foreign tourists jinaab? Bari Bari baatain baad mein karein.
British airways resume its operations for business purposes. How terrorism eliminated with airline coming back?? It's profit oriented airline. How can govt celebrate such petty things on larger scale? Grow up & do governance
Cm punjab ko change kero imran plz do it . Mujhe pti se bht laaga aur pyar hai imran tmse lakin usko change kero china woh ja nei sakta itni kabliat nai usme plz usko change kero. Bht dukh hota hai. Ager koi banda nai tu mujhe lagao cm main awm ke liye dn rat kam kero ga
Shame on pak they announced like they achieve great ....but they don’t know how many days British air ways continue that’s the question n I don’t think it will continue for even 6 months
شاہ جی شکریہ نواز شریف تو بنتا ھے آپ کب تک ن لیگ کے کارناموں کی مبارک بادیں لے گے آپ بھی کچھ کر لو
Could anyone please comment on this pic.twitter.com/CSgM4VrheP
Can ýou please revert the mobile tax for overseas pakistanis. We should allow to take 2 mobiles for our own use and one as a gift. If someone stays more than one month in pak then he has to pay tax for mobile. Its unfair. We send billions of dollars as remittances.
and @British_Airways any plans for resuming flights between Karachi and London?
sir .is pic se pakistan ki janta ko kia msg mil rha hoga ye puch sakti hu smoke karne se umar badhti hai . Health pe koi fark nhi padta .inhone ye pic apne Twitter pe dala Hua hai .jaise ki Olympic ka gold dikha rhe ho ye galat nhi aap ki njr mai . pic.twitter.com/N2QRBMjXrT
Assalam Aalaikom ancle hum 40 sal se kirain k makan main rehte hai plz 5o.ooooo logo ghar de rahe hai ek ghar ho sakta hai aap ka bohat esan hoga allah pak apko kamyabi ada kare ameen ayi ayi pti
اکستان میں دہشت گردی کا خاتمہ #طالبان کیخلاف فوجی آپریشن #ضرب_ازب اور #ردلفساد کی وجہ سے ممکن ہوا جس کے نتیجہ میں #BritishAirways نے اپنی سروس کی بحالی کا اعلان کیا جبکہ عمران خان اسکا کریڈٹ لے رہا ہے جو خود طالبان کے خلاف فوجی اپریشن کی15 سال تک مخالفت کرتا رہا
اگر عمران خان طالبان کے خلاف فوجی اپریشن کی مخالفت نہ کرتا تو #BritishAirways 2010 میں سروس بحال کر دیتی
I wish if you guys could Reinstate PIA thanks
Sir har koi credit lay raha hai.Ahsan Iqbal Sb bhi lay rahay hain..kisko mobarak de jai??🤔
Telephone call ki tarha ye bhi jhot hai
یہ کام تو نوازشریف حکومت نے شروع کیاتھا جسکا کریڈٹ خود لےرےہو، کوی خود بھی تو کر لو جناب
Do You know the biggest problem in Pakistan Politics Is That Every One Has Taken Over Credit ! My Questions is from is British airways are Class One Student who agree for this For Sake And efforts Of Zulfi Bukhari ! Be Real Sir Be Real ! welldonePakistan WelldonePakArmy
These are what 'we called Naya Pakistan'
Be fair being a FM and iappreciate the great effort by last Goverment to restore the BA flight oper in Pakistan. No effort by PTI or Zulfi pic.twitter.com/mpyn6yS17U
dawn.com/news/1451971/m… Sir, please help this person. On death row in saudi
One who was in the EXIT CONTROL LIST who’s not even Pakistani well done next time when you go In Accountability Court dobtell them that you are not a Pakistani but you are State Minister #ZulfiBukhari
مخترم Mukhtar Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, a flight to Peshawar from UAE to make a landing program in Peshawar at night. Thanks
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