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Enough is Enough. Too much blood and resources wasted. Time to ordinance repeal of Article 370 and integrate the Nation. ITS TIME HAS COME. -Sg @PMOIndia #Article370 #PulwamaTerrorAttack

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Enough is Enough. Time for Coimbatore Collector to show your place and get back all the pristine forest land that you have occupied and give it back to the people !!
Above all, this is advice that should be heeded. Please see who it is coming from. @narendramodi
Agreed. I am from Northeast India and we too have our shares of problems but Kashmir issues never subsidies. Its actually backing by some other nation which is spreading hatred towards our beloved country!
अब बहुत हो गया। हम बहुत खून बहा चुके हैं, और बहुत संसाधन बर्बाद कर चुके हैं। अब समय आ गया है कि धारा 370 रद्द करने का अध्यादेश जारी किया जाए और देश का एकीकरण किया जाए। - सद्‌गुरु @PMOIndia #Article370 #PulwamaTerrorAttack
When an enlightened being says something.. the authority must take it very seriously. @narendramodi @ChouhanShivraj
Namaskaram and Suprabhatam Sadguru 🙏🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Monoculture of J&K must end. Scrape Art 370 n 35 A.Internal migration from other states n change demography of J& K. No special status.Industrialize d valley n every youngster must hv job so that no time 4 radicalisation. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 pic.twitter.com/PJ6ld0DPoU
Should have been done long time back. Minority vote seeker #Congress party never let it happen. There is no logic for it if #Kashmir is to be part of India.
Absolutely, time is ripe to hit repeal Art 370 n 35A; allow people from other States to move in to bring about demographic change; that's the long-term solution n its now or never; no other Govt will be able to do it; or at least separate 3 regions, Jammu, Ladakh n Valley
Yogis are not against pleasure. It is just that they found something much more intense and enduring within themselves. #SadhguruQuotes

if only they could locate their brains
.@SadhguruJV calls for repeal of Article 370 and integrate the nation.
ji ,Tnx for openly coming out and saying this thing
Not Just scrapping of Article 370 and 35 A, Bharat to be Secular we need "One Nation One Law irrespective of Gender, Religion, Caste and Demography. " Jai Bharat.
this is the sentiment of the nation sadhguru🙏
Yes Guruji,only complete integration of JK with rest of Bharath is the solution for this historical blunder a family has enforced on us for its self benefits and love for a enemy country,because of which entire nation is paying price every day
Nation will benefit if #Article370 and #Article35A are removed. BJP will benefit politically too. It is in national interest and political interest (for BJP) to #RemoveArticle370 and #RemoveArticle35A Not removing #Article35A_370 will harm both nation and BJP
S Sadhguru ,V should take a bold move. It's really a urgent need for the nation.
Yes Sadhguru, you have spoken for ordinary citizens like us.
Thanks Sadhguru ji. I was watching the last rites of our heroes who were martyred (Deharadun & Rajasthan). One had a pregnant wife, and another a newly married wife. It just brought be tears. very emotional.
sadguru is one of biggest think tank of the world if he is advising it should be taken hand to hand.
Thank you very much Sadguru ji for staunchly & loudly supporting the removal of Article 370!!
"Spiritual people". This is the man who had justified tying a Kashmiri man to the Indian army jeep.
#GuruRavidasJayanti #RavidasJayanti It's very shocking that you r known as a "so called Saint" And giving solution politically rather then from geeta or ved. It's due to no knowledge about geeta n ved. Even geeta itself says worship of shiv is "No Use" If so proof it with slok pic.twitter.com/BMWiQE1I05
Yes ! Time to ordinance repeal of Article 370. No choice !
@PMOIndia #Article370
@SadhguruJV #PulwamaTerrorAttack
This could technically lead to a plebiscite in the state. But so be it. Whatever the people choose, let's be done with it once and for all. Let the Indian army not suffer constantly.
Very well said by Sadguruji. If we abolish article 370 many positive things could be implemented in J&K. Its high time to create employment there. We should not provide fish to poor rather we shd train him fishing.
Yes. Every Indian want to part of Kashmir So everyone waiting Bollywood. Cricket. Tourism. Religious tourism. And yoga and meditation centres Hope @narendramodi ji do it fast
Sadhguru ji also supported
Thank u @SadhguruJV your remark on such a critical issue.
Yes Sadguru - Enough Is Enough !! Repeal Article 370, Save Kashmir Save India !!
For the kind attentionn of Hon @narendramodi Ji.

I request to consider @SadhguruJV Ji' s advice as a "Rajagurus" advice!!
Time for permanent solution. Time to act immediately. Hope @PMOIndia will act 🙏
Please meet @narendramodi convince him to abolish Article #370. Please discuss w/ @swamy39. Per him that no ordinance is required to remove this 'temporary' article. Cabinet Decision approved by President is ALL THAT NEEDED. @rashtrapatibhvn #RemoveArticle370
we have the power, courage and chance to change the world's perspective towards us

@PMOIndia what the hell we waiting for?

