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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Dude, you need to watch the entire tape. You've been conned. You owe the Senator an apology
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She 馃憦 just 馃憦 got 馃憦 re-elected.

Also, DiFi鈥檚 got a good record on environmental legislation, not to mention she represents California, a pretty green state ...

You know what state doesn鈥檛 have great green laws? Florida. Both Senators are GOP too. Maybe start there?
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Lee in Iowa #TeamPelosi #SaveButterflies馃
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein You got conned by a BernieBros hit video. They primaried her and lost. This is partly sour grades, and partly hoping to discredit her bc she plans to make the Muller report public--and Bernie's gonna be in it. His campaign manager Devine is as Manafort crony.
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I'm gonna be blunt:

1. An election took place in 2018.

2. Feinstein won.

3. Feinstein has done more for gun control than you can imagine.

4. You couldn't deliver results in your own state.

5. Lastly, you got played by a doctored tape.
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馃憫Thornback Penectomy Mollywop
She just got elected to a 6 year term.

Whoever convinced you to hate her should have also educated you on how long Senate terms are.

It's in the Constitution.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Her reaction was fine and she鈥檚 been fighting for the planet longer than you鈥檝e been alive.
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koholint island yacht club 馃彸锔忊嶐煂 馃尯
the comments on this are stunning.

the Dem cheerleaders stand for absolutely nothing but maintaining the status-quo.
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David Hogg is a real one.
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@davidhogg111 1) she just got re-elected... 2) You said the same about Pelosi and couldn鈥檛 have been more wrong. Not everything needs this type of hostile input.
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It鈥檚 too late, David. Everyone in California ignored everything about this woman and just voted her in for 6 more years. Just half of the time we need to reduce our CO2 output by half.
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馃彸锔忊嶐煂圠isa Talmadge 馃敟馃彸锔忊嶐煂
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Don鈥檛 fall for propaganda David. Watch the entire video series.
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David Hogg, a target of right wing partisan attacks, just accepts poorly edited footage because all the 鈥渃ool kids鈥 are doing it. Raise your hand if you think if DiFi was 40 years younger if they would鈥檝e used deductive reasoning.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Work with her. She鈥檚 done amazing things for us Dems. Vote her out should not be your first response. Save it for the ones that deserve it.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Somone posted the full video in segments starting here and surprising no one...the "viral" video was edited to surprise, surprise show DIFI in the worse light possible.

Here's the video, threaded for twitter!
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein David, all respect to you, but you are very, very wrong on this.
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Su Mohan #WinBlue馃椊 #DemsWork4USA馃嚭馃嚫
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein David, that is so off. Please do take a look at the full take. You owe an apology to Sen. Feinstein.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Research the editing ofthis video and the group behind it. There is more to the story. This is a carefully crafted hit job.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Don't believe all the propaganda you're fed, whether it comes from the far right, or the far left. Diane Feinstein is very strong on climate change. That video is deceptively edited and spun. Don't get suckered in by the dishonesty. Diane Feinstein is very effective.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein I鈥檒l remember that the next time I get an email from you begging me for money for your assault ban weapon cause. You are so gullible for falling for bullshit and I won鈥檛 be surprised if 3 years from now you鈥檙e be running as a Republican. Get your shit together young man.
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Sara Byrella 馃惎馃惢馃
If David Hogg were running for the nomination the confident center would call him a climate-first NRA loving racist lmao
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein David, perhaps you should watch the entire video before passing judgment. Also, do your homework before making laughable statements like, 鈥渧ote her out.鈥 She was just overwhelmingly elected to a 4-year term. 馃檮
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein She won re-election by 9 points last year. She's retiring after Cheato is gone.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein All due respect, @davidhogg111, but @SenFeinstein was just re-elected to another six-year term in 2018. That train left the station and won鈥檛 be back until 2024. If she runs again at age 91.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Imagine kids circling Bernie Sanders demanding he explain his pro-gun - pro-NEA votes and accepting thousands of dollars from the NRA???鈥
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein In Feb, she's passed 3 bills that saved public lands, introduced The Climate Change Education act, as well as introduced a bill to develop court processes that help families to remove guns from dangerous individuals.
In just this month alone.
Don't fall for propaganda.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein David watch the whole unedited video. Feinstein was very good with the kids.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Don鈥檛 make me block you
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein The unedited version of the video is worth a view.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein You should watch the whole video, you got played
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Shut 馃憦馃従the馃憦馃従 fuck 馃憦馃従up馃憦馃従
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Ummm what is wrong with you David????
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein If you don't stop dissing people on things you do NOT understand, you will lose cred. Stay in your lane. She is GOOD on this issue and lots of us dislike this piss poor resolution while we fight for REAL climate control and REAL Green New Deal. STOP - you are not all wise. No.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein You are a fool. Look at her record on climate change, young man.
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When you're wrong, it's a doozy.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein In addition to the horrifying dismissal and arrogance she displayed, it blows my mind how very defensive she became in the face of children begging her to help them have a livable future.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein You're wrong on this one David. You have been duped by a group with an agenda to destroy the Democratic Party. You should delete this tweet.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein First, she just won her election and won't be up again for another six years at which time, she'll likely retire. Second, the video was VERY heavily edited and leaves out her discussing how the Senate works, and the adults saying repeatedly "we don't want a bill that will pass."
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Honestly David - the vid was edited to give the wrong impression. YOu vote out people like @SenFeinstein all you do is undermine efforts to move the country forward. SHE is one of the most progressive & determined fighters the party ever had. You have to get more savvy than this
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Freeborn Black Woman First of Her Name 馃枻
LOL. Too Late Kiddo. She was just re-elected. Highly doubt she's running in 5 years
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein You have it wrong here. Her voting record is very environmental. Do some research.
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ITT: Centrist dems willing and eager to cancel the parkland survivors in defense of a rich monster who told children begging her to save them to gfy
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Here's the unedited version.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Did you watch the full 15 minutes, or only the dishonestly-edited "Project Veritas-style" 2 minute version?

