Children as young as 7 reminded Senator Feinstein that their generation will be most impacted by the effects of climate change and that she must stand with her constituents. The Senator responded by asking for their ages, stating: “Well, you did not vote for me”.
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.@SenFeinstein went on to tell a group of children, “I’ve been doing this for 30 years. You come in here and say it has to be my way or the highway. I don’t respond to that...I know what I’m doing. Maybe people should listen a little bit.”

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This is just what I'm talking about. She "knows what she's doing"? Then why the fuuuuuuck do a bunch of kids have to show up to her office begging her to secure their futures? She & her generation have manifestly, grotesquely FAILED. That is the baseline here.
Here's the full video for those asking (it's been up on fb since this afternoon) - come for Feinstein's dismissive attitude, stay for the kids going toe-to-toe with the Senator about climate policy details.…
really love that Feinstein's memorized patter script for any confrontation with the left is so ingrained she accuses literal children of Purity Tests, Not Doing the Work and Ignoring Women's Voices
Folks, you owe it to yourself and others to watch and share the full video string via @tommyxtopher…
Sorry @SenFeinstein but “doing this for 30 years” is nothing to brag about with climate change. It’s an admission of failure.
Entrenched power in both parties benefit by business as usual. They have no empathy or morals. It’s all about short term maximum gains without any consideration of future consequences.
85 year old US Senator (Dem) tells children that they should leave climate policy to her, because she’s been doing it for 30 years...
"I've been doing this for 30 years..." is a withering self-own: "I've done nothing meaningful for thirty years to stop this from happening" is the reality.
To which you replied by yelling over her? Instead of listening? Do you even know what the Feinstein green initiatives are (v. progressive), or how a bill gets passed? Also. She came out to spend time with you, and here you are all hurt. Gee. Come on.
sounds like feinstein was saying it was her way or the highway. wow.
She had a chance to encourage those kids to be involved in civic action. She failed miserably.
Why we need a new party for working ppl.
Additionally, why we need a fight to nationalize and democratically run the economy, & fight against the status quo rep’d by @SenFeinstein. We’d have ZERO incentive to poison our communities or the 🌏 in pursuit of profit #ThatsSocialism
Here's a thread that shows the entire video IN FULL, I'm not going to tell people what to think, watch it for yourselves. You don't have to agree w/ @SenFeinstein, but context is relevant. Not chopped footage with an at least watch all of it.…
What you've been doing for 30 years is failing to secure & save these kids' future, & my child's future, so maybe do a little more listening & a little less bragging, Senator Feinstein. This was tone deaf & you should apologize for the message you just sent those children.
She's been doing it for 30 years, and look where that got us - into a climate crisis
Love to cite my 30 years of inaction as a reason why we shouldn't act.
I’m always surprised at the amount of adults who still think they live in a democracy when their senators take bribes from corporations which pay for the right to destroy the environment. Kids didn’t ambush her, @SenFeinstein works for the people & should answer to the people.
Senator Feinstein should be voted out during her next run. If you’re going to be out of touch with your constituents & not work on their behalf then you nothing longer deserve to serve them.
Dear Californians who voted for this person over De Leon: thanks for nothing.
I think the highway is where the voters need to send her ASAP
Yes, Senator. One *should* listen
The fact that she has been doing this for 30 years & no real policy has advanced, is proof of her disregard, not only for these kids, but for the public at large. It’s time for fresh eyes & fresh hearts. These kids deserve better. & BTW, Sen. Feinstein, the internet is forever
