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Let me try and save folks some time here. You cannot rein in Latinas. They rein you in. #YearOfTheLatina #FutureIsLatina

“Exasperated Democrats try to rein in @politico
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To quote Alan Moore: “None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here with YOU. You're locked up in here with ME.” 🤣
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico The hand wringing in this article is indicative of the old white men that portray power and influence on TV but really cower in their boots at anything but the status quo. Make the world a better place AOC. And damn the listless pawns that allowed us to get here.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Funny what happens when you represent your constituents instead of your donors.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico This article is gossipy, ill-reported, and annoying.
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And this,Ladies and gentlemen is why the Democratic Party has morphed from the party of
truly great leaders like JFK,into the party of self-entitled, socialist,globalist, ammoral, Constitution-despising demagogues!The lucid ones of the party have been kidnapoed by the radicals!
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico darn dems need to stop viewing her as a problem and start looking at her as a solution.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico I am sure you think you are right, but you haven't met my wife. You cannot rein in STRONG SMART WOMEN - period.
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Yup. It’s fun watching them try though bc @AOC got the clap backs on lock
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Did you just speak to my husband? My ex-? My brothers? #verdad
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The Latina Respecter has logged on
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico @aoc is fire. She is burning bright and hot and she is setting the world ablaze. We need more like her representing us. Undaunted, smart people of conviction who aren't afraid to call out this crooked administration for what it is.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Good Lord, AOC has been in the House of Rep what, 1 week? Everyone chill. I'm a pretty moderate Democrat and I'm Latina. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is doing just fine. I'm not exasperated.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Rein her in???? Haha that's pretty rich...keep dreaming, guys.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Our country is so overdue for this type of leadership. For the first time in 2 yrs I am finally excited about something government related!!
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico And yet the article says Rep. @NydiaVelazquez is trying to talk sense into @AOC to prevent her from primarying other Democrats

Are you only Latina if you want to attack other Dems, or do Latinas who support the caucus still count? I guess not.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Keep up the fight @AOC . You are one of the few in Congress willing to fight for the working class!
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico AOC brought out the youth vote with her progressive ideas and modern style. She does need a supportive mentor ( or more) to be sure she is successful. 2020 is just around the corner, and Ds need to maintain the interests of younger voters. She is the antiTrump!
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Pobrecitos. They gotta find out somehow though.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico House Democrats better understand that this is the level of fight we have been looking for in them. They need to get behind AOC.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico The democratic caucus needs personality! Why would anyone think uniformity and consensus is representative? @HouseDemocrats and @SenateDems need to embrace @AOC’s constructive agitation; maybe even evolve as a result! Suppressing agitation is the failing play!
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico So true! Raised in a family with strong women who weren’t afraid to speak their mind and didn’t care what you thought of them for doing so!!
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@CristobalJAlex @latinovictoryus @AOC @politico Ha! Gold nuggets of wisdom right there 😉💃🏻. Adelante @AOC !
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico The Democratic Socialists will do to the Democratic party what the Tea Party did to the Republican Party...divide the nation even more. I hope someone comes to the forefront to bring this country back to the center.
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Nelba Márquez-Greene, 🇵🇷🇨🇦
Never our spirit. Never our song. Maybe for a season but NEVER for long..... 🙌🏽👏🏼💪🏽🔥
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Liberals love to deploy racist stereotypes when it suits their needs...
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Maybe more people need to get on board with positive change and help her get her ideas done in a way that helps people. She got elected by promising to do good things, I'm not surprised she is starting off by working. We need more elected officials that have her drive.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico This country needs brave outspoken courageous leaders. We have enough suits.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico The strange thing is that she wants what we all want... For our politicians to be accountable.
I don't see the problem. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Annette Feliciano 🇵🇭 🇨🇦
@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico She's making news with her initiatives and making people think. What is wrong with that? Those criticizing her shld meet w/ her & collaborate. They are in the same party anyway. You're not cut fr the same cloth. Variety is good for democracy.
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Ahem ... the same could be said about Italian-American girls from the Bronx!
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico She is doing the right thing and I have her back 100%🇺🇸
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico You don't reign in Latinas; you let them reign.
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As the husband of a latina woman, I confirm the truth in this tweet.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico They mean "bring her to heel," not "bring her into the fold."
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.@AOC was elected to fight for district 14, not kowtow to stagnant DC politics. She’s doing just that while also being party’s most effective messenger— @NydiaVelazquez & her colleagues should be figuring out how to BUILD on the energy she inspires, not keep her quiet.
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❤️🇺🇸PamBenTrumpin ❤️🐘🇺🇸 VOTE RED
@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico We’re not to worried about @AOC as she can’t even rein in her own ability to not insult others or alienate.
#AOC #FridayMotivation #BuildTheWall #FundTheWallNow #StateOfEmergency #HumanitarianCrisis #PelosiShutdown
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Democrats need to follow AOC. There, headline fixed.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Everybody needs to stop just chill @AOC has only been in Congress one week and already people are trying to shame her seriously she's an awesome congresswoman. people needs to stop and focus on things like this government shutdown.
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Stephen Hutton🇺🇸🇬🇧
@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico I don't think she was elected by her constituents to "play ball"
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It's so funny that the democratic leadership is planning to gang up on their own party member who is popular and has views most people agree with including lots of people who only go vote if they see the party as actually being left. "she is attacking us" no your attacking her.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico The establishment's way doesn't seem to be working. How 'bout we let @AOC drive the bus for a bit and see where that takes us hmmmm?
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Karen Wagner Tired Mother📎🎭
@CristobalJAlex @mendezforaz @AOC @politico .@AOC knows we all need to be free~
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I do think AOC could be an amazing uniter for the Democratic Party. And some of her Dem bashing is annoying.