Please also do some research into the Justice Democrats. Their goal is not to oust Republicans, but only to attack Democrats. And Dems attacking Dems elects Republicans.
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Trump's "manhood thing" 馃
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Senator Feinstein has an exemplary record on environmental policy. Research before you tweet, David. You're looking like a fool.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein That clip was deceptively edited. Feinstein is a good Democrat, and has climate change legislation in the works.

Don't fall for the lies and the propaganda.
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馃嚭馃嚫馃嚟馃嚬 Only4RM 馃嚟馃嚬馃嚭馃嚫
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein OR watch the 15min video not the splice-job & actually SEE that she was talking about legislation that CAN 1) make progress on climate AND 2) have a snowball's chance in hell of passing a GOP-held Senate.

Also, FYI: she just won a 6 year term in Nov.
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Fake woke lefties give me hives
Excuse me child but you may want to see the full unedited video before letting your Twitter fingers run wild.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein You jumped to the wrong side on this one. Watch the unedited version.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Please watch the full video before you judge. That was an intended hit job on her by Berners.
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oh wow this feinstein thing escalated quickly
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@davidhogg111 Whoa, kid. Pick up a biography鈥攕he鈥檚 got a lifetime of progressive service you know nothing about.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein We've been punked. Here's the unedited video.

Here's the @SenFeinstein video threaded #DianneFeinstein To recap: she engaged on substance, told them she might vote "yes," and OFFERED ONE OF THEM AN INTERNSHIP. pt 1
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein David, I agree she flubbed this encounter. But:1- a she has a great record on climate & guns, 2- she got re-elected for 6 years thru 2024, 3- I don鈥檛 hear you dragging the awful Bernie Sanders on his numerous awful gun votes.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Oh @davidhogg111 - you fell for an edited clip by a group full of bad actors who literally only want to primary Democrats. This is Veritas level shit.
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Corporate centrist neoliberal woman, gets it done
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Stay in your lane & work on getting environmental laws passed in Florida which is HIGHLY problematic. CA, not so much. Also she JUST got elected, so how about learn馃憦馃従basic馃憦馃従facts馃憦馃従of馃憦馃従government.馃憦馃従
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Now you're just chasing shiny objects, David.
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Revenge politics is a dish best served cold.
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Excuse me? You just went over your skis again, Hogg. Let @Emma4Change take the reins because you don't know shit about California politics and Senator Feinstein's long record of environmental justice.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein @davidhogg111 It really would behoove you to take that brain of yours and your influence to learning about modern American history. Especially when it comes to @SenFeinstein. Education is key.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein David, honey, you just shared a video, produced for a PR stunt, organized by unknown people, funded by unknown sources. Why? It鈥檚 not about climate, it鈥檚 about her power, and her work to stop the NRA. You just got played, and again, attacking elders from Cali is not a good look.
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First of all, David. Feinstein has 6 years in her term. Doubtful she will run again at 91. Secondly, she is a fighter for gun laws AND the environment and climate change. Watch the whole video. Be smart. Disinformation is an insidious thing.鈥
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein You are being played by a well-designed attack on another Democratic woman.
Do you know what Feinstein has done on climate change? Do you know what her position is and has been? Do you know who hates her most? If the answer is no, then you are a tool of our mutual enemies.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein She's 85 and was just re-elected to a 6 year term.

So I don't think she's going anywhere.