When asked by this group if she supports the Green New Deal, @SenFeinstein's first reaction was "we can't afford it," to which one of the kids replied without missing a beat, "then how come we can always afford more money for the military?"
So a career politician with actual experience and some skin in the game asked a bunch of rich entitled brats to (gasp!!) Listen ??? The sheer temerity of the woman I tell ya ! Hope you guys weren't scarred by this micro aggression and have had safe space to go to later 😂😂
She doesn't respond to that? It's her job as a public servant to act on behalf of her constituents. Somebody should remind her that includes children and people who didn't vote for her.
If after 30 years of me "doing my job" children came in and asked me to change, I hop I'd realize I was really, really bad at my job.
.@SenFeinstein "I've been doing this for 30 years...see how well I've dealt with climate change in that time? Of course I'll be dead, and you and your children will have to deal with. Get off my...damn, didn't I used to have a lawn?"
.@SenFeinstein I've supported you for a long time. You have to do better than this.
I'm disgusted with @SenFeinstein's treatment of these children. What does she have left, a decade? Whereas these children will spend the rest of their lives living with the results of Feinstein's greed and arrogance.
If your default position is "I've been doing this forever, fuck you for questioning me," it's past time for you to go
Yes yes, bright eyed children with posters pleading for their lives - how dare they leverage their superior tactical advantage to strong-arm a US Senator into submission.
They do respond to “it’s my way or the highway” IF that is accompanied by millions of dollars in contributions.
This is shocking. I think someone w so much political experience could at least respond more graciously. Like, point out the parts of the GND she supports.
Part of the problem is politicians being in there for 30 years often times with no challengers or any reason to get better. Competition in politics is good! Let the 2020 democratic primary produce groundbreaking progressive ideas and policies! #Election2020
it's not often you see someone digging their own grave this brazenly
You didn’t get this Californian’s vote, @SenFeinstein, and with dismissive, patronizing behavior like this I’ll work that much harder to replace you with someone with enough years left to care about the consequences of climate change.
Nothing new. Feinstein threatened a group of Code Pink activists lobbying her on Kavanaugh, "I'm a vote on your side, don't lose it."
It’s literally her job to listen. Really great political instincts here
Senator Feinstein won’t be here when the worst of climate change occurs. No wonder she is so dispassionate about it.
If she knows what she’s doing why are things so much worse now than they were 30 years ago? #GreenNewDeal #ClimateChange #Corruption #MedicareForAll #TuitionFreeCollege #Bernie2020 while there’s still time to save the insects without them we all starve!
We really need representatives who are serious about climate change.
I don't remember all the "Bernie is old" people supporting Feinstein's progressive challenger last year. You know why? Because you're just coming up with excuses to justify your neoliberal bullshit.
Maybe if she did better in those 30 years we wouldn't be in this situation.
How pathetic @SenFeinstein felt the need to say “I know what I’m doing” kids? And how is it that ‘she knows better’ when under her watch we find ourselves with a decade in which to save humanity? Those kids learned a great lesson about entrenched establishment politics..
that's because @SenFeinstein will be safely dead by the time these children have to pay the price for her stubborn, ignorant, jobsworth militancy and complete abdication of personal responsibility to future generations.
I can’t believe CA put this person back in Congress. She’s totally failed her future constituents.
Never trust someone who says "trust me."
It’s sad to see Democrats attacking one another and using ambush videos to try and promote their point of view. I would tell the teacher in that group she could’ve done a better job in helping her students have a conversation with the Senator, not just interrupting her
We need to listen to younger generations.