Buuuuuut MAYBE establishment Dems should stop trying to rein her in and let her be AOC. It’s what got her here.

And it’s what we need more of in our leaders.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico She didn't come to play ball; she came to shake things up.
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Vagina Avenger™️🏳️‍🌈✊🏾
This pretty much captures my almost 43 years on this planet.

You will not win with this one, fellas. You will not.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico I have not heard any Democrats trying to rein her in, it’s always the Republicans because they are Afraid of her.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Her brand is to be outspoken. Good for her. I don't know why they're even trying to rein her in. It's important to have diverse voices in Congress. Let her speak her mind.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico "People are afraid of her" YES YES YES. The establishment status quo needs to be afraid of her. Its the only way they will bend, and if they dont bend then we break them by opposing them in primaries
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico This is the problem with the Democratic party. It sees its purpose as maintaining its own power, when the purpose of any government is to govern, to tackle substantive issues facing the polity.

As soon as you conceptualize politics as "team vs. team," everyone has already lost.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Looks like they misspelled “terrified.”
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico You got that right and the same is true for many fierce women of our time!
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." Kris Kristofferson was predicting AOC 50 years ago. She's not beholden to the party and the party's scared of that.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico the whole point is to drag the party where the people are, not drag the people to the #dnc. we're taking over the party, that's my goal anyway.
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I feel like there was a real missed opportunity for a power pun here. You can’t rein us in. That’s why they call us reinas 👸🏻👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿#futureislatina #CantReinInAReina
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Are you implying Latinos are superior ? Sounds pretty racist.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico It’s politico reporting so there’s that bit of fake. I think most dems welcome her smarts and energy to the party. We r better off with her. Politico can bugger off.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Establishment pols need to understand that the way things have usually worked aren't working for a lot of people. And sometimes they deserve to be called out even by their fellow Dems the same way they expect Republicans to call out Trump. Also, they don't own these seats.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico The hell are they exasperated about she's what the party should be
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico As the son of a Puerto Rican mother, I must add my voice here and say you're not wrong.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Let @AOC run! Her energy is much needed in the political system today. She is exactly what we need right now.
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Hey @georgepbush I’m sure you’ll be the first to call out this clear act of Latino supremacy and identity politics.

