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This is a reminder of women sticking together— and not letting a man take ownership of a great song/ moment... And if anything the message of this song remains that although you may have had my body, you will never have my heart, my voice my life or my mind.

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Being a survivor of past predators myself, these lines spoke to me, which is why I did the song. I embrace all survivors of sexual and domestic violence and abuse holding a special place in my heart, and you @ladygaga, for doing the right thing! 💜 pic.twitter.com/VDsfzb0gyw
This is a reminder that hypervisible white feminists will continue to treat black women like collateral & won’t ever take into account their role in misogynoirist violence.
White woman feminism is dangerous
Maybe it was too ahead of its time for certain people.
The only version of Do What U Want that we RECOGNIZE 🙌🏽 #LEGENDS
In completely predictable white liberal feminist BS, both of these artists (whose music i adore) took a moment about violence against Blk women and girls and made it about THEM. They ALL LIVES MATTERED a brief moment in which Black girls and women were centered. UGH!
this is all that needed to be said. thank you, Legendtina.
WE STAN 2 LEGENDS , WE LOVE U XTINA ! ❤️ pic.twitter.com/p55JOKag3N
Glad Xtina is showing support to Gaga during this massacre while the only thing Gaga could do during the Bionic gate was paying Perez Hilton to write more trash
this song was about doing what you want "with your body" featuring a known predator who likes to do what he wants with black women's bodies - and the proof was already out there when the song was recorded. gaga discredited the proof & rapist terry richardson directed it
White women will center themselves time and time again to protect other white women. This isn’t about a song or a moment. It’s about a self declared ally who refused to protect Black women and girls and attempted to absolve their accountability with an “apology”
Okay. So. Now that we know that the man from the original version has stolen the bodies AND hearts, voices, lives and minds of girls and women over the years, you think two wealthy women sipping champagne is the best way to address—I just...lord
White women love making the story about them. Black women were being abused 4 decades by #RKelly & the industry knew it, including artist like @ladygag. Spare me the regrets. And spare me watching media make the story about GaGa. At what point do we focus on black women’s pain?
This is... not a good look. I love you both but Gaga didn't rerecord the song because R. Kelly was "trying to take her voice." She did it because she was getting blowback for collaborating with a known predator of black women and girls.
...anyway, let's talk about this self-aggrandizing ass picture she posted...LMAO!
YES!! This is the only version that needs to exist! #queens @ladygaga #DoWhatUWant
Omg thank you Queen for always speaking up about things like this, no matter how hard they try to put us against each others, women sticking together is the future, we will be each other's shield ♀
This is a reminder of internalized misogyny. And the ways that patriarchy will always scape goat the victim rather than holding predators accountable. Those who have internalized misogyny reframe dynamics to imply those violated somehow "let" violation occur.
Xtina swooping in to save this song/situation from the PR nightmare it really is.
Well said X! No matter what anyone says about you or what anyone does to you, they can never take your mind, your heart or your soul! I love you Christina! You have spoke out against violence against women your entire career. My mother and I thank you and love you for it ❤️😘👏
call Christina and perform the song together in ENIGMA
Christina Aguilera is too good of a person for this world. We don’t deserve her.
So this is about music to you-when young Black girls were assaulted by a monster; meanwhile, Gaga was fuckin' MIA when asked to speak out? No worries, John Legend & Chance the Rapper took care of business! Gaga gets credit for making money with R. Kelly so stop the celebrity BS!
This is the shit. Love you both so much @ladygaga @xtina
thank you so much for the support!!!! love u
كريستينا اقليرا المتعاونه بالنسخه الثانيه لاغنية DWUW: “هذا تذكير بأن النساء لبعضهن البعض ، ولا يسمحن للرجال بأن يستحوذون على أغنية / لحظة عظيمة ... وإذا كانت رسالة هذه الأغنية انه بالرغم من أنك (الرجل) قد تكون حصلت على جسدي ، فلن تحصل على قلبي أبداً ، صوتي حياتي أو عقلي" ❤️
xtinct really wants that chart position on the hot 100 huh 😭😭
The Sisterhood Über Alles
This isn’t women sticking together. When it was BLACK women in trouble, Gaga was silent as a church mouse. Now she’s removed her R. Kelly collab because of backlash he’s deservedly received. She knew the allegations 5 years ago and still cashed the checks. Don’t rewrite history. pic.twitter.com/NcikpFR1OK
***** women never fail. Dozens of young Black girls had their lives ruined by that scum and y'all managed to make it about yourselves. Y'all mind if I laugh
amazingly when the victims are Black folks, particularly Black girls and women in this moment, y’all made this about the imaginary victimization of a white woman. she was held accountable. she’s not a victim in this instance.
Thank you @xtina for being the better person. People will always say something about you. I know you get hurt too. It’s normal. But you’re strong and you know that. And remember that we will always be supporting you no matter what. I love you Queen. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Glad u spoke on this.
Now everyone is acting like Gaga is a victim who's being persecuted because she was called out for being a grown ass 27 year old woman who willingly worked with someone she KNEW was a violent sexual predator who harmed young Black girls. Please
A documentary about Black women talking about all the sexual trauma they experienced at the hands of R. Kelly comes out, Gaga then removes the song from streaming sites but you don't wanna let the song go because it was a "moment" for you? Woo chillay!
The only version of the song I will listen to. #SurvivingRKelly
UGH queens 😍 I love this and you both! Pls collab again 💖 pic.twitter.com/z8MNu6GeHF
So can little monsters stop coming for Xtina now?
Now for all of you Xtina fans who want to bash Gaga constantly, can you please shut up? She cleared this up for you guys. 💖

