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If capitalism is evil and socialism is the answer, why isn鈥檛 the caravan heading for Venezuela?


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If you missed it try and watch @TuckerCarlson opening monologue tonight one of his best ever
I would pitch in to buy @RepAOC a one-way coach ticket down there!
Proof that liberalism is a mental disease not anchored in reality
Rwanda is also a capitalist country. You're choosing one of the worst socialist countries because your followers are gullible fearmongers. Never a mention of the Scandinavian countries. Canada is basically socialist too. There are good and bad capitalist & socialist countries.
All those boats going from Florida to Cuba.
Why doesn't Charlie Kirk move to #Haiti or #Guatemala or other countries where #capitalism is completely unregulated?

Instead of trying to reduce the USA to third world conditions, why not just move to some other country already completely gutted by international finance?
Margaret Thatcher "The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."
Why don't we ask AOC?!! 馃馃槒馃槈馃榿馃槀
If classical liberalism is good and monarchism is bad, where is Louis XVI's head?
Wanna watch a dem stand and scratch?
should lead one !!! Take the #GreenNewDeal with her
What a great question!馃挕 Maybe they don鈥檛 give away all kinds of free stuff to non-citizens at the expense of their citizens like we do!
soon the progressives will be saying that in venezuela was not implanted true socialism, and will still find a way to put the blame on capitalism. Just wait!
Great Question!
Folks, MAGA is getting dumber by the minute. Trump's speech was cringe. At this point the Democrats could run AOC and she would win. Everything I am seeing is telling me campaign Trump 2020 is going to be full boomer. This garbage is going to repel anyone under the age of 65.
We have bigger and better "FREE STUFF"馃槀馃槈
Because Venezuela is one perfect example of socialism working. As said by Thatcher: "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money"
We all know you aren鈥檛 really confused. Just disingenuous.
Because those are not the instructions Senator Schumer included in the pamphlets.
Why do #Cubans live so much better than #Haitians?

Why is #China the second largest economy today? Why was china dirt poor back when it had free markets and free trade?

Who were the first in outer space?

Who built the world's largest hydro-power plant?

You're clueless.
Because in Venezuela they ran out of other people鈥檚 money.

migrents don鈥檛 want to go to socerlist cuntries like sweeden!1
we don't have capitalism lol How can you have capitalism when the PRICE OF MONEY you MUST USE is controlled??? lol
Because socialism is like a virus that searches out a healthy host and then takes it down from within.
We're still a welfare state that's why
The Red Army Hockey Team had a crew of guys every time they traveled to a capitalist country to make sure they didn鈥檛 defect...Socialism is that great!
Socialism affords permanent control to those in power. #MAGA #qanon
That鈥檚 a Damn good question!!!
Better yet, why doesn鈥檛 AOC move there?
Great question, Mr. Kirk. Perhaps Trump should send @RepAoc to meet caravan leaders and 'splain the benefits of 'democratic socialism" to these clearly misguided migrants. #FinishTheWall
I reckon our socialist think they can do it better. 馃槓
If the #RegressiveMovement wins, then they will be heading back to Venezuela in a few years. Let's hope we keep Presidents like our @POTUS, Governors like @GregAbbott_TX ,Senators like @tedcruz , and Congressman like @Jim_Jordan (just to name a few), elected. #KAG #SocialismSucks
It takes a real moron to think Socialism Is GOOD when you can just glance to the south and see for yourself that 5 short years is all it took to make a prosperous country turn into a poverty stricken hell hole. People are freaking BLIND and DEAF and STUPID if they can't see that
I think we should send Ocasio-Cortez down there to research this....
They ran away from Socialism
1st they have to stop by Alexandra Cortez' house for the free lunch... all good socialists provide for foreign agents..
That has been my question for some time. pic.twitter.com/hwgAF039Ck
I apologize for not knowing the difference between communism, socialism and socialized medicine, which is the only thing most people want to add to our country.
馃 hmmm good point
The only thing socialism does is kill capitalism. Ask any capitalist. However, socialism cannot be implemented without capitalism. Where else would they get the money 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
Because of the handouts they get in the US.
I'd love to hear @SenSanders & @AOC answer that one. Too bad the #FakeNewsMedia won't ask them.
Socialists cannot produce a working compass.
You're not allowed to ask that question.
And if capitalism can accommodate everyone then why aren't we letting them in?
I am waiting for ocasio Cortez to start her caravan from the United States to Venezuela
Good question. Ask Cortez dingbat
Makes perfect sense. It's like saying, do you want to fix #ErectileDysfunction using a little blue pill with its MANY ills or use your own bone marrow to fix it & have no harmful side effects. Some questions seem so silly when put in print. Biotech $CELZ for a #Viagra like opp. pic.twitter.com/khp9sojYfu
.@charliekirk11 @RealCandaceO and @bennyjohnson ...

PLEASE get @DanielDiMartino involved in @TPUSA!

Just saw him on @marthamaccallum and he knows the horrors of state sponsored socialism.
People need to remember that message come election day.
It would be intellectual consistency. Everyone love armadillos. #DefeatDemCrow
Why doesn鈥檛 anyone EVER want to move to South America 馃

Truly baffling 馃
Great question! Maybe when Trump wins in 2020, The Dems will start caravans heading for Venezuela.
Funny how people who want socialism have never lived in a socialist country.
True that 馃ぃ馃槀 ask Cortez 馃ぃ馃槀
It didn鈥檛 work that time because they didn鈥檛 try hard enough. Or the other few times.
Wait right there smarty pants. You are making sense and we will have none of it.
because the US is sanctioning the hell out of them Facts don't care about your feelings, buddy independent.co.uk/news/world/ame鈥
Amazingly simple and powerful point!
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