Or are you just gonna shit on white people for thinking of themselves as “white”?

3 3
@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico The power of being raised with la chancla
1 5
🐔🦖mαchσ вírв🦖🐔
Someone get their horny uncle.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Little history lesson; they tried to reign in @SenBernie during the 2016 election and look what happened. Let @AOC lead and just try and keep up this time.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico The sooner they learn this fact, the better!
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Democratic Lawmakers should embrace this woman. She is the embodiment of what I want in Congress. She was elected because of her ideals and stances, and she seems to resonate with a LOT of people.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico POLITICO has one mission and one mission only: to normalize Republicans, and present Democrats as perpetually in disarray.
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0 6
We’re out here 💪🏽
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@DNC Don't try to rein in the future. Your past approaches failed. Democrats won the 2018 elections because of bold new faces like @AOC
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Oh please. Let her say and do what many of us are already and only thinking.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico I call BS. Dems cannot be “exasperated” at @AOC if they cowardly have refused to bring the heat to Trump, Ryan, McConnell, Fox News, Giuliani, Lindsey Graham and all those who still want to blame Obama and Clinton for everything!
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wow this makes me want to tear a wall down with my bare hands
1 4
@AOC comes from families and and heritage of some of the most resilient people: Puerto Ricans/Latinas, Natives, and now we know Sephardic Jews and Marranos - a group that kept it's identity in tact under threat of being burned at the stake.

Good luck trying to "rein her in" 🤔
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@CristobalJAlex @TiffanyDCross @AOC @politico We need her energy, her voice, her ideas, etc. I'm exasperated she didn't give the rebuttal on Tuesday. What better way to the DNC to say, "We believe in diversity and the next generation." Misstep on their part.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Establishment Democrats are every bit as harmful to our society as the Republicans. A true progressive agenda is needed to turn this country, this world, around. AOC understands this and so does the younger generations that will be cleaning and dealing with the mess left...
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Definitely starting a band called “Exasperated Democrats”
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Have you ever mingled with us Italians?
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truer words have never been spoken

#LatinasLead #PolíticaLatina
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Listen @TheDemocrats. THIS is who I feel represents me. Not former GOP converts who love how centrist you've become, sorry @SenWarren. Not @chuckschumer @SpeakerPelosi. I want @AOC & @BernieSanders leading. I'd rather see the party burn down before giving in!✊🏼 #Democrats #resist
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Haha. I think it is the 'exasperated and very afraid Repubs' that begged Politico to write this article....
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico She is what happens when a politician isn't owned by corporations....keep going!
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She's not gonna fuck you bro
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico DNC needs to move away from their old ways. The old ways lost them the White house, the senate, the house and the Supreme court. The people given them another chance with the mid term election last year, now it's time to try something new, something more radical. Stand with @AOC
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This is my perpetual mood ⬇️ #FutureIsLatina
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Let me save you some time, stop getting distracted on trivial stuff, there is a racist sexual predatory treasonous and corrupt lunatic in the White House, there is the #TrumpShutdown, this should be our focus...
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico This is just bullshit. GOP is just having fits over AOC’s new brand of unabashed, take-no-prisoners, answer-every-slur-with-a-true-rebuttal. It’s refreshing. Deal with it, GOP. She’s here to stay. #ThornInYourSide #TruthToPower
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@CristobalJAlex @rolandsmartin @AOC @politico And this is what we WANT. I am saddened to belong to a party that cannot read the change, embrace the emerging leadership, and cannot understand or give space for the potential. I am hopeful that in 2020 we have 50 MORE like her.
1 2
@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico The DNC and Establishment Democrats still don’t understand you need someone like @AOC to combat Trump. Watch Warren get endorsed by HRC and the superdelegates - they think the same old tired centrist liberal politics are still relevant.. but they aren’t.
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@CristobalJAlex @AOC @politico Poor centrists are upset because she isn't a baby Republican. There's a reason she's the most popular politician out there right now.
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