Their determination for a better future is what makes our country great.

It'll also be what saves our planet.
There are liberals in the replies defending Feinstein, accusing the kids of doing a stunt, explaining how scaremongering isn't a replacement for nuance and understanding how things work..

These are kids, asking for a future, talking to an adult who has directly helped risk it.
Feinstein is more interested in protecting the pistachios of the Resnicks than these kids. How's the documentary coming?
.@SenFeinstein it's not that we're saying its our way or the high way, we're saying we need to listen to the science or we're going to not have a future. #GreenNewDeal
Feinstein felt threatened by the impassioned reasoning of children and started talking to them like they were scruffy old candidates who are trying to oust her from her political post. Well done, children!
And the world has certainly thrived over those thirty yea...oh wait
This is what an Independent pretending to be a Democrat inspires within the Democratic party; division.

This is another reason why Bernie Sanders can never lead our party. He only inspires know-nothings to become more vocal and reveal their stupidity.
I think she ended with "I'll get you my pretty ... And your little dog too!"
She had 30 years and did nothing. Shameful. Damning.
She takes bribes from oil companies 👀
She's absolutely right! Whoever is teaching these kids and telling them what to say, is using scare tactics. That's inexcusable. We can all work together to make our earth a better place but the Green New Deal is not good.
A lot of the things she said sounded an awful lot like Trump imo.
This video is edited. There is no legislation and she was talking to the adults when she said that not the kids. Don't pull stunts like this using kids and expect to be taken seriously. Now go look up Diane's wikipedia page and see all the reasons you owe her way more respect.
Respectfully, if you would of been doing it right the last 30 years we wouldn’t be in this position. Being condescending to your constituents seems like a bad move. You work for them, not yourself.
She’s right. I live in California and you don’t speak for me. I don’t agree with @SenFeinstein but agree with her on this. I’ll add sending kids as your mouth piece is a really shitty thing to do. Not noble at all. Go take a civics lesson.
Weak tea, Senator. You didn’t even pass the role model test, much less the “dignity of your office” test.
Those chaperones showed unbelievable restraint. I want to scream my head off at her just watching how she talks to them and those beautiful kids.
Dramatic and immediate action wouldn’t be needed if politicians like @SenFeinstein hadn’t failed us for the last 30 years.
I'm siding with @SenFeinstein on this one. Children who have been disgustingly manipulated by adults with an agenda, should be listened to, but they don't deserve any special treatment nor any placation.

p.s. this goes for the #Parkland kids too.
That’s the only thing Feinstein has done that I applaud. The green new deal is nothing but 🐄💨
Most so called leaders in congress should be in jail for crimes against humanity. @SenFeinstein is no different.
wants to exploit young children to effect political propaganda? Who thinks the venerable Senator really has mindspace and time for grade school? @AshaRangappa_
Her responsibility was to listen to them and she did. Adults cannot have a discussion with children, who are being used as pawns by other adults, on these matters. They don't have the wisdom that comes from experience. It is immaterial whether the children are right or wrong.
Maybe I am old too. Feinstein met with them. She seemed to listen to the kids. Unlike some Repubs who had protestors arrested.
Also Shabbat Shalom to everyone except @SenFeinstein
She'll not last to the end of her term.
We have to get the 70 and 80 year olds out of power.
From climate activist group. See the whole thread w/video with young kids.

Her comments aren't just irresponsible as a Congress member but as an adult. 'You're too young to vote' is a disgustingly political thing to say, imho. Why is she so opposed to hearing them out on GND?
Sen Feinstein showing she is still working with reality, not lost in ideology on this issue. The kids were cute. Maybe they should try a visit to Xi in Beijing?
Obviously if she and her cohort knew what they were doing the planet would not be facing #ClimateEmergency right now. The Senator should be listening. Her grandchildren should tell her.
haha holy fuck read the room
"I've been here for 30 years and haven't done jack shit, trust my expertise," an 85yo woman said to a group of schoolchildren. She then retired to a chaise lounge made entirely from stacks of $100 bills
Sorry, but she is right. You are right. You are both right and should be allies, and the silliest ill advised thing you are doing is dissing her on your Twitter feed. Like.... That's gonna help.... how, again?
Good for @SenFeinstein for her measured & reasonable response to this obvious cultish bully tactic. Teach these kids civics & science & art of argument. Don’t use them. We’re screwed if these ideologues are the future- with or without GND.
You don’t need to explain the video, we can see it and I see a great deal of disrespect happening- but not to the children, to Sen Feinstein. She’s a lot nicer than I would have been in that situation!
How about this, send those kids to ask Bernie Sanders about his votes on gun control, because his record is horrible. These kids are far more at risk RIGHT NOW from gun violence. And teach them that major changes in policy require patience, not childish demands.
I cannot believe I am actually siding with Dianne Feinstein on something.
Lol imagine saying these words to a group of kids
Happy to say that I voted for @kdeleon because I care about #climatechange and knew @SenFeinstein wouldn’t do a damn thing unless she was forced to. This video is just more proof. Her involved constituents know that this is her M.O.
Please post the video to YouTube so we can share it all over. This made me angry and sad. I have supported her for years, but if she runs again, I certainly will not.
what @SenFeinstein doesn't realize - these 'children' aren't going to bother - they'll just shove her out of the way because it's THEIR lives that are on the line ...
Ok...she was responding to the older people who interrupted when she said “We have our own Green New Deal” No one asked her what she meant. FYI go after Mitch McConnell he is the one calling the vote before the bill is ready. She didn’t say no. She’s in office for the next 6yrs.
Whoever organized this and set these kids up is disgusting and exploitative of children. Not cool.
We gotta get these crypt-keeper motherfuckers out of Congress.
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