Mis reinas, mis ídolas
Wow this is powerful. Always speaking positively and looking for the Rainbow in the storm. This is why I stan Xtina....and for the BOPS of course💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
I just wanna know who asked for this?
Christina recordándole a Lady Gaga que aún existe su versión
A lo mejor es el momento para que este duo tenga el reconocimiento que se merece. ¡Bravas!
We Little Monsters love you, Xtina! ❤️🐾
#DoWhatUWant2019 cada vez se pone más y más bueno.
*looks for any recognition of the Black girls/women actually harmed*

*sees nothing but capitalism masquerading as empowerment*
I was in the audience for this performance on @NBCTheVoice and always thought it was a way better version than the one with R Kelly.
Thanks for speaking out. So many needed to hear from you on this. Bravo girl!!!👏🏻
We truly don’t deserve this woman.. she’s always giving and rarely takes. I do think, though, that sometimes our beautiful Queen is a little naive and too generous of others. I just think sometimes people aren’t worthy of her unconditional love and support.
Gracias a éste statement de Xtina ahora tengo 2 memes nuevos para usar que me daban hueva buscar yo mismo.

Y también tengo lágrimas en mis ojos porque qué bellas palabras, pero eso no importa.
They have a great power, a power that moves masses and reaches many hearts of this world if the message was modified for a single purpose. I congratulate you, do not let anything or anyone hurt us and always believe in us we love you. @xtina @ladygaga pic.twitter.com/2yXiCfIgHG
Christina Aguilera se mostrou do lado de Lady Gaga com Tweets de apoio. As duas fizeram uma performance da música "Do What U Want" há tempos no programa The Voice. Tradução nos próximos Tweets:
And this my friends is why I love @xtina, so many trying tear down @ladygaga for doing this song... in comes mother saying not on my time ! Never a lemming and always for what's right with nothing to gain. Such a mf class act 👏👏👊✊❤🖤❤
Queen of letting everyone the facts and saying the truth!!!🙌🏻😭💕
This is not about a song, Christina. It’s about a man who abused Black women.
"Este é um lembrete de mulheres se unindo - e não deixando um homem levar vantagem de uma grande música/momento...E se qualquer coisa na mensagem dessa música permanece assim, apesar de você poder ter tido meu corpo, você nunca terá meu coração, minha voz, minha vida ou minha (+)
¿Es Lady Gaga el espíritu errante de Rafaella Carrá?
Stream Liberation for female empowerment 😌🥰itunes.apple.com/us/album/liber…
@Xtina you always handle everything with such grace. If only “people” would have shown you the same compassion in the #Bionic era. Cough cough* Gaga!!
How quickly y'all dismiss the pain caused towards black women. Like clockwork.
Sticking together...

Unless you're a black underage victim of a known predator.

Then they'll deny any knowlege.
a unica versão de do what u want possível
Unless they're Black women, right Christina?
You should’ve said that y’all will never fall In Line smh
I'm simultaneously shocked by the audacity of this yt woman but more disappointed in myself for even being surprised. The need to always victimize themselves to absolve themselves of any accountability is WYLDDDD but completely expected.
Girl, you're an angel on earth!
Charitable queen didn’t let Gaga’s career flop
I’m with them, not him. My sincere apologies for being a part of keeping this song alive during my battle on Season 6 of NBC The Voice.
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