#PulwamaAttack #Pulwama #Article370 #NewIndia
Jay ho guru ji🙏. I think this is how every eminent citizen of India shud come out openly about what is good and bad for Bharat Varsh.
Perfect @SadhguruJV please make it happen sadhguru. Shambho...
Article 370 has resulted in 370,000000000000 Unpleasant events . Time to make it disappear from our constitution to save India from terror.
Yes we want to be one. No more uncertainty
Yes, Need to take decision... Pranams 🙏
Sadhguruve namaha.... Absolutely, we can't be a cat on the wall alwayzzz.. Afraid to jump.. Its high time a concrete decision is made.
Coming from you really makes lot of difference..you are absolutely right @SadhguruJV ji... TIME HAS COME.🙏🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
And the guru has spoken 🙏🙏🙏
Repealing #Article370 & 35A will immensely help Restore peace, Moreover Make Jammu a Separate State, Grant Leh & Ladakh UT status, people of these areas should Not suffer for the sake of few districts of kashmir #PulwamaAttack @PMOIndia @rajnathsingh @TajinderBagga @PiyushGoyal
Yes please don't waste hard earned tax payers money for freebies in J&K. Enough is Enough
Repeal Article 370
@narendramodi @PiyushGoyal @nsitharaman @FinMinIndia @arunjaitley @rammadhavbjp
We r waiting for #RemoveArticle370 @narendramodi sir you have support of every indian. This is right time.
dear Sir Prime Minister please ordinance to #ScrapArticle370 this is the right time... please do it sir... please do it 🙏
Yes..nation wants
Now all “intellectuals” will crop and start opposing.
Why are kashmiri students given special quotas in #Indian Universities whereas we cannot even buy land in #Kashmir? It’s high time we revoke #Article370 @narendramodi @PMOIndia
Opportunity has come @PMOIndia to abolish article 370 & make one India. Huge public anger against this article & people of India are convinced that @narendramodi ji will fulfill his promise. 370+35= 405 seats in 2019, India will reward.
Sir....India wants #RemoveArticle370 Pls do it before it is too late.... This time if you do, there will be hardly any opposition of it, rather Majority Indians will thank you. @AmitShah @Swamy39 @rajnathsingh @rammadhavbjp @RSSorg
Time has come, rather than attacking Pakistan we should put our own house in order first
Much needed..No more toleration..it's been too long..if #PulwamaAttack and stone pelting are not sufficient.,then we are bound to suffer..repeal 370..
Really it's high time to remove article 370. India want this
Article 370 gives autonomous status to the J&K with some special provisions. Now its high time. Integration with the whole Nation is must. Artcle 370 must be abolished after #PulwamaAttack. Guruji the way you are taking River Movement forward, Pl take this issue also. Thanks !!
There are things I am angry about Dravidian governments. How did we allow frauds like this in our land?
बिल्कुल यह सही समय है #Article370 को समाप्त करने का!
Very correct, we must immediately take action to repeal article 370 and who so ever speaks in favour of it must be boycotted
The World Is With You On This👍🌏🤗 LET"S MAKE IT HAPPEN✌️🇮🇳✌️ pic.twitter.com/wvb8pgi8Zp
Very good suggestion Sir. Kashmiri People say that they are differentiate from India. Actually Kashmir is integral part of India.
People, please retweet this!!
Enough is enough, @SadhguruJV. You just shut the fu*k up and don't do your cow dung politics in #TamilNadu. Also, it's time to vacate your encroachments in Western Ghats so that wild elephants could live in it's home @ElephantCrisis @WWF @WildAid
Can’t agree with you more. It seems like Indian government doesn’t want the issues to get resolved. @narendramodi can you put this in your manifesto for elections to terminate article 370?
Hope this will settle the issue once for all Sadhguru. It is hard to see lives being wasted..
@narendramodi ji please you only can do that and this is right time 🙏🙏🙏
Ab sadguru ji b suggest kr rhe h. It is the time now @narendramodi ji 🙏
Absolutely guru ji 🙏. India has went enough. It just need to be stopped permanently. #RemoveArticle370
Yes @PMOIndia ! Are you listening?! Enough is enough pls!! #PulwamaTerrorAttack
Yes sir. Lets put all our efforts towards attaining the same
I will vote for the party that promises repeal of Art370 in the coming national elections
Take the steps immediate is the nly solution to avoid such things..After 70 yrs of independence still shortout the issue nt gd for nation
prabhu aadesh mil gaya upar se. 🤔
A heartfelt tribute to the Martyrs.. Utterly saddened..just donated but feel that somehow that's not enough. Expressing through my music. youtu.be/0U6VrZq2A14 #Pulwama #PulwamaAttack #BharatKeVeer pic.twitter.com/85hicL4HwN
Petition to get art.370 removed Sign, support, share, RT. Lets stand together to get this anti national article removed. change.org/p/president-of…
But Guruji, when good sense will prevail upon our rulers to remove Article 370 & 35 A. They won the election by assuring this but now silent on it.
Now or never. Clean up terrorists now that we have curfew in place & Guv rule. Pulwama anger in people unprecedented... Expecting announcement to repeal 370 in next 2 weeks after full preparation.. 100 times impact of surgical strike guaranteed #RemoveArticle370 #NaMoAgain
Appreciate...#Article370 is recognized as anti-national except by the people of @Jammu4India @Prof_Hariom
Time is most propitious for promulgation of ordinance for abolishing Article 370.Urgent and immediate action is demanded by the whole country.
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