Try to influence her. And then focus on other seats that are more vulnerable.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Watch the whole video, my dude. Figure out that provocateurs are trying to undermine Democrats
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein She is not your enemy. This was a hit job.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Dude, she鈥檚 a Senator for the next six years and she鈥檚 a a staunch ally and advocate both of action on climate change and gun reforms. This is a ridiculous response to a bad faith Justice Dem ambush and purity Green New Deal litmus test.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein More sloppiness from the far left. Watch the entire video before you react half cocked 馃檮
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein She has been your best ally on ending auto weapons AND on climate change. She was JUST reelected, so this is an absurd statement on all levels. Spouting off implusively is undermining your entire cred. It's embarrassing to read you here.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein David, don鈥檛 fall for this.
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Los Angeles Esther RAINN: 800-656-4673 |
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Maybe look at Sen Feinstein actual record on environmental issues rather than a heavily edited video that conveniently took out what was her views on a Green New Deal.鈥
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein You're an expert on many things including film production. Would you say this video was or was not edited? It seems like a lot was edited out to me, but I'm not an expert like you, David. What could be the reason for editing it, I wonder. 馃
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To worship St. Bernard is to NOT KNOW St. Bernard.
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein You might want to stop falling for these weaponized propaganda videos and watch the whole thing, unedited. Using your voice this way is irresponsible (though many have fallen for this today...).
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鈩砤ryAnn 馃尲 I 釓塷te
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein It's so disappointing that #SunriseMovement would edit out everything Senator #DianneFeinstein said to them ..chopping the video up to make her look bad
She has an excellent record on the environment and is drafting real legislation, not buzzwords

Please watch the unedited video
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Phlegm Bernie voted FOR the Crime Bill Greenwald 馃
David Hogg revealed his dislike of older women previously when he told @SpeakerPelosi to "move the fuck off the plate." Now he watches an edited video of @SenFeinstein and attacks her. The kid can be a real putz.
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6 18
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein You attack allies ??? You.are a SHIT ACTIVIST
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5 19
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein David, please note Sunrise has deleted there tweet b/c the FULL video is now up and running across the internet.

Good rule of thumb, wait for ALL the facts before giving your opinion. You have hurt your own credibility on this one. Learn from it.
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6 16
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Look - I appreciate you and what you do but you're wrong about this. First of all, she probably won't run in 6 years. 2- She's an ally doing what she can. 3-She was ambushed by coached kids. 4- You don't get to DEMAND anything. Surely you know that - you work to change minds.
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5 17
The comments. The fucking comments.

Hogg is correct btw.
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4 18
Don鈥檛 vote her out, kick her out! #VestUp
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4 18
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein David, you鈥檝e made a mistake here. Please watch the entire vid and make a judgment for yourself. Don鈥檛 be fooled by or pass along divisive propaganda. Don鈥檛 be misled by edited vid shamelessly using cute kids.
*you know I鈥檓 a big fan of yours..
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2 20
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein @davidhogg111 I hope that you reached out to @SenFeinstein and asked to see her version of the policy.

You should also fairly represent the conversation she had with the students rather than supply a Project Veritas style edit.

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9 12
Unfortunately she just won another 6 year term against @kdeleon who authored a state bill that sets California鈥檚 renewable energy goal to 100% by 2045.
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4 17
Brogressives Are 27 Dolla Venmo Trash
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein you're insufferable.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein She has a 100% rating for the last session, a lifetime rating of 90% on environmental issues. But sure, vote her out because she didn't pander to children but treated them as though they are thinking, rational people.
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4 15
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein @davidhogg you have no idea what Sen Feinstein has accomplished in her life. Harvey Milk died in her arms. I realize you survived a horrible experience but you still have a lot to learn. She is a revered member of the Senate and she deserves your respect.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein She has been fighting for the planet and fighting for gun safety longer than you have been fucking alive. You sound like an uninformed, arrogant punk.
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Crusader for Justice 馃嚭馃嚫馃嚜馃嚭
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Eat 馃挬. This is a bullshit ambush video. The shitstain that did the ACORN one would be proud. You're an idiot to fall for it.
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3 15
Progressive Blacksmith (aka Proggy B馃槑鈥 or Kaveh)
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein I prefer THIS David Hogg much more than the other one... not that being pro-gun control is bad, obviously, but our planet is getting destroyed in about a decades time (give or take an extra couple of years), and if we can鈥檛 fix it, the effects will be completely irreversible.
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3 15
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Here a thread of the unedited video. She was respectful.
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3 14
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein You really should learn to do your homework.
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3 14
Seems like a Harvard kinda guy.
2 14
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Mr. Hogg. You promised the "young people will win" Florida. If anyone should know what it's like to fight the GOP, you should (despite you touting Rubio as a good example of a young politician-ageist much?). Watch the FULL video. And apologize.
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1 15
Kevin D. Gr眉ssing (Pronounced Grew-Sing)
Ya'll failed to keep DeSantis out of the Governor's Mansion and Rick Scott of the Senate.
Change begins at home, ya know!
Ya'll have no room to talk anymore.
7 8
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein This was edited and smacked of Project Veritas. It鈥檚 not like she didn鈥檛 introduce climate legislation. Your generation needs to do more to be more convincing and less judgmental.
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4 11
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Feinstein offered one of the kids AN INTERNSHIP.

The whole video was much more balanced.
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@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein That鈥檚 ridiculous! The proposed green deal needs to be vetted and reviewed a lot more closely before anyone supports it or not supports it
0 15
@davidhogg111 @SenFeinstein Upon request @SenFeinstein gave one of the students an internship. She also offered an alternative resolution for a green new deal. WATCH full video.鈥
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